• Phantom Train
    Transport Family / Magic Material type
    Habitat: Railways, Train graveyards, scrapyards
    Disposition: lustful, devoted, poor expression of emotion
    Diet: coal, oil or wood, man's spirit energy

    Old locomotives that have been given a spirit, these girls which are the actual monsters have two possible existences. The first existence is that the locomotive is in working order and thus she leads an active lifestyle. Those with an active lifestyle hunger greatly for spirit energy, but when single they have to make do with coal, oil or wood.

    The second existence is that the locomotive is not in working order and thus she is sedentary. Many start off this way, and the spirit energy is used to magically repair the locomotive over time. These also hunger for spirit energy, not to fuel itself but to repair itself instead. In most cases, it is easy for them to secure a husband if the location is attractive.

    Active locomotives wander the railways endlessly, acting on their own without any interaction from anyone but the girl that is the actual monster. When fuel burns in the locomotive's firebox, it produces steam energy that propels it along. However, the hotter the firebox burns, the more aroused she gets. While normally emotionless, if her flame is hot enough her monster instinct ignites and she begins to call out for mates.

    The whistle on the locomotive produces a sound that is irresistible to men. Dizzy, the man staggers towards the locomotive, where she begins to couple with him. From this point, she will no longer have to burn coal, oil or wood to stay moving and will instead constantly demand spirit energy to keep the locomotive running.

    She very rarely takes the lead, instead allowing her "fireman" to couple with her. The more furiously he couples with her, the faster the train goes. However, since the fireman can't usually keep up with her sexual demands, she will often stop the train when he passes out. If a phantom train stops in the middle of a busy railway, this can cause serious delays, so phantom trains are the bane of any railway company.

    One thing that should be noted is that the girl inside the locomotive is the real body, but because the locomotive is part of the monster it is possible to paint pleasure runes on any part of the locomotive and it will have the same effect as if the pleasure runes were on the girl. Also, the pistons are very sensitive erogenous zones and it is possible to arouse one simply by cleaning them.

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    • The locomotive itself could be pictured as a sexual object. The masculine shapes of the tender couple with the feminine curves of the locomotive. The way the pistons move inside the cylinder is much how like a man moves his phallus in the vagina of a woman. So the pistons of a Phantom Train are erogenous hot zones.

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    • Guy, you can edit your original post. You don't need to make a new thread every time.

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