• Hover Fly
    Fly Family / Bug Type
    Habitat: Forest, Grasslands, Waterfront, Wetlands
    Disposition: gentle, devoted, cunning
    Diet: flower nectar, alraune nectar

    A fly-type mamono that mimics Honey Bees, sharing similar coloration to them. They do not posses the insectoid limbs of other fly-types, rather having humanoid limbs. However, they can be told apart by having two wings instead of four. They mimic honey bees not just in their appearance, but also their personality and habits. However, since they need water to raise young, they don't pick up the habits of the Honey Bees at an early age.

    However, because they didn't pick up the Honey Bee's habits at an early age, they have to learn them as adults. In order to do this, they use their appearance to sneak into hives and carry out espionage inside them. They are highly cunning and will sneak into every corner of the hive to gather intelligence. All the while, they coat themselves in sweet honey.

    Due to the effects of the honey and years of coevolution, they do not possess the violent nature of most fly-types. They use the intelligence they gathered to collect food and to find mates. By remembering what they learned, they can provide the same sweet, melting pleasure as any Honey Bee.

    Their disguise doesn't always work. Sometimes they are spotted by the Honey Bees and interrogated. During the interrogation process, they are covered with lots of honey and pleasure, making them unwilling to fly away from the hive. Those unlucky few individuals tend to cause the rest of their kind to avoid this particular hive.

    What tells them apart from other fly-types is that they are capable of hovering in the air. This trait lends them the name "hover fly". 

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    • Uh, the clipping the wings thing doesn't really seem like something the Honey Bees would do. That sounds like a hornet thing more than anything else.

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    • Fixed a part that is out of character.

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