• You're a bug type mamono. You live inside area where filled with biodiversitu and it is home of many bug mamono here. However, there has been a report of a non-mamono big bug that attacking villages, which in the end succubus or lilim turn them Mamono. Eventually, your type is their friends and seeking to turn them Mamono as soon as possible.

    But one day, once you secretly a corpse of bug with anthenna killed by order hero 3 days ago. The sky gone dark.

    This is the crisis of the bug on the world of Mamonun begin...

    Not for long, the song played

    The metalic bird, a dropship fly from the sky. There're countless of them and that's alarm both order and royal makai. But what alarmed them most is the big bugs. Or rather say, the arachnid. The Ship if look closely, they are named United Citizen Federation.

    "Kill all those bug remnant! Those bugs if they continue to live the humanity dird!

    Once they landed, the gray armour troops gilled area and they open fire of a kind of rapid firearm on those big bug. The terrible doesn't ended that the Mamono comrade tries to protect their and your arachnid friend. Which leads to countless destruction of your kind. And those Mobile infantry seemed to hate bugs very much.

    If this crisis didn't ended soon, your bug kind will be all terminated.


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