• (Medival setting)

    The cell door closed. in the end you were caught. you dont know what the centence will be, but at best you can hope for is 20-40 years on labor camp, then again, execution is quite possible centence too.
    You never ment to hurt anyone, but guardsman died. It wasnt really your fault, at least that you are trying to convince to yourself. All you wanted was to "reposess" at least part of that danukis belongings. She has mansion and expensive jewlery, you have to steal so you wouldnt starve.
    She caught you red handed and called the guards, and during your dearing rooftop escape trough the city one guard tried to follow you, slipped and impaled himself on his own sword, when he fell from the roof.
    You know that the justice is quite swift around this part of the world. within a week you know. and in 2 weeks you are allready in the mines, or in grave. Might be even dead in the mines, as they collapse every now and then. That's how your brother went 2 years ago.
    You would try to escape, but they found the set of lockpicks from yuor shoe, chained to a wall from my neck with sturdy chain. My escape options seem to be rather limited.

    Suddenly you hear female voice.
    -"What did you do?"
    You try to look trough the bars but you see nobody
    -"Who's asking"
    So someone else in the next cell, and a girl...
    -"Well, I was reposessing some unevenly distibuted wealth."
    -"Ahh you have been very naughty then."
    -"And why are you in here, not that I would be too interested."
    -"Well I was having fun with boys, too much fun according to someone... the usual stuff. Anyway, I might have a deal for you"
    -"What kind of deal you could possibly suggest in this kind of place?" I ask.
    -"Deal that would benefit both of us."
    -"Who... or what are you?"
    -"That's what you would like to know." and then she laughs a bit.
    -"Ok, Just tell me about the deal"
    -"Well at this night a group of my friends will bust me out of here, it would be a shame to leave a good looking guy like you in here though, so if you agree to do some favors to us."
    You have a quick think. 2 options
    1. Face the centence like a man. Which most likely will leave you dead within a year... if not in 2 weeks...
    2. Take a chance with this random girl who's most likely some mamono, I should have looked when I was brought past her cell.
    it takes only seconds to choose the option which most likely saves your life, and running from them is most likely a lot easier than getting out of this mess alone.
    -"I accept your deal"
    -"In that case try to rest, you will need your full energy when we get out"

    You wake up on how something hit's the wall hard. again... and again... and then the wall brakes.
    -"Wait, get this guy too!"
    -"You scoring guys in here too? damn I wanna get as good as you are on that."
    -"Ah but you are better than me, you dont ever even ask."
    Laughing, and then I hear how something hit's the wall again, and again, cracks are forming to the wall on every hit, and then the wall brakes, and thankfully the connection point of the chain brakes too.

    You see [insert 4-10 mamono of your choosing, one or multiple species]
    -"Ahh, he has a leash on allready too" one of them says.


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    • Alright, so here I am about to escape with a Kakuen, a Werecat, a Werewolf, a Lamia, and a Minotaur who is wielding a rather large morningstar that has its spiked head glowing a soft white. I hope that this escape is worth it. The Werewolf nabs the chain that is still attached to me and says, "Let's get out of here!"

      All of us bolt away from the camp as the sound of encroaching footsteps is heard. Most likely guards coming to check out the disturbance. Our group had come upon the treeline when we heard the alarm bells sound from the compound. It wouldn't be long before search teams were sweeping the outer area for the escapees.

      "We need to keep moving," I whisper to my liberators. "Yeah, let's go!" the Kakuen agrees. We slip into the forest and continue to trudge along.

      The sound of the alarm bells grow more faint the farther we press into the forest. As soon as it is only our footsteps and my chain rattling, I take the time to process the past events that led me into being thrown into that labor camp in the first place.

      My first thought is of the Danuki and her mansion that I tried to break into. Why did I ever think that trying to steal from her was a good idea? I only wanted to make some money for food but the jobs that were available in where I was from only paid out in a few coins. Perhaps one of those jobs would have been a better alternative to stealing. Hell, I would have had better luck sneaking up on passing caravans and stealing some of their wares to sell off to others.

      Then there was the guard who died chasing me. Perhaps if I had not tried to attempt that pathetic heist he might still be alive and my punishment may have been less severe. I probably could have tried to cut a deal with the Danuki when she caught me in her home. Damn hindsight.

      Our escape lands us at a campsite that was hidden within a ditch and is stocked with various foods and potions.

      "Eat up buddy boo!" the Kakuen says as she picks up a piece of bread and offers it to me. I take it without hesitation and scarf it down. It's delicious quality makes me feel like I haven't had bread in years even though I was fed it during my time in the labor camp, except their version always felt and tasted soggy. "Thanks!" I say to the Kakuen after I finish my offering. My attention turns to the group and I add with great relief, "And thank you ladies for getting me out of there!"

      The Werecat chuckles and tells me, "Not a problem sweetheart!"

      "Yeah, a man as handsome as yourself doesn't deserve to be locked up in that slosh pit!" the Minotaur says as she sets her weapon by one of the tents.

      "It's especially a good thing that we got you out considering what you're going to be doing for us next!" the Werewolf says with a huge grin. "Oh yeah heh...heh...what?" I mutter and I feel my voice vanish from what I fear that the canine is implying.

      The Kakuen plants her hands onto my shoulder and cheerfully speaks into my ear, "Yeah, you didn't forget our deal already did you dear? You're gonna be doing some favors for us! Sexual favors."

      Her voice grows lewd at the last part and I gulp.

      "Yup, you're our new toy! Now let's get this thing off of you first!" the Minotaur says as she saunters up to me and breaks my collar chain off of me with ease and throws it up out of the ditch. "Awww...he looked cuter when he was leashed!" whined the Werewolf.

      "Oh pipe down Ivy! It would have just gotten in the way to be perfectly honest," the Lamia says as she hungrily wraps her tail around me, preventing me from escaping. The Kakuen strolls up to me and holds my chin up to face her. "Now ladies, let's have some fun!" she beams.

      For this night, the next night, and the next night I was used as their special toy. Many different types of positions were used and I was always exhausted by the time these sessions were done. Well, at least I wasn't spending another night chained up in that cell. I also got to know their names as well. The Werewolf is Ivy, the Kakuen is Red, the Minotaur is Kylie, the Werecat is Sarah, and the Lamia is Olivia.

      One night the entire group is asleep and I am the only one that is awake. This night they felt like going easy on me, and I was grateful for that. I take a brief moment to study each of them to make sure that they weren't going to wake up. Satisfied that these ladies weren't going to pop up and rape me, I dress up in a new set of clothes, grab several food rations, pick up a torch, and climb out of the ditch. The time of being their special toy is finished.

      I don't exactly know where I am, but I'm hoping that I find a trail of some kind that would take me to civilization, preferably away from the place where I committed my failed burglary and the location of the accidental death of the guard that pursued me. Thankfully, it only takes a moment until I come upon a dirt trail. There is also a lit sign post that reads, THREE MILES TO CAZODARUS.

      Cazodarus doesn't sound familiar to me, but it is a different name than the town I was caught in, so that's a good start.

      "You, halt!" shouts someone with a powerful authoritative voice.

      I turn and feel all of my hopes get dashed as a group of guardsmen approach me with their swords out. One of them is carrying a Wanted poster that has an almost perfect drawing of my face. There is also a reward posted on it that totaled 3,000 gold. "Damn it!" I mumble as one of the guards forcefully turns me around and binds my wrists with rope.

      "Fool, I doubt the courts will be any easier on you," one of them spits with zero sympathy.

      "Hey! You leave our man alone!" I hear Kylie scream. She lands in front of me and brings her morningstar down in the direction of the guardsmen. The impact creates a powerful shockwave that throws dust and debris everywhere as well as knock away the armored men.

      "Are you alright honey!" Sarah chimes in as she wraps her arm around me. "Why'd you try to leave us dearie!?" Red demands as she drops down from a tree and lands in front of us. Ivy and Olivia soon arrive on the scene as well.

      The guards appear to be incapacitated, but Kylie reassures me with a smile, "Don't worry. My weapon is made of Demon Realm Silver. It inflicts pleasure rather than pain and is a nonlethal mean of taking down enemies."

      A sigh of relief leaves my body.

      "Why'd you try to leave us baby?" Red asks me again, this time with a stern look followed by everyone else.

      I choke up for a moment and speak, "I...I appreciate you ladies for breaking me out of that hellhole, but I never anticipated nor wanted to be your sex slave. I...I'm sorry but, it's just not the life for me."

      The ladies are silent for a moment. What they are currently thinking is something that only they know. Did I get through to them?

      Red places a gentle hand on my shoulder and mutters with an apologetic smile, "I know the deal was that you'd do favors for us but, it looks like we got very selfish. Wouldn't you agree ladies?"

      There are several yeses among the group. Red shakes her head and says, "We got so caught up in our enjoyment of violating you that we never once considered your feelings on the matter. And for that...we're sorry."

      I then find myself in a group hug. My arms simply reciprocate the experience.

      When the hug is finished, Sarah asks me, "But, did you like the sex?"

      A small chuckle escapes me and I respond, "To be honest, it grew on me."

      I then try to make a deal with everyone, "How about this? We can set a schedule for our sessions that we adhere to. If I miss a session, then you ladies have the authority to screw me as hard as you want. Sound good?"

      They nod and say in excited unison, "YES!!!"

      With my new harem, we pack up our camp and get a move on toward Cazodarus. Though with the guards having seen us, we may need to make a change of plans. It's tough out here on the road, but with a strong and confident gang of mamono on my side, it's hard to be afraid of what might come next. I try my hardest to adhere to our schedule, but even that is proving to be a challenge. Hope we can find a safe place to bunk up soon.

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    • Well, You managed to escape from prison... you even managed to escape from the ones that free'd you, althuogh that was short lived. But apparently you ended up having good friends, Nice.

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    • Thanks JOVA!

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    • (Alright visiting some old ones)

      "Ahh, he has a leash on already too" calls out a voice as my chain is pulled to the direction of the voice. My eyes start to adjust to the new light coming out from some torched I can make out the shapes of 6 mamono standing over me.

      "Please let go of his chain Clara." says the mamono on the far right.  "But he looks soooo cute when I hold it." says the voice holding my chain. "Clara let him go." replies the voice in a more stern tone.

      "I'll carry him," says a voice as I feel that I'm lifted off the ground and held in bridal style.

      "Awwwww, now he looks like a child in your arms Jasmine." calls out a rather seductive voice. My vision becomes more clear, I look around to see purple claws holding me close to someone. I look and almost come nose to nose with an embarrassed Jabberwock.

      We stare at her in shock until the silence break with two glowing flames coming from what seemed like out of nowhere. "Lets get going they'll soon find out where here. Oh hey there cutie~" says a voice from what appears to be the two lights.

      "I'll meet you at lake," says the Jabberwock as she spreads her and takes flight. We really don't say a word during the flight to the lake execpt the Jabberwock saying her name was Jasmine. We arrive at the lake I fall asleep a couple of seconds after I'm placed onto the shore of the lake.

      I wake to feel something furry and pressure being all over my body. I open my eyes and look all around, it appears that I'm in some kind of house or cabin. I continue to look around to find some of the mamono are on me. I look at them, Jasmine is holding my left arm fast asleep, two Werewolves hold each of my legs, and a Hellhound on my right arm.

      "Look who finally woke up." calls a voice. I look up to see a Dark Mage at the doorway of the room. She walks up right next to me and whispers in my ear in a lewd voice, "Did you have nice and wet dreams? Because I sure did thinking about." Her voice sends tingles down my spine causing me to jerk my head away from her in a blushed face and accidentally hit the Hellhound."

      "Oww! WHO DARES-oh your awake." cries the Hellhound as she is woken from her nap. The hellhound loosens her on my arm. "My names Sophia and that's Emily." says the Hellhound pointing to the Dark Mage.

      "Well thank you for rescuing me. What are the Werewolves names?" I ask looking at the werewolves that are beginning to wake up. "The brown and black one is Clara, and the brown and grey is Claire." explains Jasmine as I realize she had just woken up as well.

      "It's about time we had some fun," says Sophia as I can see the lust in her eyes. Now that I notice it, all of them look like they are fighting the urge to take me right there on the spot. "But Mary said not to rape him -Yawn- until she talks to him," says sleepy Clara as she starts to stretch.

      "I don't think she would mind one ejaculation." says Jasmine as her smile begins to widden. By now I know what they're planning. I look at the doorway, nobody is between me and the door and nobody is holding me in place. I jump up and rush to the door, I make it to the doorway but at that moment... CLANK! I'm yanked backwards because I forgot about that collar attached to my neck, with it's stupid chain attached to it.

      I land right back on the bed and see Sophia holding my chain. "Going some where?... Oh just stop trying to get the collar off you it's impossible without the key. Plus you look more cute in it." says the Hellhound as she straddles me. "HELP! HEL-" I try to cry out for help maybe getting Mary's attention (whoever that is), but my lips are sealed of by Jasmine. Our tounges intertwine, she uses her claw to make sure our lips are sealed. I try to push her off, but I can't move as I seem to be incased in a purple aura. "Please don't move, you'll make worse for yourself. Unless that's what you want." says Emily, giggling after her remark.

      "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU GUYS THINK YOUR DOING WITH HIM?" shouts a voice that has power and authority. The mamono on me looks turn to pure terror, as they rush to get off of me. I look at the doorway to see a very tall and somewhat muscular Echidna at the door, that must be Mary. "I GAVE ALL OF YOU ONE JOB! ONLY ONE JOB! TO NOT RAPE HIM UNTIL WE HAD OUR TALK, SO WHAT IS SO HARD ABOUT NOT FOLLOWING THAT ORDER?!" Screams the Echidna in pure rage at the other mamono disobeying her. Her voice is so powerful that in the corner of my eye I can see the Jasmine is curling up a little bit in fear of the Echidna. Even I want to curl up in a ball and I can't help but be scared of her voice it sounds like thunder itself.

      "ALL OF YOU OUT!" the mamono stare at the her in fear, not moving even an inch. "NOW!" screams the impatient Echidna. All the mamono in the room dash out as fast as they could with the last one shutting the door behind her. The Echidna takes a couple of deep breaths to calm herself before approaching me "Sorry about that they're kind of horny right now. Are you okay my little cellmate?" she says in a voice that can only be described as comforting and reassuring, almost like a mothers. Now I can see her in full. She has a long blue and red stripped tail and her blue skin are beautiful

      "Y-Yes," I stumble to reply. Her tail wraps around me and pulls me to her, I squirm and try to get out of her hold. "Don't worry I'm not going to hurt you." she says as she pulls me into a nice hug. She moves one of her hands and moves it through my hair. "Your very cute did you know that pet?"

      "No, I didn't know I was cute.. wait a minute, PET?!" I yell out in surprise by her comment. She flashes me a devilish grin. "That's right. Your my pet, and I didn't have to even buy a leash or collar for you." she says looking at me with a smile. "I will feed you, bathe you, take you on walks, play with you, and have sex with you." she tells me exactly what she plans to do with me.

      "I-I'm not a dog!" I yell at her as I use all of my strength to get out of her coils. Instead of being angered by my attempt of escape she only replies with "Awwww, your so cute when you squirm like that. Now be a good boy and stop squirming, if you do I'll reward you." She grabs the "leash" (chain) and she takes me for the most embarrassing walk of my life.

      However, after a while I kind of gotten use to the dog life style. Mary and I sleep in a huge bed where she "plays" with me and shows me "affection." She feeds me plenty of food, it's mostly a care free life style, mostly. The only downside is when her and her friends team up on me.

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    • "And he even comes with a leash!"

      I glare at the offending yeti, but I soon lose my train of thought as she picks me up in a big squishy hug.

      Her fur is so smooth, fluffy and soft, it feels like heaven.

      I go slack in her embrace, and I'm soon carried off into a wooden basket, suspended by a rope on a pole and pulley.

      We're slowly lowered to the ground, my neighbor, an oddly blonde succubus, sits beside me, working her slender fingers into my shoulders. She seems to know just the right spots, and soon the stress of life has somehow melted away.

      We're soon seated in a rather large carriage, pulled by bicorns, of all things.

      They and the yeti make our merry band of five, and as the yeti replaces our driver, I meet our sixth, a hellhound whose fur is long and silken, as that of some dogs can be.

      She sidles up against me, sniffing eagerly at my face.

      Her breath is almost uncomfortably warm, and she moves further and further, shifting up and then over until she's seated in my lap, facing across the cabin and staring at the odd succubus.

      I feel the carriage roll slowly to a stop, and a grating, screeching sound echoes through the surrounding woods.

      Yanking the hellhound's plush rear off my growing erection, I shuffle awkwardly to the front, the yeti pulls out a metal plate and extends her claws.

      The grating noise tears at our very souls, and she simply giggles while she rends the metal sheet to scrap.

      Our seventh member joins, a lamia who wears a thick red ribbon in her hair.

      The Hellhound begins to look irked, and I hastily decide keeping my saviors happy is a priority.

      I return to my seat, and begin the first of many sessions of lovemaking.

      Three hours later, the poor wolf is begging me to give her rest, but the avaricious hands of a thief never tire.

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