• Your name is themasterofantics

    Hermann Fegelein is the Master of Antics

    So are you Hermann Fegelein?

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    • Lol i was wondering when someone was going¬† to mention my name.¬†;P

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    • Krebs: We have determined themasterofantics is actually Fegelein. He is currently hiding in the suburbs of Lescatie. From there he's planning attacks on us and he is sponsored by his monster girl harem.

      Hitler: Good, he's on the ideal zone. Send in the Gestapo and Waffen SS to capture him.

      Krebs: Mein Fuhrer, they've...

      Jodl: They've been raped by the monster girl inhabitants and now live happily with them. If that is the case, his arrest is impossible.

      Hitler: Anyone who has the fetish for monster girls, get out of the room.

      (Almost all of the staff exit, except for Keitlel, Jodl, Krebs and Burgdorf)

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    • Hitler: WHAT IS THIS MONSTER GIRL CRAZE? WHY THE HELL EVERYONE WANTS TO GET RAPED BY THEM? Those nutheads gave up their minds for senseless pleasure. So it's come to this. YOU INDIVIDUALISTIC CROOKS! Even my SS troops were gotten. If this is the case then I will throw you to them AND I WILL HAVE THEM RAPE THE SHIT OUT OF YOU UNTIL YOU FUCKING DIE!

      Burgdorf: Mein Fuhrer, it's impossible for an incubus to-


      Burgdorf: Mein Fuhrer, we are still loyal to you.

      Hitler: So I'm left with a drunkard, a nihilist, a map fetishist and Skeletor. FUCK THIS SHIT! (throws pencil)

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    • Lol in fact that should be a challenge for someone.

      someone should make a MGE related Hitler Parody.

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    • A FANDOM user
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