• Last thing you remember, was running in the woods, chasing a cockatrice. You even managed to capture her. and then the world went dark.

    The chase had lasted miles, direction, and surroundings ever changing. You had no clue where you were. All you knew that everything hurt form the extertion, and everything was stiff from the still lingering pertification, as it was wearing off.
    It was morning when you had started the chase, when the cockatrices feromones has messed up your judgement, and now the sun was setting. You had been pertified for the better part of the day.
    And this was just the first time that you had been outside the city gates.

    In couple minutes, it would be almost complete darkness, you heard rustling in the bushes all around you. it was quite scary experience. Specially when you knew that there was all kind of things in these forrests.
    Animals that could kill you. Monsters who... well nobody is certain what monsters do to men, Some day they will kill you, some say they will rape you, and some say the first rape and kill you.

    What ever it is, yuo really want to get out of here. you start heading to nearby hill, hoping to see the city lights to get at least some direction. But you had barely moved when you saw a dryad coiled around a tree.
    You had learned in school, that if there is a dryad, there will be more of them nearby. And if there is dryads around, there is all of the bugtypes around.


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    • I used my capfire method to make a torch, then Ask Drayad where is my cocktarice.

      They seemed to fear. So, I made a scary face and threaten her by said I will ignite myself and the forest.

      Even nearby Arachne is fear me. I Then catch my cocktarice and...

      Run... with threaten them by a torch.

      Such a bad guy, aren't I? 😈😈😈

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    • Ehm... To me it seems that the cockatrice was either allready married, or deemed you unworthy by petrifying, and leaving you.

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    • If that so, i would be eating roast chicken.just kidding.

      Ahhhhh, I done the same, only fire for bugs. And I am single, so, i don't treatem drayad, but bugs instead. (Whatever she like)

      Somehow I wear my crossbow, wile walking, I open this song until I get out. And i mapped the way too. To make sure I can find benefit from this forest. Even Drayad fear me...

      Evil agin 😈😈😈

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    • I get the distinct impression that the dryads aren’t the type to roll over and allow someone to just threaten them like that. Given that they live inside a still living tree, and the general location of them is usually described as a damp forest, I doubt they’d be actually threatened much by the idea of fire as it would be unlikely to spread, or do much. Also, in this situation you’re outnumbered, making it even more unlikely that you’ll actually be able to threaten them or do much.

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    • Allso mapping the way is jinda hard to belive, as  " The pheromones they release are so powerful that men exposed to them will drop everything else and start chasing after them."

      Allso someone who has never been outside the city, has literally only 1 thing on his mind, is rather unlikely to be able to memorize the way they have ran, let alone leave any signs where he has ran.

      But we have lack of storytellers on this site right now, and the few we have cant be expected to reply to everything, so we just have to manage with what we have.

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