• This situlation divided into 3 parts.

    Part 1) You're a Nightmare Mamono. You have a hudband. You are usually a Jealous girl who want your husband for only yourself. But the shiet happen when you both accidently lost in wonderland.

    While you two are resting. You awaken in the next morning and see your husband lost. With scanning magic, you found quickly. ANDDDD!!!

    Your husband is Sleeping with a dormouse, harassing her. And you know the nutral ability of a dormouse. Your body shake as you are too coward to awaken them.


    Part 2) You're a dormouse Mamono. You have husband. Recently, your husband semen seem to dried and hard to ejucate. And you're a Jealous girl too.

    When you check the security cam. It appeared thay Everynight recently, A nightmare Mamono attack him every night. You have to deal with her now. You're too sleepy so, you sleep first, hug your beloved hubby.

    However, you two are still under attack. And now she appear in your both share dream of you too somehow.


    Part 3) You're a single Guy. You're the one who promised to have one wife, your wife. However, the thing gone wrong when you having a trip in Wonderland.

    In wonderlamd, you ended up losting. And you feel sleepy in the early night with unknown reason to you. It's haed to think and you feel asleep.

    In a dream, you see a beatiful woman in naked apron, so you decide to talk with her. However, she flirt with you first and likely to passonate and have sex with you. In a time, a nightmare appeared and Kick the woman away with 110 horsepower.

    And that time, You realised that woman is acually dormouse. You realized that you were under dormouse attack. And now it's nightmare too. And now, the Dream war for husband between Dormouse and Nightmare begin.


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