• White Lady
    Ghost Family/Undead Type
    Habitat: graveyards, old buildings
    Disposition: devoted, lustful
    Diet: man's spirit energy

    A subspecies of Ghosts that dress in white, they possess an aura of purity much like a Unicorn. Said to be a ghost of a woman that has died before her marriage with her husband-to-be, they roam the places where they have died. Similar to regular ghosts, their thought trains are stained by sexual fantasies, yet they only direct them at virgins. 

    If they have a husband that is living, then they marry that man and couple with him. They taint him with her own wildly indecent fantasies and as they do so, they get a regular dose of spirit energy. 

    In other cases, if her husband is dead, then she will attempt to find a new husband that is a pure virgin. Then she will marry that virgin and share her trains of thought to get him into coupling with her and giving her spirit energy. The purer the spirit energy, the clearer her mind becomes. Conversely, the less pure the spirit energy, the more tainted her mind becomes.

    While her own demonic energy protects her from other magical energies, if her husband cheats on her or if she has a man that has bred with many other monsters, then the impure demonic energy gets into her.

    When this occurs, her thought trains become completely tainted and her dress turns red, turning her into a "lady in red". She will bring the woman that her husband has cheated upon and seek deeper pleasure.

    I pictured the White Lady ghost as the ghost equivelant of a Unicorn.

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