• You are a Titan that was imprissoned in the pits of a another dimension that can only be described as hell. during the revolt of the Gods during the time of your Golden rule.

    Despite what The Gods said you were not evil.You Titans being children of the Earh cared for your younger brethren aas you did for Earth.However some of the children the Gods During a Surprise revolt overthrew you and sent ye off from the world you cared for.

    Now the Gods war for supremacy and rule and as their power faulters Your Barrier weakens you have a easy time breaking it As do your fellow Titans. 

    Now your younger brethren do not know you by person only by indoctrination and the Titans only lost due to being caught off guard.(note A Titan can Kill a God relatively easily).

    Now that the Gods do not have the element of surprise on thir side they are doomed.

    Your Fellow Titans have not Forgiven the Gods and seek to punish them via Death.As well as return to their dutys as caretakers of Earth and all her Children


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    • A far too happy ending really. But I decided to be soft on the young gods.

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    • (Whenever I use parentheses it's for background info, I used so greek mythology, and also I made some stuff up so just go with it okay)

      I rise up looking at the Magical Celestial Gold barrier around my cell (each cell is in a different pocket universe). I have notice that it has weakened and become thinner over the past couple of years. This allows my power to grow, (Titans gain power from the elements around us such as wind, earth, ground, water, fire, energy (spirit and demonic). The more elements are around them the more powerful they get). The only thing I can think of What exactly are you doing sister.(Gods and Titans are the same race. Boys are refered to as Titans, and girls are refered to as Gods. Also even though they call eachother brothers and sisters their is no biological connection between any Titans or Gods.)

      Now is the time for freedom, I use the energy I have gained over the years and use half of it to create an energy ball and throw it at the barrier. The barrier shadders liker glass, I use the rest of my energy to create a portal. I walk through and into the world.

      I'm hit with a massive boost of power. I start to feel like my old self again. I create a portal and break all the other titans out of their prisons. There is only 6 of us that remain, we look at the cursed land before us. The dark skies, the nerve-wraking amount of Demonic energy causing a foul smell. I cover my nose in disgust, "And they called us barbaric," I comment looking across the land. My brothers all agree with my comment, I create a portal and we all step through.

      We exit the portal at Mount Helicon, the place where the meetings between Gods and Titans take place. It rises far over the clouds. "Coeus can you see if the palace is still in use?" I ask the titan of wind. He closes his eyes and starts sensing the wind around the top of mountain. "Yes, and it seems that there is humans with wings on there backs, and many others lifeforms. It seems that it is very busy today." replies Coeus. "Good, let us disguise ourselves. If it's busy they shouldn't sense us before it's too late for them." We all transform into our human forms and head up the mountain.

      When we reach the top we see the old palace that we use to reside in. However, it is infested with these humans with bird wings and even human men! We almost lose are temper and attack straight away. We enter the palace unnoticed by the large amount of these human sized fairies, flying almost in each and every way.

      As we walk through the halls we are disgusted with the amount of male and female humans residing in our glorious house. "Are you lost my dear?" says a tall women with human wings wearing battle armor.

      "Yes, we're on our way to see the Chief God. Can you point us the direction in her location?" I ask in a regular tone. "Shes is down that hall and in the meeting room. Don't walk in right away, she is having a private meeting with other gods so noone is allowed to be near it." replies the women pointing to the hall to my right.

      "Thank you," I say before knocking her unconscious. We head for the "Meeting room." We are stopped by two more women in armor stop us. "Halt! This territory is off bounds what are you doing-" starts to say the women on the right. But two of my brothers shoot a laser at each women, knocking both unconscious. We undo are disguises.

      We fling the meeting room's door open and step in. The 21 Gods in the room stop yelling at eachother and look at us in horror. I look Aimee (Chief God), her face is that of true terror. "B-B-Big B-Bro," she trembles to say looking at me.

      "Hello little sister," I say as I start to form my weapon in my hands, a sickle. The other Titans start to form their weapons while the Gods just watch in horror. "We will be taking back the position as rulers of the world if you don't mind," I say in a calm voice and point my sickle at her. "So get out of my seat!" I yell charging at her, our revenge had begun.

      (Fast Forward 4 years)

      It is said that the battle was hard fought, but this is not the case. Because half of the gods submited immediatly. Amiee lead the counter army, the rest of the gods (including falllen gods), and a personage called "the Demon Lord" teamed up against us Titans for a whole year. But now all is well, we Titans govern the whole world. We have created a better system that will not fall to the same flaws as the previous two systems. "Druella crossed the border," complains a God, okay maybe all is not well.

      "Again," I say as I face palm. "Coeus tell the Demon Lord to do something about her children or there will be consiquences." he nods and heads out of the room.

      "That's the third time this month, correct?" I ask the God, she responds with a nod. "Well send you more soldiers to take care of further invasions." I tell her. "Thank you," says the god as she bows and then leaves the room. I sigh, she needs to watch her children more closely. I take a break and walk to my room.

      I walk in to see Aimee resting on our bed. "Let me guess the Demon Lord," she asks clearly seeing my displeased smile. "She's not the problem, it's her stupid kids that pisses me off." I reply to her as I lie down on the bed with her. "Do you need me to ease any of your pain darling?" she asks in a seductive matter, as she traces a finger down how tense my muslces are. I give her a kiss on the cheek and respond "I would love to."

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