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    Anti Shy Gal

    The Anti Shy Gal is a species of monster girl primarily in the Wonderland Regions, The Snowy Regions and the Desert Regions. They are a Femdom Centered monster girl as they treat their men like playthings and slaves, they attack any human woman with very organized strikes. Furthermore, they always wear black and the face under their mask they only reveal to the man they've selected to be their life long slave and spouse, or their children. They can be extremely cruel in their punishments, and are mainly carnivorous as they prefer meat to all most any type of food. Their average height usually spans from 5ft to 5ft 11in. They also tend to make cities of pure Darkness and rule as Queens in the Wonderlands Underground caverns and caves that the tunnels lead to. As their name suggests these monster girls are not shy they're very bold, brash and tough as well as very dominant beings in the relationship. They also are very kind to any children they may have if they have one, they will be extremely protective of the child as well. Anything these monster girls dislike they hate with a passion. Their personalities and disposition differs however they usually have a hard time expressing their feelings, are calm yet quick to anger, intelligent, and dominant.
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