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    Well... not really. I had some business in the previous days. In my time of inaccessibility on the internet, I scribbled down intended targets to write for the Oz Realm expansion. What do you know? Dorothy's group is yet to be completed. And so, I present the other members of her infamous party, Mamono-fied. You might find them pretty interesting. The rest of her companions are here: JeielYozama/Fan-Made_Mamono_Realms_-_OZ_(Premediate)



    Type: Plant

    Habitat: Plantations, crop fields in Oz

    Disposition: Crafty, gentle, lustful

    Diet: Nutrients from the earth, sap secreted from their trees, men's spirit energy

    Quoted as the wisest beings in Oz, they are a species of Dryad credited as protectors of cornfields and farm areas for the realm's demihuman folk. A Scarecrow is created when a certain effigy is built, then marked with a piece of a tree inhabited by an Dryad. Afterwards,the Mamono would inhabit the effigy and become one solid being.

    A Scarecrow is usually dressed in human clothing, bales of hay poking out of its various limbs along with living vines that pulse in the same rate as a normal heartbeat. Assorted items, such as buttons and thread, decorate their faces like ornaments. They are rarely on the move, preferring to watch crops bloom, but behind their placid appearances are their ravenous need for spiritual energy only satisifed by human men. They always scheme on how to attract a potential mate.

    The original Scarecrow was no less, a Dryad when she met the human girl of Oz's legend. She was inhabiting a scarecrow (made of the tree she resided), and was inherently smart for her own kind. At the end of the tale when Oz was freed, she was crowned temporary ruler of the capital Emerald City (due to her wisdom) before the lost queen Ozma returned from her century-long disappearance. The Circe of Oz many years later, granted her knowledge since 'she overthinks'. Despite her understanding of the world's philosophies, she never knew sensual desires a Mamono like her would crave for. From that one Scarecrow, numerous descendants popped out of existence, serving the populace as wise men and farmland guardians. It is for this they are informally regarded as lesser gods (Vanirs), like Inaris and Ryus.

    A Scarecrow in one's field guarantees bountiful harvest. Thanks to the Circe of Oz, they have overwhelming demonic energy capable of averting plant diseases, warding off pests that threaten plant health, and ensuring good climate all year round. Also, they know just about anything in Oz and on the outside borders. They are mostly stationed on the edges of plantations near roadways, offering information and advice to travelers. Their voices and manner of speaking are unnaturally alluring, which coupled with their warm demeanor, makes them enticing to mortal men. These Mamonos are also known to wander within their well-guarded fields, expelling intruders using their plant-like abilities --- and a haunting appearance they only use to scare people away (hence their names).

    Scarecrows, despite their human-esque looks are still species of Dryads, and their lives are tied to their trees which are usually in the center of their protected piece of land. If these trees fall, so do they (but this possibility is flawed,since their trees live for thousands of years without experiencing blight or flames). As long as they have an ample supply of mana to keep themselves stable, they have no problems in mind whatsoever (save for fire, which they hate to an absolute degree).

    When out of mana, a Scarecrow's thought processes and morality immediately spiral out of control. They suddendly revert from being gentle, to lustful in a matter of seconds. When this happens, any men close by (especially one they fancy) is dragged to their tender embrace and is roughly milked of his semen. The men will feel warm and syrupy while her own body services him equal to human woman's. Hence, they are influenced to pour more of their semen inside her as long as she wants. The mana courses into their veins, into their heads, and over time, this brash way of achieving mana becomes gentle intercourse, where both partners are awash in energy and excitement.

    Scarecrows are intellectual monsters, but once they take their first sip of a man's syrup, they lose much of this side to lust. It turns into an addiction. An action they cannot stop. Every drop of mana they take in, may it be through their mouths or feminine organs, makes them feel even more alive. They take the man inside their trees, where they continue to love him and shove their own bodies to their man's shaft, pleasing both parties to no end. The Scarecrow's trees will grow larger, and the fields they safeguard will be even healthier. 

    It is a custom to many demihuman folk in Oz that during harvest season, a man is 'offered' to appease a Scarecrow (this is in connection with its treatment as a lesser divinity of fields). Scarecrows accept these wholeheartedly, and if the man were a philosophical bloke, she would enjoy it more. They would seduce the person through their gift of gab and pleasure him with sex, blessing plantations tenfold in return.

    Even without losing mana or seasonal offering, a Scarecrow's swindling speech can win any man over. They love to debate with their husbands, and tease them to no end through puzzles ending in sexual activity.They are not known to grow jealous and they are more than willing to share their huband with other Mamonos. A Scarecrow's craftiness and open attitude is opposing to a Tin Woodsman's shy romanticism and purity, which is why when they are paired together, they argue if the heart or mind works better in anything.

    Crows are noted companions of Scarecrows. Despite its original intent to scare off birds, a Scarecrow's eye in the sky are crows, and they preen the Mamono free from bugs and dirt. Some Harpy species hang out with these Mamonos in the same way, such as Black Harpies and Crow Tengus.

    END! Hope you liked her minna! Just leave a comment on how she is! She has a profile slightly longer than usual, so... Toodle-oo!

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