• Genie

    Species: Spirit, Elemental

    Habitat: Desert, ancient ruins

    Dispotition: Mischievious

    Diet: Men's spirit energy

    A Genie in the days before the current Demon Lord was a mischiveous spirit that roamed the lands playing tricks on the people using its powerful magic. Sometimes these spirits would attempt to trick powerful sorcerers, kings, or sometimes gods, and would be imprissoned into a container, usually a lamp but occasionally other items, and cursed them to grant three wishes for those that released them. After the wishes were granted the Genie and its lamp would disappear and reappear a far away ruin. Angry with their imprisonment they would trick those that released them and often brought about misfortune on those that rubbed their lamps.

    In the age of the current Demon Lord however things are only minorly different. Genies are still mischiveous creatures that will happily trick those that rub their lamp, but often times it will end in them recieving sex. "You wish to be rich? Well then you shall be rich in pleasure." There are only three wishes they will not grant no matter how they are phrased. They will not grant a wish to kill or otherwise harm another individual in any lasting manner (pranks are acceptable, but killing or torture are a no). They will not force any already married woman or woman who is interested in another to fall in love. They will not grant any wish that will result in raising the dead, except in the case the individual has the necessary qualifications to become an undead Monster Girl.

    Unfortunately Genies are incredibly rare so when found one must be very careful, for they only get three wishes before they disappear from the person forever. The only know solution is to wish for the Genie's freedom, however in doing so the Genie will often times rape the man that released her relentlessly in her gratitude. Often times they will then take the one that released them as their husband.

    Should one find themselves married to a Genie one can expect a life of luxery as the Genie, now free to grant wishes as she pleases, will often times bathe their husband in the lap of luxery. Their lamp becomes something of a portable home, the interior of which is magically created to best suit both husband and wife.

    Genies have been known to remoddle their looks in an instant to best please their summoner. They will sense an individual's preference the moment their hand touches their container and so when released they will have the most pleasing appearance possible.

    Interestingly it has veen noted that while women are capable of find the lamps of Genie's no matter how hard they rub the Genie seems to refuse to come out.

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