• You are a mamono (which mamomo you are is entirely up to you). You and your boyfriend were just spending time on a rooftop garden in the city. He turns to you and says softly, "Thanks for this."

    You two are about to kiss when clapping and whistling interrupt the moment. Looking up, you see four human women approaching you wearing clothing that was quite skimpy. You can see that one of them is carrying a small revolver.

    "What a cute moment!" one of them comments. "Got enough in that dick for all of us?" asks another. Revolver girl looks to you and asks, "You don't mind sharing him with us, do you?"

    A wicked smile appears on her face and she licks her lips. These women didn't look like your average friendly neighborhood kind.


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    • (Hmm...I choose Wyvern)

      I pull my boyfriend closer to me and whisper in his ear, "Are you okay with this?" He looks back at you. "What? No. These guys are clearly mental. Either that, or they're turning into Succubi." I step forward. "He says no, so the answer is no! Now beat it!" One of the women shrugs. "All right, girls. She's clearly said no. Let's go find another couple." They begin to turn away, but revolver girl suddenly fires, and the bullet grazes my shoulder. My eye starts twitching, and my boyfriend lays a hand on my shoulder. "Calm down! They're not worth the effort...they're not worth the-well, now they're fucked." I morph into my primal form and let out an ear-splitting roar that actually pushes one of the women back a little. I turn around and nudge my boyfriend gently, a sign to get on my back. He nods, and we take off. The women below are awestruck at the sight, but their awe turns to fear when I dive right at them. Pulling up at the last second, my claws dig deep furrows in the concrete. I do a loop, the land and roar again. They run off like frightened bunnies. I morph back to humanoid, and my boyfriend chuckles a little. He looks at me again and starts full-out laughing. "The looks on their faces! Ah ha ha ha ha!" We both laugh hard, savouring the memory.

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    • Nice response Jan! Hope they learned their lesson.

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      Down goes revolver girl and her hoes. I didn't know I could machine gun fire spines from my tail, but I guess anything is possible when your man is in the equation, even if my accuracy is shit (the cause of those sounds.) I turn back to my boyfriend but I'm surprised when I hear some sets of wings. Over half of them had become Succubi, and although they were weak, they had strength in numbers. "We gotta go now." I tell my boyfriend as I get him in a bear hug and fly away, but the Succubi fly after us. They're catching up fast, so I fire some spines behind me quickly. About three of the Succubi avoid the aussault so I take a sharp curve between some buildings, but my left wing scratches a window, which hurts a lot. I can hear one of the Succubi coming up close besides me. "Grab on!" I whisper to my boyfriend as he wraps his arms around me so I can grab the Succubus to my right. I go for her but she flys under me. 

      "The fuck?" My boyfriend says.


      "She's trying to give me a handjob." That was all I needed to hear to grab the bitches legs, stop flying, and throw her at another Succubi which had caught up, sending both of them to the ground. I fly my boyfriend back to the rooftop garden and we resume our date.

      "Now, where we we?" I ask as I lean for a kiss, only to hear a gunshot. I forgot about the thot squad leader, the revolver bitch, and she just shot my boyfriend with Demonic Silver bullets. "What the hell are you doing bitch?" I shout.

      "The rest of these bullets are normal. I just had the DS one for the stud."

      "Get your ass down here right now and fight me bitch!" I shout as revolver bitch lands on the ground and begins counting down.

      "3..." She said as I could see her grab the gun, only for her gun to be shot out of her hand by paralyzing spines.

      "Such a cheap trick for a cheap bitch!" I say as I run up and go for a left hook, only to be fucking stabbed in the right arm. I stumble back as absolute fury fills me and I fire a 300 arrow rain of spines at the bitch, while simultaneously unleashing a powerful combo, and a foot up the V for the finisher. I pant as the Succubus falls, and turn to my boyfriend, only to be tackled down and end up being submissive for our first time, even though I'm a Manticore. This'll be a story to tell the bridesmaids.

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    • And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when powerful mamono get protagonist-skills. Great work, Zacharychi!

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    • That...was awesome Zacharychi!

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    • Thank you. I tried adding some action instead of just the chase scene.

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    • I slowly turn to face our uninvited guests. "Leave" I tell them emotionlessly. This has absolutley no effect on our 'visitors', the gun-toting ring leader takes a step forward and shapes up to me. "Or what?" the cocky bitch smirks at me.

      Oh....she wants to play does she? alright, let's play. I gather my magic and put on a show. As I stare at her I begin to levitate, all the street lights in the area go dark all at once and my eyes begin glowing a hellish purple. "You will leave, or you will die. And when you do, your soul is mine. You will join the legion of the cursed and lost the I hold at my command" As I speak I allow my voice to take on an echoing and multi-toned quality. "peace will forever be denied to you, your tormented spirit will curse this day for eternity."

      Ring leader is looking pale after that performance and the gun is shaking in her hand. Her cronies are looking like they want to be anywhere else but here. Time for the kicker. I summon an illlusion of purple fire that surrounds me and my boyfiend like a cloud. "Do you know who I am?" I ask, leaning forward to stare into the nervous woman's face. "I am the queen of death, ancient beyond your understanding of the word, you. mewling. whelp. life itself is nothing more than my plaything. your weapon is a pathetic toy before my power."

      The gun drops from leader-girl's nerveless fingers. She's white as a sheet and shaking like a leaf. Her backup squad are edging backwards, faces frozen in fear. Now to finish it off. 

      I reach forward and grasp the would-be mugger's shoulders, she shivers at the un-deathly chill of my hands. With as much of a smirk as I can manage, I lean in to whisper in her ear "You should leave now....little girl." Aaaaand they're off! running away at full speed, screaming like children.

      With that taken care of, I kill my little light show and cease levitating, my cloak settling around me, hiding my body, which I've just realised was on display for anyone who cared to look. I turn back to my boyfiend who is trying (and failing) to hide a grin at my performance.

      "Did I hear a bit of Ron Perlman in that speech sweetheart?" He asks me with a chuckle. "Fah!" I reply "I have no idea what you're talking about. What sort of Lich would I be without my own queen of death speech?........maybe."

      "I knew you've been binge watching Adventure Time. looking for ideas?"

      ".....oh, shut up and kiss me."

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      • clap clap clap clap clap*
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    • That was great Rapture. Loved how you went the horror route there.

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    • Cheers boys. I figured pissing off a powerful undead would be a pretty terrifiying experience.

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    • This moment was perfect, alone on the rooftop with my future husband. It was nighttime, the moon was visible and a wonderful date has ended.

      We were sitting together, my lower body wrapped up around his body. Of course, my lower body is of that of a white snake. I wanted to curl up with him and he was finnaly making his move. A kiss...she had been waiting all day to receive his kiss. I wanted this kiss...

      As I moved forward gently to kiss him, suddenly they heard clapping and whistling. With the mood ruined the two turned to look in the direction the noise came from. Four girls, one with a revolver and the rest dressed rather skimiply.

      They made their intentions known by wanting to join in on their fun. I shook my head. "No. This is my future husband. I wont let any other woman have him. Right dear?" I made sure to look right at him as I sid the last bit.

      He waved his hands at me. "Thought never crossed my mind love." He quickly replied and I nod thankfully. Of course the other girls persisted on as the leader persisted. Or more appropriately..."Listen, you monster girls ain't the only ones who has needs alright. Were gonna join in even if I gotta get a little violent." She waves the gun in her hand to empathise her point.

      Without any further hesitation, and not wanting to waste any more time talking to these thugs when she wanted her man. She conjured a ball of water and threw it at the four. The force send them flying right through the door to the rooftop and they went sliding down the stairwell like a slip and slide.

      With the minor annoyance done she curled her tail around her boyfriend even more as she clung to him. "I'm the only woman you need dear, now...let's forget the kiss...Lets do something more..." I spoke as I had decided to use this moment to give my love to my future husband. Our future would be great together. And she wanted him to know that.

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    • A nice response with a funny ending Specmarine.

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    • I stand up and look at them as calmly as possible for me.

      -"Get lost" I tell them in my least psychopathic voice as possible, which may still have creeped out any normal person fairly well. "That's your last chance to get out of here unharmed".

      -"What will you do if we don't?" the one that's holding the gun, a flat chested blondie asks in a provocative voice. "Slap us with your jugs to death?"

      I'm always doing my best not to get angry or violent about small accidents or insults, but damn, this washboard blondie just got a ticket for a ride to hell.

      -"Now move aside unless you want to have your tits turned into Swiss cheese, cow" the blonde gun totting ringleader says as she motions with her revolver to the side.

      -"Fufu, now I wonder, which one should get him first?" one of her followers asks as she reaches for her skirt's zipper, completely sure that MY husband will do that with them. "Or should we get him all at once?"

      Okay, time's up.

      -"You just lost your chance to get out of here safely" I say with a smile as a throbbing sensation can be felt from my right arm, the sign that a large amount of demonic energy is being piled up on that spot. "For whatever happens after now, I bear no responsibility".

      -"Uh oh" my boyfriend says as he understands what is about to happen and starts taking a few steps back with his hands on the air. "I have nothing to do with this. Sorry girls, it was a rather yet so impactful meeting".

      -" What do you mean? This Holstein-ass bitch can't do sh-" their ringleader is interrupted as the forearm long glove that I'm wearing is torn to shreds by the crystal like shards that start moving and elongating my arm, making it flatter and thinner, till it finally takes its complete form; a five foot and half black bladed long sword with blood red thin vein-like marks on its flat side.

      -"What..." one of the blonde's cronies stammers as she looks at me with terror etched on her face. "What the hell is this..."

      -"A mamono!" the ringleader shouts out in panic. "Run for it!" she shouts before turning and running away towards the elevator, with her cronies soon following suit.

      -"Fufufufu, run, run little rabbits" I whisper giddily with a huge grin forming on my face. "That makes it even more entertaining".

      I start running after them, running through the walls of plants and pots of the roof garden instead of going around them like these bitches do.

      -"Gotcha!" I shout gleefully as I smash through a bush wall and slash at the back of the last one in line, a young brunnete. She lets out a coquettish cry as she falls limply on the floor like a puppet whose strings are cut.

      -"Katelyn! " the one that was in front of the brunette, a rather ample bossomed by human standards redhead turns to aid her companion. "Leave her alone!"

      She grabs a small pot from nearby and throws it at me, but I swind my blade and deflect it just by her head. She turns to follow the trajectory of the pot, and at that point I jump in and slash at her widely, but she notices me and steps back clumsily, her bikini-like top getting caught in a branch of a small tree and torn, her white chest bouncing, freed from its restraints.

      -"My my, and then you called me a cow, as if you're one to talk" I mock her as she covers the sensitive spots of her breasts with one hand, which looks kinda difficult.

      She charges at me, leaving her chest uncovered once more and it bounces up and down freely as she jumps at me, but I just side step her and slash at her chest as she passes by, the blade passing effortlessly through her. And this energy, so thick and powerful, she must be a real dick thirsty slut even if she's just a human woman . She takes one more step before falling on her knees while pressing down on her chest.

      -"Gu..." she moans lightly before falling forward, her body slightly twitching.

      -"This is pretty fun" I giggle as I turn to look at the rest of the fleeing girls. "Two down, two to go".

      I start running again, now having completely given upon restraining the urges within me. I can tell by the feel of the muscles in my face that my grin is now from ear to ear and as I pass by a small fountain I catch a fleeting glimpse of my gleaming red eyes in my reflection on the water.

      The blonde woman with the revolver has fallen back with the last standing crony of hers outrunning her.

      Seeing that I'm closing in, the ringleader panics and desperately makes a dash and reaches the other woman.

      -"Sorry for that" she shouts as she grabs and rips off her friend's thin clothed skirt along with her underwear, leaving her bare from the waist down.

      -"Deep!" the other woman let's out a surprised cry as she flops down on the spot, trying to very her not so private anymore parts.

      I reach her and her silver hair whips around on the air as she turns her body to face me, and I drive the tip of my blade in her stomach, not stopping until midway, lifting the girl off her feet. She twitches for a couple of seconds as she flails her hands and ends up slapping my breasts before going limp.

      I slide my blade off her and she tumbles on the ground unconscious, the place that she tried to cover so desperately laid on display as her legs are sprawled open from the fall.

      -"N-no..." the ringleader mutters as she runs for the elevator. "This can't be true..."

      I start walking in a leisured pace towards her, the tip of my blade scratching the ground as I drag it across the floor.

      She reaches the elevator doors and starts to frantically press the 'Call' button nonstop, as if that would make the elevator to come faster.

      -"Come on, come on..." she whispers in a frantic tone as she looks at the floor display.

      Finally, the bell chin sound of the elevator rings and the doors slide open. She practically falls in the elevator before getting up and repeating the process of pressing the button nonstop, only now in an attempt to make the door close faster.

      -"Foolish slut" I giggle in amusement as I move closer, watching her push a button while the door will take twenty more seconds before it closes.

      She stops pressing the button and turns to face me, lifting the revolver up with trembling hands.

      -"S-stop or I'll shoot!" she tries to threaten me in a shaky voice.

      I ignore her and keep closing in.

      She fires the first round, but I just swing my blade diagonally upwards and deflect the bullets.

      She fires a second and a third, which have the same endind. Same goes for the fourth and the fifth. I reach the elevator doors as they begin to close and stop them with my hand. She fires the last shot from point-blank range on my stomach.

      -"Useless" I chuckle with a grin as the sound of the bullet falling to the floor and then through the crack between the box and the shaft to the darkness below. "You should've known that we mamono are tougher than that".

      She glues her back against the wall, tears streaming down her face, ruining her make up. "Please... I don't want to..."

      -"You don't want to what?" I ask her in a merciless tone. "Neither your friend did, but you used her as a sacrificial pawn to save your ass, and now it's time to pay".

      I swing my blade that has shrunk to fit in the tight space quickly a few times in succession, and a second later all of her clothes are on the floor in shreds and she stands completely naked in front of me.

      I slam my hand on the wall over her shoulder and move my body closer, not giving her any space for movement, and start sliding the edge of my blade across her important place, which in response gets hot and twitches.

      Drip Drip

      A wet dripping sound comes from below her feet, and it starts getting more frequent with each passing second.

      Soon enough her knees give out beneath her and she falls with her back leaning against the wall, her face flushed and her breath rough.

      -"This time I held back and just showed you a small taste of my powers" I whisper as I look down in her eyes. "The next time I won't" I say as I turn and walk out of the elevator.

      I walk by the collapsed girls and towards the place were my boyfriend is, when I hear the bell chim of the doors closing. I turn and look at the blonde woman, seating in a pool of her own secretions for a last time before the doors close and she's gone.

      I walk to my boyfriend, who hears me coming and turns to me, only to immediately avert his gaze from the sight behind my back.

      -"So, uh, you didn't have to go so overboard for me" he says in a n embarrassed tone.

      -"I know" I say as I change my blade in a gauntlet and hug him from the front. "Plus," I pause and wink at him, "this was nothing compared to what I will do to you now".

      -"Oh sh-" is the only thing he's able to say before I kiss him and push him down.

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    • That was an awesome story Maniac!

      I wonder though, were you a Cursed Sword combined with a Holstaur?

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    • Nah, just a normal Cursed Sword with a huge rack, I reckon.

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    • I assumed CS/Holsty cause of the cow insults.

      Looks like I be wrong.

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    • Nah, just a massive pair of melons.

      Imagine that, though. A Holstaur goes haywire when she sees red, right? And Cursed Swords', uhh....swords are red (not always, but often). It'd be a continuous loop of [CENSORED].

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    • HAHAHA.

      A pissed off sword-wielding Holstaur. That's doomsday for everyone!

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    • Glad you liked it! And I guess that I should clear this little misunderstanding. It indeed is as Janadian says a "normal" cursed sword, though a bit "perky". Though that corrupted Holstein idea does sound interesting, so I might use something slightly different in my next story in "The horrible truth" :)

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    • He was to present something important to Seria this night. Something that had her heart wince in anticipation. Her hands clattered on her chest, grasping her elegant one-piece adorned by flowers. The frontal headguard coated in purple and adorned by two etches reaching for a symbol of olive branches did naught to hinder the peerless visage full of emotion visioneered in her amethyst eyes. Surrounded by a shimmering grayish pigment, they sparked in his direction, especially gazing at his hidden hand.

      ...and they ruined it. Ruined this moment sacred to monsters so often taken for granted by human women. Her maiden's heart in raging flames, Seria never the less kept her demeanor.

      "I am s'rry, but this sir is already relinquish'd to me. I asketh of thee to leaveth us beest".

      Her voice is silver lining to the imprudent response given by the one holding the revolver.

      "Huh, 'scuse me, wierdo! This wasn't a demand!"

      She twirls the barrel a bit, swaying between Serial and Jacob, her other hand clutching her barely present skirt, threatening to remove the little obstacle that lingers between it and her underwaer. The three others, tasting the sensation already of a man with them, were instantly in the mood, some opting to further remove their skimpy dresses.

      Jacob, feeling rather unconfortable by the spectacle, sways his head in the other direction, only to be teased by the leader, Melissa.

      "Come on boy! Four ladies antsy to be ravished by your manliness. You don't need to hide your desire~

      She was mistaken. There was a blush, but mirrored away from her. He had the flames of passion fanned, but they were all directed ay his beloved, Seria.

      "Beloved, art thee humour good now?"

      Her voice has quickly disminished his discomfort, prompting his eyes to turn to her own.

      "It's fine, they're not really bothering me"

      Seria gives him a gentle smile as a hand goes to reach her cheek. His hand. She blushes a bit more, grossly evident by the contrast of her gray pigment.

      "Hey boy! Why don't you look over here right now?"

      Melissa's voice shatters their imaginary bubble, insulted by his blatant ignorance of her and her three acolytes. They were slowly preparing themselves for him and he had the nerve to ignore them? The best looking girls of the bloc, and this whimpy boy had the nerve to discard them four. ANd for what? A plain-looking woman speaking in a different tone than them? Is this what pushed him away from them? No matter. He'll see his mistake soon enough...

      Jacob turns back to them, seeing all licking their faces in hunger whilst Melissa now ferocely ha her revolver armed in his direction. Her face was a dichotomy of everlasting lust and uncontrollable anger.

      Seria stares at the woman and her pack with a more present anger, one that used to be within. A shimmer of purple lightning escapes her irises. Despite that, she still clings to her calm temper, speaking with a mild voice.

      "Unf'rtunately, mine own belov'd doest not feeleth the desire to mingle with the four of thee. I kindly asketh yond thee leaveth us high-lone".

      Melissa's answer comes in the form of a bullet grazzing her headguard. By the side as her head had quickly strayed to the right. HEr eyes rivered to the fleeting projectile, they slowly and menacingly return to the shooter, who had just about enough of her quiet demands.

      "Listen, harlot" We happen to be usually docile women, what with our status demanding an upstanding demeanor at all time. But right now, we are in our need! Surely a wench like yourself can understand that, right? Us human women have needs to, you know?"

      Every word spoken by Melisa and her nodding pack stings Seria with pure hypocrisy, her eyes growing less and less restrained. Upstanding women? Them? Usually, upstanding women don't belittle people of different social status. 

      Melissa continues to waver her weapon, speaking in an entitled tone.

      "Just because you monster harlots have some need to gourge of men more than us normal women, does not mean you can go taking them from us, you hear!?"

      Upstanding women don't go around untactly stealing loved ones with low tactics for a quick satisfation, only to discard them with a threat. Speaking of monsters taking advantage of their position was a mighty rich statement from the pack who go for a one-night stand with engaged or married men, just for a cheap thrill. One that further enthralls Serial in her less-than-desirable traits. 

      Wings began to sprout from her back.



      ...three on one side.



      ...three on the other. They glow with silver lining like her own pigmentation. Her growing fury, a calm storm hidden in Melissa's eyes.

      "So now, since we feel like going for a man right now, you will promptly back the hell off! Like, right now! We're done playing second fiddle to whores and skanks using their extra appendages as an excuse!"

      And this happened to be the last straw. Calling Seria and her fellow such degrading names, when most of them have been to hell and back to showcase their sincere want for a boontiful relationship with one's beloved. To dare minimize their feelings when them, especially she of all people had shown an incredible restraint against her more...wild side. To call out someone on past behavior the clearly try to suppress until the rigjht time when Melissa and her pack themselves were doing the tota; opposite...

      Serial had it not easy. Being who she is, it was hard for her to focus on other things that would allow her to find a soulmate. ONe she could pride herself in catching in a legitimate manner, in the humans' way. Jacob had helped her so much with these endeavors, seeing beyond her first issues. Letting a pack of spoiled hypocrites use her as an excuse to dance around men for the sake of a cheap thrill and making a mockery of a monster'S foremost importance of having someone dear close to them.

      This was literally impossible for her to watch being defiled.

      A singulary beacon of amethyst energy bursts out of her entire being, violently pushing the four against the roof. Armor materialize around her, as simply as elegantly, all vibrating in the purple. Jacob shakes his head in denial, staring at them with a restrained scorn, one but fleeting.

      "Well, you have done it now".

      "Done what!?"

      "You'll see..."

      Melissa quickly gets up, pointing her gun at an armored Seria. Six wings strerch out of her back, a sword with the hilt of a face of mockery on it. The blade is twisted in silver with a outer lining of demonic energy, solidified around it like a carapace. A shield left untouched in the vestige of her kind. Braced with two larged olive branches, large like a tower. ONe she lifts with unnatural ease.

      Melissa's eyes widen in the same time as Seria's wings, blotting out the moon hooked in the sky. Her hand begins to tremble, just realizing, unlike most people who would have backed off early, that she was a monster. Power does tend to over the head of some.

      "S-stay back!"

      Her hand shakes more, throwing off her aim in an subconscious fear. Fear like a prey starring deeply in the eyes of a predator. Knowing it watches it. Feeling the eyes locked on its very being, with the tiniest of movement risking of springing the hulking beast for its prize.

      Melissa became the prey and she knew it. Her, and her trio. The same who began losing their composure.

      Jacob, on the other hand, could not feel anymore relieved that the tables had completely turned. Not that he was feeling in danger to begin with. No, this was more of a satisfactory sensation of a karmic return tenfold.

      "B-boy...c-could you ask your har--girlfriend to settle own? W-we just wanted to have some fun, is all".

      "Terribly sorry. but to a warrior like her, a blatant disregard like you lot did won't be settled with mere words. Just ask the last guys who tried to pull off an extortion before her eyes".

      Melissa's blood froze upon hearing his words, as of her pack. The latter slowly stepping back. Only to hear a slice in the air. Seria's sword had swung, a clear distortion present before her, aimed at the lot.

      "Nay, nay, nay. Thee three did want to seeth one liketh me act as such. Thee has't mine own attention anon".

      Melissa hurridly unloads her gun's contents straight at Seria, which break in pieces upon contacting her armor. They shatter in such way that nothing but star dust remains of them, shimmering around the struk plates. Seria's eyes had completely lost their irise, drowned in the power she holds inside. Her weapon, pointed at the woman on the left.

      "Thee first..."

      Charlotte, a bronze woman not afraid of using her unusual strength within her position to her what she wants, no matter how bad it may bode for the other. In a flash, Seria presents herself before her, a series of broken tiles hovering in the air yet to fall. The green clothed woman falls on her rump, now fully terrified of what lingers before her. No might comes to preserve her as Seria simply places a hand on her head. One Charlotte desperatly tried to remove, falling on that force of her.

      But she might as well have tried to steal an item clutched by a statue, she'd have a better chance.

      Tears fall in a continious state across her twisted face as she is lifted by the skull, unscathed but utterly powerless to defend herself against whatever her executioner had in store. Her terror takes complete hold of her as she starts begin for her life, to the three other's complete dismay, adding more to the realization they had opened pandora's box.

      Charlotte, unable to withstand Seria's gaze anymore, falls in shock, pale skin shrouding her. Her body dangles like a corpse, horrifying the rest, even with the notion she is far from dead. Her pathetic state of total mental annihilation is presented to them with Seria's cold gaze glaring at her second victim.

      "Thou art next..."

      Dropping the comatosed Charlotte, Seria takes a flash step, blotting her secondary victim's sight, Clairice. She with the tendency of making a mockery of those with a different shape, always belittling them from high up. And yet...

      Clarice, shaken by her sudden appareance, falls over, crawling back, terrified of what may happen to her. Stranded away from her usual composure, she blots her ears, wanting to save herself as much as possible, forgetting the monstorous might of her tormentor. The one that easily takes her hand apart fro the ears, accompanied by a frosted gaze.

      "Now I see..."

      "S-see what?!"

      Clarice couldn't help but answer, dashing her doom.

      "With a unsav'ry corse liketh yours, thee needeth to 'rase the oth'r's confidence"

      Clarice's heart wince in pain. The last thing she wanted to hear from anyone. The reason she always sought to demolish an individual's sense of worth...

      "That's not true..."

      "Nay wond'r the notion of someone liketh me 'round, alloweth high-lone any of mine own kind scares thee so...

      "That's not true...!"

      Seria's gaze breaks any held confidence in the plain Clarice, plain of any feature that might etch her as a woman, smaller than others. Less developed than others. Her poisoned words to puppeteer the rest through a broken perception. Now returned against her.

      "...with a corse liketh this, thee'd needeth tend'r w'rds to draweth someone to thee. But thy tongue is lac'rating, makinf t hard f'r oth'rs to misseth thy enfeebl'd features"

      "That's not true!!!"

      "And anon, thee has't to bid yourself, is the one thee calleth melissa a parteth of those ridiculing thee?"

      "Stop it!!!!"

      Clarice broke down in tears, her shriveled shameful secret out in the open, hidden by so many's broken confidence. The mirror had done well to reflect that to her.

      Unable to stop crying, her drool riddled face sought comforting words, fleeting away from Seria who had long let go of her hands. SHe burries her face on Melissa's short skirt, whimpering in force.

      "She's wrong, isn't she?"

      Melissa does not answer. Her tongue frozen. Clarice insists.

      "I'm not ugly, right?!"

      No answer from her. Nothing.

      "I'm not a shrivel of a girl, right?!" 

      Again, nothing.

      "You're not speaking on back...


      At this point, the lack of words ironically provides the answers she so feared. Her eyes lost their light, causing her to lose grip on Melissa, sliding down her legs. Her body moves on its own, compacting her in a fetus position, her outlandish crying halted but streaming still. Seria's gaze turned to her next victim, unaltered as always.

      "I believeth t is thy turneth..."

      Laura, the third of the pack, glimmers in her everlasting ornaments in the form of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings. Alas, this sense of valuables has cornered her heart, having her often resort to humiliate any non-complying with volatile threats of ruinous acts from her with the wealth she carries, present in her ornaments.

      Useless here.

      Seria faces her, swiping a hand in her direction. Laura braces for a strike, afraid of the pain forthcoming. Nothing happens. No hit is inflicted upon her. No, rather, it would seem she was missing something.

      "My earrings! My bracelets, my necklace! Where have they--

      She realized what was happening. Looking back at Seria, she discovered her hands full of the things she wanted back, previously embellishing her. Seria crooks her head to the left, brandishing her necklace.

      "Doth thee wisheth to recup'rate thy beloning?"

      No words come from Laura, well aware of her intentions. Her gaze washes over her, waiting an answer or lack of. Her hand started clenching while still holding her necklace. Laura's eyes widen in astounishment.

      "Don't crack it!"

      "Ohh? i hadst bethought thee didn't wanteth those folk backeth?"

      "Please, don't damage them! I-I'll give you money!"

      "Ohh very much?"

      "Any amount!"

      "Tell me".



      "Ten of thousands?!"


      "Hundreds of thousands?!"







      "Nay, nay, nay. If 't be true thee wanteth those folk so much...then stripeth"


      Laura gawked in shock, clenching her shoulders in defiance to the unfaltering look of Seria who promplty repeated herself.

      "I hath asked thee to stripeth"


      Laura's myriadic desire to get her accessories back was halted by a wall of uncertainty.

      "Why? Why do I need to strip?!"

      "Thee did express the wish to mingle with mine own dearest, making light of how private a mistress's corse shouldst beest, eveall'd to none but those they love. Since thee wast easily prone to strip back those folk, i taketh t thee'd beest willing to doth so f'r thy accessories".

      Laura says nothing, still clutching on her cloth. Her mind races on the myriad of times she had easily exposed herself alongside Melissa, Claire and Charlotte. The amount of men who had basked in her luscious body, now soiled by the eyes who had seen it. She realized how nigh impossible it would be for her to present herself to a future suitor. Even more so if she wanted a decent one, with the reputation she had built as a blackmailer and a loose one.

      And now, she was about to do as such again.

      With tears and lament falling down her face, Laura slowly removed her already skimpy dress, again, stinging her with how granted she took herself for. Bit by bit, she exposes herself, sniffing all the way through, looking at her falling pieces of lingerie. Her head rises up, but her eyes are diverted, too ashamed to look her interlocuter. Her hands are feebly risen as well.


      Laura can feel the weight of her things in her palms. SHe looks at them with discontent. Her body's reflexes prompt her to put them on, restarting her cries, albeit in silence. Her eyes dare raise up to meet Seria's, only to be presented with a mirror, detailling her nude appareance, littered in gold and gems. Once again, she cries, falling on her knees, grabbing the scraps of cloth dropped earlier to try and cover herself with. And failing at that.

      One is in a comatose over the notion of someone better than her. Another is shivering over her broken psyche. The third one realized she may have said goodbye to a spouse's life for greed.

      All that's left is the Melissa. Speaking of the devil, Seria feels a pair of hands on her waist guards. Looking down, she sees the former in a fear struck visage, desperately clinging to her would-be tormentor. Seria's gaze weights a ton, enfeebling her further.

      "Please...spare me. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Please..."

      "Art thee?"

      Melissa nods with excess, trembling across her arms. Too bad.

      "I see..."

      Melissa feels Seria's word with a relief. She dares to hope, for her tormentor must be satiated, right? Three women linger in her aftermath, it must be enough. A tint of laughter escape's melissa's lips, her hands soon leaving her waist guards. Relief comes as she falls on her back, sighting all the more.

      And just like that, her back is laying on the tiles, surrounded by more broken pieces of the same decoration, causing her eyes to widen. She doesn't understand what happened, looking left and right, her back crippled by pain. Her attemps to get up, cancelled by two separate weight of her wrists.

      A purple gaze haunts her face. An angry, but placid one.

      "Anon thee apologize, at which hour thou art did face with the consequence of thy act..."

      Melissa struggles, forgetting a monster can easily produce ten time her might. And seria was naught but a mundane monster to begin with

      "...but what about then, at which hour thee brand'd a weapon at mine own belov'd. Just to has't thy way with him, in defiance of his shall?"

      "I'm sorry!"

      Melissa begins to cry, shocked to feel her attire slowly ripped apart.

      "How many times has't thee inflict'd this to another?"

      "I'm sorry!"

      Her leggings are torn.

      "How many times?"

      "I'm sorry!"

      Her short shirt is ripped apart, stripping away at her dignity.

      "How many?"

      "I'm sorry!!!"

      Her skirt is shredded, breaking more of her dignity.

      "How many has't been did scar by this thee've done? Men, distaff, nothing moo than playthings f'r thee?"

      "Please forgive me! I won't do it again! Please!!!"

      Her underwear is gone. Melissa is completely nude. Humiliation and scorn populates her mind as she seeks to cover herself as best she can. 

      However, her arms are thrown aside with Seria leaning closer, sword in hand. Melissa trembles to such a point someone could literally think she's shivering in the cold. Primal fear haunts her every inch of her body. No mind is spared from this either, seeing the jagged thing near her stomach. Seria could so easily thrust once and it'd be over. 

      She is well aware of this.

      Melissa is painfully aware of this. And, there is nothing she can do about it. 

      Absolutely nothing.

      The blade runs over her exposed belly, sliding off at the surface. Slowly, pressed to the very limit provided by her mamono instincts. Melissa can feel that it's at the very edge.

      "Recall yond humour..."

      The blade runs back, never pressing further than needed acrosse her belly.

      "...the next time thee'll point a weapon at someone..."

      The cold blade runs on her again.

      "...f'r the next person thee doth this to may not has't mine own mercy"

      The blade goes for her throat, pressed slightly against it. No words. No whimper. Nothing.

      "Recall yond humour..."

      Slowly, Seria discard her weapon away from Melissa, too much in shock to be cognitive at the moment. She lays there, immobile, right as her tormentor walks away, back to the man she was leaning on beforehand. What thought litters her head as of now? Who knows...

      Jacob, walking his lady walking back to him couldn't help but raise an eyebrow.

      "That was...something. DIdn't think you teach them like this".

      "Me neither, but they wenteth after mine own most lief thing. And i couldn't alloweth those folk speaketh like yond to anyone else. No more". 

      "I know, don't worry."

      Her armor fades away, leaving the previous dress she was seen with. Her head leans on his shoulder, his hand accoasting her hip. His other hand, unraveling a tiny box. One she didn't think she'd see today of all days. Even less after the confrontation...

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    • Fantastic work Jester! Talk about a hands-on approach to teaching them a lesson!

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    • When I started this, I had another idea in mind. Before then, my obsession with throwing more took hold of me. As it always happens.

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    • Ah, well hopefully they understand now why they shouldn't attack random couples. Never know when one of them could be a badass warrior.

        Loading editor
    • Well, they are viciously attacking a monster about to be proposed by her long lasting boyfriend with thr excuse that they need to relieve steam despite the fact that they coule have went for anyone else.

      All of this while ignoring the fact that, well, she a monster. And a dark valkyrie at that. You might as well have brought a bb gun to a tank siege.

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    • Heh, indeed.

      Again, good work!

        Loading editor
    • Aye, thanks. Been up to the low mornings to put this one up.

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    • (With the new year coming up and some new faces coming up I figured I'd bump up one of my favorite WWYD scenarios to the front and see what you all come up with if you're interested. Happy New Year everyone!)

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    • Flamebiplane wrote: You are a mamono (which mamomo you are is entirely up to you). You and your boyfriend were just spending time on a rooftop garden in the city. He turns to you and says softly, "Thanks for this."

      You two are about to kiss when clapping and whistling interrupt the moment. Looking up, you see four human women approaching you wearing clothing that was quite skimpy. You can see that one of them is carrying a small revolver.

      "What a cute moment!" one of them comments. "Got enough in that dick for all of us?" asks another. Revolver girl looks to you and asks, "You don't mind sharing him with us, do you?"

      A wicked smile appears on her face and she licks her lips. These women didn't look like your average friendly neighborhood kind.


      Flamebiplane wrote: You are a mamono (which mamomo you are is entirely up to you). You and your boyfriend were just spending time on a rooftop garden in the city.

      four human women approaching you wearing clothing that was quite skimpy. You can see that one of them is carrying a small revolver.

      "What a cute moment!" one of them comments. "Got enough in that dick for all of us?" asks another. Revolver girl looks to you and asks, "You don't mind sharing him with us, do you?"


      Flamebiplane wrote:

      (which mamomo you are is entirely up to you).

      Predictably, bullets do little towards actually killing me, but the geysers of blood do manage to absolutely soak the poor saps who thought they could threaten an Ushi Oni.

      Their bodies slowly begin to transform, slowly sprouting fur and massive paws, their legs becoming those little thingies.

      More legs sprout from their growing spider bodies, and horns burst from their skulls, they begin twitching uncontrollably, pent up desire inexpressible in their new forms without men.

      Soon, they scamper off, in search of easier relief.

      And we return to our quiet evening o'er the cityscape.

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    • Nicely done Justheretowrite. Guess shooting you wasn't very smart.

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    • I smile at my new Hubbie Sky. They look at my forehead and sigh out,” I was hoping for atleast one day before this,”.

      I giggle and say,”Well they leave you no choice huh,”. The girls threatening us just have a look of confusion as we talk.

      Sky growls out, “I am not being the exposition dump for those four”.

      “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO TALKING ABOUT”,tHe girl with a revolver,Revolor yells out.

      “We are telling you come on, plenty for all of us,” I laugh out. This catches them off guard, don’t know why. Who wouldn’t want these four beauties to join us. Going to have to change them a bit but all ready they are perfect.

      They all hesitatly go up for their fun. It was a great night. Afterwards I turned all your moms into Mamono. Revolor the Dullahan, such a wo-

      ————————— Great fighter that is the best of sky’s wives.-R

      Sure, sure sure, we also have Neph the succubus.-Me

      Basic,but a good friend.-R

      Ha, you can say that again, Then gem the Gremlin.-Me

      Ugh, she spends the least amount of time with us, always working on some new crazy invention...-R


      Well her gadgets do make our fun time even better-Me

      WOnt argue there.-R

      Much better.-G

      Then we have probably the best inclusion for us, Hanlul the Hakutaku. -Me

      She always was a book worm, lucky we got her to go on the raid that day...-R

      Glad she did, so much fun information about our husband.-Me

      Where is Her and Neph by the way?-R

      Oh, in the bedroom having fun with our hubbie.-Me


      Well... she ran off... well I should probably join her... Well good night you 6.

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    • Very good Butter. I'm curious though, did you pick either a Lilim or a Bicorn?

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    • Bicorn,looking at the forehead was supposed to be the biggest clue.

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    • (To be fair, plenty of mamono have horns, but I get you now.)

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    • "Sorry, he's taken. Go get your own man the hard way," I say as I turn back to face him. I give him a kiss on the cheek causing him to blush. The other girls didn't seem to like it.

      "We're not leaving that easy, mutt," the girl holding the revolver said, as the other girls laugh at her comment. What the fuck did she just call me! I was pissed off by her comment and looked at her.

      "Sorry but I don't talk to sluts," I said as I looked her dead in the eye. How was that slut? I turned to my boyfriend and motioned for us to leave. We got up and started to walk away.

      "Fine walk away like the bitch you are," she shouted at me. I stopped dead in my tracks and turned to face her. She seemed to like my reaction because her smile grew. My fire that came out of my eyes grew with my rage.

      "You stay here," I tell him in my most calm voice. He sits down on the rooftop. "Good boy," I say as I pat his head. I give him a laser pointer and give him a kiss. "Wait for my signal," I whisper to him, he nods. I jumped off the roof and looked at the girls. "You came to the wrong part of town to say those insults," I tell her as I walk up to her. She points the revolver right at me. "I guess I'll have to use my secret weapon," I say then snap my fingers. He turns on the laser pointer and points it at the girl with a gun.

      The girls didn't get scared by it. "Oh no! A laser pointer whatever will I do?" she taunts at me. The other girls laugh at me. We'll see who's smiling in 10 seconds. 

      "A laser pointer can do a lot of things in this part of town," I started to say, 5. They looked at me with confused faces.

      "Oh yeah. Like what?" says one of the girls asks, 3.

      "This!" I yell at them. A loud rumble starts to be heard from all around. The girls look all around to find the source, but they are soon tackled by many werecats. Each one trying to get the laser dot. They were going to a werecat conference held, you guessed it. Right here. Let's just say the didn't bother us again.

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    • Nice twist there Snakelover!

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    • Hellhounds always win in these situations.

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    • A FANDOM user
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