• Ichneumon
    Mongoose Family / Beastman Type
    Habitat: Plains, riverbanks, mountains, deserts, etc.
    Disposition: Bold
    Diet: Meat

    A weasel-like monster that inhabit a variety of habitats. They possess a petite body and a bold temperament, showing no fear in taking down beasts bigger than themselves. These feisty creatures aren't picky about what foods they catch and eat. This even applies to the men they catch.

    When pursuing men, they are very direct in their way of catching them. They make chase, then seize them through rough kissing. Being creatures with high metabolism, they need a large amount of spirit to satisfy themselves, feasting themselves on one-third of their body weight in semen.

    They have been known to attack reptilian mamono several times more powerful than themselves. Most famously, they cover themselves in several layers of mud as an armor then assault and forcibly mate with the dragon, in whom the pleasure she receives is so great her arrogance cannot resist it. Many men who have wound up being an ichneumon's husband also end up with a dragon in their harem. They have also been known to attack cockatrices and even apophis. This is a remnant from the ages of the former demon lords, where they have attacked and killed dragons, crocodiles and serpents.

    While often living in burrows, they often inhabit the burrows vacated by other digging mamono. These burrows act as private locations for mating, to raise young and for dwelling. Ichneumons have been known to settle themselves into the lairs of the dragons they have attacked, inhabiting the smaller spaces of them.

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