• Alien Girls

    Some of the alien girls. You could see some of them are likely human.

    Alien boi

    Some ofmale alien boi.

    Family / Type: Demi human

    Habitat: Another Planet, Observation Post

    Disposition: Millitarist, Pacfist, Xenopile, Xenophobe, Egalitarian, Authoritarian, Matetialist, Matetialist. Depends on nations. Inquisitively in common.

    Diet: Depend on based species. (Herbivore, Carnivore, Omivore, blood, or even electricity or sodiam metal.)

    - expansion -

    Power tier: Dominant (Entire Strong or Ancient Empire), Outher god (Entire normal empire), High god (A fleet), Above average monster (On foot with arament), Human (Themself)

    Dangerous point : Overwhleming Advanced Technology.

    Weakness : Demonic Energy, Demonic Energy curiousness

    Favorite H-position : Mostly Normal Position.

    A multi-race among the Stars. Spanning across the Galaxy. Varies in species. They are not naturally counted amongst the monsters. There are males and females just as with humans and dwraves. However, they're a lot advanced in terms of technology. They had a ship that travel faster than light and fleet that can wiped out entire life on planet. Luckily, some of them didn't count primitive world such as Monstet girl enclycopedia world as a threat.

    They also have many nation. Many nations formed troughtout their vast habitat. Vary of Doctrine and Ethic and Civics. They has a countless races. Being Astrain, Wookie, Sith, Valcan, Mandalorian, Goa'uld, Archnid, Tau'ri or something else. Some are near-human. Sone are the same. Some are completely not human. They has a lots of trait of their species too. Like Slow breed, intellegent, cyborg, Psionic or Brainslug host.

    Some of them formed federation and let the other species enter. Some of them fight each others. Like a sci fi movie, there're a lots of peace and war troughtout space.

    Become Mamono on Distant Star

    Grevie tan

    An alien perform a duel...wait...General Grevie tan!

    Althought They didn't view Mamonun as threat. They're curious in it's anamoly and civilization. The Civilization itself they know a lot. But an Anamoly, the Demonic Energy and Mamono are different. So they built an Oberservation post above this distant plant. They has an aggressive study, like capture the native life or sent Exploration team. The team is the point.

    The Exploration team have duty on the planet surface. To investigate and collect sample. The point is some of them accidently exposed to Demonic Energy too much and slowly turning them monster. In this case, they had to go back quick and check for DNA corruption. But some of them cannot be done.

    Sometimes the member of the team got kidnapped or attacked by mamono. Usually a strong kind due to technological advancement or usually a weak scientist. Their armour and suit will be ripped apart altough they said it's expensive and keep them safe. With Demonic Energy, the toxic substance (for the specie) on the planet become aprodiastic instead. Not to mention the one which can't breath Oxygen. However, due to they're strong, diligent and show up rarely, cause them a rare kind of Mamono.

    For a male who likely a human will be raped my native mamono. It took a long time but it still can corrupted. Once they're male monster, they're lustful as usal. But still curious about their change. For female, they become mostly succubus but have higher chance in turning another monster than native human. Like a male, it took a long time to corrupt. For the Alien that doesn't look like Human, they'll become monster girl based on phylum of them. Like, if there's an alien look like cockroch. they will look like devil bug. But still count as alien.

    Alien Supremacy

    Their supermacy in a fleet combat.

    When the bad luck one become monster. The habits is likely as before. Espcially the Ethics. Only adapt to this world. Milliarist become Aggressive. Pacfist become Clam. Xenophobe become Prideful. Xenopile become friendly. Authortarian become Dominant. Egalitarian become Gentle. Materialist become Selfish. Spiritualist become Devoted.

    They as a Mamono have a common trait. They curious on everything that belong to this world. They like to learn new love postition and new lust method. This is the consequence of the former explorer. They like to try a new aprodiastic, try thing in wonderland, dominant dark elf, slap a hellhound, rape succubus and etc.

    Furthurmore, when they are discovered by old conrade. It's hard to go back to observation post or the homeplanet due to bound to the World. Even if their nation treaten a mamono, they will protect mamono and oppose their former kind and tries to turn them mamono. If they go back to the Observation post. They will be quarantined and become expirament volenteer. Althought a nation that didn't do inhuman or bad things to the volenteer. They will struggle themself anyway even asked to relax. Whatever former comrade tries to clam them, it's useless. This is the consequence to the bound with a native.

    There is always an indocarnation with the native. To turn their ethic like the home empire and tries to enlight a native that they're not alone in the universe. It's like "Stop being Zealot or Having sex then look for truth in science and beyond." (Even the nation is spiritualist they aren't oppose science. But their science invole seeking something beyond the hard matter). BUT the indocarnation is always failed too. The order are arrogant and their hero proved the miracle of chief god. (The nation still cannot find what fallen empire chief god belong in.). Furthuermore for a Mamono side, they're focused on sex than listen to this doctrine. They won't listen as they mostly think it's boring. But what worked on is some of the Gremlins, Automaton, Dwarf and Humans who seek knowlage. The indocarnation also work like dating site between those four somehow.

    The latest discovery has shown that the Alien kinds, monster or not, mostly male humanoid are Attract to Gremlins and Automatons. When the Gremlin attracted, they will introduce themself friendly and show them what she got. She will tries to impress the target alien with her technology and tries to befriended. Her heart rate raise everytime when she's with the aliens. Once she is accepted. She will become their best friends, even goes to space together and willing to quarantined in obeservation post if they won't do bad expirament. And she will even share knowlages with. There's a discovery data that when a Gremlin is success at first, she will success all of the steps and even married with alien. The Sames goes to Automaton but more passively.

    One noted. Only Gremlin and Automaton species has ever go out of the system of Monster Girl Enclycopedia due to knowlage and trust. They're useful in scientific discovery, Gremlin understand and know science and Automaton are strong and sapiant bots. There's been reported that a widow Automaton re-married with a Synthetic from a certain nation. Furthermore, the Gremlin and Automaton are the most Mamono that know that they're not alone in the universe.

    Special Case about a Stellar Lilim

    Stellar Lilim Legacy-1

    Stellar and Stargazer gazing the Stars

    A special case about the outer system Mamono. There's only one Lilim who have been here unnormally. Her name is Stellar. She's a deviant Lilim which lacked in lust even compared to lesser succubus. Her power is weaken but she got a stronger power of Psionic power which more common in sone space nation. The power itself polluted the Demonic energy part. She have been transported to an alien world with the Stargate. And she's the first Mamono to go out from the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world. She has learn the Space much from her Ruler husband, Stargazer. She even forgot the Lustful native and help in biology to help the Slow breeding problem in Astrain species, which is species of Stargazer and main species of Stellarian. With the Astrain's expirament technology, she finally give birth to 2 male half Lilim-Astrain. She got 3 child with Stargazer in total. She even extend her husband's age much longer than any leader. She could stop her husband from suffer of Substance abusing and chronic injuries. And she's the one who lead Stargazer to her homeplanet. Their story invole more romantic, more dramatical event, more adventure, more discoveries and more loves. With a long space adventure, she's not like her sisters anymore.

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