• Emerald Wasp
    Family/Type: Bee/Bug
    Habitat: forests, jungles, plains
    Disposition: bold, rarely aggressive
    Diet: omnivorous, nectar and spirit energy

    A small member of the bee family with a beautiful emerald green body. They have a bold disposition, but are often not very aggressive. They live near dark, damp places where devilbugs are present. 

    They possess a venom in their abdomen that can have several effects. When devilbugs are nearby, they first attack the devilbug and sting it to cause temporary paralysis of her legs. Then they maneuver the stinger into the brain of the devilbug, causing the devilbug to lose all of its free will and in a state where they are completely at the girl's bidding. The emerald wasp then uses the devilbug as a "nanny" to raise her young.

    If they sting a human woman, then she will either become a devilbug that is already zombified or a new Emerald Wasp. If its a human man, then he will end up in a slight trance where the girl can implant suggestions to get him to couple with her until she becomes pregnant with the egg.

    There are three marriage cases available: she can zombify the devilbug that already has a husband and get a husband and "nanny" in one go, zombify the devilbug in advance and get a husband or wait for the man to come closer and receive the venom from her.

    Whether can honeybees convert them is unconfirmed. However, devilbugs are capable of mounting an effective defense, by kicking her in a sensitive part of her body like the vagina or the face.

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