• Croc

    Art by Lion Runner

    Family: Crocodile 

    Type : Reptile 

    Habitat : Lakes, Swamps, Rivers, and Shorelines ( Only in the Reptile Kingdom ) 

    Disposition : Lazy, Irritable, Patient, Affectionate ( only to their husbands ), Intensely protective ( over any child and their husbands

    Diet : any thing in and around the water that hapend to be made of meat.

    A large and imposing mamono, with armored scales, large webbed claws, and powerful tail, the Werecrocodile is a fearsome sight to behold. With large breasts, wide hips, and strong muscles under a thin layer of soft fat, they give the impression of being a larger more dangerous version of the lizardman, however they are not related and have very different disposition. Unlike lizardmen they have very little interest in being a warrior. They are quite confident in their natural ability and only put in the bare minimum amount of effort to be an efficient hunter. Most of their time is spent lazily basking in the sun or floating in the water. They have a short temper and are intolerant towards any annoyance, often lashing out angrily at anything or anyone that comes too close and interrupts their basking.

    They have the uncanny ability to disappear once beneath the surface of the water, even in perfectly clear water. They use this ability to stalk and hunt prey. When they see a man they will often spend a great deal of time watching him from the water, sometimes taking weeks to decide whether or not they want to claim him. Should they decide to take him they may attempt to use a variety of ways to claim him. Sometimes they will attempt to woo him by showing off their figure while basking or by using an erotic dance in which they use infrasound to make the water around them dance with them. Sometimes they will wait until he is asleep  then sneak in to carry him off to rape or rape him on the spot. Most of the time however they will use the method they are most well known for. They will wait beneath the surface of the water and when the man they want comes close, they burst out, either locking him in a kiss or wrapping their lips around his manhood. Once in a werecrocodile's grip, no man has any chance of escaping. The Werecrocodile wil then drag him into the water and rape him. They have a number of ways to pleasure the man they claim as their husband. They have a great deal of control over the muscles in their mouths and are very sensitive there. They can use their mouths  to suck and massage their mans penis in exacy way to bring him the most pleasure and receive pleasure when doing so. They can also produce infrasound to vibrate their bodies bringing a unique pleasure during sex.

    A married Werecrocodile is very affectionate towards her husband. She will often spend the time she had once used to bask in the son to cuddle with her husband, allowing him to bask in her love. One of the few times a werecrocodile will work hard is when doing something for her husband. They will often seek to spend as many lazy days as possible simply cuddling with and having sex with her husband. However a married Werecrocodile is even more irate then before when interupted and they will often become violent and chase off whatever is interrupting her time with her man before returning to placidly basking and cuddling.

    It should be noted that werecrocodiles have a very strong maternal iinstincts. After laying their eggs they guard them vigilantly, refusing to allow any living thing approach their nest save for their husband. They will even go so far as to not eat or drink unless the food and water is brought to them. Suffice to say that they remain just as protective over their children after the eggs hatch, often carrying them to and from the water or allowing them to ride on her while she swims. However they are extremely protective of any child, regardless of whether or not the child is hers. Even the sound of a screaming or crying child will send every werecrocodile into a frenzy trying to comfort the child and attack whatever is threatening it. Should they see one being frightened or bullied they will react violently and chase off the offender. Should a child actually be harmed then the one who harmed the child is in for a great deal of pain. They have even been known to chase off a childs mother, thinking that mother is a stranger trying to kidnap the child. They frequently adopt children who get lost in the swamp. Needless to say these children almost always grow up to be a werecrocodile or married to one.

    There are many different types of Werecrocodile so much so that it would require a special tome in and of itself to list them, many can have strange and unique forms and are considered to be seperate mamono entirely. However there are also a wide range of Werecrocodiles who are still close enough to be classifies as members of the main species. These branches, while often unique are close enough that the differences are often only relevant to the scholarly community. While far from comprehensive, this is a short list of some of the more common branches of the main species werecrocodile.

    Nilo- Commonly considered to be the archetypical Werecrocodile, Nilos are a large and adaptable, making their homes in large bodies of water, often laying claim to large rivers and lakes however they do so in a wide variety of environments. Watering holes in savannahs, jungle lakes, and rivers cutting through deserts are all likely to be the home of a Nilo. They prefer hunting large game and are often very aggressive. Some have even made their home in Desert Kingdoms outside of the Reptile Kingdom.

    Dwarfs- Living up to their name, Dwarf Werecrocodiles commonly live the jungles of the Reptile Kingdom are among the smallest breeds of the Werecrocodile main species, some even being less than 5 ft tall. They share territory and often come in conflict with their large Nilo cousins and because of this they are often forced to make their homes away from the larger bodies of water that are claimed by the Nilos. They have more natural armor and are more proficient in terrestrial movement than other Werecrocodiles as a result. It is common practice for Dwarfs to dig out burrows to live in, though many will also take caves as homes, preferably flooded ones. These cave Dwarfs are often left with pale skin and tan scales due to not getting enough sun.

    Gator- Preferring to make their homes in swamps and marshes, the Gator is a well known branch of the main species. They tend to grow large and hunt larger prey. They are known for speaking in a distinct accent referred to as "Cajun" and tend to be quite aggressive. While they prefer swamp land as their home, they've also been known to dig out a flooded burrow commonly known as a "Gator Hole" when lacking in real estate and have been known to travel over salt water from time to time. They've recently come into conflict with large constrictor lamia trespassing in their territories.

    Misty Gator- A smaller and more timid relative to the Gator, they've ended up becoming quite rare due to their distaste for conflict. Misty Gators prefer eating small fish and invertebrates like freshwater clam and shrimp over hunting any sort of large prey. They even refuse to actively assault a man that they're interested in and will instead insist on a more human style of courtship. They live in slow moving bodies of water near Yukumo Village and have small settlements in the Mist Continent.

    Cuba- The Cuba Werecrocodile is a rare and unique branch of the main species that dwells on a particular island. They are a smaller species but they make up for this with both cooperation and extreme aggression. They have been known to hunt and travel in packs in order to bring down prey that is far larger than one would expect. However even when alone, Cubas have proven to overwhelm Werecrocodiles twice their size by sheer ferocity. They are one of the few Werecrocodiles known to take up a warrior lifestyle. They commonly bring any man they've taken to share amongst their friends.

    Ghar- A rare site Ghars are specialized fish eaters that seek out the calmer regions of large, fast moving rivers as their home. Unlike most Werecrocodiles they tend towards having smaller hips and breasts, allowing them to swim with greater speed and agility to their relatives. They are often sensitive about this though and don't take criticism about it very well. Ghars have a very narrow range and small population.

    Salties- Often considered to be a heavy weight amongst Werecrocodiles, Salties are among the most wide spread of their kind, largely due to be willing and adapted to travel long distance over the ocean. Their wanderlust has even caused some of them to end up outside of the Reptile Kingdom. They are known for both having a particularly foul temper and being particularly lustful for Werecrocodiles, seeking out and raping men more eagerly and chasing off annoyances more angrily. They commonly speak in a distinctive accent.

    There are a two more notable subtypes of Werecrocodile called the Sarch and Deino. Both are much larger than the average Werecrocodile though the Srach has a lighter build than the Deino but is taller and with a longer tail whereas the Deino is shorter than the Sarch but with a heavier and more voluptuous build. Both are capable of shifting into the primal form of giant crocodiles and are strong enough to fight a Tyranno and potentially win. Despite the physical differences however their behavior is nearly identical to their smaller cousins.

    [And there's the second. Heh, bet you guys didn't expect the werecroc to be lazy. Well crocodiles do spend nearly all of their time basking or just floating around so it's accurate. Anyways, I couldn't find any good pictures for this one. There just isn't any good crocodile girls that I can find. If anyone finds one or knows a place to get good kemonomimi of dinosaurs and giant lizards, let me know. Here is a link to the Reptile Kingdom blog, it holds information on the kingdom itself and has the links for all of the mamono unique to the region . You can also make suggestions for new mamono there too. (

    Feel free to ask questions, state your opinion, or criticize, so long as your criticisim is more than "This mamono's bad and you shoul feel bad." I want useful criticisim not garbage. If you don't like my werecrocs then you can always go make your own.]

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