• Family: Rhamph

    Type: Ancient Reptile

    Habitat: anywhere with innocents to torment or an "overlord" to serve (Only in the Reptile Kingdom)

    Disposition: Simple, Cowardly, Arrogant, Mischievous, Cruel, Selfish, Sadistic, Malicious (Loyal, Devoted, Masochistic, Submissive towards their master)

    Diet: Scraps of meat, insects, stolen food, whatever rewards they get for serving their master

    Sorde are among a class of small of flying reptile mamono. They have an adult body but only at the size of a Compy or Fairy. They're bodies are rather petite in order for them to be able to fly more efficiently however they still have an adult figure. In place of arms they have membraneos wings similar to that of a bat, however unlike bats, only their pinky finger is used to support the wing structure and the other three fingers and the thumb remain intact to be used as hands, so they can still grasp and manipulate objects unlike harpies. They have taloned feet with very sharp claws and long tail tipped with a paddle like structure that is used as a rudder. Among others of the Rhamph family mamono though, they are a bit smaller with a lighter build. They are also unique amongst the Rhamph family in that they will often have tufts of pseudo fur growing from their body, which they will often style in such a way as to look more evil and intimidating. They are extremely fast and maneuverable, given their sharp claws this can make them surprisingly effective fighters.

    Holding a fearsome rivalry with their Dimorph relatives, Sordes are likened to being a sort evil minion. They wield no weapons but have phenomenonly sharp claws and frequently learn weak magic, being fond of flashy attack magics like fire and lightening but are too week to do much more than serve as a distraction or torment someone who can't fight back of catch them.

    Sordes are known for their malevolent behavior and pulling sadistic pranks on anyone they can. They've proven to be fond of preying upon lone travelers, stealing food, destroying supplies, and causing general havoc in the lives of unsuspecting and unlucky travelers. Often a Sorde will taunt their victims, flaunting themselves as if they were superior in every way and mocking their victims for being too slow, weak, and stupid to do anything about while cackling madly.

    What's more is Sordes tend to follow predatory mamono, often leading the mamono towards the travelers or chasing the traveler towards the mamono so that they can watch the man be hunted down and raped. Often this is the only reason any predatory mamono will tolerate the presence of a wild Sorde, as the Sorde will not spare the mamono of their mischief anymore than they are willing to spare a man.

    Despite their arrogant and mischievous behavior, they often prove to be rather cowardly and when cornered all of their bravado disappears and the Sorde is willing beg, grovel and otherwise debase themselves for mercy. Some of the stronger, more malevolent mamono will exploit this and force Sordes into servitude, often using the tiny flier for grunt work and as scouts and spies usually giving the Sorde food scraps and rights to toy with rejected men. The Sorde is often bullied into doing the work however when in this position, Sordes often prove to be surprisingly loyal refusing to betray their mistress under any circumstance other than in absolute defeat and they display submissive amd masochistic tendencies towards the mamono who has effectively tamed them.

    In battle, Sordes specialize in making a nuisance of themselves. Utilizing week attack magic to harass their opponent before speeding away, or using their sharp claws to strike vulnerable areas and weak poins, often leaving numerous scratches everywhere with exposed skil, shredding cloth, and slashing straps holding armor together. A flock of Sordes are especially dangerous including to themselves. Often disorganized to the extreme, a flock will squabble with each other and individuals within the flock care little if another one of them get caught in one of their attacks, at the same time however a flock of Sordes will often work itself into a frenzy creating a fluttering maelstrom of claws and attack magic while the flock generates a cacophony of screeching and insults. When this happens the attacks from the flock quickly becomes so vicious and unpredictable that even seasoned warriors end up being overcome.

    Wild Sordes and members of their species who follow stronger mamono often prefer to lord themselves over men. When they choose a mate it is often someone that they can bully into submission and rape as they please, often sadisticly milking a man to his last drop. However it is also possible, and sometimes even easy, for a man to tame a Sorde and bend her to his will. Despite their speed, Sordes are rather weak and fragile. Should a man corner one she will most likely beg for mercy, just as they would with a mamono. Men who have been relentlessly antagonized often feel the desire to punish or take their revenge on the Sorde, often leading to thuroughly beating, viciously raping or otherwise humiliating the Sorde. This will awaken the Sorde's masochistic instincts, causing her to submit to the man who has dominated and humiliated her so thoroughly as her master.

    A Sorde tamed in this manner will often become fanatically loyal, even more so than if she were to be following a powerful mamono. A tamed Sorde is almost worshipful in the devotion to the man who tamed them. Enthusiastically devoting themselves to even the most tedious and demeaning of tasks, and slavishly referring to the man as "master" at every opportunity. They become true masochists, eagerly and enthusiastically participating in their own use and abuse. They will frequently talk long and lovingly about him to anyone who is willing to listen. Such rants are hardly romantically-driven poems however. Tamed Sordes tend to view their master almost as some sort of evil overlord, telling others things such as "my Master is more powerful than you can possibly imagine!" and "my Master finds you displeasing, begone!" It is also not uncommon for a Sorde to attempt to fill the role of messenger, spy, and advisor to master, often gathering information for him and sitting on his shoulder to whisper ideas and useful information into his ear. Sordes serve well in gathering information and relaying messages, though when acting as advisors they often bring mixed results.

    It should be noted while Sordes behavior often leads most to believe that they would select villainous or cruel hearted masters, in direct opposition to the Dimorphs desire to serve as a squire to vallient and heroic knights. This however is not true, in fact a Sorde actually cares little about the ethical tendencies of their master so long as he has proven his ability to dominate them. It is actually quite possible for a man to end having both a Dimorph and a Sorde serving him. This of course leads to squabbling between the oppositional mamono as the two attempt to guide their master into two very different lifestyles, the Dimorph attempting to lead him towards heroically usinh his strength to help and protect others, while the Sorde attempts to drive him to seize power and exert his dominance over those around him (especially herself). Despite this, a Dimorph and Sorde make for an astoundingly good team when united under a single goal.

    [And thus completes the latest RK Mamono. The Sorde is based off of the Sordes Pilosus a small pterosaurid from the late Jurrasic. Their genus name literally translates to scum or filth and references evil spirits in local regions of Kazakhstan where they were originally discovered. This is what inspired the evil minion aspects as well as their masochistic behavior. Their species name translates to "hairy" referencing the pseudo fur on their bodies. Which I included. All in all I'd say that we have nice counter part to Dimorph. Sadly she's a paleo girl so I doubt I'll be able to find an image for her. Information on the Reptile Kingdom and links to the other Reptile Kingdom mamono can be found here: ( You can also make suggestions there if you want, just follow the rules on that.

    As per my norm, feedback and criticism is welcome and encouraged, so long as your criticisim is more than mindlessly insulting me, I want something useful out of it. So tell me what you think of her]

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