• You are a captured twin blades style warrior. Orcs had you captured for some reason. Yet the reason seems to be unclear. Your swords were confiscated and leather stripped. Thus, you are in the concrete cell with your remaining clothes on.

    Before you were captured, you were on a solo fishing trip. You were fishing by the lakeside for a big dinner that night. However, when the sun set, a stray dart punctured your back. At that moment, you were calling asleep when the fish bit the bait.

    You have been given good care since your capture. Food that is given doesn't look like chum. They give juices and clean water to drink. With surprise, they brought a hammer for entertainment. That may be strange, but beneficial.

    You use a blunt dagger from the cell as a chisel. You dig the hole under your bed. To ease suspicion, you left a dummy on the bed and place drooping blankets over you. Once you hit soft ground, you dig a tunnel for escape. You have to take a few days since attenders have frequently visited you.

    They stated that you may be able to meet the chief's daughter in a few days. The high orc daughter wishes to see you. You seem surprise, but prioritize your escape than a formal meeting.

    Once the tunnel is finished, you decide to escape under the new moon. You make a dummy and fled into the hole. You run in the tunnel as you risk the chance. When you got out, a thunderstorm has started. The rain pours heavily on you and the ground. You ran away from the exit

    You hear loud prying from your cell. The open it and are screaming that you weren't there. Then loud footsteps.

    "That prick!" A voice roars. "After giving him good service, he somehow left me?! Why?!"

    You assume it was the high orc that the guards were mentioning. As you running away, her crying starts to get loud. It is so loud that thunderclaps are silence. However, you are getting annoyed by the crying.


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      • a few moments later

      She suddenly feels a blade at her throat, and another between her legs in a rather suggestive angle as I pop up behind her, "Simple sweet heart. You don't rape me, I rape you."

      Before she can react I drag her off into a near by tent. By the end of the day I've become the new war chief of the orc tribe.

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    • After hearing that roar, adrenaline pumps through my body and I immediately run towards the nearest bush and hide inside it. Time has passed and I hear footsteps getting closer to my position. I hold my breath to conceal my location.

      All seems quiet until I hear the footsteps going further away from the bush I was hiding in. I can no longer hear the footsteps and I rin to the nearest village.

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    • In a way I feel sorry for her, but on the other hand I really dont wanna get raped. I start walking out of the camp hoping that the rain will cover enough of my scent, any sounds I make, and my figure enough that I would manage get out withuot being noticed.
      While I manage to sneak to the side of the camp, I'm facing a cliff, too steep to climb up I start walking around the camp, but it seems that the camp is surrounded by a cliff on two sides, and fast flowing river which leads in to rapids bit further down, so climbing in this weather is extremely high risk, and swimming is no option. and what's worse, is that the orcs must be looking me by now.
      As I come to the last side I havnt checked yet I can see a path leading off from the camp, only issue was that there was 5 orcs guarding it, and if they get in a line, one single man couldnt fit trough. 5 armed man could most likely brake trough, but alone? not a chance.
      I think about the camp, it's seems very difficult place to defend, as archers could slaughter anything from the cliffs, but as a prison it's extremely good, and nearly impossible to escape from.
      I head back in to the camp if I could find anything which would help my escape. Grappling hook would be enough to make the cliffs easy enough to climb even in this weather.
      For couple hours I search for anything that I can use, but all I can manage find is couple broken spears, the spear tips look like silver, but still dont look like silver, it seems that every time a lighning flashes the glint from the silver isnt white, it's more... pink?
      The camp is actually more like village than camp. Buildings are mostly log cabins althuogh very small ones, but there is couple tents here and there too. twith quick estimation here must be at least 200 of them living here.
      I had couple run in's with orcs looking for me, but thanks to the storm they didnt notice me. but the storm is starting to pass, and after that they most likely dont even have to see me, they can smell me.

      I return to the path leading out. thankfully there is only 3 guards here right now. I sneak close to them using the shadow of the cliff brace the spears againt my chest and charge.
      As they hear me coming they try to block me, but the spears hit them before they can do anything. I'm shoked "IT DIDNT EVEN BRAKE THIER SKIN!" but either way the both fell down, and neither grabbed me, although as I was expecting the speras to get stuck when I impale them I dropped them.
      I hear a dull klong copule times, and as I look back the two are still on the ground, they look like dead but I certainly didnt kill them. and the third one is swinging her hammer to what seems to be a gong of some sort.
      Well, they know where I am right now, so the chase is on. but at least I have a small head start.
      I keep running and hope that I can manage to make as much distance as possible, They might be chubby, but they are also strong and surprisingly fast and agile.
      I keep running and get in a forrest even though I cant see very well. I keep running, even as the brances are scraping  and spiky bushes tear trough my simple linen clothes, and scrape my skin. Afterall that's small price to pay if I can get away from them.
      The rain is ending and it starts to be night, this gives more advantages to them. while I cant really see where I'm going anymore, the rain doesnt supress my scent, but the river cant be far I must try to find it.
      I find the river and thankfully there is a little stream pool right next to me. I also spot a hefty looking stone in there. Good, this might work.
      I jump in to the shallow pool, and pull the rock on top of me so I dont float, In the end just the rock and my face is showing from the pool. This should be enough to they wouldnt get a wiff of me, and gives me some time to rest.
      I doze off couple times, but wake up soon after as due turning my head in a sleep almost drowns me. I hear the orcs looking for me in the forrest, couple of them came to have a drink from the river only 60 or so feet from me but they didnt find me, must be my lucky day.

      When the morning comes I'm have rested some amount. I cant say I have slept as I kept waking up, I'm wet sore and misrable, but on the positive side I cant say I would hear the orcs anymore, and if they have been searching all night they must be tired.
      I slide the rock off from me and get off from the pool, and start walking away, but after  less than quarter of a mile away I see that the orcs have set up a small camp, and almost instantly I see their guard looking straight at me, she has definitely seen me. RUN!!!!
      I run as fast as I can, and soon come to a bit larger clearing in the forrest. I can hear them not far behind me, as I start running across the clearing, and suddenly I hear footsteps getting closer, As I looked back there was maybe 15 orcs on the edge of the clearing, and high orc in full charge just 10 feer behind me. and then she tackled me.
      As I was flying all I could think was landing safely, which I somehow managed to do, but the fact is she got me. I'm too tired to run, and now my back and other leg is hurting badly. I wouldnt be able to run even if I wanted to.
      As I roll on my back with my eyes closed I suddenly feel how a weight lands on my chest. as I open my eyes, I see her sitting on me, so close to my face I can barely see her face over her ample chest. Her legs bent on my both side so I cant move my arms. I'm could try to kick her, but fighting at this point would only make things worse.
      -"You know, I could have gone easy with you. all I wanted was a good mate for myself and myself only, that's why you were treated with respect. But now as you made us chase you, as a punishment I'm thinking about giving you to our clans public playtoy. But if you beg for me, I might still reconsider."
      I only had to think for a second. My dad always said that if you have to choose and you have only bad options, take the least worse one, and in this case being raped by one, or being raped by 200... well it's rather obvious which is worse.
      I beg, I kiss her thigs, and I beg more. the same time I can see how her lust is rising, and the others who are around as are just as lustful too.
      "You are allmost there," she says as she pulls her panties to the side, -"Keep working, I have almost decided."
      And I keep kissing, and licking. soon she grabs my hair and forces my head deeper, and then she starts squealing.
      After her climax is over she lifts herself off from me.
      -"You convinced me." she says to me and then she shouts to the orcs around us. -"Get him in my house, strip him, and dont let him escape!"
      Half a day later I was in her hut in her bed, and for next week she made sure I was too exhausted to get off from that bed.

      It's two years from that. nowdays I cook, and clean her house, and when she get's home I'm ready, able and... I cant say willing, but I really dont have better choise than pleasing her. Afterall, I have seen how some other guys are treated, and I'm damn glad that I chose this way.

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    • You take what you get. If what you get is a high orc crying for your affection, then you take it and go.

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    • Eat  a cookie i dunno...

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    • I just put the earphones on my ear to stop that annoyance. I've had a mission to pursue. A bunch of Mafia had kidnapped an Alice and demanding money from her family. I've been assigned to taken them out, the dual sword weilder is just a fake identity that I use to gather intel.

      I know their location, I just get in and kill the two, while the third one drops dead, a sniper took him down, I cover for the Alice as bullets start raining on us. I use my binoculer to spot the Sniper. She's the wors nemesis of mine, a Kunoichi with a rival law enforcement agency, whose agency wants to kill off the Alice as she's some scret that will ruin their face in public.

      I while keeping the Alice safe evade her attacks, but couldn't go far as she stood right infront of me. A scene played in my mind, my partner dying as her identity got exposed at the time of my infiltration mission in Port Mafia and she was the one executing her. Blood on her body with calm eyes she told me, "Traitors are to be killed."

      After the fall of the mafia I never saw her(I couldn't do shit as it would Jeopardise my mission.)

      I get ready with my Kick boxing stance, she gets ready with her Ninjustsu, she says, "You're making a mistake that girl isn'tsomeone who should enjoy protection."

      "Why, because she knows how you kill off your erstwhile contacts?" I sneer.

      "No, she's the serial bomber who was running rampant, last month."

      We charge at each other, at the same time a blast happens in the ORC camp, the Alice bows at us before disappearing into darkness.

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