• Harley and Noodler are preparing to head to the Reptile Kingdom so that Harley may undergo intense training so that she may become the most badassed murder puppy she can be. Of course while they intend to drive to the kingdom, they deaply overestimate the Kings patience and upon stepping out the front door they find that their car is missing... And so is the street... And the neighborhood...

    What isn't missing is a very large castle that should not be in front of their house and the Reptile King himself.

    I wave to them, "I got bored waiting so I just brought your house to me."

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    • Noodler's heart dropped through his kneecaps upon seeing that he was already standing in the castle instead of the long drive he was hoping he could use to mentally prepare. "" Harley smiles and pulls him close.

      "Yep" She barks excitedly, "Hey, don't be like that, this was your idea!." She says, throwing Noodler over her shoulder.

      "When do we start?" The hound asks happily.

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    • I give a pleasant smile, "We'll be starting as soon as we get to the arena. Your first training exercise will be a little sparring match..."

      I turn and lead them towards the castle, "Come along."

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    • "Great!" She exclaims, following behind with Noodler over her shoulder like a sack of freightened potatoes. 

      "Who am I gonna whoop in front of my Puddin' here?" She asked as jets of flame erupted from the corners of her eyes.

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    • As we reach the arena I give her smile, "Whoop ass? Oh no Harley, you got it all wrong. How are you going to get stronger if the people you spar with are weaker than you?"

      I point to Noodler, "You might want to leave him here. You're gonna need the free hand."

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    • "You stay here, puddin, don't move. I'll be back fast." She cooed as she sat the quivering cowardly Noodler on the ground outside the ring.

      "Okay, then....What am I sparring?" She asked, a look of false bravado on her face, her voice lacking the enthusiasm she had in private with her boy when she was packing their stuff to come here.

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    • I smirk and point behind Harely, "She is."

      Harely turns around and comes face to face with a very large mamono. Or she would be face to face had said mamono not be tall enough that her breasts are left at eye level to Harley (I'm assuming Harley is at average human height or slightly shorter.) The mamono looks similar to a lizard man with obsidian black scales, however her feet end in large powerful talons that would give even a dragon second thoughts of fighting her and her hands end in claws that render the notion of using a weapon completely redundant. Running dowm her back and along her tail are three rows bladed spikes. The human parts of her anatomy are no less imposing, her large breasts and hips leave her with a feminine figure, but her musculature is easily comparable to that of a Jinkos and her skin left taned from long hours of training and fighting outdoors. The mamono looks down at Harley, eyes glowing like nearly molten metal, looking unimpressed.

      Keeping my smirk I walk beside the mamono and wrap an arm around her waste, "This is my wife, Jura, she's an Eruption Gigant."

      I motion to Harley, "Jura, this is tonights chew toy. Now I'm trying to train this one up so try not to break her."

      Jura looks at Harley the snorts out a puff of smoke, "Hopefully you'll last longer than the last Hellhound husband brought me... she couldn't even handle it when I roared..."

      Jura turns and jumps into the arena and calmly begins walking out towards the center.

      I jerk a thumb towards a rack of melee weapons, "Feel free to use whatever you want, but remember this exercise is to see where your at as a fighter now and maybe help with your speed, agility, and pain tolerance. Gonna be honest, you probably aren't even able to hurt Jura at your present level."

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    • (Harley stands about 6'4, and she's the runt in her Family, her mom is like 8 ft, her oldest younger sister is 9 and a half and her youngest sister is 8 ft 5'.)

      Harley's eyes widened with a mixture of fear and jealousy. She had the instinct to run, but she also wanted her own body to be that large and strong. Harley trembled a bit seeing the large primordial reptile lumbering closer.

      "Oh...oh yeah? long did she last?" Harley tried to quip, but her bravado was failing her. She ignored the weapons, and took her stance while still trembling. She drowned out the world around her, the arena gone, the King gone, only Jura and Noodler were in her mind. His voice kept repeating itself in her head. 'Use your qi, and you'll get double, maybe even triple out of your body. That's how I was able to get so close to beating you in that wrestling tournament.....' She focused, and started being able to feel her qi and her hellfire coellesce and the burning inside continued until fire burst from her eyes like beams of seething rage.

      "COME GET SOME!!" She erupted, giving the gigant the "Bring it" hand motion made famous by The Reeves of Keanu.

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    • (0.o your height estimates for mamono are rather generous friendo. Oh well, this is why I never give absolute measurements on my mamono.)

      Jura smitks, showing a set of large canine teath, "Well, at least you got an attitude mutt. Let's see how long that lasts."

      She shrugs, "and to answer your question. About... this long."

      Jura suddenly opens her mouth, at the same time a her hair is blowm back as if by a strong wind and the air in front of her seems to distort.

      Almost instantly Harley finds herself thrown back like she had been hit by a freight train and sound of a deafening roar feeling as if he had been shoved into her ear.

      • in the stands.

      I point down at the fight, "High ranking Tyrannos can roar with enough power that it actually produces concussive force. Gigants can focus that into a long range blast powerful enough to knock dragons out of the sky. Jura is a bit stronger than the average Gigant.

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    • (I like tall Women)

      Harley was quick to shake off the dizziness and pain from being slammed into a wall. Her feet crushed stone from the wall as she bounded from it into the air. She curled into a spinning Hellhound cannonball attempting to strike the Gigant in the jaw, while hoping it would at least stun her for for few seconds.

      -In the Stands.

      Noodler had been stricken speechless by the immense woman fighting his wife. He looked to the King, and back at the match. "I'm really glad I don't have to fight your wife....."

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    • As the Harley lands her blow Juras head gets thrown to the side giving Harley a faint glimmer of hope. Which is then immediately crushed when instead of going to the ground, Jura merely slids her feet around and uses the momentum from Harleys attack to deliver a brutal tail lash to Harleys gut, sending the hellhound tumbling.

      Jura faces her opponent again and smirks, Harleys blow managing to scuff her cheek ever so slightly, "Heh, you're pretty strong for a mammal. I wonder how much better you'll do when you get desperate..."

      She stomps, splintering the ground beneath her talons, and launches herself at Harley, "LET'S FIND OUT!!!"

      • In the stands

      I nod, "Ooh, Harley got Jura excited. That's nice. I like seeing her have fun."

      I pause for a moment.

      Then turn to Noodler, "You guys did sign those waivers right?"

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    • 'Yep' She thought, 'That was a rib....she cracked a rib....' Her side was throbbing in pain, she was stricken a bit too dizzy to hear the Gigant's words. In the split second she regained her cognition, she slid to the side just soon enough to dodge the beast, allowing Jura to get herself lodged in the wall. Harley grabbed the moment and launched herself into a highspeed drop kick to the shoulder blade in an attempt to use the wall to cause a little extra environmental damage.

      -In The stands.

      I nod, staring at the fight, "Yeah she signed both of ours...."

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    • Jura roars and rips her claw out of the wall. She flexes her claws and they begin glowing red hot. She lashes out her syper heated claws, bringing them down in a crushing blow.

      • in the stands.

      I let out a sigh of relief, "Ok good. I'd hate to be legally responsible if Jura accidentally kills her."

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    • Harley pushed off the ground hard with her feet, her qi and hellfire curshing the ground beneath into a gravel filled pockhole. She managed to only barely miss being swiped with the claws.

      She noticed the rampage like swipes and just kept dodging backwards, that is until she ran out of backwards to move. Harley ran around the massive woman and grabbed a large rock from one of the craters their fight had made and called out.

      "OVER HERE SCALYTITS!!" She taunted waiting for the moment she saw an eye to fastball that rock at it. She caught the glimpse of Jura's left eye and hurled that brick sized rock at the woman's eye.

      -In the stands....

      "I'm pretty certain Harley'll tap out when she's reach her limit." I say, recollecting the two times I actually did beat her in wrestling.

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    • The rock hits Jura in the face and shatters, but doesn't seem to do much more than annoy her. With an angry growl she begins to inhale as a red glow begins to show in her throat. With a thunderous roar she unleashes a spray of high pressure magma at Harley.

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    • Harley bolted out of the way of the magma splatter. She took a risk, and worked her way behind Jura, she focused her qi into her fists and and feet, using a burst to propel herself into the air as she brought both her fists down hard onto the top of Jura's head hoping to send into a shallow crater.

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    • A crater forms underneath Jura from the impact of the blow, however she remains standing. She gives off a low growl before erupting into a giant mass of flames, sending the hellhoynd tumbling away.

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    • Harley struggled to lift herself onto one knee. Drool mixed with a little blood dripped from her panting mouth. She was sapped, she poured everything into that last hammerfist, and now the pain from her fractured ribs had finally gotten to her as well. She spat out a moderately sized glob of saliva and blood and wiped the sweat from her brow.

      " win......too keep it up....." She sputtered out between heavy laboured breaths.

      -in the stands

      I look over at my exhausted battered wife and smile, feeling pretty proud she managed to last as long as she did against such a monstrously large woman. I catch Harley's eyes gazing at me, as if wondering what I thought. I smile, kind of exhausted from watching her intensity.

      "That was pretty Impressive right?" I ask, now glancing toward the King.

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    • (I HAVE RETURNED!!!! You wouldn't believe how hard it was for me to find this page again. I was bouncing all over the damn forums looking for it... oh well, apologies for taking so long. I tend to get distracted and forget abput things.)

      I stand up from the stand, "She isn't bad. I think I can get her a lot stronger."

      Noodler finds himself and me teleported down to where the women had been fighting. The air still heated from Juras flames.

      Jura looks down at the panting hellhound and grins, "Make sure you train real hard pup. Hopefully by the time husband is done with you, you'll be able to give me a real work out..."

      She turns and walks away. As she reaches the exit she calls over her shoulder, "I'm taking a nap."

      I grin at Harely, "I hope you're ready pups, because now... it gets hard."

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    • (rep if you go to you profile then click the following tab you should be able to easly find any forum you use can you.)

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    • (Meh. Too late now.)

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    • (just figured i mention it in case you did not know, it makes find your forum a lot easier.)

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    • I'll see about using that from now on)

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    • You know, I kinda wished I could've kept this one going.

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    • Yeah, Noodler was cool and I miss Darksun.

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    • Like a phoenix from the ashes I rise again!!!

      sorry guys life caught up with me soooooo had to go ghost online. 

      We can continue this anytime though as ill likely have to continue being online for my new career interests

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    • Well I was waiting on you when last we were doing this. To recap, you and Harley came to my kingdom in order for Harley to train so that she can get stronger and get over her little dog complex. She just finished a preliminary sparring match with Jura, my eruption Gigant wife, in order to evaluate how strong she actually is with Jura coming out victorious with little more than superficial injuries.

      I stand up from the stand, "She isn't bad. I think I can get her a lot stronger."

      Noodler finds himself and me teleported down to where the women had been fighting. The air still heated from Juras flames.

      Jura looks down at the panting hellhound and grins, "Make sure you train real hard pup. Hopefully by the time husband is done with you, you'll be able to give me a real work out..."

      She turns and walks away. As she reaches the exit she calls over her shoulder, "I'm taking a nap."

      I grin at Harely, "I hope you're ready pups, because now... it gets hard."

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    • "That sounds both exciting and painful...." I reply, my voice trembling just a bit as I watch my wife smile even though she looks like a battered UFC fighter. "Next time....lizard breath.....You'll be nursing YOUR ribs...." Harley was making a strange combination of a growl and a laugh as she hobbled back over to my side. 'I'm no pup...' I mutter to myself, clearly not quietly enough as my battered wife leans over me and whispers, "You're my pup, puddin'...." she struggled to giggle, "How hard we talkin big guy? I just need five minutes....ribs dont take long to heal right?"

      I rolled my eyes, "I'm probably gonna die here...." 

      She pecked my check, "No you won't puddin' I won't let you...." I detected menace in those words.

      "Sooooo uhm....yeah what's next?" I asked a bit concerned at my safety.

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    • I grin ominously, "I'll give you that rest you need, but you should use to grab a swim suit."

      I turn amd begin walking away, "BECAUSE WE'RE GOING TO THE BEACH!!!"

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    • Fear gripped me at the word beach. Harley smiled even wider, fire plumed from her eyes in excitement. 

      "The....b-beach?..beach like ocean?"

      "Oh stop puddin' we'll be okay, let's go rest....beach day tomorrow!" She blurted out happily, "Don't mind him by the way he's scared of the ocean hahaha!" She wrapped an arm around my shoulder and made me be her crutch as we walked away. 

      I blinked and found ourselves on a beach in a shack. 

      "How in the f---, no no I'm not even going to ask...."

      "OHHHH WE'RE ALREADY HERE QUICK WRAP MY RIBS! OWWWW" Harley yelled, hurting herself in the process while I grab some bandages from one of the duffles we brought that ended up here somehow too. Having wrapped her bandages she lays her swimsuit on a chair and pulls me to her on a couch. "Nap time puddin' beach in a little bit."

      3 Hours later-----

      Ribs stille wrapped Harley pulls me with her outside, clad in a blue and green striped bikini, myself in a pair of olive swim shorts.

      "We're ready big boss man!" Harley exclaimed with a giant excited grin, while I look on in contemplative silence. 

      -Inside Noodle's Head: melancholy guitar riff...."Hello darkness my friend.....I've come to talk with you again...."-

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    • I give a thumbs up, "Excellent! Now first off, I'd like to welcome you to Bone Sand Beach!"

      I point towards an espensive looking resort, "That over there is Bone Sand Spa and resort, the place is a five star resort with accommodations for humans and mamono of all kinds, in or out of my kingdom! The best money can buy!

      I then point out to the bay, "Aaaand that is Bone Sand Bay."

      I motion around us, displaying the nearly bone white color of the sand as well as the scattered ribs, vertebrae, and teeth, "As you can see, the sands here are littered with the bones and fangs of giant sea creatures, earning this place its name."

      I motion back out to the water, "That's because this beach is a nesting ground for mid sized plesiosaurs and giant sea turtles, drawing in the predators who prey on them!"

      Out in the distance a massive Tylosaurus leaps out of the water snapping up a pasing pterosaur, "The two apex predators of the seas here, giant mosasuars like Tylosaurus and even more giant pleiosaurs like liopleurodon and kronosaurus."

      I shrug, "Now I'm sure that at least one person has no idea what I'm talking about so I'll put like this..."

      I motion around the beach, "in the shallows, people are safe, the big predators can't come up here without the risk of beaching themselves so they leave the bite sized humans and mamono alone in favor of going after more substantial and easier to reach meals."

      My grin becomes feral and vicious as my teeth seem to grow sharper, "But out in the deep, we have several different species of massive predators, duking it out over hunting rights. During breeding season when everything is hopped up on rutt and estrus, these waters turn red. Anyone of those animals can eat a kraken alive and come back for seconds."

      I point to Harley, "Basically, where you stand now is five star luxury resort, but the moment you get into the deep water... even one of your kind is at the bottom of the food chain."

      I lower my hand, "Now with that explained, I have a question..."

      I look at Noodler, "How bad do you want to help her get strong?..."

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    • The happy but still recovering hellhound strolled along behind the reptile man. As he rattled off names of long extinct nightmare monsters, all of the color drained from Noodle's face, even Harley made a small gulp. 

      My eyes widened in fear at his question as our stroll ended, totally unaware of Harley's inquisitive and expectant stare.


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    • I give Noodler a light hearted grin, "How badly do you want to help her?"

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    • "badly..." I squeaked, my voice cracking from fear. 

      "Why do I feel like I'm gonna die?"

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    • I grin, "Well buddy, this is the part where the waiver that you signed comes in. You see the next training exercise doesn't even need explaining, any canine mamono should know how to do this from birth, but to get some real good training in, you have to give proper... motivation..."

      I suddenly appear right in front of Noodler and throw him towards the sea, "FETCH!!!!"

      • out in the water

      Noodler comes splashing down well past the drop off that marks the border between the shallows and deap water. In the clear water he can clearly see a mosasaur glidinh through the darker deep underneath him. The sea lizard tilts its head and looks up at him with a single eye, before it turns and descends, disappearing from view with disturbing ease.

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    • "Wha--"

      Finding myself in the water being stalked by a prehistoric chunk of nightmares causes me to scream but fear restricts my movements.

      Fire exploded from the Battered Hound so hot it turned the sand of the beach into jagged shards of earthy green glass. She'd torpedoed herself into the sea in her rage and panic. Even in the waters the fires continued erupting, steam beginning to envelope the sea and the beach from the heat. The sea boiled away as she grabbed me right before the mosasaur snatched between its almighty jaws. A plume of fire steam, smoke and water. A stream of steam and fire shot through the ocean back to the beach leaving a smoldering glassy gouge in the sand.

      Harley stood up with a struggle laid me on the sand as I stay silent nearly traumatized, she grabbed her ribs and staggered in place a bit before staggering over to the reptile man fire in her eyes and arcing off of her body. She grabbed the Reptile Man's shirt and pointed to the ocean where the corpse of a mosasaur, missing a bottom jaw and a smoking hole where its throat used to be, washes to the beach on a large wave that crashes against the two of them. 

      She growled her face awash with rage, "Motivation...."

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    • I smirk, "Huh... that was fast."

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    • "Hell has no fury like me when he's in trouble....." she muttered still growling but a noticeable blush grows on her cheeks. 

      -Still lying in the sand- "'s terrifying...."

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    • My smirk only grows wider, "Excellent... this should be some interesting training."

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    • "You better not break him...." she growled, releasing his shirt from her claws and falling asleep where she stood all of her energy drained for now. I finally stood up shaking and walked over to her, and sat down laying her head in my lap, still stricken somewhat speechless.

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    • I walk up to Noodler smirk down at him and the unconscious hellhound, "Well now that you've signed the waivers and would have to run several well over 10 million miles to get escape, I suppose I should let you know something. You see amongst the great beast kings, amd yes there are more like me, we all have aquired a number of titles. Deific beasts tend to do that over the years. The Mollusk King is the Beast of Perversion and Madness... the Arachnid Queen is the Beast of Dominance and Cruelty... the Feline Queen is the Beast of Grace and Mischief. So on.

      My eyes glow a faint red, "I've mellowed out over the years, but my title as the Beast of Blood and Flames still holds true, even with my sense of humor..."

      I drop a bottled healing potion in the sand beside Noodler, "Get her ribs healed up. She's going to need to be able to move unimpeded tomorrow."

      With that I turn and walk away, "You guys can have the rest of the day off."

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    • "okay..." I reply almost as a stuttered whisper. "That's good, I'm half alien and I'M a little overwhelmed by today...."

      I take the bottle, feeding Harley the contents and making her swallow it. already I can tell her body is repairing itself. I pick her up and take her back to the cabin on the beach. Once there I unfold the futon couch and lay her down before lying down beside her staring up at the ceiling silently. 

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      • next day well before dawn

      The pair awoken by a deafening roar from outside, a roar so fearsome that it literally bounced them off of where they were sleeping and leaving Harley and Noodler in a tangled mess of limbs on the floor.

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    • I awoke from the fall to the floor tangled in my confused Harley's arms. 

      "That roar must be the next test!" She barked still kind of groggy.

      "Yayyyyy......" I groan, thouroughly unexcited to learn what fresh hell he'll be thrown head first into today. 

      "Come on, puddin' Let's go!" She yipped, hurriedly grabbing my hand and yanking me out the door with her before I could respond. 

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    • Harley drags Noodler out the door to find me standing with my arms crossed beside a Molten Grimclaw Tig.

      I give a wide grin, "GOOD MORNING VICT- *ahem* I mean, GOOD MORNING TRAINEES!!!"

      I pat the Tig on the shoulder, "This is one of my wives Fera and she..."

      I pause for dramatic effect, "...will not be involved your training today, she just wanted to play alarm clock."

      The Tig gives a fanged, "YEP! Now with that out of the way, I'm going back to bed, it's like 2 in the morning..."

      Fera turns and leaps into the air and flies back to my castle.

      I chuckle ominously, "So kids, you ready for some more fun?..."

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    • "It's still dark out....." I grumble, my eyelids still in the process of opening.

      "YEP" Harley barks, "He is too itll be fine!"

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    • I nod, "Good. Don't worry too much, Noodler doesn't need to participate with this exercise, though he is coming with us and he had better not fall asleep. Ornitholestes love hunting sleeping victims..."

      I shrug as a summoning circle opens a portal behind me, "Anywho! It's time to go."

      I turn and walk through the portal.

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    • "Ornitho what?!" I exclaimed as Harley pulls me through the portal with her. 

      "Shh, don't worry puddin' he's just trying to scare you." She yipped, Clearly too excited for all this I think. 

      "Why do we have to keep teleporting?" 

      "Stop resisting and just hold onto me!" 

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    • On the other side of the portal the two find themselves getting a face full of hot humid air as if they had just walked into a sauna. Looking around they realize that they are in a rain forrest. Even at this hour the night is full of the calls of wildlife through the thick foliage.

      The two see me smirking, "welcome to one of my kingdoms many rain forests. This is the location for your next training exercise."

      I point through a hole in the canopy drawing Harley and Noodlers attention to a tree that stands out amongst the others, namely because of it's giant size towering over the rest of the forest like a small mountain. it appears to be several miles away, "That tree is your destination. Don't let it's size fool you. It's a lot further than it looks. When you get there then you're day can begin."

      A roar can be heard out somewhere in the forest causing all the creatures in the area to go quiet.

      I grin, "Don't worry about that, just one of the big predators waking up and claiming it's territory for the morning. He'll probably be looking for breakfast soon..."

      I point at the giant tree again, "Now start running."

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    • "Can.. We really just not grab.... a plane or helicoptor...... or something!" I said panting, "My atoms don't like this constant interdimensional transmission stuff!" I groggily complain only partially aware of the dangerous jungle we now found ourselves.

      "Ohhhhh! I'm gonna get there the fastest then!" She said excitedly, throwing my over her shoulder like a bag of potatoes. "Not parting with you today puddin' too dangerous here!" She yipped happily as she began at full sprint towards the tree. 

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    • Harley races through the jungle, blurring past foliage and various wildlife. At one point she flattens a rather large, conspicuous mushroom. Soon after a small goblin like mamono wearing a large mask bursts out of the ground from under the flattened mushroom and chases after them flailing around a rusted half of a sword and shrieking curse words in brocken english and some unknown language.

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    • Day one was spent running from the crazed goblin, and hunting an archaeopterix for dinner. Finally having caught two of the ancient birds, the couple sat happily munching the birds on a large tree branch high in the canopy of the forest. They'd traveled 36 miles that first day before finally catching some sleep. 

      Day two gave them the challenge of hiding from a pair of Allosaurs they encountered while crossing a clearing that turned out to be their nest. Harley hid her boy and herself in a different tree until the Allosaurs got bored and wandered away. They slept there with no dinner having traveled an additional 42 miles. 

      Day three was the hardest. The allosaurs came back the next morning and again chased the couple through the jungle. Harley managed to kill one of the dinosaurs, sending the other running for self preservation. They spent the night eating dino steak in yet another high tree, after managing a fear filled 30.5 miles. 

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    • As the two haggard and exhausted runners stumble into the clearing with the giant tree they find me and the goblinoid sitting on giant tree roots, the masked goblin drinking an ice cold beer while I have a fresh glass of chocolate milk.

      I glance up at the two, "Took you guys long enough. What you get lost?"


      Chala leaps to her feet and goes charging at the two once again flailing her her brocken rusted sword. However she trips on a root and goes tumbling past the two before smashing mask first into a tree and knocking herself out.

      I watch this all looking non-plussed, "Don't mind her. Shakalaka are notoriously dumb."

      I shrug, "So how did you two enjoy your warm up?"

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    • The exhausted couple ignored the boistrous fungal nymph and Noodle dropped to his knees. "I'm pretty tired of almost being food.... wait....warm up? We were running for three days almost non stop! that's not the exercise?!"

      Harley was just standing there stretching her already growing muscles, though it was clear she was a bit tired. "I feel great! What's next?" She barked happily, an excited grin stretch across her face.

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    • I grin, "The hardest yet! One that will push you to the limits of your speed, stamina, agility, and patience."

      I reach into my pocket and pull out a black scaled Compy with dark tanned skin but with bright red hair, feathers and stripes. Her eyes a notable amber color.

      I plop the fairy sized dino girl on the ground, "This is another member of my harem, my loyal pet Compy, Ambre. Say hi Ambre."

      The compy proves to be far louder than her diminutive size would imply, "So yor the bloody pissant I herd about! The Snively lil'puppy who wan's to leam 'ow to be a badass!? I'm goin to enjoy 'nockin you flat!!!"

      I smirk, "She's gonna be your sparring partner for the day."

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    • "Another exhibit from the Reptile House hey? I ate an allosaur yesterday that looked meaner than you, loudmouth." The hound scoffed as she took stance. She'd learned a couple new skills saving her idiot Noodle's ass the last four days and waited for the moment she'd get to put em to the test. Fire arced off her body again despite her not being enraged, but instead confident and collected. 

      "Lizard's first like last time!" Harley barked a puff of fire escaping her lips as she did.

      "Haha get it? like when dinosaurs got... wiped out...... and mammals...... took.....over...." I jested with an awkward chuckle.

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    • With an audiable boing Ambre hops up, lands on Harleys face, and lashes out with a flurry of claw swipes leaving criss crossing slashes all over her face. None cut deep enough to cause serious injury. But they all sting like hell.

      Before Harley could react, Ambre had already jumped off and bounded out of reach.

      Ambre pops up on near by rock, "Wots wrong puppy? Can' keep up?"

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    • Attack interrupted! Harley took a quick swipe at the Little dino's leg mid leap and threw her up higher in the air to take away motion control during the small dino's fall. Harley followed up by unleashing a jet of flames that rocketed her at the falling dino hoping to catch her with Harley's new Rocket Punch attack. 

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    • Ambre shifts in mid air and lands on Harley's. She proceeds to run up Harleys arm up to her shoulder before grabbing an ear. Ambre then hawks a loogie into Harley's ear before jumping off and yelling, "LOSER!!!"

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    • "Yeulch!!! LIZARD SPIT!!" Harley wretched. She shook her head violently to dislodge the lugie. Harley growled a bit as more fire arced from her shoulders through her hair and eyes as she expelled a multiple of drunken missile style fire balls from her mouth. The fire balls flew everywhere and exploded upon contact with the ground or what she had hoped would be the feisty little reptile. 

      "She's really starting to gain control over all the fire..." I say quietly, kind of shocked how much I didn't know she could do. 

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    • As the fire receeds Harley is left seeing Ambre standing proud and unharmed in tbe inferno.


      Ambre leaps into the air and inhales before she unleashes a ridiculously improportionate stream of fire. A blast of fire more proportionate to a dragon or a fire tyranno than a mere compy. Harley finds herself and the surrounding area completely engulfed in the flames as Ambre is sent rocketing upwards amd ends up landing in the canopy of the giant tree.

      I take a swig of my chocolate milk, "Yeah, not sure if you guys know about fire tyrannos, but Ambre had the same mutation implanted into herself."

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    • "Well I won't fight fire with fire...." She quipped totally ignoring the fires around her. Instead she pulled out two gloves from her pocket and slipped em on the knuckles and fingertips glowing. An observant fighter would notice the fireball held between the gloves and Harley's confident smirk. 

      "You might be fast....faster than me.....but are you as fast as....." The fire ball crackled and arced blue streaks. "LIGHTNING?!" 

      Harley clapped both her hands down on the now shining ball of blue arcs, spittling and crackling in the air. however now shattered and streaming lightning bolts all over the place. with one thick arc shooting straight towards Ambre, as fast as, well, Lightning.

      "Heyyyy it;s been a while since I've seen her use the magnet gloves." 

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    • Ambre quickly scrambles behind a tree branch narrowly avoiding being struck by the lightening.

      She pokes her head out and looks at the scortch mark where the lightening hit before scrambling into the tree and disappearing in the leaves.

      Shortly afterwards Harley hears Ambre yell from somewhere in the tree, "OH YEAH, WELL NEI'ER WILL I!!!!"

      Harley quickly gets a facefull of a coconut like fruit that Ambre had sent hurtling at her from the tree top.

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    • "HUOFFF!!" Harley was floored and confused. Harley jumped back up and rubbed her head.

      "Okay then...." Harley's gloves lit up across the palms up her fingers and over the knuckles down the back of her hand. She rocketed upward in a plume of smoke and fire. She began releasing multitudes of half generated lightning balls with her fires, the unstable orbs exploding wherever they hit. Some of the balls, being unstable would explode in the air instead. Harley had created an unstable storm of fire and plasma arcing and pluming all over the place. Her chaos storm ravaged the clearing felling a few trees before she stopped and waited for the smoke to clear. 

      "She's getting mad...." I comment, watching her heaving shoulders arc with fire as she panted. 

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    • I calmly sip my chocolate milk, "That she is. Won't work though. Ambre's just gonna take cover and wait her out."

      Eventually Harley starts to slow down in her assault. And as soon as she pauses...


      She once again takes a large coconut like fruit to the face.

      I nod sagely, "Then that happens."

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    • "No that's...." I trail off as I watch Harley simply stoop to a knee as the coconut slapped against the left side of her face. 

      "She's going t-....." I whisper before being stricken silent from the thing I didn't want to have happen.  

      A massive flare erupted from thhe hound burning hotter and hotter as it began engulfing the forest around them, arcs of plasma formed around the flames. Her silhouette began to stand again as the radius of her eruption grew a bit more. 

      A blue flash glowered from the flaming chaos and trees outside the radius of her fire began to fracture, breaking from an unseen force. The trees around the clearing were now falling as Harley started walking towards to the coconut thrower. 

      "Not good." Harley was soon stripped of her flames immobilized and seemingly levitating. 

      "Let me get her!" She barked angrily, "LET ME GET HER!!!!" more angry this time. She stayed floating unable to move, though she received no response as my concentration on holding her still wouldn't let me. 

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    • Despite the maelstrom of fire, lightening, and plasma going off right in front of me I still sit while calmly drinking my chocolate milk, "Oh my, if she keeps that up..."

      A booming roar erupts from deaper in the forest as something massive begins charging through the forest directly towards them.

      "...She's gonna piss off the lord of the forest..."

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    • "OKAY REALLY LET ME GO NOW!" She barks again before she's yanked in the air back to me. 

      "Lord of the forest?" I asked my voice kind of quivering.

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    • I smirk, "The kingdom is split into Lordomes, each ruled by a lord or lady who answers directly to me. Some of them are less... human than others."

      With a thunderous bellow The Lord of the Forest bursts out of the foliage. Towering at least five times the size of anything else Harley and Noodler had seen thus far the beasts pauses when it sees me.

      I raise me glass, "Do as you like."

      The lord of the forest snorts beforr turning towards Harley. As it locks eyes with her she feels waves of unbridaled rage wash over her, rage that does not come from her. It lets loose a growl so deep that everyone present can feel it vibrate their bones as it stomps foreward, uncaring of the flames and plasma bursting out of enrage hellhound.

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    • I hid behind Harley as the giant creature. She looked at me puzzled. 

      "You're scared of a dinosaur when you just broke our rule? We can handle this thing together puddin'!"


      "Same way you stopped me....but this time we do it together....:" 


      A bright blue flash erupted from both the couple as an unseen force rips through the ground and the trees as the attempted to throw the monster back deep into the forest. 

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    • The massive creature's talons grips the soil beneath it as it lowers itself and braces itself for the blast. The concussive blasts sends it sliding back, but it remains in the clearing. As the beast raises back to it's feet, the beast appears to have grown a bit bigger, it's dorsal spikes having grown a bit bigger, a bit more pronounced.

      Ambre comes scrambling down the tree and lands on my shoulder, "Oh they're screwed."

      I nod, "Yep."

      The creature inhales it's dorsal spikes glowing the same blue as the what Harley and Noodler had a momemt ago before. It opens it's jaws in a silent roar, sending a wave of invisible force blasting through the air back at them.

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    • "IT CAN COPY?!" I exclaim before being rocketed with Harley back into the pile of charred logs behind us.

      "How did it copy us?! Teacher said-"

      "It doesn't matter puddin' I got an idea!" She grabbed me by the hand and jumped for the tree slinging me over her back as she started climbing as fast she could up the enourmous tree.

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      I flash the two a feral grin, "YOU'LL DIE!"

      The lord of the forest rushes foreward snapping it's jaws at them and roaring it's fury.

      (Godzillasaurus being the fictional species of dinosaur that Godzilla used to be before he was mutated.)

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    • Harley just kept climbing the tree higher and higher.

      "How do we stop that thing?!" I panicked.

      "Energy is reflected.....but what if...........HARLEY!!! We need to drill holes in it's body somehow!"

      "How would we do that?!" 

      "I don't know but if we can we can feed it enough energy and make it blow itself up!"

      "You got that from a godzilla movie!" 


      "Any ideas?"


      "Good talk puddin' real helpful!"

      "Lemme think!" 

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    • Ambre, leens on my head, "Are they gonna die?"

      I shrug, "Meh, even if they do, I already got the paper work lined out in hell to bring them back."

      Ambre raises an eyebrow, "Do they know that?"

      I grin, "Nope!"

      Ambre sighs, "You're a cruel man Master."

      The Lord of the Forest glares up into the tree and paces beneath the tree, it's at this time that the two notice that it's dorsal spikes seemed to have returnes back it's previous size after it fired that blast. It looks the two of them in the eye when it does both of them feel a roiling wave of anger seeming to eminate from it, along with that anger the sensation of the bones of something small and weak being crushed between it's fangs.

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    • "Maybe maybe if we sit here itll lose interest and go away" She muttered a bit of fear in her voice.

      "Maybe you should just apologize..." I suggest, fearing her wrath.

      "Maybe the tiny lizard with a fruit fetish should apologize she started it!"

      "She was supposed to! You went out of control and you broke the promise first! you thought I forgot that! I saw you crush those trees!" 

      "So what?! You promised me you'd never do it!" 

      "I know....I had to stop you, or -" 

      "OR WHAT?!"

      "Or you were gonna make that thing even more pissed off!"

      "Fine!!! Fine, I'll apologize...." Harley relented, standing up on the branch they were on. 


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    • The Godzillasaurus growls before it backs away a few steps and glares at them.

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    • "DOES THAT MEAN YES?" She asked, still kind of weary of what it might do.

      "WE'RE...WE'RE BOTH REALLY SORRY! NO MORE BREAKING THE FOREST OR TRYING TO HURL YOU! PROMISE!" I add, hoping to assauge the anger of this thing, though still clinging for dear life to the tree. 

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    • The Godzillasaurus narrows it's eyes. It lowers it's head, picking up one of large coconut like fruit between itz teeth, before spitting it at them, hitting Harley in the face with it.

      I look up at the treed pair, "Godzillasaurs are natural empaths, they can sense and project emotion. If you want to appologize. You need to mean it. Otherwise he'll no you're lieing."

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    • "OUFF!!.....stupid fruit......WE MEAN IT MR DINOSAUR WE'RE SORRY!! NO MORE FIRE WE BOTH PROMISE!!" She barked down at the beast. 


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    • Tbe Godzillasaurus stares at her for a long moment.

      It lets out a final deafening roar before turning and stomping out of the clearing.

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    • They both stayed up in the tree as the hulking behemoth made its way back toward the forest.

      "You think we're safe to come down?"

      "HAHAHA I'm not going anywhere near the ground until I'm sure that thing is at least 3 countries away from me, Harley..."

      "C'mon, I don't think he'll come back get on my back let's get back down."

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    • I yell at them, "HURRY YOUR ASSES UP!"

        Loading editor
    • "FINE!"

      Harley jumped off the tree and came to the ground with a thud. 

      "Why do I have to keep running from carnivourous behemoths?...." I bemoan as I make friends with the solid ground once more.

      "Not like you couldn't stop them if you wanted to, rulebreaker." 

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    • I grin, "Oh don't worry about that. You won't be running away from a giant carnivorous behemoth tomorrow."

      I shrug, "Sadly I won't be deciding what your training is either."

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    • "That's good news...wait what?! Who's deciding then?"

      "Doesn't matter....I'm ready!" She growled while panting and massaging her knees.

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    • I shrug, "He'll be here in the morning. I suggest you rest up, today didn't go as I planned so tomorrow is gonna be a bit wonky.

      I grab one of the fruits that had fallen out of the tree and split it open, "You should really try these by the way, they got a really high sugar content, like candy growing out of a tree."

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    • My eyes widened a little at the mentioned of "he" but more at the mention of sugar. I soon began devouring the largest I could find.

      "How did you know he needed sugar?" Harley asked, a little suspicious. I wasn't even paying attention as I continued to happily munch on another large fruit.

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    • I give Harley a devious grin, "Are you sure you want to know?"

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    • She eyed him with a bit more suspicion. "Yes...." She replied softly, taking a glance at me finishing off the fruit I'd collected.

      "Because I think we both know it has nothing to do with his mom....and I want to know how..."

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    • I shrug, "I'm old. Very, very old. Older than the gods and demons. Older than the world you live in. The world I was born too died. Then the world after that died. Then the world after that... and the world after that... I watched. I was there."

      I look at Harley my eyes having lacking in emotion to point of seeming dead, "He's a unique being. Never seen before. But not to me. I've known what he is and what he can do from the start. I know better than you know, better than he himself knows."

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    • She raised an eyebrow, "He's a young man with a space mom and spooky mind powers the government wanted to mess with...there were others of us in School a whole class, pretty sure he was the only one with a space mom though....What about him don't I know again?"

      I finally started overhearing them and looked away, not wanting to hear them talk about School.

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    • I shrug, "Quite a bit."

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    • "Like what? We grew up together! You met him a week ago! How can you know more than me?" She was really suspicious now, her gaze was fixed on the Reptile King inquisitively. I on the otherhand drew pictures in the dirt to tune out their conversation. 

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    • I shrug, "I can't tell you. It'd be horrid invasion of the poor boys privacy."

      I tilt my head, "Of course what you should be really worried about is what he doesn't know..."

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    • "What doesn't he know? will he be unsafe if he doesn't know?!" She barked almost frightened but clearly made anxious by his words. "If it helps him I should know shouldn't I?!"

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    • I hum to myself, "But if you knowing hurts him? There are sone things best left secret even between the most intimate of couples. Besides, neither of you are ready to know anyways, there are rules to these things after all."

      I shrug, "You will know when the time comes. Perhaps you'll come to know yourself a bit better as well. Not without hardship of course but that can't be helped."

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    • "RULES?! He seemed ready to help me throw a giant dinosaur into the sun earlier I think he's ready to know at least of what you know about him!" 

        Loading editor
    • I shrug, "He isn't. He will be. Probably. But he isn't yet. Fate is weird like that."

      I take a drink out of my glass of chocolate milk, "There is something you would do well to never forget though."

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    • "And what is that then?" She continuously glancing between me and the reptile king, me mindlessly playing drums with sticks and logs over near the treeline.

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    • I close my eyes, "Something you already know. The strength of the wolf is that pack. The strength of the pack is the wolf."

      I open my eyes and give Harley a very serious expression, "He may one day need to be reminded of that..."

      I then shrug, "Or not, even I don't know the future... well... most of the future."

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    • "He's not a wolf....he's more like a.....a.....a.....well he's not a wolf....." She protests. Still glancing over at her boy, then a thought crossed her mind....pack? He never had a pack and she wasn't a hound until she was 12....

      "Are you saying they're still out there?" She whispered, "The others? from School?" Fear actually tinted her voice a little as she whispered that, trying hard not to let me hear. 

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    • I nod, "And others like them. And worse than them. Of course your pack will need to be ready. The consequences could be... far reaching."

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    • "You can't  be right....our 'classmates' they...they're gone.....right? how can there be others like those brainwashed little freaks?!"

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    • I stand up, "It doesn't matter. Focus on tomorrow."

      With thaf I disappear.

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    • "PUDDIN'! Let's go...we need to rest!" She barked as the Reptile man disappeared leaving a door in his wake. 

      I slowly rejoined her side as she pulled me along with her through the door into the beach cabin again. 

      "No more mind stuff know we promised each other." 

      "You used it first Harle-" 

      "I don't have to hide my abilities I'm already a monster but you! You, you, you just can't okay.....they might be gone but it's still not safe for you to use yours..."


      "Because- Because, look it doesn't matter just promise me you won't and just come to bed you need to sleep." Harley pleaded

      "OKAY okay.....I promise." I relent slowly making my way to the bed where she quickly scooped me up and held me while she slept, but thoughts of School kept me up a few more hours before I finally drifted off as well.

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    • In the morning a gust of warm, moist air blows down on them stirring them from their slumber. As they wake up the realize that they are in fact, not in the bed they had went to sleep in, and judgeinh by the sticks and leaves on their backs, they had been moved out in the middle of forest. When they open their eyes they find their faces mere inches from a very familiar face. More specifically a very familiar set of teeth that they had not wanted to see again.

      The Lord of the Forest glares down at the two expectantly, his jaws clamped shut.

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    • Awoken by the breathing and being greeted to the sight of humongous teeth sent my brain into full fear response. Panicked I booked it into the woods. "OH SHITTT!" I screamed!

      "SCALY SON OF A BITCH LIED TO ME!!!" I continued as I hid behind a tree. 

      "Uhmmmm hi there, Mr. Dino! Could I ask you not to scare my boyfriend? it really is way too easy but I kinda prefer him non-catatonic..." Harley cracked as she woke up seeing the same teeth as she rubbed my eyes. "He chose to run from you, I don't know why he thinks he got lied to." 

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    • The beast snorts dismissively, apparently not carinh about the mans fear. It opens its jaws, dropping a large pile of seeds in front of Harley. It then stomps over to the giant tree, thumping the tree with its tail, causing more of the fruit to fall out, before laying down. Begins picking the fruit off of the ground and eating it.

      After a moment it roars at Harley, despite the lack of legitimate words the meaning is clear, "Get to work."

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    • She rolled her eyes as the seeds piled up, she knew what he wanted. 

      "Okay.....Hey! Get over here and help me plant the forest back." She barked to me pointing at the pile of seeds. 

      "Why?! You burned it!"

      "And you're MY have to carry the seeds, WITHOUT YOUR MIND!" 

      "Damnit...." I moan as I fashion my shirt into a seed bag and walk back to her scooping up armfuls into the shirt. 

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    • The Godzillasaurus snorts as it munches more fruit.

        Loading editor
    • Harley began throwing seeds all over the ground and looked at me smiling.

      "Take your shoes off, we'll push em into the ground with our toes!"

      I raised an eyebrow and slipped em off. "You sure?"

      "Yeah, the ground's still soft from the fight so it should be easy! We could probably run around and push em in! OOOH you wanna play tag?"

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    • The Godzillasaurus watches them with an annoyed look on its face.

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    • The couple frolicked and tackled eachother in the clearing for hours, making real progress at sowing the seeds in the process. Luckily for them Harley's last 'outburst' had left the soil tilled by battle so the seeds went into the dirt quite easily. 

      "How should we get the soil watered so the plants will grow?" I ask.

      "I don't know the air is hot sooooooo would more hot air make rain happen?" A confused expression forms on her face

      "I don't think that's how it works? I think we need cold air swirling with the hot air.." I answer almost puzzled myself

      "How do we do that?" She queries.

      "Not a far is the ocean?" I continue

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    • By this time the Lord of the forest seems to have grown satisfied that they will complete the job and seems to be taking a nap.

      My voice comes from behind, "Too far for that."

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    • "Well wait what if you shot you lightning in-" I was interrupted by the voice from behind.

      "Okay so how do we make it rain on this field?" She asked.

        Loading editor
    • I shrug, "Know any good rain dances?"

        Loading editor
    • "No, I don't know how to dance at all..." She grumbled, now utterly at a loss of what to do. 

      "Yeah and neither of us uses magic.." I chime in searching for rain clouds though only finding a small puffy cloud.

      "Well how are we gonna get the seeds watered?!" She barked starting to fear that if she didn't the big dinosaur would chase them again.

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    • I shrug and point to a nearby mountain in the distance, "Well.... you could always try and go up that mountain. You might be able to get some help up there."

        Loading editor
    • "I'm pretty sure he just pointed to the sheer cliff face, Harley. This guy is a madman..."

      "You could always wait here with the sleeping dinosaur, puddin'" She'd joked with a dark grin.

      "No No, I'll.....I'll come with you....." 

      "Let's go then. You know the drill climb on love!" 

      I quietly got on her back, -Hello darkness my old friend I've come to talk with you again- playing in my mind as she took off for the cliff.

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    • As the two run off towards the mountain I look at the Lord of the Forest, "They do know that their job is already done right?"

      The Godzillasaurus growls.

      I nod, "You're right, we shouldn't tell them."

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    • "How did it take us four hours?! it looked so close?!" Harley complained, pacing back and forth at the foot of the cliff.

      "The better question is how he intends we climb this thing with no gear..." I groan, fearfully looking up at how high the cliff is.

      "Puddin' I'm a badass with claws I'll get us up there, just hold on tight!" she said as she yanked me to her back again for me to hold on to as we began our ascent.

      Several Hours Later----

      "HOW DID IT TAKE 9 HOURS TO CLIMB THIS STUPID THING!?" Harley bemoaned through heavy pants as I stayed low to the plateau, spotting a small village near what appeared to be a massive dried waterfall. 

      "Hey I bet that thin would mist those seeds really good!" I exclaim with a pointing finger towards it.

      Harley and I both took off towards it however, we only found a small family of scaly humans, of whom only the grandfather was willing to speak with the couple. 

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    • An old man with elven ears, patches of scales, and distinctively reptilian talons in place of feet approaches them. As he approachez it becomes clear that this old man extremely large, easily ten feet tall.

      We waves to them, "Ho there travelers! What brings you to our village?"

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    • "Uhm, well, We are rebuilding some of the big forest down at the bottom of this cliff, and we didn't know how to get water to it, so we climbed this cliff and saw the dry waterfall and was wondering if you knew how to turn it on?" Harley blurted it out fast and almost too excited.

      "Yeah is there like a rock plugging it or something?" I asked looking both between the rocky out cropping that should forn the falls and the village elder.

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    • The old lizardy elf strokes his beard, "Hmmm... that water fall only flows during the rain season and that's not for a few months. I'm sorry but there is very little we can do to help."

      He pauses for a moment in thought, "There is someone... who can do something though. But she prefers to be left alone."

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    • "Well Sadly in order to appease a giant terrifying dinosaur we need to bother her to turn the waterfall on, any chance you could tell us where she is?" I ask, having a sinking feeling in my gut, while Harley continued eyeing the water fall.

        Loading editor
    • The old man nods, "I've heard that someone had angered the Lord of the Forest. I suppose that was you two..."

      He looks troubled for a moment, "Hmm... it is unwise to disturb her. Especially if it were to be one of my people who did it. However..."

      He starez at Harley and Noodler very intensly before sighing, "You hound are very strong and you boy hold a strange power, stronger than you know it to be..."

      The old lizard elf nods, "If you are courageous enough... or foolish enough... I will not stop you."

      He points to the east, "She dwells in a cave on the east slope of the mountain. Be wary, the winds are most treacherous there."

        Loading editor
    • "Wait what is talking about? Stronger than I know--"

      "Nothing puddin' let's go! Thank you mr Dragon man!" Harley yanked me with her towards the east,

      The pass leading to the Rainmaker's cave was indeed very windy, I kept my center low to the ground to keep hold on my footing. Harley had almost no trouble thanks to her strong claws. Soon, they stood at the mouth of what looked like an ancient mine shaft. They felt a rumble from deep inside the cave and both began to feel uneasy about entering.

        Loading editor
    • Deep within the cave they hear the distinctive sound of metal grinding on metal and the clinking of steel striking stone.

      A voice echoes from within the cave, "Begone."

        Loading editor
    • "Sooooo, begone?" Harley clearly wary of the metallic chaos below.

      "No we need her to make it rain on that field Harley." I reply shortly taking a few more steps to the mouth of the cave. 

      Another Rumble shook the craggy peak, more grinding and scraping echoing from down below. 

      "Uhmmmmm a little birdy told me you can make it rain? I need to ask you to do that."

      Another loud metallic clang shook the mountain.

        Loading editor
    • In the darkness a faint glimmer of metal reflecting the dim light can be seen. The metal moves.

      "I don't care of your troubles mortal. Begone, and take your mutt with you."

        Loading editor
    • "No?" I seemingly both declare and ask. Harley looked a bit flabbergasted at my stubbornness. 

      "Have you lost your mind?" Harley whispered, "We'll find some other way let's not piss this thing off!"

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    • The glimmering steel shifts and moves closer. The sound of blades striking stone with each foot step. A fearsome dragon bearing scales made of steel comes striding out of the shadows glaring down at Noodler witn disdain.

      She sniffs in annoyance, "You would do well to listen to pup, little man. She knows her place."

      The air itself seems to tense up, like viper preparing to strike.

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    • "Me and "Pup" messed up and we need you to make it rain, so please make it rain?" I ask as a weird shiver goes up my spine. 

      "C'mon let's just carry buckets or something for miles I'm sure that's what he really wanted us to try anyway...."

      "No we climbed a mountain to fix that forest, if she can turn on the waterfall we need her to."

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    • The dragon narrows her eyes, "Foolish mortal! Do you know what you ask? To shift the balance of nature? To bend the sky to solve your mistakes?"

      She growls, clenching her claws in a tight fist, "To disrespect an Elder Dragon as you have this day... to ask for natural order be bent to your whims..."

      The dragon roars, "YOU WILL LEARN RESPECT!!!"

      A sudden blast of wind strikes Noodler from the side, smashing him into the stone wall of the cave.

        Loading editor
    • Harley shrieked as I hit the rocks, she however didn't move.

      "Owwwww....what's your deal? I said please!" I stood slowly shaking my head as dust billowed off of me. 

      "I'm really asking for nature to be bent for other parts of nature's it's like trading between forces of nature right? only with the two of us as envoys...." I continue while wiping some blood off my forehead.

        Loading editor
    • The dragons eyes narrow, "The water must come from somewhere."

        Loading editor
    • "Right the water comes from those clouds, all I'm asking you to do is crack those clouds open and make the waterfall rain over the forest." I say giving a confident thumbs up motion 

        Loading editor
    • The dragon growls in annoyance, "These clouds are empty, weak unladen husks, they have no water to give."

        Loading editor
    • "Could you maybe use the wind to call some beefy boy clouds over for some good ol waterfall action?" I ask still feeling pretty confident.

        Loading editor
    • The Dragons eyes narrow, "And rob the place where come from of rain?"

        Loading editor
    • "Well I hardly think borrowing some clouds for 15 minutes of rain over a roughly 2000 sq ft area of blown out forest is robbing a place of rain. But yeah for like 15 minutes I guess." I shake a little bit as another weird shiver goes up my spine. 

      "PUDDIN' LET'S JUST GO!" Harley pleaded again.

      "Not yet, I think I got this!"

        Loading editor
    • (Oh shit forgot about this one hope Noodler is still around.)

      The dragon snorts in disdain, "And what would you offer me in return, star child? Why should I act to fix your mistake? It is no small feat to bend the heavens to your will."

        Loading editor
    • Frustration washed over the young man. "I don't have anything to offer.....except some fruit....I don't even know what it's called.....I can do jobs if you want.....other than that I'm pretty useless....." He put some fruit on the ground and sat down in front of it in defiance. "I'm still not going anywhere until you help....but if you push I may not be able to keep a big promise....."

      Harley's brow rose at that remark and she screamed internally that he'd better not do what she thinks he's planning.

        Loading editor
    • The dragon raises an eyebrow, her expression a mixture of disbelief and anger, "Are you threatening an Elder Dragon boy?"

        Loading editor
    • "Oh, no...but I will prove you wrong....." He stated calmly.

      Harley continued to glare at him from her cover, still screaming at him internally to stop being stupid and just run.

        Loading editor
    • The wind begins to visibly coil around the Elder Dragons body her voice a low growl, "Will you boy? You intrude into my den? Making demands that I solved problems that you have caused? You dare disrespect a Kushala so flagrantly?"

      As she breathes the air she exhales seems to steam up as if it were very cold and the wing around her turns black, "It seems it is too late to take your hounds advice. I hope you have made peace with your gods."

      With a deafening roar she unleashes a cyclonic blast of icey wind.

        Loading editor
    • His eyes flashed, the wind dissipates around him. "I've had enough of your baseless arrogance, lizard...." A magnetizing force began to tether the metal of her body to the ground, an unknown force rising from. "I asked nicely, you were I show you why I don't need to make peace with gods....." Charcoal hued clouds rolled forth from the south and the west, the air swirled around him as thunder cracked the newly arrived clouds up above.

      "You said it was no small feat to borrow a storm......I didn't NEED you, I asked you.....for the sake of 'my hound' cause I promised her I wouldn't remove my mental locks...." Rain erupted from the toiling storm above lightning arced to the ground around them.

      Harley hid behind cover, enraged at both myself and the dragon, but frozen with fear of both of us.

      A deep hum filled the air as the magnetic force holding the dragon to the ground became stronger.

      "This is an extremely powerful positive magnetic charge... Do you know what happens when an object on the ground carries a positive charge in a thunderstorm?" He exclaimed. "It gets Struck....."

      A lightning bolt cracked and split through the sky, an unknown force catching it and holding it still in the air above the dragon.

      Blood trickled from his nose a little bit, his eyes glowed an unnatural blue around the pupils, glaring down at the dragon conveying the frustration and disdain inside him. "I told you....I would prove you wrong........Summoned a you can watch while I fix things."

        Loading editor
    • The black wind around thickens around the Kushala, seeming to grind against Noodlers power, weakening it, shielding against it.

      Slowly the Kushala rises to her feet, her muscles straining less and less against the magnetic force "Stubborn child...."

      With a thunderous roar, the iron storm dragon launches herself foreward, bringing a devastating uppercut into Noodlers gut. The blow knocks the wind out of his lungs and shocks his bowels putting him to the ground coughing and struggling to keep from throwing up.

      The Kushala crosses her arms and glares down at Noodler her tone as if she were speaking to a poorly behaved child, "Do not speak as if something is easy when you must damage yourself to do it."

        Loading editor
    • The storm continues, even from his spot on the ground the pressure in the air grew, more lightning strikes the ground around the two of them. The hum became a low droning buzz.

      "What...are you calling....damage!? If would....take me....longer to do it....." He groaned, blood still trickling out of his nose only both nostrils now. He struggled back up to his feet, and pointed upwards.

      "I did one other me who... came close enough to strike you with actual lightning......child or sage..."

      Harley couldn't believe his stupidity. She had half a mind to let this lizard lady crush him for a while.

        Loading editor
    • The Kushala narrows her eyes, "Power that destroys its user is nothing but a liability."

      She grabs Noodler by the shirt and drags him to his feet, before knocking him out with a savage headbut.

      She unceremoniously drops his unconscious carcass to the floor and as the powers around them start to calm she shifts the wind to blow the storm towards the burnt out section of the forest.

      The Kushala glares at Harley, her expression one of disdain and disappointment, "Your mate is a fool little dog. If the only action you take is to cower and hide, then you will soon find yourself burying him."

      With that she turns and strides back into her cave.

        Loading editor
    • The hound knelt down beside the unconscious boy, her gaze never meeting the dragon's.

      "You're right......he IS a fool...." She said very softly and in a tone as frigid as ice.

      She slung him over her shoulder and began making her way back down the mountain.

      'Idiot!!! You promised you wouldn't.....' She muttered, the fire dissipating from her eyes despite her rage, she was more despondant and crushed that he broke one of the only promises she'd ever asked him to make.

      Having made it down the mountain she dropped her mate on the ground and took a quick breath.

      She called out, "Hey Reptile man! Can you send us back to that cabin?!"

      She forced herself down to whisper as she unintentionally finished with, "My idiot's insane and needs to sleep...."

        Loading editor
    • I appear behind her. With a frown I nod and then I open a portal with a snap of my fingers.

        Loading editor
    • She heaved her sleeping fool through the portal and laid him on the bed, being unable to throw him like her inner urge for catharsis demanded.  Instead, the saddened hound sat next to her sleeping heap of a male and just silently asked for answers in her mind, with tears falling from her face. 

      'He needs to understand why he can't do that!' 


      'He listens....'

      'Yeah, right up until he betrays you to prove a point!'

      'He didn't-'




        Loading editor
    • "You seemm conflicted." Comes my voice from behind Harely, interrupting her thoughts.

      Harley then notices me sitting in a chair in a corner, calmly flipp8ng through a book titled "Dog Training, for Eldritch Beast Gods."

        Loading editor
    • "HE KNOWS IM THE BOSS!" She blurted as she heard the voice and turned to face the reptile man. 

      "'m pissed off!" She sounded confused. 

      "I made him promise not to use his abilities because the more he uses it the more he'll mutate, and I'm afraid that means he'll have less control over it or become something that isn't him....or die." 

        Loading editor
    • I close my eyes for a moment in thought, "Hmmmmmmmmmm..."

      I open them, "Why did he do it?"

        Loading editor
    • "You'd have to ask him....he probably give some vague answer like 'I wanted to get the job done' but if you're asking why I thought he did it, because he wanted to prove he could best a god at her own game....or maybe he felt the pressure of us not appeasing that behemoth in the forest....and thought he could just fix it himself if we couldn't do it the right way....I don't know but I do know I can't let him do that again....." She rambled while making an attempt to her tears.

        Loading editor
    • I cut her off, "Then you're a fool."

      Calmly I flip a page of my book, "Hellhounds are the rarest species to become officers in royal makais army, simultaneously those who do are often the best that army has to offer. Do you know why?"

        Loading editor
    • "Of course not, how could I possibly know that?!" She grumbled, clearly done sobbing.

        Loading editor
    • I smirk, "Because for all the growling and snarling and all of their trying to the big bad wolf, most Hellhounds fail to dominate the one thing that need to achieve dominance over the most."

      I give her a pointed look, "Themselves."

      I chuckle, "Let me guess the first thing you did upon getting back here was start railing on about how he defied you, how he betrayed you, how you have to prove that you're the boss. Right?"

        Loading editor
    • "uhhhhh well not at him no....I let him sleep." She muttered almost embarrassed that he read her so easily.

        Loading editor
    • I nod, "As I thought..."

      I sigh, "So many hellhounds fall into this trap..."

        Loading editor
    • "Trap?! What trap?!" She growled. "And what do you mean dominate themselves?"

        Loading editor
    • I'm suddenly across the room twisting her nose, "The trap letting your instincts rile you into a panic and lead you by the nose like a dog on a leash!"

      I shove her back, "The trap of confusing control for leadership. Of not understanding that disobedience is not always defiance. That promises being brocken are not always a betrayal."

      I look down at her, "You are a hound not an ant."

        Loading editor
    • Her whole body tensed up as her nose gets twisted, "Hey hey! Watch the nose!!" She whined.

      "I know I'm a hound! But...i...he, he nearly got himself killed! Why wouldn't I panic?!"

        Loading editor
    • I cross my arms, "You should feel fear, perhaps anger. To not do so is to cast aside that which grants hounds, mamono, humans, and all social animals their greatness. To panic? To rage? To allow such flighty emotions to blind you and prevent you from thinking clearly? That is something that a leader cannot do. Until you can achieve dominance over yourself, over your own instincts and emotions, you have no right to seize dominance over another. That is the great failing of the hellhound."

      I look down at her, "You must understand the nature of your species, the nature of yourself, the nature of the pack and the nature of your position within it."

      I frown, "Now tell me, what is the difference between a pack of wolves, and a colony of ants. No, more specifically, the difference between and an individual ants relationship to the colony and the individual wolfs relationship to the pack."

        Loading editor
    • The hound looked toward the floor. "One ant is an expendable drone made with the sole purpose of bringing food to the queen. Wolves work for the whole pack while the colony of ants serves the queen."

        Loading editor
    • I nod, "In the end, there is no individual ant. The strength of ant is the colony and the strength of the colony is still the colony. But not so in the pack. While the strength of the wolf is pack the strength of pack is the wolf. You are the alpha of your pack and thus you must make decisions for the pack, however, the individuals within your pack must still make decisions for themselves and you must respect those decisions. Preferably support those decisions. However it is not your place to make those decisions for them."

      I look at Noodler where he rests, "He is in a precarious position unsure of what he is, caring a power that both he and his lived ones fear... On some level he must deny part of himself for fear of himself."

        Loading editor
    • She groans, "No...he's never been afraid of it...not a fear of himself either...he denies it because I made him promise me he does it for me. It's my fear that what he can do will hurt him. You saw him bleeding! I just want him to be safe!"

        Loading editor
    • I raise an eye brow, "He's not afraid? He's bleeding, being mutated,the integrity of his mind is being risked, all the while he has a family to worry about and you think he's not afraid?"

        Loading editor
    • "Of course HE isn't! He never has been afraid of it! He always thinks everything is fine but I see it, his eyes permanently change a little each time he unlocks the cage! I don't even think he notices each small mutation. He's bigger than he was a year ago. He floats in his sleep sometimes and I've seen him scream with a migraine and melt half a mountain. It melted. Like butter in a pan. And after he recovers you know what he says, 'Neat!' like he realized he had an extra dollar! But he's always kept this one promise to me because I don't like seeing him hurt or lost somewhere in himself."

        Loading editor
    • "Hmph, You're either incredibly naive or he's insane," I shrug, "Either way, my original point still stands."

        Loading editor
    • "You could probably make a case for both..." She said with a sigh. "So I need to control my over protectiveness of him?"

        Loading editor
    • I nod, "and you need to trust him more. You don't yet understand, but you have something from him far more valuable than mere submission or obedience."

        Loading editor
    • She looked over to him. "It's hard to not hover...I've kept him safe since I became a hound. He's my family."

        Loading editor
    • I nod, "I know. Which is why I told you what I have."

        Loading editor
    • "I don't know what to do anymore!" She groaned and gave a long defeated sigh collapsing onto the couch

        Loading editor
    • I shrug, "Think it through. Talk to him. Make a decision. I will tell you now, this power of his, you can't hide from it forever. In the end, there may only be one choice."

        Loading editor
    • Her eyes widened "I don't think I understand what you mean...what do you mean in the end?"

        Loading editor
    • I cross my arms, "He is immune to incubization, and host to abnormal and powerful abilities. He is no longer human. Everytime he uses his powers he changes. Going from what he once was to what he is now. He may need to finish this metamorphosis. You will need to feed him demonic energy. To keep from... unsavory results."

        Loading editor
    • "Ohhhhhh.....yeah, I can do that part, but I thought he already was....wait....He's immune?! That would mean he's naturally able to....What is he?!"

        Loading editor
    • I shrug, "I dunno."

        Loading editor
    • She glared, "you're lying. I already know that you know more than you're letting on you took one look and knew. If you know hes not been affected by me than you know my energy does nothing to him but lure him to sleep with me, which I didn't even know he hadn't been changed by me. So all you're telling me to do is make him comfortable. I think it's time you told me a little more of what you actually know, so I can actually help him."

        Loading editor
    • I laugh, "I know a bit. Always more than I let on, always less than most people think that I know."

      I shrug "He is a larval state of sorts. I suppose that's a way of putting it. It's not really important in long run, much less important than what he will become..."

      I look pointedly at her, "Your energy does more than just bait him into plugging a one of your holes. Your emotional bonds do more than just make cuddling pleasant."

        Loading editor
    • Her eyebrow raised as she listened, picturing her boy making a cocoon and going inside, "So, I need to make him keep changing?" Then, the hound rolled her eyes, "I know our bond means more than that but if he's not been changed by the monster aura in me, it doesn't do anything to him does it? I thought boys had to be converted for the energy to fuel them." She was so confused, "So if he's not been made a hound by me how would my energy help?"

        Loading editor
    • "I meant to the nature of his power. It is of the mind and spirit. His emotions. His feelings for those close to him, they can have an effect. And to have a second corruptive force, like your demonic energy, running counter to his metamorphosis may act as a factor to help temper and control his change," I nod, "he will need that control..."

        Loading editor
    • "So me being there as he changes acts as what like countering a fever with an ice bath?"

        Loading editor
    • I shrug, "Possibly."

        Loading editor
    • "Hey! This was your Idea how can you not Know!?" She exclaimed.

        Loading editor
    • I shrug, "Pretty easily. Not knowing things really doesn't take a lot of effort or skill."

        Loading editor
    • She let out a defeated sigh, "Friggin smartass...." She paced over to the sleeping boy and ran her paw through his hair. "So, if we have to use his abilities to speed up this mutation how do we make sure we do that safely?"

        Loading editor
    • I raise an eyebrow, "Other than what I explained?"

        Loading editor
    • "Well he certainly can't focus on his superpowers in bed can he?"

        Loading editor
    • I smirk, "First off, take it from an elder god of porn, yes, yes he can. Though you guys may not be ready for that level of kink yet. Second, I never said you had to do the two at the same time. The DE isn't being siphoned out of him or anything."

        Loading editor
    • "Let me rephrase that Id rather not have him breathing psychic lasers or dragging storms out of the sky at me during sex. Secondly he doesnt produce demon energy does he? He's not been converted you said. Thirdly if the changes come from him melting mountains with psychic lasers or again summoning what I'm now assuming was storm from over the ocean which was miles away, how do we let him do those things safely?" She was nearly rambling but seemed determined to help however she needed to.

        Loading editor
    • I wave it off, "Give it a few thousand years you'll get a bit more adventurous by then, 8 dimensional zero G sex with a bit role play and plasma bolts makes for a hell of an orgy. Anyways, normal incubi don't produce DE either. They get it all from their wives, the DE just bolsters their production of spirit energy. As for safety with practicing powers..."

      I shrug, "Aim the laser up?"

        Loading editor
    • "Knowing our luck he'll end up pissing off some other god level entity if he does that." Harley chuckled.

        Loading editor
    • I wave that off, "Psh, nah. Gods eat this shit up. Mortal going through this kinda stuff is like an action movie and soap opera all rolled up into one to us."

        Loading editor
    • "Then what about the metal lizard bitch that tried to kill us?! My boy was polite!"

        Loading editor
    • I scoff, "She was an elder dragon, not a god. To you, the two appear similar, but only due to the difference between your power and hers. To an ant, a rabbit and a lion may as well be the same creature. Both are so enormous that the ant could never hope to stand against them. To the rabbit? Well, the rabbit can see just how fearsome the lion is."

      I smirk, "Given time, even a human can grow strong enough to defeat her. The highest ranked members of the hunters guild all stand at that level."

        Loading editor
    • "Then why was he so unshaken by her if we're both so far below her?!"

        Loading editor
    • I sit back down, "Hmm... perhaps his desire to defend you overrode his common sense. Perhaps he simply a fool..."

      I smirk, "Perhaps the difference in power between the two of you and her is not as great as you perceive. I would say it is a bit of his human nature showing through. They always were a defiant race. Rising up against those stronger than themselves. Often winning on ingenuity alone... for them, fear is as much a call to battle as it is a call to flee."

        Loading editor
    • "You weren't watching were you? He just stepped up at her even pinned her for a few moments without laying a finger towards her. He wasn't afraid he was angry, and I think he was holding back. I also think you're watching me realize that he isn't afraid of high power entities because part of him knows this is all that'll ever happen." She tapped her paw on the ground, "Any part of that wrong?"

        Loading editor
    • I chuckle, "Not that I'm aware of. Well I was watching. That fight was far from anything serious from him or the Kushala."

        Loading editor
    • "So he was just holding back?! How strong is he? How strong will he be?! Is he already a god level entity?!"

        Loading editor
    • I shake my head, "He's not god level, he will likely never reach such a level. To be honest, Kushalas a mediocre by Elder Dragon standards as well."

        Loading editor
    • "I think you're giving half truths again but that's fine I think I know what I need to do now." She finished with a smirk and sat down next to her boy again running her paw through his stupid curly hair.

        Loading editor
    • I stand up, "Well if I told you everything then how are you going to learn anything?"

      With that I disappear.

        Loading editor
    • She laid down and curled herself around her Noodle. A plan slowly forming in her mind as she drifted off to sleep.

        Loading editor
      • The next morning...

      I appear beside the bed of the sleeping couple and look down upon them, "Aw... the little boy likes to cuddle woth his puppy. Ain't that cute?"

      I proceed to send the bed tumbling across the room with both of them still in it.

        Loading editor
    • Harley only had a second to stir, groggily moaning, "whaaa-WHA-OOF" she tumbled along the floor. The Noodle, however was shocked awake and having had no time to figure out where he was still thought he was fighting the metal dragon, he grunted as he tumbled across the floor but only for a second, a purple flash erupted from him and continued through the cieling and part of the wall, melting the wood like a Salvador Dali painting. 

      "What the hell?!" the hound barked, slowly getting to her feet while Noodle calmed down and figured out where he was. 

        Loading editor
    • I look down at the two with wode grin, "Goooood morning class! Ready for another fun filled day of adventure?"

        Loading editor
    • Noodle stood up and shook his head, "Didn't I fight a metal dinosaur?" 

      "Yes you did moron, hey next time why don't you lead with the 'KILL THEM WITH MIND LASERS' tactic instead of melting the wall!?" Harley barked again. Noodle just looked down a little ashamed.

        Loading editor
    • I smirk, "Well it was a metal dragon. But that's beside the point, because today is a special day!"

      I spread my arms in a grandiose gesture, "Today Harley, you shall be training with one of the most renown and respected order of warriors in the kingdom and on one of the oldest and most rigorous training fields. It will likely be the most difficult day of your training."

        Loading editor
    • "Are you serious? She climbed a mountain yesterday after fighting a giant dinosaur and getting slapped crapless by a metal dragon! She needs a day off.....I think I should do it for her this time." Noodle cut in.

      "Puddin' no! You can't throw yourself into my fights!" The hound interjected and stood to face her boy.

        Loading editor
    • I thwack Noodler upside the head with a bamboo rod, "FOOL! This training her self improvement not yours! It so she may grow stronger, more disciplined, and more confident! Not for yoy to show off your little mind lasers! YOU CANNOT FACE HER TRIALS FOR HER!"

      I place the rod on the ground like a cane, "The nature of this order of warriors would not permit you to participate in it's training anyways. The only men who have ever entered their training regime are those who are well on their way to becoming an Alp."

      I look pointedly at Harley, "No Hellhound has ever been able to meet their standards of excellence either. It is unlikely to kill you. But it will be you hardest challenge yet."

      I smirk, "But don't worry. If you fail... you'll be doing it again tomorrow..."

        Loading editor
    • "OwwwwwDamn! I wasn't trying to show off I was trying to give her a day off! But Jeez if it's girls only fine!" He rubbed the back of his head, "I don't even know how to make those happen's like a button I don't know how to push..."

      "It's okay, I'm as ready as I'll ever be I guess, puddin' just eat something and relax for me okay?"

        Loading editor
    • I chuckle, "Oh he'll get to relax. He'll get to relax all day..."

      I open a portal and step through, "Follow."

        Loading editor
    • "That sounds ominous." Noodle said a bit nervously.

      "Both of us or just me?" Harley asked.

        Loading editor
    • I look back, "Both. He will be a training aid."

        Loading editor
    • Noodle raised an eyebrow as Harley took his hand in her paw.

      "What...wait what do you meaning training aid?!" He asked as she pulled him with her through the portal.

        Loading editor
    • The three of us appear on a well kept pathway lined with cherry blossom trees. I proceed down the path, "Hurry up."

        Loading editor
    • Harley pulled her boy along faster.

      "Can't help but notice you never answered me, like the trees though they look nice."

        Loading editor
    • I shrug, "I'm a god, I work in mysterious ways."

      The trees around the path open up to a well manicured lawn lighned with trimmed hedges and and topiary. At the end of the path lays a massive mansion, sparkling white with spotless windows and fesh paint.

      I glance back at the two, "Be on your best behavior. They value a persons etiquette here, especially in prospective trainees."

        Loading editor
    • "We'll certainly try won't we puddin'?" She grinned as her boy looked around the new place he found himself in. "This place is way too pretty to not be somehow terrifying." Noodle stated still as nervous as before.

        Loading editor
    • I chuckle ominously, "Oh I'm sure that you're going to regret this later Noodles. And Harely? You will regret it sooner than that..."

      I open the ornate double doors of the mansion, as soon as they open a loud chorus of female voices can be heard, "Welcome You're Majesty."

      I lead the couple into a massive anteroom lining either side of the room are rows of maids all of varying species, both from within the Reptile Kingdom and from distant lands, many being of species that are naturally submissive or maids by nature, however quite a few of the more aggressive and dominant species of mamono are also present. All of them stand in a perfect half bow with pleasant expressions on their face.

      Front and center are two maids standing side by side both appearing to be some sort of dragon. The first A black cat like wyvern with distinct white stripes. The second being a lithe dragon with a very long tail, her tail appears to be glowing red hot and flickering with flames. Judging by the differences in their uniforms, they are clearly higher ranking maids than the others.

        Loading editor
    • "are those Maid uniforms?" Noodle asked looking around at all the smiling ladies. "I think they are maid uniforms, Harley!"

      "I think I already hate this, puddin'"

        Loading editor
    • I smirk, "So Noodles, ever want to see Harley in a maid uniform?"

      In practiced unison, the two head maids approach us and give a courteous bow, "Welcome You're Majesty, and guests to the Order of the Maidens Blade."

      "I am Sura," Says the cat-like Narga.

      "And I am Sofia," says the flame tailed Drak.

        Loading editor
    • "I've never thought about it." He responded still a bit nervous Harley however was beet red in the face.

      "You intend me to wear what?!" She was still trying to be calm holding back a snarl deep inside herself.

        Loading editor
    • I give Harley a wide, malevolent smile, "You're going to adorable..."

      It's quite clear that I find this to be profoundly amusing.

      Sura looks to me, "This is the trainee?"

      I nod, "Yep! I don't expect her to earn any rank but she's in dire need of some discipline. A bit of combat training wouldn't hurt either."

      Sophia eyes Harley with a critical eye, "Yes she is certainly lacking in any sense of poise or dignity isn't she?"

      Sura looks at Harley with a degree of distaste "Her... ilk... have never earned even lowest ranking in this school. They have always had some sort of psychological break while they were just initiates. Are you certain she can handle this you certain she can handle it your majesty?"

      I shrug, "She signed the waivers."

      Sura nod, "So be it."

      Sophia glances at Noodler, "This man is hers I take it?"

        Loading editor
    • The hound silently grumbled at his words, softly mumbling "Yea yea laugh it up scale-breath"

      Harley took in a sharp inhale. "Yes he is mine! All mine." She stated very proudly giving him a big hug.

      All noodle could do was raise an eyebrow.

        Loading editor
    • Sura scoffs, "In need of discipline indeed."

      Sophia nods, "Yes twould be best to get started, come along girl, you will need to get fitted for a uniform. You're master may wait at the pool. His majesty told us that he will be in need of rest as is."

        Loading editor
    • "Uhm, who you callin' Master that's my job!" She said as she gets led away, "and wait a minute who's gonna keep an eye on my puddin' while I'm gone?!"

      "Wait what? What's going on? What about a pool?"

        Loading editor
    • "I'm certain one of the girls will be more than happy to take care of your master while you're getting ready," says Sophia in a "reassuring" tone.

      Sura nods, "Yes, it should only take a few hours to get you properly dressed and equipped..."

      I grab Noodler, "Come along youngin, it'd be rude to sitting in while you're..." I hold back a laugh, " maid is getting ready..."

      As I drag Noodle off one of the maids falls in step behind us, at first she seems human, but the fact that her body soon shifts to match Harley's measurements, if a bit perkier, soon shows that she is, in fact, a Shoggoth.

        Loading editor
    • "Whoa hey no! I see you shapeshifter! Don't get any ideas!" Harley called back as she's dragged into what she could only assume to be the fitting room.

      "Why rude?" The boy asked, "She's had me walk on a leash nak--- I mean we've seen each other naked countless times." He doesn't notice the shapeshifter behind the two of them.

        Loading editor
    • The Shoggoth maintains her smile and quietly giggles at Harley's cry...

      I pat Noodle on the shoulder, "True, but that's how things are to be done around here. Besides, you sure you wanna skip out on lounging by a pool with a cold drink? Harley will catch up soon enough..."

      The Shoggoth comes up beside the two of us, specifically Noodle, "Greetings sir, I shall be serving your needs while your maid is preparing herself. If there's anything you need or desire while you wait, anything at all. Please ask and I shall do so immediately."

      • in the changing room

      Harley finds herself shoved to the center of the changing room as dozens of maids move around the spacious room. Several of them dart around her, poking and prodding her as they take measurements and shouting off number to others who seem to be working with various maid uniforms as well as cloth and sowing equipment at lightning speed. Meanwhile amongst the choas the two head maids loom over Harley, their previous degree of gentle elegance now gone and in it's place the guise of ruthlessly efficient task mistresses.

      Sura glares down at Harley, "Tell me mutt, what do you know of our order?"

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    • "Whoa where did you come from...wait who are you?!" He exclaimed startled by the sudden appearance of the shapeshifter in the form of Harley, only her face wasn't Harley's "I mean I really should eat something, I am feeling pretty exhausted."

      Harley was trying to keep a confident face in the midst of these women. " what...don't touch me the....whoa...Hey that's my ..." Harley squirmed and recoiled as the woman quickly poked and prodded at her. "Im not exactly the type to subscribe to Maid-School Quarterly, so nothing."

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    • (I meant breast, waste and hips, maybe height, not a total transformation...)

      The maid nods, "Of course sir, what would you like?"

      I continue on, seemingly knowing where I'm going.

      • With Harley

      Sophia sighs in annoyance, "Stupid mutt."

      Sura ignores her comrades irritation, "We are the Order of the Maidens Blade and this is more than just training in the art of housekeeping. We are a clan of meido-kunoichi, Ninja Maids."

        Loading editor
    • (Didn't realize that but I changed it so he saw her face last. For the record though She's blonde and has blue and black eyes instead of red held over from her human form, about 6'4 fighters muscles and busty but not much of a booty although her legs are nicely toned.)

      Noodle was a bit taken a back since he was the one who usually did the cooking. "Uhm, Chicken wings? Vegetable lo mein? Please? Ohhh also I'd prefer to not have broccoli or peas in it could I have bean sprouts and zucchini instead?" He thought a little more, "Also I'd like a big coconut, please." Noodle was confused and still trying follow along.

      Harley raised an eyebrow, "Ninja maids? The second most classic of Lady shinobi schools under tavern girl shinobi? And how do you fight in those big frilly dresses?"

        Loading editor
    • The maid nods, "Alright, I will have that for you shortly sir..."

      • with Harley

      In flurry of movement Harley suddenly finds her vision blocked by the dress she just mocked while at the same time she gets kicked in several places and sent flying across the room. As soon as she gets her bearings again she finds several kunai, shurikens, and throwing needles lodging themselves in the wall around her.

      Despite having just happened in front of her face, Harley couldn't tell who had hit her, whether it was Sophia, Sura, or one of the other maids bustling around the room.

      Sophia growls angrily, a deep bestial sound inspite of her elegant appearance, "Do not make light of us so easily dog. Our order is the foremost in counter-espionage, counter-assassination, home defense and covert body guards. You will find that these frilly dresses are not only built for our ease if movement but also house more tools, weapons, and built in armor than your inexperienced little mind would imagine possible."

      Sura remains stoic, "We also allow for variation within the uniform. Something we will have to discuss with you."

        Loading editor
    • "Uhhhhh thanks!" Noodle replied sheepishly as he wandered over to a chair under one the huge pool umbrellas set up. "This has been a really messed up week...wonder how Harley's doing..."

      Harley growled as she stood back up almost instinctively flexing her muscles and showing off her claws. "Cute but I got the full range gun show built in!" She listened as the girl she assumed to be a prudish little housekeeper explained the dress code.

      "No lacy frilly bits. You know a simple 2 piece nun style dress? I like those but split open the long skirt to a little above the left knee. Nix the sleeves and I don't really do hats." She smirked flipping her long messy blonde hair from her shoulder to behind her.

        Loading editor
    • I sit down beside Noodle, "Oh she's probably fine. Definitely not biting off more than she can chew challenging two high class draconic ninja maids..."

      • with Harley

      Sophia scoffs, "The uniform must be recognized as a maid uniform, brat."

      Sura chuckles ominously, "She think us prudish though... that is amusing."

      Sura reaches into a rack of uniforms, pulling one out that has an extremely low cut top and short skirt, "You forget little dog, there's more than one way for a maid to serve her master..."

      Sophia raises an eye brow then grins, "Indeed after all Kunoichi isn't just a female ninja."

      She is suddenly across the room, hefting one of Harley's breasts "It's also the ninja technique of using one's femaleness..."

      Sura smirks, "Yes I think that will be your first exercise, the unification of a maids subtle elegance with the technique of Kunoichi. After all, I'm sure that you would just hate to be prudish."

      Sophia, some having crossed the room again without Harley noticing, calls to the maids busying themselves in wardrobe, "Prepare a seduction uniform. Showcase her body, do not skimp on the frills. We can't have pur new trainee without being properly equipped do we?..."

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    • "Oh she's not a submissive lady. I have no doubt she's already butting heads in there, just hoping her uniform isn't all frilly and poofy like they look in the movies. I-- she's a big fan of leather and denim haha." There was a blush on that last line as if he'd corrected himself instead of stuttered.

      Harley's eyebrow raised as she saw the low cut top, thinking how her boy really would like that top. "Hey that top looks good but I think you misunderstood earlier, I'm HIS master." She said that last line slowly in an attempt to convey it clearly. She rolled her eyes at the sarcastic remark, "Of course, I'm a beast and a conquerer ever since I became a hound! Prudish is unbecoming of a wild goddess like myself!" Her words were half false bravado, 1 fourth arrogance and 1 fourth actual confidence.

      She heard the other one from the other side of the room mention the frilly bits and she glared, "Did she hear me say no frilly lacy stuff?! This is like getting pickles on my burger....after I ordered no pickles..." Her face hadn't lost the red it gained the moment when she saw the maids, this was clearly the most embarrassing thing she'd ever do.

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    • I lean back in my chair, "Oh she's not gonna win this one. This is their house, their rules. She's in for a very bad time if she mistakes being submissive to be the same as being a pushover."

      "Indeed," says the Shoggoth as she places Noodles food on a table beside his chair.

      While we sit out by the pool, several maids appear, all in uniforms that could also double as swimwear.

      • With Harley

      Sura flicks Harley on the nose, "Stupid dog. What you do in your home is your business. But this is not your home. This is our house and you are training under us. You will obey our rules. You are not our conqueror, you are lucky that we are willing to accept you as our student. While you are training under us you are a maid, just like everyone else. Your man is to act as your master during that time, if you do not like that, then I'm certain that there are planety of men who would love to have the services of a maid who is going out of her way to prove that she isn't a prude."

      Sophia glares at Harley, "So, what will it be? Stay with your man, or have someone else get his hands on you? Keep in mind that assaulting your master or outright disobedience is immediate failure. I believe his majesty mentioned that if you fail you'll be coming back here tomorrow..."

        Loading editor
    • " do you keep appearing from nowhere? Thank you though you're very nice." He said as he looked at the food, looked good. He tried the noodles while he let the chicken cool a little, the noodles were great. " It's really good thanks... Oh no she'll do what they say, it'll probably be a problem when it comes to me. She outranks me in her head. She's like a pirate captain and I'm the first mate of the ship."

      Harley glared but stayed silent. Rules were not her thing, and it was likely to become evident as time went on.

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    • The Shoggoth simply giggles, "I am a member of the Maidens Blade sir, it is part of the basics..."

      I chuckle, "That, young noodle, is why we came here. Before she can truly be worthy of dominating another, she must first learn to dominate herself."

      • with Harley

      Sophia narrows her eyes. Her skirts seems to blur and Harley suddenly knocked to the ground, feeling she had just been whipped with a chain of burning metal.

      Sophia crosses her arms, "Do not think you can get away with disrespect here."

      She smirks, "If you don't shape up, you'll be here forever."

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    • "Wait the appearing from no where thing or cooking?" He asked before looking over at reptile. "I don't know what that means man." He then started stripping one of the wings of its flesh.

      Harley just kept her mouth shut mentally growling as she stood up and shook the sting off.

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    • The Shoggoth grins, "Both..."

      I smirk, "She lets her instincts control. Her reactions cloud her thought. She must learn to seize dominance over her nature as a Hellhound. That and I think that her coping with having to act as a maid over and over again until she gets it right would hilarious."

      The various maids around the pool appear to be dressed in a rather skimpy, bikini maid uniforms. They also appear to be paying close attention to Noodle as they go about their business

      I scratch my chin, "I wonder which will end up winning out in the evenings. Her exhaustion or her unyielding instinct to reassert her dominance on the poor schmuck married to her."

      • with Harley

      Sura crosses her arms, "We need an answer."

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    • "Oh okay you learned well then.." He was growing a bit nervous again seeing so many maids gather by the pool. "You know you're a very cruel reptile man right?" He'd finished his food already. "And how exactly does doing the exact opposite of everything she does teach her to 'dominate herself?'"

      "You should already know Id never let some lower man touch me...." She muttered rage and embarrassment washing over her being like a cascading waterfall from the highest mountain. " the most...humiliating day....of my life...."

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    • I seem nonplussed by the maids around us, "She must behave in a manner that is counter to what she as a Hellhound is driven to act and she must do it well. In order to do so she must control her own instincts and habits. In essence she must completely dominate herself. Only then will she succeed."

      • With Harley

      Sura looks down at Harley with air of superiority, "Indeed, no mamono would. That does not change the fact that must make the decision."

      One of the maids deposits a uniform in front of Harley. It appears workably similar to her request though it's still quite clearly a frilly maid uniform. The skirt is a bit short and neckline plunges quite low. It of course comes complete with a frilly head dress and a feather duster. The head dress is cut to fit her ears easily enough and the feather duster has a well hidden seam showing this likely has at least one weapon hidden within it.

      Sophia motions towards the uniform, "Now then, I believe it's time for you to make yourself presentable."

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    • "This is gonna take awhile..." He said now watching the other maids with a growing sense of suspicion.

      Harley grimaced seeing the frilly skirt and headdress. "I stand corrected...." She said eyeing the frilly skirt, "This is the most humiliated I've ever been.." she noticed the others looking at her expectantly. "You mind? Or maybe you wanna watch me strip?"

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    • I chuckle, "Indeed..."

      • With Harley

      Sura smirks, "We'll give you your privacy. Or at least the illusion of it."

      The maids start to disappear.

      As Sophia leaves she pauses, "Do not leave out or damage any part of that uniform. Not only does it house and present your body, it houses and conceals your equipment."

      Harley is left alone, or at least it appears that she is alone. The maid uniform is much heavier than it appears.

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    • Noodle can't help but feel a bit paranoid looking at everyone at the pool.

      Harley watched the others disappear. She poked at the uniform as she stripped from her filthy ripped up tank top and jeans. "Ahhhh Jesus they even made up panties for this thing..." She bemoaned as she slipped out of the old ones and into the 'maid panties' as she was planning on calling them. She slipped the top on no problem however the poofy frilly maid skirt immediately made her grimace and blush at the same time as she slid it on and clasped it together. Her grimace turned to a snarl as she tried to fasten the headdress over her messy blonde hair. "This is worse than earlier ..." She stood there awkwardly obviously extremely uncomfortable and with a face redder than strawberries. "Let's get this over with please this skirt makes me feel ridiculous."

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    • The maids are keeping an eye on Noodle, but appear to be keeping a modicum of a respectful distance to avoid making him feel uncomfortable.

      • with Harley

      Suras voice comes through the door, "It is improper to whine when others can hear it, unless you are submitting a official complaint."

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    • "You know we're being watched right?" Noodle asks making quick glances around the place.

      "My official complaint is that I look ridiculous and this headdress itches!" She barked, her embarrassment clear and evident in the tone of her voice. " Other than that I'm done getting dressed now."

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    • I shrug, "Of course we're being watched, we're surrounded by mamono who are trained to both serve a man hand and foot and perform covert espionage, the vast majority of which are single."

      • With Harley

      Sophias voice comes next, "You complaints are noted, and deemed irrelevant. The maid uniform is lovely and you'll get used to the headdress."

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    • "Oh, uhmmmm cool...." Noodle was suddenly more extremely aware of each pair of eyes. "So uhmmm how long is she gonna be in there again?"

      Harley growled scratching her head as her ear twitched a bit."Whatever, I'm done getting dressed please please please tell me I don't have to wear this in front of him!" Her face couldn't possibly get redder.

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    • I shrug, "Whenever she gets over herself."

      Sophia says through the door, "But of course, you're going to be in uniform the entire time you're training under us. Part of your training will involve serving him."

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    • "Oh.....fantuckingfastic....." The boy replied, looking down at the ground.

      "Worst life....." Harley muttered. She stood silently then, looking at the floor. a song played inside her mind, 'Hello darkness my old friend I've come to talk with you again....'

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    • The door is suddenly banged on, as Sura yells at Harley, "NO PITY PARTIES SLACKER!!!"

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    • Noodle sits quietly and pulls out a gameboy from his pocket, still functional despite everything it's been through so far. "I'm glad these things are nearly indestructible...."

      Harley growled again. 'Easy for you to say, prissy princess you aren't the one being tortured and humiliated....' she thought to herself. 

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    • I shrug and lean back to relax.

      Sophias comes through sounding condescending and spiteful, "Aw is the poor puppy to weak willed to handle life without having leadership handed to her on a silver platter? Typical Hellhound. Useless, spoiled brats."

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    • Noodle continues playing his ancient pokemon games.

      "I don't need to handed to me.....he gave that role to me happily....." She muttered as she scratched at her head again still feeling like she looks silly.

        Loading editor
    • Sophias voice scoffs, "Whatever you want to call it mutt, you earned nothing. Now hurry up! We won't wait on you all day!"

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    • "Like you'd know what I earned..." She followed along slowly through the door eyes more on the ground than anything else. "Where are we going now..." She asked quietly her voice still cracking a bit from her frustration and embarrassment.

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    • Sophia taps Harley's chin with the tip of her tail, "Eyes up, you neither see what your masters needs are or spot a potential ambush if you're staring at the ground."

      Sura looks back at Harley, "You will now be reporting to your master and meeting your partner for the day. You are expected to do both in the manner of a proper maid. You had best keep that in mind."

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    • Harley begrudgingly looked up her face flushed red with embarrassment. "Partner?! You never said another chick would be near my boy!" She barked as she followed behind. Now looking around she saw her Noodle but noticed all the girls watching him "Wait...what the f-...theyre all staring at my boy!"

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    • I tap Noodle on the shoulder and point towards Harley as she comes into view.

      Sura looks back at Harley, "You have been paired with another trainee who will be acting as your instructor and partner during your time here. For her to do her job she will have to be near you, and your master by extension. I strongly suggest you start using proper terminology and at the very least attempt to act as a proper maid. If you fail today, not only will you be back here tomorrow, it will also reflect on your partner as well."

      Sophia doesn't even bother to look at Harley, "We understand how terribly insecure you hellhounds tend to be, so we chose a partner that would be as non-threatening as possible."

      Sura sighs, "Yes... Now then, go and greet your master, your partner will arrive shortly."

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    • Harley gave a sad sigh, "Finnnne." then walked over to her boy. Noodle had put his game down and stood to face her he gave her a hug.

      "That skirt looks ridiculous but you're still just as pretty as ever Harley. I'm sorry though I know you're already upset I shouldn't have joked about the skirt." He said, though he could see she was still really upset. "Thank there any..way I...can be of service?" Noodle raised an eyebrow, "Uhm that's new but nah, just try to relax okay?" She looked at him her eyes like burning glass, "I have to..." Her face still flushed red "Just try to do well, okay? Then we can forget this maid school exists." He whispered before releasing the hug. She nodded sheepishly and stood at his side.

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    • I chuckle, "Oh don't you look adorable Harley. I think it's a good look for you. Maybe once you get things set up here they can hook you up with a sort of biker maid outfit."

      Sura nods, "I had suggested it but Sophia shot it down."

      Sophia snorts, "Hardly suitable for a proper maid. Our lifestyle is not just a costume."

      "WAIT FOR ME!!!" comes a desperate cry from inside, as out of the door a kobold dressed in a particularly frilly maid uniform comes running out. Before she makes it however, she trips, seemingly on her own shadown and comes tumbling to a stop at feet of the group.

      Rubbing her head the Kobold gets to her feet, "Owie..."

      The kobold is shorter than most about eye level with Noodles chest, combined with the ribbon tied to her tail and the frilly maid outfit, she appears less sexy or intimidating, and more like an adorably harmless blob of moe. Essentially the polar opposite of Harley.

      She looks around, "You didn't start without me did you?"

      "No. You made it in time, barely..." comes Sophia curt reply.

      The kobold whipes her forehead, "Oh thank goodness."

      Turning on her heal the kobold gives a quick bow to Noodle, "Good Morning Master, my name is Tessa Lupinora and I will be acting as your made today."

      She pops up in as cute a manner as possible, "But please call me Tessy! All of my friends do Master!"

      Without missing a beat she also grabs Harley's paw, eagerly shaking it in greeting, "And you must Ms. Harley! I'll be your partner and instructor for the duration of your training!"

      The entire time Tessy's wagging tail is a blur.

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    • Harley glared daggers at the reptile and was about to respond when the spunky little kobold burst in and tumbled. Both Harley and Noodle jumped in surprise at the incident. She spoke so fast Noodle had a hard time keeping up but smiled if a bit nervous looking, "Nice to meet you, Tessy, but uhm are you okay? Need an ice pack or anything? I can go look." He said almost making it too obvious he's never held a position of authority ever.

      Harley rolled her eyes at him, 'Always such a nurse' she thought. "I am but...uhm...please.. just Harley is fine." She said almost stuttering, Harley had been thrown in the pool metaphorically and she had no clue how to swim.

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    • Tessy gives an apologetic bow to Noodle, "Oh no master! I'm just fine! This sort of thing happens all the time you don't need to worry about me!"

      She like wise bows to Harley, "Oh of coyrse Harley, I'll call you however you want! I don't want to offend!"

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    • Noodle blinked a little in shock at how energetic this maid was. "Are you sure?" He asked, "I mean if you're sure than okay but you should probably still take it easy." He said, both a bit confused and left behind contextually by the speed this girl was going at. 

      "Okay...I guess we're both here so, what do we do now?" Harley asked somewhat trying to hide her skirt with her paws and kind of awkwardly failing at it. 

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    • By now Sophia and Sura have moved on to other business.

      Tessy looks to Harley, "Well, if Master doesn't have any specific needs or requests, then we maintain the premises."

      Eyes sparkling with unadulterated deredere, the Kobold turns to Noodle, "Do you have any requests right now master?"

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    • Harley looked at her a bit puzzled, "what do you mean maintain, place already looks spotless to me."

      Noodle smiled a bit nervously as Tessy looked to him. "Uhm not right now, I'm fine." Harley spoke again. "....Master... Isn't used to the whole Master thing, he'll likely do things himself out of habit without even thinking to ask his maids first." Noodle gave a kind of embarrassed sheepish smile and chuckled a bit, "Harley's not wrong, I feel a little weird asking people to do stuff for me."

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    • Tessy pats Noodles leg, "Oh don't worry Master. That's pretty common, I'm sure you'll get used to it soon."

      She turns to Harley speaking in what is clearly an attempt to be a stern educator tone of voice but is ruined by the fact that she's an adorable happy doggo, "Now Harley, it's spotless because we maintain it. If we stopped cleaning it'd get dirty soon enough. On top of that we need to check for booby traps, equipment, and any magical version there if as well as apprehend any assassins, thieves, and spies that could be in the area."

      She raises a paw to the sky, "SO LET'S DO OUR BEST OK!"

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    • Harley giggled a bit at the bravado of the young pupper. "Well, the maintenance appears done for this hour, I guess the powers at be are at the least being lenient on my first day. As for intruders, you and I are both of the wolf blood our noses Know. Im not magic so I don't know how much help I'll be spotting magic traps... can you see magic Tessy?" Harley was trying to think of what they could do besides clean.

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    • Tessy nods, "Of course! That's one of the first things we learn is how to see magic and use our mana for ninja tricks! I'll have to teach you since you're new but we do have work to do while we're doing that. Since Master doesn't need us for anything then..."

      She suddenly grabs Harley's wrist and starts pulling her to the the door, "ONWARDS TO LAUNDRY!!!"

      As the canines leave I sit in my chair, "Interesting..."

      A new voice comes from beside me, "Indeed."

      At this point Noodle notices another Narga for the first time, this one being easily differentiated from Sura by the fact that not only does her fur and scales have distinct white stripes, but the black sections of it also have a lustrous gold and silver sheen to it. She is also wearing a very different uniform, appearing to be dressed more as a secretary or personal assistant than as a maid.

      Despite the fact that she had come quite literally out of nowhere for Noodle, she stands as if she had been here the entire time.

      I look up at her, "So Noir think she can handle it?"

      Noir remains stoic in her tone and expression, "I doubt it. Though it will be interesting to see why the Maidens Blade is putting in so much effort for this one. To impress you I guesss."

      I simply shrug.

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    • Noodle watches kinda jealous as Harley gets pulled away before she could even protest.

      "Dude no fair I wanna learn ninja tricks and magi---OHH F-- damn teleporting...." Noodle was shocked into the pool by the teleporting lizard girl. He climbed out of the pool with an irate look over his soaking face. "Guess I needed the bath....wasn't quite ready to take it so soon...."

        Loading editor
    • Noir raises an eyebrow as she watches Noodle clamber out of the pool, "True teleportation is beyond my abilities. I merely decided to let my presence be known."

        Loading editor
    • "I..will never..get used to people appearing from nowhere." He said just as he shook the water from his hair, kinda like a dog actually. He rang what water he could out of his now fairly tattered shirt and simply let his shorts drip dry. "Like I was saying I wanna learn magic and ninja tricks too! Especially that teleporting trick, not knowing how to teleport at will is BS man!"

      Harley tried to stop the little pupper but honestly just couldn't. "Tessy, who's laundry are we doing?!....Master's....clothes arent here....come to think of it I don't think he's changed or even showered since we got to this country. I think he's been running himself through exhaustion just to help me..."

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    • I grin ominously, "Do you really want to learn magic?..."

      The way my voice trails off should make any creature with a reasonable sense of self preservation nervous...

      • with Harley

      Tessy giggles, "Yours silly! Those rags you came dressed in are filthy! There's also a lot of uniforms and aprons that need cleaned and wash rags that need sterilized."

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    • Noodle didn't quite catch the grin and just replied, "Being able to do that Doctor Strange stuff would be awesome!" It was clear how little of magic he actually understood given his existence as a half alien science experiment.

      Harley sighed. "Well if it's my clothes we're washing, we should probably change too. His are just as dirty."

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    • I sling an arm over Noodles shoulder, "Oh trust me it is! I could teach you quite a bit if you wanted, but well you already know that my methods are a bit... unconventional..."

      Noir remains silent.


      Tessy gasps, "OhmygoshIforgot!"

      She quickly grabs Harley's arm and goes charging down another hallway, "We have to get Master a clean change of clothes!"

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    • "I'm pretty sure my existence is unconventional dude." He said with a raised eyebrow full of what could only be described as 'cmon man'

      Harley again had no time to resist as the pup yanked her to yet another corridor. "How do you all have everything everybody needs all the time how rich are you people?!"

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    • I chuckle ominously, "Well then...

      With a flick of my wrist an demonic looking pile of paperwork appears on the table in puff of flames and sulphuric smoke.

      My fanged grin widens, "Feel free to... sign a few waivers if you want me to teach you... after your girlfriend is finished of course..."

      Noir briefly scans the papers, then nods, "These are in order husband."


      Tessy seems distracted, "Well we get alot of money in matchmaking, assassination and security jobs..."

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    • "Uhhhhhhhhhhh okay lemme just make sure there's no 'soul stealing' in these..." He read through them, lot of liability waivers but thankfully nothing about forfeiting Noodle's soul.

      Harley raised an eyebrow, "Matchmaking? The hell is that?" She asked as she resigned herself to being yanked around

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    • Though it is of note that the waivers do specifically state the the Reptile King, Reptile Kingdom, and associated entities both physical, metaphysical, conceptual, and beyond the comprehension of the human mind are responsible should Noodle lose his soul, have it stolen, or it be destroyed in the course of his magic training.


      "It's one of the services we have here. Many mamono come here trying to improve their chances at getting a man. We have a service to help them find a suitable Master," says Tessy.

      She suddenly comes to a screeching halt in front of a door, she throws it open revealing a massive walk in closet full of mens clothes of various styles and sizes all of which being extremely luxurious and high quality.

      Tessy shoves Harley inside, "Quick you know what Master likes!"

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    • "Okay, everything seems in order here.." he said taking a pen from his pants pocket and between his index and middle finger signing his name with some extremely crude penmanship.

      "Whoa okay ouuff" Harley grunted as she was shoved into the closet. It was big. Full of fancy dinner dress wear, suits. Harley passed all these back to the furthest recesses. She found an old faded blue t shirt and some old brown cargo pants with some black sneakers. She emerged with the outfit and said, "okay let's go."

        Loading editor
    • I give an evil grin, "Well let's hope you last longer than my last apprentice."


      "Alright!" Tessy grabs Harely again and goes running off towards the pool again.

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    • "I think I can handle that." He said smiling back but not because of anything in particular because he was totally oblivious to the evil surrounding the reptile.

      "Okay okay! Sheesh!" She said she was yanked again by the small maid. She kept a tight hold on the clothes she picked for her boy as she tried to keep up with Teddy's quick little feet.

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    • I chuckle ominously, but before I can say anything more, Tessy comes bursting back out into the pool area, dragging the larger hound behind her "MASTER I FORGOT-"

      She is also interrupted as she manages to trip on her own feet, bring Harley with her she tumbles to the ground coming to halt at Noodles feet. Luckily for Harley the clothes she's carrying cushion the fall.

        Loading editor
    • Noodle instinctively moved backwards a couple steps clearing space for the tumbling hounds. Harley stood back up and picked the small energetic hound back up to her feet before grabbing the clothes she got for him. "We forgot to get you a change of clothes.....master......grrr-Please change into these clean ones..." She said trying to hide her face a little as she pushed the clothes into his arms.

      "Oh okay sure." He said as he walked away towards a suspiciously convenient 20's style changing shack behind the pool. "Why were you laughing just now reptile man?" Harley asked in an accusatory tone. "You making fun of me?!"

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    • I smirk down at her, "Well it seems that you two won't be leaving my kingdom once we finish with you sweetheart."

      Noir straightens the papers that Noodle had signed.

        Loading editor
    • "Wait what did he do?!" She barked totally losing her composure she'd been working hard to keep up.

        Loading editor
    • I shrug, "Oh you know, just signed away an indeterminate amount of his life learning magic under a deity of chaos, madness, violence, and reptiles."

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    • "What in the hell?!" She exclaimed almost exactly as noodle made his way back to her through a growing crowd of maid outfit clad ladies. He felt bad thinking of handing the wet tattered rags that used to be his clothes to Tessy and so handed them to Harley who was fuming. "You signed up to learn magic?!" She barked.

      "Oh yeah, I wanna be a magic ninja too!" He answered with a confused yet cheery tone. "You're an idiot....cmon Tessy we should get the laundry done before one of the teachers around here notices a spotless floor that isn't spotless enough..."

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    • As the two canid mamono walk away I look at Noodle, "You're not gonna be a ninja. Just a wizard. Well you could sign up for ninja classes too but I think Harley is already mad about the magic classes as is."

      Tessy looks up at Harley with a heart wrenchingly sad expression, "You're not mad at Master are you?..."

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    • "Wizards fine. I kinda don't wanna make her mad again." He said looking down towards the floor.

      "No, Tessy. I get irritated because he's an impulsive moron who constantly bumbles his way into danger, but I can't stay mad at him long. You got a boyfriend Tessy?"

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    • I nod, "Yeah I know how that is."

      Tessy shakes her head, "No not yet. My job here keeps me really busy."

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