• You are (insert sea monster girl here).  It's that time of the year again; it's to find yourself a mate!

    You've got everything planned out; your hair is done up, your nails are perfect, you even tried "brushing your teeth", and you put on your finest garments and coral jewelry.  You've rehearsed everything you're going to say in your head a million times.  Now all you have to do is sit by the beach and wait for a man to come by so you can get to wooing.

    And it's not long before one comes by.  Putting on your warmest smile, you announce yourself to him and... Wait.  He's looking at you with an expression you didn't expect

    Stark terror.

    Whimpering, he begins to back away, begging you not to attack him and turn him into something.  You're stunned, and even moreso heartbroken.

    What would you do?

    (A/N this is an AU, no DE)

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    • I am an Umi Osho. And Now I see him in Fear. I didn't expect that it will comes out like this.

      But I must comfront his fear. No matter what, This is the Great challange of the Strongest heart!.

      I then walk toward him. He back off but, I made myself fall. And get op and fall. Then I begin to cry... He seemed confused.

      Me: Why?....

      He seemed confused.

      Me: "Why do you fear me that much...does my race done anything?"

      He seemed back off.

      Me: "If you fear me that much! Kill me instead!...My fear is nothing compared to love you....Your fear too..."

      Man: "Why? Why must I believed you?"

      I continued to cry.

      Me: "because...I never eat human...I am herbivore...and If you still not believed me....Take that stone and throw at me as you want!"

      He then pick up that Stone I said. Ready to throw. But I expression the Great emotion of fear. More that that man fear stark terror. The man realized what he had done. Look around, there's several rubbish made my humans. Espcailly Plastic Bag....He then dropped the stone...

      Man: "With the norm of Demon. What is the closest to them is Human..."

      I still have my fear. This fear is real thing. Fear that stone. Fear he will leave me. I let myself pass trough the event of fear more than him. Like this one. He then pick up a stick and put plastic bag in Trash can. And he give me a stick too. He smiled.

      Man: "Let's starts our date. First is Enviroment Cleaning!"

      I then smile and begin to pick up rubbish.

      Me: "Glad you understand me...Sig"

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    • Oh great, two hippies in love XD

      J/k man, thanks for the response.

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    • (Unagi Joro)

      Oh dear, he's terrified, I'm not that frightening am I? Quick, think of something....Ah ha!

      "Please don't run! I mean you no harm! I'm a massage therapist you see."

      "Massage therapist?"

      "Mmhmm! I specialise in Nuru massages. My natural secretions mean I'm the best in the industry."


      "Yep! So basically I rub my tits (I give them a jiggle for effect) on your back, and you'll feel better afterwards."

      "Really? Tell me more!"

      (Kufufufu! too easy.)

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