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    You have no idea how hard it was to find a suitable Lamia for these girls. You can find a god(zilla) damned lamia with scales in every color of the rainbow, except in colors that an actual snake would be in. I don't need pink or purple lamias. I need a brown or black one dammit! Oh well. Ignore the green stripes on this pic, Taipas don't have that.

    Family: Lamia

    Type: Reptile

    Habitat: Arid Plains (Only in the Reptile Kingdom)

    Disposition: Ill-tempered, Reclusive, Shy, Lonely, Warm, Gentle, Devoted, Lustful

    Diet: Meat

    One of the many types of lamias native to the Reptile Kingom, Taipas are infamous for being amongst the most venomous. They often have dirty brown scales leaving them looking fairly average amongst lamia, however they can also have black or sometimes even a very dark blue. They also have a tendency to have dark skin and black hair. They often have lean and lithe bodies with a musculature akin to a runner or gymnast.

    Taipas are known for their venom, not only their venomous bite, but also their venomous personality. They are always ill tempered and are more than will to spit hurtful insults at anyone who draws their ire. This is due to the potency of their venom. The poisons that a Taipas produces are so toxic, that they leak into the Taipas body, affecting their demeanor. Despite their venomous words, Taipas aren't actually very aggressive. In truth they are actually rather shy and reclusive. Preferring to keep to themselves and avoid confrontation. On some level, they are actually rather frightened by the potency of their own venom and because of this, they avoid using it when possible. When other venomous lamia will stand and fight, Taipas will slink away, only fighting when cornered and left without any other option. 

    Despite their dislike of confrontation, any time a Taipa is forced to use her venom, the fight can hardly be called a fight. A Taipa can strike and pump their foes full of venom at lightening fast speeds. The incredibly potent venom being capable of bring down even the largest and most fearsome of beasts, often times a threat is unconscious before it even hits the ground. Because of this, and their nasty temper, most assume that Taipas are extremely dangerous and keep a healthy distance from them. While this allows a Taipa to enjoy a peaceful life where only beasts with hide too tough for them to bite through dare approach, it also leads them to having a rather lonely life.

    Their venom also causes Taipas to be extremely lustful. Just being near a man will cause their bodies to throb with desire. However at the same time their irritable nature will also flair up, causing them to lash out at them verbally. They will spit all manner of cruel and venomous words at him, calling "scum" and "garbage" however at the same time they will quickly become aroused by him, despite their vicious language, their blush, and body language will clearly show that they don't mean a word of it. Should the man approach however their conflicting emotions will flair up, causing them to panic, often causing her to strike and bite him, pumping all of her venom into her.

    While potent, the actual effects of a Taipas venom can have a variable effect when used in men. It often has a potent paralytic effect as well as blood clotting effect, leaving the man unable to move and penis raging hard. After having released so much of her venom, the Taipa will find her irritable nature subsiding, leaving her lust to direct her actions. She will begin to strip away the mans clothes and gently pleasure him, as if apologizing for her cruel words. However the Taipas venom can also have another effect, instead of leaving the man helpless, the venom will cause the same effects as it does on the Taipa only to a far greater extreme, causing his lust to sky rocket and sending him into a fury. The man will vicious attack the Taipas and rape her into submission, as if to punish her for being so mean to him and claiming her as his own. Despite the viciousness of his attack however, the Taipa will not struggle, instead she will remain placid and accept it as the man takes out his frustrations on her.

    After having married a man, a Taipas demeanor alters dramatically. To a Taipa, a mans spirit energy acts as a powerful anti-venom, thus when she has regular access to it, the effects her venom has on her will disappear, allowing her true personality to come forward. In truth Taipas a warm hearted and gentle mamono after being married she will shower her husband in affection, always wishing to be by his side and is never without a kind word of comfort or encouragement. They work diligently to please him, as if still trying to apologize for speaking so cruelly to him when they first met. However she will still be very lustful, often being more possessive than many Reptile Kingdom mamono. While she will still tolerate a harem, she will often have complaints about new members joining it and will try to monopolize as much as her husbands time as possible, often using her venom to so that she can pleasure him while he's helpless or to cause him to rape her. Also, her body still produces her infamous venom and while it can prove invaluable in defending her home and her family, should a man neglect to mate with his Taipa for too long, the anti-venom effects of his spirit energy will wear off and she will revert to her old venomous attitude, often giving him thorough tongue lashing before viciously raping him.

    [And here we have the Taipa, as can be noted by the powerful venom and the name, these girls are based on the Taipan, the most venomous snake in the world. Specifically the Inland Taipan which is more docile and more venomous than its coastal cousin. I tried to work a good balance between the Taipans reputation and the placid nature that the Inland Taipan actually possesses while making sure to accentuate the venom part. Information on the Reptile Kingdom and links to the other Reptile Kingdom mamono can be found here: ( You can also make suggestions there if you want, just follow the rules on that.

    As per my norm, feedback and criticism is welcome and encouraged, so long as your criticisim is more than mindlessly insulting me, I want something useful out of it. So tell me what you think of her]

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