• Snow Bear
    Bear Family/Beastman Type
    Habitat: Snowy regions (sea ice, coastlines)
    Disposition: Ferocious, gentle, calm
    Diet: omnivorous, prefers seal meat

    The largest members of the bear family, they possess gleaming white fur that blends into the snow and black skin that absorbs sunlight, which means that they are very much well-equipped for the cold. They are unusually aggressive for a mamono of the snowy regions, however they have a cautious and gentle side.

    They spend most of their time hunting for seals which occasionally burst through the sea ice. Adults mostly eat the blubber, while younger ones eat the red meat. Sometimes, the scent of seal oil causes them to become terribly aroused, causing them to aggressively attack a man and take the initiative in copulation. This is usually a win-win case for both man and mamono, since the man attacked will often be revitalised by her warmth, while his warmth makes her more comfortable. 

    As opposed to the ferocity of the initial capture, when married they tend to be gentle on the man during daily life and mating. Eventually, she will dig up a snowy den where both can copulate in peace until they eventually produce live young. 

    Normally, they will usually snuggle up to him and provide him with her own warmth. However, once they get a whiff of seal oil, they return back to becoming aggressive with her man. These aggressive periods are very difficult to quell and this is what differentiates them from the yeti, which are always docile.

    It should be noted that they share the same altruistic nature as the yeti. They both approach and rescue men that are freezing to death. What keeps the two species from competing is the yeti lives inland and the snow bear lives at the coast.

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