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    THE Trico and aforementioned boy.

    Family/Type: Chimaera/Demon Beast

    Habitat: Ruins, Forests, Potentally Everywhere

    Disposition: Aggressive, Lustful (After) Playful, Gentle, Passionate, Loyal, Potentially Various

    Diet: Men's Spirit Energy

    A unique type of Chimaera mostly found in a now broken apart valley in the Order region. A large tower stands in the middle of this valley and it was here that the former master of the valley controlled these monsters to sustain its immortality via the souls of childern which were simply referred to as the 'chosen' at the time. Shortly after the regin of the current demon lord started, a young boy and a Trico that had broken the control of it's master as soon as the demon lord took over and sent out her spell, changing all the monsters into mamono. You get the deal. Due to the large amounts of energy that the master had amassed it had not been transformed and as a result was destroyed by the two working together.

    The death of the 'Master of the Valley' broke the control on all of the other Tricos, potentally stopping any 'misunderstandings' to happen. Tricos now reside in the valley as their home, though some have broken out to adventuring for their own purposes usually to find a mate. Their 'master' had forced them to be aggressive and seek to capture childern at all cost at no rest. As such to most if not all people they are initally appear to be forceful with their words and quick to getting they want, which is usually a man. As they can only 'eat' men's spirit energy as the 'master' had magically engineered to be able to only feast on humans, which changed according to the times of now.  Their lustfulness equaling to their hunger, can cause quite a problem in the more civilized settings.

    Before I forget, the apperance of a Trico is that of a chimaera between a bird, cat, and dog. Having the dog-like ears of a wolf or well dog, the leanness of body and long tail of cat, and the legs and hands according to a bird along with wings and feathery tuffs to cover their chest and upper parts of arms and legs. Their wings are deceptively small, able to extend out quite a bit in flight, but they aren't the best flyers in the world either. A unique trait about Tricos is that they are unusually big, towering over humans and most mamono, they however can shrink themselves to a more appropriate size due to their ambient DE in their bodies. Also, a Trco's eyes are usually black in color, however they can change the colors of their eyes or rather they don't it's a instictive thing to show their emotions. When pink a Trico is in a fighting mood, when glowing bright white they are excited, and when it's a dark green they are in a friendly or calm mood. Their hair usually follows the color of their feathers which is a greyish blue most of the time. One last thing, all Tricos have a set of small curved horns on their head that are a shade of blueish green. These horns were a sign of their enslavement to the Master of the Valley, but due to that it is now destroyed, these horns are just for show.

    When a Trico gains suffcient 'food' by a one they consider mate, their demeanor changes dramatically. Apparently seeing as that they don't have to fight as hard for both love and sustence, they adopt a personality similar to that of a well-treated dog. Loving and loyal to the end, they fight off their man's enemies/foes with unforgiving ferocity so much so that the only way they can calm down is with the touch of their mate. After which they usually shower them with kisses and other such affections. While sex with them at first is a semi-violent affair as they ARE hungry and probably desprate, their next attempts are much more gentler and trying to savor as much pleasure as possible, and while they can get hungry again they are more passionate then violent when attempting to get their mate to bed. Like a dog they can also be quite energized and despite their sometimes clumsy nature they do genuinely enjoy most things they have never tried before. Usually with the aiding of their mate along their way to help them understand things they don't, as the valley that most reside in doesn't have any real technology to speak of.

    A Trico is usually a formidable opponent to most. A tad bit stronger then most wyverns and unneeding of a primal form due to their size increase ability, other then that ability to increase their size or decrease it. They seemingly have no magical abilities. Instead relying on pure physical force to attack, but even without their wings a Trico has quite the agility on the ground, like a cat some would say. They are also able to leap unrealistically long distances to get where they want before they have to actually use their wings. Also compared to most other mamonos they heal a tad quicker, usually in a day or so wounds from weapons are healed pretty much all the way and even getting broken wings doesn't last that long, only taking 2 days to be full mended. Due to this when dealing with Tricos in the long run in a not so peaceful manner it is important to not let one escape for them to only come back a day later to be fully healed.

    A unusual note is that their are shield-like artifacts scattered across the tower of the valley that while can be used as, durability wise, a iron shield. When pointed in a direction causes a bright green light to sprout of it. That when in the prescene of a Trico, causes their tail to shoot red lightning in the direction of the light, usually startling the Trico in the process. However they are immune to this partiuclar lightning for unknown reasons. Another unusual note is that Tricos have really soft mouths. Used in the past to hold humans in their mouth and avoid damage, while they don't do this anymore. It is quite useful for erm...oral pleasure.

    (Also yes, the boy got sexed by the Trico afterwards.)

    (Also yes, if the Master of the Valley had absorbed more DE it would have turned. But I'm not entertaining the thought of a a semi-large glowy ball as a mamono. ENJOY YOUR DAMN TRICO.)

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    • Merci pour les explications messieurs/mesdames . Je trouve que Le/La trico et Le garçon vont vraiment bien ensemble . Il font la paire , aussi bien au niveau du liens fort qui les unis , que autant qu'équipier m. :-) . Les tricos sont majestueux/majestueuses en tout point je trouve , et éveille la même fascination qu'on éprouve envers les dragon(ne)s . Après , ce n'ait qu'un avis personnelle , libre à ceux d'être en déssacord où non avec moi . Très bon travail Auteur/Autrice . ;-)

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