• You were the assistant to a scientist who had performed experiments on various mamono, none of them lethal. One day, a Cheshire Cat broke free from her restraints, disappeared before the scientist could catch her, and freed all of the mamono that had been experimented on. She taunted the scientist, saying how mean he was for his experiments and how it was the mamonos' turn for vengeance.

    You and the scientist manage to evade the depraved mamono and you come to a large room full of mechanical equipment that is holding a gyrocopter that only had one seat. The scientist thanked you for being such a good worker and made his way toward the gyrocopter. As he did, he froze when the Cheshire Cat's voice was heard and said, "I'm impressed with how far you've come, but do you really think I'm just going to let you get away that easily?"

    After a moment of silence, the Cheshire Cat's voice comes back, "No, I'm releasing the hounds, good luck getting out!"

    As if on cue, the double doors at the far end of the room open, and an Inari, Werewolf, and Hellhound enter. The Werewolf and Hellhound are very muscular and have fur all over their bodies as well as wolf-like faces. The Inari on the other hand has electricity coursing through her tails and they seem to be writhing like they have minds of their own.

    Both you and the scientist rush for cover as the three mamono fan out and start searching for you. The scientist stares at you with a look of complete and utter terror.

    What Would You Do?

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    • Jump through the window holding the scientist... and then yell to the Cheshire cat "AND IF YA SEE THE PURPLE INARI, TELL HER I SAID 'FUCK YOU' " !

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    • Seeing as the scientist would rather care to usher himself out rather than save us two, I do the worst thing possible as payback.

      I put him up as bait.

      "WH-Wh-WHAT -AREYOU?!"

      I kick out the scientist, now wrapped in a red ribbon. He's held fast by the bondage. "HE'S ALL YOURS MATEs!!"

      As the scientistis ganged up by rape-hungry Mamonos, I gor to the gyrocopter, jumpstart the engine and hightail it outta there. The lab falls as I exit.Oh yeah. I live to see another day.

      (wears eyeglasses)

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    • This was playing in my head when I read your response Jeiel.

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    • GAHAHAH! Right on dude! Right on!

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    • And this is why it pays to be prepared. I enter a code on my hand held device and all the mamono are hit with electrical shocks from the devices I had secretly implanted. While they are twitching on the ground I run over to the gyrocopter.

      The scientist looks on in shock. “Where are you going? The monsters have all been taken care of.”

      “Oh they’re not dead, I just knocked them out for a couple of minutes. Have fun!” I power up the copter and leave just as the monsters start waking up.


      You enter a cave beneath the city that is filled with mamono. On the far side of the room there is a throne beneath two crimson banners. On the throne sits the leader of our organization the Lilim Lasatra. I walk over to her and kiss her the hand that she offers me. “It is done my lady.”

      “Good job my servant. Go see Amara about your reward.”

      All in all it is a standard day in the Mamono Liberation Front.

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    • I try to stay calm alright lets think about each ones abilities. Sasha (Inari) has the electricution of a Raiju, the natural stealth of a kunoichi, and has had her energy and stamina increased. Hannah (Hellhound) has the brute force of a dragon and has gained some other genes from adding some wolf blood in the mix causing heighten sense of smell. Clara (Werewolf) has the increased sense of smell from and strength of a manticore,  and just like Hannah has also had wolf blood in the mix. Lastly, Sarah (Cheshire Cat) has Jabberwock wings, her fur is very floofy from the Bunyip mix, and has the intellegence of an Anubis.

      I look at the distance between me and the helicopter, noones there. I look around the helicopter for Sarah... "Whatcha looking at?" I hear as I feel a paw placed on my shoulder. I look to the left to see Sarah right next to me. Before I can respond I hear a cry for help, damn they must of caught Victor.

      I face Sarah as I slowly walk backwards to the helicopter and look for the others. "You know... you were always the nice one. You talked to us, pampered us, feed us, and even played with us." says Sarah as she walks forward keeping the distance between us. It was true, I did treat them a lot better than Victor did. We were the only two scientist in the building. "Don't you think that deserves a reward?" asks Sarah as she looks behind me and her grin widens.

      I start to walk backwards and turn around to make a run to the helicopter. But before I turn around, I walk into something furry, said furry thing quickly grabs me with unbreakable strength. I start squirming in the creatures garsp. My resistance is quickly taken away when I'm licked behind the ear in my sensitive spot causing me to moan.

      "Geez, I hardly did anything and your already moaning," I hear a familiar voice. "C-Clara?" I ask as I begin to breath heavily. I feel a kiss on the cheek, "You know it dear." "Awwww, he looks so cute with that face." says Sarah as she lifts my head with her finger to make me look at her. "Don't worry, me and Clara will be good wives to you. All you have to do is just relax and let your new wives do the work." she says as she starts to take off my clothes. That was the best day of my life.

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    • Very good SnakeLover!

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    • “So let’s see here, we have two people here, one of them tried to leave without me and was the reason we are in this mess.”, I say to the other scientist.

      “Oh come one it wasn’t m-“ he tries to say before I interrupt him.

      “You were the one who brought in the monster that can teleport”, I sigh out as I push him out as bait. I then walk out in the opposite direction I pushed him and see Clare the Cheshire Cat looking at me while their on top of the copter. I take out a whistle.

      “You wouldn’t dare”, Clare says in a mad tone.

      I laugh and say,”Your right I wouldn’t”. I toss the whistle to Clare and start trying to get aboard. She then grabs the whistle in air and me back down.

      “No, your staying here facing what you deserve.” Clare says laughing almost crazily. I then laugh back and have the hellhound smell my hand, they look at more for a second then walk away. He passes by the scientist (I never did get his name) having fun with the Inari and the werewolf.

      “Wait what why didn’t they attack you”, Clare bambles completely confused. I laugh and pull out a ring from my pocket and put it on my ring finger.

      “I’m already married to a wonderful gremlin, and you know as well then me, monsters don’t like stealing husbands”, I say in a smug tone. “Now I would like to get back my wife, if you wouldn’t mind”

      Clare then grumbles and gets out of the way, but I know she has more planned then what she lets on. I get onto the gyrocoptor and get home safetly. I had to laugh the way though, the scientist didn’t know I was married so I probably could of been the bait but he didn’t even hesitate. Eh, the monsters shouldn’t be to bad to him.

      When I make it home I see my lovely gremlin wife talking to Clare. I decide to pipe up,”Hey honey and Clare... Clare what’s your plan”

      She giggled and says two words,”Punishment threesome”. Oh boy... you can fill in what happens next yourself.

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    • Nice response with a twist Butter!

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    • A FANDOM user
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