• Family: Arachne

    Type: Bug

    Habitat: Woodland areas, human settlements

    Disposition: Timid, laid back

    Diet: Carnivorous (wild animals and vermin)

    Huntsman Arachne are one of the largest sub-spieces of the spider family. Despite their impressive size (a full grown huntsman is nearly as large as an ushi-oni) they are also one of the safest and most docile of the bug mamono.

    The most notable feature of the huntsman is their lack of ability to produce silk. Unlike other arachne varients who rely mostly on webs to catch mates and prey, huntsmans rely on chasing down their targets, something they do with incredible skill. It is said that once a huntsman has her eyes on you there is no outrunning her, however they have a sedate and friendly personality, so as long as she's not feeling frisky you have nothing to fear.

    Huntsmans lack the aggression of other spider mamono, and their main defence if confronted is to run. If startled they may threaten the aggressor, if given the opportunity to escape however they will take it, galloping away at full speed. If there is a threat to her husband or children on the other hand, she will put her size to good use and savagely beat down the attacker.

    Hunstsmans are well known to make wonderful mothers, and have very close knit family groups. They will do anything for their husbands and children, and love spending quiet quality time hugging their man and young. Individuals who live in human towns often take jobs as babysitters, and it's not unusual to see a huntsman cheerfully wandering the streets with children perched on her back.

    Huntsmans have adjusted well to living in human dwellings, and if they are not currently perched on their husband, can often be found perched on a wall, relaxing and taking it easy. Sex with a huntsman is likewise a laid back experience as they will take things at a slow pace and not push their husband past his limits (unless he wants them to of course.)

    Monster friendly towns often welcome married or single huntsmans settling in, as where there is a huntsman there are no pests. Rats and mice are a major part of their diet, and unfortunantly a major ingredient in their cooking. (nothing's perfect) Towns also value them for their aforementioned skill at looking after kids and inate talent for chasing away Large Mice and Devil Bugs.

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