• The two armies collide. You see dust fly and men slaughtering each other. You raise your weapon too attack the enemy when an arrow sticks itself into your leg. You cry and fall down. The world spins into black.

    You wake up. The dead are everywhere, and many wounded. You see many monsters dragging the wounded men off the battlefield. You begin to crawl away when a monster seems to notice you. She walks over just as a second takes notice. They don't seem to notice each other.

    What would you do?

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    • I close my eyes and let my limbs go limp. On cue, they both burst into a sprint towards me. They barely have a moment to recognise the other before they smash into each other, knocking them both out cold. I open my eyes at the noise, then my eyes widen in disbelief. Thinking quickly, I crawl over to a mass of corpses, partially burying myself. The true stench will come days later, but for now, I can stay here.

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    • Not my best, I will admit.

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    • I continue to crawl backwards. Knowing that the arrow is still slowing me down. "Damn it! I'll just get rid of it!" I pull part of shirt to my mouth. As I pull out the arrow I squeeze on it tighter. After about a minute of pain I grab my spear and start limping. I only go as far as three feet before I hit the ground again. "This really hurts". I hear someone's voice behind me. "Are you ok sir?" I turn to see a woman covered in red and black texture starring right at me. "Aww hell". However she seemed pretty nice about it. "Y-yeah...I'm alright". She placed her hand over her mouth. "Hmm... you don't really look like it. *sigh* this is exactly what I feared humans would end up doing. Probably over something redundant...Oh! Where are my manners. My name is Dayana. Who might you be". I saw no problem offering my name. "My name is Silent". "You don't have a name?" I give a small chuckle before falling to the ground. "Hehe... no. It's...ugh". "Ah! No! Don't die right now. I'll get you some help!" "Hey Dayana! What's wrong?" A harpy flapping it's wings asked. "It's him. He is not well Hayley". "Well there's a river near by. You can take him there". "Alright, I will". A few hours pass and I feel something cold on my head. "Huh? What's going on?" "Oh. Your awake. You were out cold for some time. Lucky for you that I was with you the hole time". "Oh uh... thanks". "You look so young to be a warrior. Well most of your teammates were too. But enough about that. How are you feeling?" "Kinda tired". "Hmm. So what's your name?" "Silent. My name is Silent". "Huh. Strange name. Very strange". "Hey umm Dayana. Why did you help me?" "Well as you were trying to leave I saw that arrow and it looked like it hurt". "Oh. I see". "Which is why I have decided that I will be by your side to help and protect you". She snuggled next to me with her claw across my front. "That is very kind of you. "And the way involved going to do so is by becoming your new weapon!" Dayana takes the form of a sword and stands straight up in the ground. The texture of the blade scared me a bit. "Uh... you?" "Yeah! What's wrong with that?" "Well... what about my spear?" "Oh... that's right. Give me a second!" She transformed into a woman again and to the spear beginning to dissolve into her hands. Afterwards transforming into the spear with her similar texture. "There. Now pick me up! Try to get a good feel of it". "Oh okay?" I pick it up and examine it fully. "Well? What do you think?" "It's. It's amazing" "I'm so happy to hear that!" She changed back and tackled me to the ground. "Ah! What are you doing?" "Oh calm down. Just let me do all the work. ok?" I nod nervously. "Alright" "good. Now let's get started"

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    • I jave a small medicare pack with me just in case. I bite down on a piece of wood and snap the arrow shaft so ot doesn't get jostled around. The two monemsters approach me as I try to crawl away. Both were lamias. This won't end well. They begin to fight eachother when they notice eachother looking at me. In the meantime I am being gagged, bound, and dragged away by an arachne.

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    • good response!

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    • I look at my leg, one arrow is in my left leg. My body is all covered in scratches and slashes from the battle. Dammit, I can't move my leg forcing me to limp. I stand up and use my sword to help me from fallling over. I look at the outcome of the battle, it looks like we (the Order) lost.

      I see two mamono on both sides of me, my vision is kind of blurry so I can't tell what they are. I raise my sword at one, but my balance and focus isn't good. Is this how I die, is all I can think. When one mamono gets to close I slash at her, she easily dodges. I slash at the other one, she dodges as well. They keep dodging, as I slash at them they have little cuts caused by me. I try to go for one last slash but I trip and hit my head and fall unconscious.

      I wake up to find myself in a jail cell. There is already a plate of food waiting for, I'm so hungry and thirsty I gobble down it quickly, the plate even had silverware. Now at full strength I notice my left leg has been healed. But, that's not important, I need to get out of here. I look at the knife and smile. After a couple of minutes bending and shaping the knife, I use it to unlock my door. Now free, I walk cautiously around the area.

      The place is crawling with mamono soldiers, making it hard to get around. I also see males, and some fancy mamono that aren't in armor. Then I realize that this isn't a prison, it's a castle! Then all of a sudden guards rush past me and lock the front door and yelling that a prisoner has escaped.

      I try to sneak out of the room but a guard sees me. "There he is! Get him!" yells a High Orc pointing in my direction. Crap. I run through the castle zig zag through the castle and it's many rooms and halls.

      I eventually get enough distance to hide in a room, I close the door slowly behind me and take deep breaths. I look around this must be their library. I rest behind a book shelf, when the door suddenly opens. "I'm sorry to hear that a prisoner escaped," says a wight as I see them through the shelves.

      "Well he hasn't escaped he's still here." says a voice from a figure I can't see. I try to stay hidden, but I can hear them getting closer and closer. "But the guards will..." the two turn the corner and I come face to face with a Wight and a Lilim. "Well, well, well. Look who we have here." she says as she approaches me. I slowly walk backwards and get into somewhat of a defensive stance. "Isn't it are little escaped prisoner. How about you come here quietly and not have to go through all the fighting." she says as she sticks out her finger motioning me to come to her. I stand still and don't move.

      "So he wants to do it the hard way." comments the Wight stepping forward. Before I know it, the Wight charges at me. I block her attack and kick her in the chest, sending her through a bookshelf. A lazer almost hits me in the head, I look over to see the Lilim charging more lazers. I continue to dodge her attacks and get a lucky uppercut sending her into the air.

      "You little brat!" yells the Wight. She sends a barriage of attacks directed at me. I block most of them but get hit by some. Each hit sending me flying, I get up and just barely dodge another hit. I hit her twice in the face, stunning her for a little bit before kicking her again into another bookshelf. I start to breath and begin to get exhausted. I try to make it to the door, but I get pulled up into the sky.

      "I think that's enough fighting, my little warrior~" says a voice. Crap, I forgot about the Lilim. I feel her tail wrap around my arms and holds me tight. I stop squirming and except my fate. "Now that's a good boy~" she says smiling at me.

      She takes me to her room and tosses me on her bed and starts taking off her clothes and mine. I'm raped for what I'm told by new wife was 3 hours. I now serve as Treanna personal bodyguard and husband for life.

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    • No way the nine hells am I going to be taken like this. I take out a last resort knife and simply hope for the best. Before hand I snap the arrow so the shaft doesn't wiggle around in my leg, preventing the wound from worsening.

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    • Story may contain, but is not limited to: Murder backlash, Extreme guilt, Explained violence, Unexplained injuries, Swimming, Explained injuries, Unexplained violence, Violent injuries, Injured violence???

      Violent injured people, Mostly implied violence, Scary hugs, Purple wallpaper, Orange carpets, Shirtless scenes, Rich history, Poor history, Middle-class history, Inciting incidents, Massive timescales, Botched spellcasting, Cosmic keystone lilims, Stretching the limits, Successful spellcasting, Obviously non-on'screen' violence, Deliberately disturbing values dissonance, Dark souls casting systems, Monster polygamy = collapse of. . . stuff, Out of character is serious business, Snarky disclaimers.

      Well, shit.

      Things had been going downhill for centuries, that much had been clear enough.

      What started all of this horrid mess was the death of the Lord of monsters, or Maou.

      At the time, nothing much noticeacble happened, which was the best everybody could have hoped for, really.

      After all, nobody's wife was murdering them in cold blood with fangs, tendrils, or claws.

      But it soon became apparent that all was not well, some rather oddly human behavior began to manifest amongst mamono, there were rumors of murders and muggings in poorer districts, and a skyrocket in draft signups.

      Then war had broken out, and to everyone's surprise, they fought for their countries, tooth and claw, brutal violence. No combatant was spared, and we were reminded of the horrors of ages past.

      Though gladly, their hearts were not "in it," surrenders were accepted graciously, and sometimes lustfully.

      I was finished for sure, another dumb kid in way over his head.

      So I knelt, my head bowed before the two mamono, who clearly sported enemy colours.

      Their red, black, and blue uniforms ruffled in the bitter wind, a whitehorn and a yeti.

      I cast my weapons aside.

      The two approached cautiously, and the flat back of a single-edged sword pulled on my chin.

      I looked up into the deep red eyes of the yeti, and she gave me a soft, gentle look.

      Her face and teeth dripped with blood, and her white paws also seemed to.

      She picked me up off the ground and deposited me onto the soft fatty patch of skin which served as a natural saddle.

      Once she had joined me atop her companion, the whitehorn took off into the surging, swirling blizzard.

      We arrived at a makeshift hospital, and soon a healer had cleaned out my wounds, he also ordered me to wait in a cellwhich I knew I would not be leaving soon.

      The yeti who had discovered me soon joined me in my room, the front of her whole body now coated in blood.

      She dragged the whole carcass of a buck in with her, along with a mostly devoured moose.

      Her whitehorn friend sat beside her silently as she tore at the carcasses face-first.

      Upon closer examination, one was not a c-@:&#^,%#.

      I was suitably horrified, but the whitehorn trested this as normal.

      "Why are you eating like tha-"

      She tore off another massie hunk of flesh, and while chewing and still covered in deer blood, sat in my lap, pressing her soft body against me.

      She clutched at me desperately, her eyes wild.

      "The hunger, it never ceases. The churning besst in my gut is never satisfied. I was promised satation if I fought in the war, but I'm still starving, even as I eat. It's my own personal curse."

      Her friend nodded sadly, and when I looked at her, I saw that her breasts were dripping, and almost immediately the yeti caught on, tackling her and draining her dry.

      Compulsively licking her lips, she returned to assaulting the deer for meat.

      The blood on her paws was something to behold, and seemed mixed with an odd black bile.

      It was pure succubus blood, like that of my wife, who had died in my arms.

      I felt deeply seated human rage well up, and decided to avoid staring as much as possible.

      A treaty had been signed within a month of my capture, a war had not been fought in centuries, but my own mother, a dhampir, had told me of what wars had once been like.

      I now knew why most records had been purged, even my mother's somber recounting now seemed romanticized.

      Most of my time in captivity had been spent entertaining my new friends, who were eager to garner affecfion from the son of a frycook and a baker.

      I certainly enjoyed their company, and I had learned to turn a blind eye to the blood which coated the cursed yeti, who it was clear loved me most.

      Various feline mamono had sometimes joined us, cleaning her fur with their rough tongues.

      She seemed most comfortable with a manticore by the name of Miranda, who worked in the hospital tent and crashed in my cell, firmly attaching her tail to me while she slept curled on a blanket on the floor.

      I was delighted to have more relief, and since she always played a game of chess with me before dozing off, I was glad to have her company, as well.

      When the war had ended, the killing had indeed stopped, but the trauma had not, I saw the hurried efforts of some mamono and men to dress their best, putting on crisp uniforms and bright silver earrings, standing tall and straight.

      Some obsessively combed or brished their hair, until beautiful curls were straightened out.

      I caught a jinko furiously scrubbing her paws, there were rough, raw patches of flesh where her fur had been compulsively licked until it was gone.

      Her mad rambling carried into the hall, "Fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK, FUCK! Get out you damned stain! I have a fiancé waiting for me at home! I can't be covered in blood, I wont be-"

      She collapsed to the floor, her hands bleeding and her arms covered in lather.

      "I won't be safe enough."

      I walked up to her, embracing her tightly, I had learned a few techniques from Allison, the yeti, and had gained quite a reputation as their military's "morality pet."

      "How could he love me if I'm a killer?"

      I gently stroked her head, scratching softly behind her ears, and slowly helped her lower onto her back.

      "I don't have all the answers, but if he ever loved you, he'll stick with you."

      I eventually got her to an infirmary, and stayed with her while she got treatment for her injuries, and soon she was called in to see the psycologist and psychiatrist, a mindflayer.

      I was only allowed to remain as comfort while the woman dug up the poor Jinko's memories, but she had crushed the bones in the hand I had offered her for comfort.

      As I walked back to my room that day, I recited from memory the tale of the goddess who fell from the heavens to earth.

      Damian said:

      Long ago, when the world was young, and the humans had not yet begun to frolick about the earth, a goddess gazed wistfully from the heavens 'pon a flower.

      "Oh," said she, "the humble bumblebees wander gaily about the flowers, and yet I cannot reach them."

      And so the goddess grew somber.

      Then, she decided, being a goddess, that she could [uhh, do whatever the fuck she wanted!]

      She reach'd down from the heavens, and strained too far, falling from the [. . .clouds?]

      The goddess had landed alive, but her descent had bassed jagged rocks and sharp bushes, and so blood surged forth from gashes in her flesh.

      From her blood rose the first woman, and then the first man. They knelt before their mother-goddess, and offer'd her their aid.

      Crafty and bright, the little creatures constructed a bed for their goddess, and surrounded it with flowers.

      Touch'd at their kindness, she lay there while she recover'd, brought fruit and meat by her children.

      Under their care, her wounds stitched closed, and her bones returned to their proper state. . .

      [And they lived happilyeverafterTheEnd!]


      I paid a price of pain for my rushed, botched ending, but at least my hand grew slightly more usable, not a perfect restoration, but it would help.

      My yowl had woken Miranda, whose minor healing magic far surpassed my pitifully recited miracles.

      Domestic life, if one could call it that with how little time my "wife," Allison spent with me, was fairly quiet.

      She had taken in three other men, and while none of us were at each-others throats, we weren't exactly best pals, either.

      Her gnawing hunger only grew worse with time, and so one morning when I found my herb filled prayer cloth in the eldest husband's hands, I was horrified.

      He was seated on the edge of the bathtub, his posture reverent, and she was on the toilet, looking confused.

      He was reciting a tale of bowel movements, and suddenly, there was a loud plop in the toilet.

      She stood, her rear was covered in blood, and in the reddened water of the toilet bowl was a creature which looked like electric tape, or sweated onions.

      That thing was quickly flushed, and her condition rapidly improved, her hunger more easily sated, and her mind more clear.

      Possibly at his behest, she had been very affectionate with all of us following that.

      Miranda frequently joined me for chess in the evenings, and lax as Allison was about relationships, she also dated me for quite a while.

      Sex always happened in private, with her tail.

      The other gents kept their own girlfriends, except for the one fellow, Andrew, who had fixed her cursed tapeworm trouble.

      I had used my new and copious time to refresh and repair my mental catalogue of miraculous tales.

      After months of practice, I went to the public pool.

      Damian said:

      Placeholder spot for a tale of bouyancy, will involve poseidon goddess, sunlight, and possibly end in m.c. sinking.

      Stay tuned!

      Typed tired, will return later for revisions.

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