• Family: Anky


    Art By Lion Runner

    Type: Ancient Reptile

    Habitat: In towns and cities, alone in the mountains (only in the Reptile Kingdom)

    Diet: Plants, particularly leaves and grasses

    Disposition: Strong Willed, Protective, Stoic, Anti-social, Devoted

    Ankys are known as one of the few Dino Mamono who's defenses surpass that of the Trike. They are fairly large, often with large breasts and even larger hips. Their large hips support a powerful tail tipped with a massive bone club and most of their body is covered in thick bony plates and spikes that act as armor. Their natural armor renders them nearly invulnerable to attack and is tough enough that even a Tyrannos fangs would shatter on it. Their tail club and strong and can strike hard enough to break steel and shatter stone. Despite these however, their breasts, stomach, and sex remain unarmored. Ankies care very little for clothing as their natural armor provides them ample protection and they are perfectly comfortable going around nude. Often they will only dress enough to maintain their modesty when in public or to protect their unarmored bits when the need arises. This is largely because their armor and spikes tear up most clothing almost instantly. Like other powerful Reptile Kingdom mamono, they have the ability to revert to their primal form of an Ankylosaurus.

    Despite being more than capable of fighting Ankies care very little about being a warrior. They prefer to be left alone when at all possible and usually use their natural abilities in a more constructive manner, often through construction or as a blacksmith where their tail can be used as a powerful tool in pounding things into place or into shape and their armor protects them from the hazards of their work place. Often they live in cities where they practice their craft but often the most skilled Anky artisans will live in seclusion in the mountains where they can live and work far from the interference of others.

    Ankies are solitary by nature, they prefer to live and work alone. They will cooperate with others should it become necessary for their work and they will tolerate the presence of others to some extent but only for short periods of time and only if the person doesn't annoy her by talking too much or interfering with her work. Due to their less than social attitude they are often poor at showing emotion. They present a hard, business like attitude towards others and remain stoic in nearly all situations. Often it is very difficult to know what an Anky is thinking however their is one show of emotion that everyone understands when an Anky does. Should a person anger or annoy an Anky she will turn her back to them. This essentially means that you have gone too far and if you push any further, you're going to get clubbed. Should a person be foolish enough to touch her unarmored parts, she will just skip straight to the clubbing.

    Rarely will Ankies actively seek out a husband, usually any man that catches her interest are the persistent few who come back to her time and time again. Often those who work with her or are trying to learn her craft. They will gradually tolerate him for longer and longer periods of time and even start to make conversation with him. Eventually she will realize that she's fallen in love with him. She will offer herself to him. Should he refuse, (a rarity since few people would go get to this point without some kind of romantic interest in her) she simply will not take no for an answer and corner him. Using her superior strength and armored body she will take him then and there.

    True to her nature, an Anky will remain stoic even as she is offering herself or cornering a man to rape. The only sign of her emotion is a slight blush that she may develop. She will remain like up until the point where the penis is inserted into her. Then  it is as if a switch is flipped in her brain. The cold, hard and stoic front that she presents to everyone falls away to reveal the soft and sensual emotions that only her husband will see. She will embrace with her soft and sensitive underbelly and vigorously mate with him with the singular goal of giving and receiving as much pleasure as possible.

    A married Anky will return back to her normal stoic self after mating. Often they only change they will show to other afterwards is a small smile and blush that can be seen when thinking of her husband. To her husband she will become more affectionate. The soft parts of their body that they had guarded for so long will often be rubbed against him and while she will remain as unsociable to others as ever, she will seek out his presence when ever she isn't busy. When not busy with work and not in his presence, a married Anky will often busy herself by making intricate and beautifully crafted gifts for him, be it tool or weapon for him to use, or simply a simple piece of jewelry or bauble. She will become very protective of him, often cling to his arm and turning her armored back and clubbed tail to anything she perceives to be a threat to him. One of the few shows of emotions to be seen is an angered Anky rushing to protect her husband from someone who would do him harm.

    Anky crafted goods is one of the Reptile Kingdoms number one exports. The quality of their workmanship is on par with anything that a Cyclops or Dwarf can make and they can often work longer amd harder than their rivals due to not needing to use the hot and stuffy protective gear that their contemporaries from outside of the kingdom use. In fact, Anky run forges often become somewhat of tourist attraction due to fact that they usually work the forge in little more than an apron.

    [First Reptile Kingdom mamono since my return from vacation is done. I present to you the Anky, the ever stoic, naked apron blacksmith. Try to annoy her too much because the club can knock a out a Tyranno in a single blow and they're basically bullet proof. Though in case any of you are wondering, they do like belly rubs from their husband. Information on the Reptile Kingdom and links to the other Reptile Kingdom mamono can be found here: ( You can also make suggestions there if you want, just follow the rules on that.

    As per my norm, feedback and criticism is welcome and encouraged, so long as your criticisim is more than mindlessly insulting me, I want something useful out of it. So tell me what you think of her]

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