• ( Faida, Star of the Show)

    "Come with me! Sigarda lies to the-"


    Thrown across worlds, spiraling deeper into places founded and matched with others...

    What hope ye have? In which hope runs rot?

    Be warned, Angel of Herons, the sweetest taste this world brings is one of sinful temptation and bitter lies concocted by the jealous and brooding.

    Clattering to the ground with a fierce crash, a winged humanoid can be seen being tossed out of a green-white flash of light a few feet above the ground. What can be seen first of this being are their wings, unatural looking with no feathers to speak of, but with stretched blue and pink skin that looks a bit like 'webbing' for a similar creature. Five tendril-peusdopods droop from each wing and lay limp with this being's prone position.

    There is a groan... a female one, coming from it, now a her due to being correctly idefintifed. Armor plates being sloughed off like flesh off the bone, and leaving her in a simple white dress barely holding together. Long blonde hair that seemingly dyes to pink at the tips blocks her sight as she lifts it away with her right hand.

    Pink pupils take in a forested swamp of sorts, though more forest than swamp is what it appears to be. Not what the girl has remembered as can be stated by her confused expression and the question that lines up out of her throat.

    "W-where... am I?"

    Before she can fully process this question, she feels something drift by her neck... something slimy and thin, but bendable... than another... and another.

    She spins her head around to look at it, and see, sprouting from her back are a multitude of pink, purple, and blue tentacles wafting in the air. As well as that, the wings that she doesn't remember having in the first place.

    Memories flooding back to her, Sigarda, Innistaid, the humans she swore to protect, vampires, werewolfs, the undead... eldrazi... Emrakul.

    We are Emrakul

    We are Emrakul

    Are Emr-

    The angel goes wide-eyed and starts vomiting profusely, a thick purple-blue blood-like liquid spills from her throat. Sobbing pathetically in the middle of this, as the rest of her mental corruption is literally evicted out of her body via vomit. Though it does take three long painful minutes.

    After that is all said and done with, a name helpfully comes to her...

    Faida, the former Angel of the Flight of Herons, gets up unsteadily on her feet, balancing herself on a slightly bent tree she picks a direction to the north and starts walking there...

    Not... very fast.

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    • As she walks north she begins to see an unusual amount of carrion birds in the trees around her. Going even further north the smell of smoke and dead bodies descended.

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    • Or... or maybe not, the sight and smell definitely had it's reminders that perhaps she was still on Innistrad. And had been magically transported elsewhere...


      But that didn't feel right to her. Well, nothing felt right at the moment, specially the new and transformed items on her back. Oh...

      T-that would be a problem wouldn't it?

      If she was on Innistrad still, even if she did find a village, she was an abomination at best to be put to death. Not that... humans or some vampires could take her in a fight, but she'd hate to see their faithful looks to turn into distrust and disgust.

      Is she... able to defend herself though? Both physically and mentally she felt haggard and weak, more jumpy than usual as well, like a mewling kitten out to see the world. Like anything could kill her and not even have to try...

      But perhaps a look, if there are no survivors, a quick prayer...

      A quick prayer to who?

      Well wishes than, and if there are survivors uhh...

      Faida stalked forward, glancing uncomfortably several times at her back and the tentacles. They don't seem to 'harm' her and if she... concentrated... she thought she might be able to make them move.

      Which was plainly disturbing to behold.

      Nevertheless, beneath rotting trees and cawing ravens, she wonders what sort of road of absolution it is. Hopefully the one that won't find her or others absolutely dead. That would be terrible.

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    • (I hope what your planning isn't too crazy and plot-changing.)

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    • She finds a small clearing in which a gnoll wearing a light grey set of robes is sitting on a log, around him were the corpses of forest animals, like wolves and foxes, and if one were to sort though the corpses they would find other creatures. In front of him was a campfire upon which a unfortunate Fox was being roasted. He had yet to notice her.

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    • Meanwhile, in the sky above her, a Wyvern and a strange metal machine dance through the air. Well, less of a tango than a knife fight, but they weave through the air, the sepia-coloured plane always just a little ahead. 

      "Agh! Come on! Stop being so fast!" yelled the Wyvern, partly to herself and partly at the single-seat fighter in front of her, to the man she knew lay inside. "Hiyahh!" The Rauser slid to the side, letting the cocky Wyvern dive past. "Really? Ah well, I've had that happened to me tons of times. Then again, I just did this-" The plane suddenly cut throttle, gyroscopically yawing right and pitching up in a demonstration from the Wyvern's tactical position. "And then boom, thar she blows. But you look like you're exhausted. Why don't you go fly home?" She grits her teeth to come back up, and the machine floors the throttle. The rocket engine sends the hapless Wyvern tumbling away, who manages to level herself and flies away, grumbling to herself. 

      (My bad, I've been writing this for like an hour)

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    • (This is MGE? There are no male mamonos?)

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    • (Wll, he said Gnoll instead of Gnome, so maybe...)

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    • (Yeah, I don't think of gnolls as mamono.)

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    • (Ah, whatever)

      Two things at once, first off... that looks to be a werewolf. A non-corrupted werewolf, with strange spots on it's fur. Secondly, it appears to be wearing clothes of a sort... wolfir? It is day out, or it looks to be so it definitely well could be.

      But it doesn't look to be a silverfur, and it's always good to be cautious... and Faida was espescially weak at this moment at the time. Along with the numerous other things like she looked a bit like a eldrazi wouldn't help first impressions. So, instead.

      Faida, already at a safe distance away, started to limp away, forget that she saw that. There were three other perfectly fine directions.

      The angel stopped... looks down and makes sure to not step on twigs or dry leaves as she makes her way back to the small indent in the ground... Though really, she finds her way to it because the multicolored-vomit is very easy to see. So she takes to the south instead. Walking with much better bearing, though still very frankly disturbed at all of this.

      Than the noise starts, the former angel yelps in fear as such a 'dance' begins. Faida looks to the skies and sees the 'battle' between what looks to be a strange metal device and a flying... humanoid of sorts? She watches in fascination, but otherwise keeps a low profile, following currently, still south, to it, until the fight stops and the being is suddenly knocked off course by the burst of speed that device brings out all of a sudden.

      "Okay..." A whisper, "not on Innistrad..." Weird how such a conclusion comes to her, and with no internal denial either.

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    • The gnoll meanwhile had began to eat the fox. After finishing it he grabs a skull tipped staff from behind the log and a bucket of water. Using the water he doused the flames.

      After doing that he slams the staff into the ground, causing tiny lavender orbs to float up towards the staff and enter it through the skull's eye sockets.

      "Gah, I hate wasting." He mutters, glaring at the corpses scattered about. None of them were fit to raise as undead thralls and he really didn't need to eat anymore. Sighing he continues the trek south he had paused in.

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    • As the hyena-humanoid would, he would come across something rather... strange. A small indent in the ground, indicating that either someone fell or was attacked and pushed to the ground roughly.

      Another thing is the pool of purple-blue liquid that appears to be recently drying but still there is more then enough to inspect or poke at... or take with him if the gnoll so desired to do so. It had no smell, completely odorless to even your attuned senses as a beastman.

      One last thing, he can see ten marks on the ground, like a large snake or worm being dragged lightly across. Which is strange... since there's 5 marks, a large gap between, and another give marks or trails leading... south, the direction he's currently going.

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    • He looks at the liquid and raises an eyebrow. And when his gaze lands on the marks he looks up and continues walking forward. Looks like something else was on this trail.

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    • Further down the trail, the angelic horror continues tentatively forward into the unknown. Sometimes keeping an eye out for that strange humanoid and that flying device and sometimes looking ahead or behind her. Though she doesn't see anyone... or sense for that matter.

      Up on the road, when the swamp is completely left behind for a forest. Faida comes to a sight not foreign to the likes of her. A broken down wagon. Large gash marks on the side indicate that of a large beast or werewolf of some-sort had taken to attacking this. Perhaps that werewolf from before? Maybe, maybe not.

      Looking around it, she noted it was for one person, and that while there was scuff marks and a struggle of being dragged away. There was no blood at all. Noble vampires wouldn't have done such a sloppy job, 'young' vampires would have eaten the poor person on the spot. Same goes for young werewolves, and even if a smarter werewolf would have wanted them to join the pack. There at-least would have been blood of some-kind when they bit into him, or at-least accidentally scarred them with a grab.

      This... definitely was a strange scene to be sure, a mystery. But all of the clues lead to an unheard answer. The answer came clear, but that only raised more questions.

      There was wolf-prints, multiple of them. So it was werewolves... but the prints were a lot smaller than normal werewolves. They looked actually like they were normal human-sized.

      She heaved a heavy sigh as she looked in the direction of where they supposedly took this person, she couldn't save them, everything was at-least a day old. What they wanted to do they already did it. Werewolves could be patient, but not that patient. That and she still felt weak, and this was a pack, irregular size aside, she doubted she would be much of a match for the beasts even with advantages.

      But that did also rule out one culprit, that werewolf from before... was it even a werewolf? She wasn't exactly sure, and that made her unsure if these beings were also werewolves...


      The gnoll comes upon an interesting sight... a broken down wagon, claw marks litter the ground, but no blood to be seen or smelled and in the middle of it all is a very peculiar being that the hyena-man has never seen before.

      Inspecting the wreckage, is a somewhat tall humanoid women... or what you think is a women that your guess from it's torn white and green dress that she's wearing. Sprouting from her shoulderblades are two wings, fleshy-pink and blue, simply unnatural look to them that reminded you of thin see-through rubber. Five tendrils... a familiar trail, hang from the end of this... 'mamono's' wings? If he inspects the trail he used to get here... it would match.

      Another perhaps disturbing sight, is that of the dozen or so thin purple-blue tentacles coming out of her upper and mid back portion. They sway randomly in the breeze and twitch like they're a creature of their own. From what you can guess, her hair is blonde and skin color is a healthy peach for a humanoid... if you even know what that means, it looks it.

      She doesn't appear to notice him as she stands up with a hand to her chin and something ticks you off about this, but it's familiar... in a way.

      This being isn't producing a smell of anykind.

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    • The hyena-kin looks at the simultaneously angelic and demonic thing, which could only assume is some new mamono. Black and purple energies gather around his staff but other than that nothing happens.

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    • She hasn't seen the gnoll just yet, but as she thinks to herself, hand slowly lowering. Her tentacles drift and shift slightly to the hyena-man's direction. This being doesn't appear to notice just yet, really enforcing the illusion that perhaps she is not one creature but two or more.

      The womanly-humanoid continues on the path south, hands folded in each other and fidgeting as if nervous. Faida felt it cooling to her fraying nerves for some reason, a habit she never had beforehand that she remembered at any time. Looking up to see the machine still flying about and than suddenly looking behind her with a quick twitch of the head. She stares wide-eyed at the wolf-being infront of her.

      The same one as before.

      Alright, for the gnoll, three more things to note about her. Her pupils are an unatural shade of pink, and the tips of her long hair appear to end in pink and are slightly wet and stick together a bit.

      But the connection here is on what is on the side of her lips, it's a liquid, blue and purple. She... vomited that up? There appeared to be a lot of it and from the red cheeks and dried eyes she may have been crying as well when that all happened... if you had to assume when she would do such a thing. So it definitely wasn't a pleasant experience for her. A surprised, and fearful expression plays onto the angelic-horror's face as she takes two steps back.

      "O-oh... my bad, were you going d-down this path? I found this wagon busted up, y-you wouldn't know what happened to it?" By Sigarda, where was her bravado? It was like it was down the drain, torn and shattered to the wind... like her mind. Faida eyes the staff, it was channeling energy, be ready to run... or fly on these flayed wings of hers.

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    • The energies disperse when he sees she wasn't looking for a fight. At least he thought that was the case. Upon hearing the question he shrugs before replying.

      "Maybe bandits? Could be werewolves prowling for mates and taking any suitable ones with them." Upon thinking about his reply he cursed in a language unfamiliar to the corrupted angel.

      "Thrice damned wolfkin! It probably was a pack of them!" He seems unnaturally nervous, and maybe scared.

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    • Oh...

      Now that was certainly unexpected, multiple things unexpected right there. But the foremost is the fact the... well Faida didn't know what he was... it sounded like a he anyways. He wasn't hostile, which was good, and either a strange type of wolfir, highly unlikely considering the circumstances or something else entirely, the best guess..

      "Definitely looks to be werewolves, marks they make are easy to see... Mates you say?" Now that was a interesting tidbit to point out, the 'taking any suitable ones' was obviously a stand-in for infect them with their curse. But taking in... mates? That thought...

      Proved to be a disturbing one.

      Nevertheless, the next words out of the beastman's mouth were foregin to her, and seemed to indicate fear, fear of her... wasn't likely. If he feared her, he would already be attacking, so fear of the werewolves? Strange.

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    • He returns to a language she can understand. "Well, if we're going the same way we might as well travel south. Having a group should deter them.... I hope." He keeps glancing around, his fear still present.

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    • The flying machine roars overhead again, almost like it knew of Faida's presence, and sought her out...

      <Anomaly detected. Unrecognised energy signature. Detecting reality abnormalties.> "Oh, really? Well, let's give the newcomer a warm welcome, shall we?" <You have no idea who or what just manifested. You always do this, you know.> "Yeah, yeah." I pitch the aircraft down towards the ground, sweeping it up again to land as a tailsitter aircraft.

      A man with a sepia brown uniform jumps down from the cockpit and stretches for a few seconds before looking around with interest. Raising his right wrist, he purposefully taps out an instruction on the circle of black metal seemingly (and seamlessly) embedded into his wrist. "Alright, in this Huh."

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    • "I'm... a bit w-weak as of this moment. I don't think I can serve much protection to you I'm a-afraid. Though I will... try my best to help, Sigarda wills it." No faith is felt, truly... this was another plane. Than, a more pressing matter is at hand, figuring out where she was.

      "So, what is this p-" 'WOOSH!' Goes the machine overhead suddenly, causing Faida to yelp out and jump a bit, somewhat comically really. Though it does indeed, cut off her question.

      The man lands, and sees not to far away a small indent in the ground, like someone was just dropped onto the earth harshly. Near it is a pool of purple-blue liquid that you think has a similar consistency to blood... if you test it at all. It is mostly dried and has tinted the ground in it with that same color.

      No odor wafts from it and a ten worm-like trails can be seen going both north and south. Though the direction points you to south, so this entity had a bit of backtracking apparently.

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    • The gnoll didn't seem to care about, or notice, the man in the air.

      "I was more so hoping a group would intimidate the werewolves. And who is this Sigarda?" He seemed confused when she jumps and wonders what caused it.

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    • "Alright. So it points this way...geez, I would have thought I'd land closer. Ah well. They could already be at the hands of a Grizzly!" I start running south, following the bizarre energy signature...

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    • "Yes... hopefully, we should get moving, before that device decides it's coming towards us... Are you... familiar to it? You didn't appear to... react? To it." Completely ignoring the subject of the archangel. Which was weird for past-Faida, but the idea of keeping secrets and details hidden made a small blanket of comfort to her for somereason. It just... spoke to be such a good idea that she should do it.

      Faida nods to herself quietly and starts walking forward, going still on the path. As it hasn't steered her wrong yet, Faida beckons the hyena-man lightly with her left hand.

      The angel slowly begins to smile to herself as the forest starts to turn less and less, more rocky outcroppings and rolling hills. Lots of green grass... a plains, a center of white mana and she feels it. Though, off in the distance she sees something slightly out of place.

      Three horses are running about, in a playful manner, chuckles and heckles coming from their riders. All women... Except... there are no riders, attached where the horse's head should be are the torso, arms, and head of a human girls. Wearing little to cover theirselves up.

      Following behind them is another women, with goat horns and with the hooves of a goat. Much fancier but otherwise still revealing clothing, holding what looks to be a wine bottle and casually taking sips from.

      Faida watches wide-eyed at this, completely ignoring the fourth 'women' and just staring at the centaurs. Her movements go to a stand-still. Perhaps catching the gnoll off guard...

      She's starting to shake...

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    • As he followed her he replied to her question. "Oh, I didn't notice that. But I have seen it occasionally. He stops when she starts to shake. His eyes show confusion, then a dawning worry and he looks past her to see the Satyros and Centaurs.

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    • I keep running down the trail, keeping a steady pace. "Still in this direction...scan for humanoid creatures, or at the very least, bipedal." <Affirmative. Sensors active.> I slow to a jog and look around curiously. "Huh...awfully quiet, given the rocket-powered Rauser. Usually, people would come in groups to take a look. But that's just humans, I guess, poking our noses into places they shouldn't be."

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    • Janadian would pass the broken down wagon, trail still going forward... though you can definitely see two figures in the far-off distance at this point. Forest turning into open grass-plains. Sun beating upon the ground as errants tufts of fluffy clouds floats about. A pleasant day that you no doubt realized beforehand.

      Faida is stuck... her eyes no longer really gazing at the centaurs but beyond them out in the fields. The tentacles on her back that would twitch and sway are now unnaturally still, as if frozen solid.

      To the angel, the world crumbles away like glass pieces slowly coming apart, shard by shard. And than being replaced just as 'fast' with a new but similar landscape of yellowed plains and skies turn black as tornados turn about in the background. Very little light pierces the clouds. A Lone Rider can be seen galloping near and nearer towards her.

      It is a man, a knight wielding a glaive and clad in leather armor, hoisting up a lantern, presumably for another time than right now as the light given is more than enough for his sight. The horse he’s riding of a simple brown coloration… but something is off about it. There are small holes on the beast, through which blue and pink veins  are coming out of it and connecting and forming along the reins into the rider’s flesh.

      He doesn’t appear to care or notice however, though his expression couldn’t have been really told due to the cloth mask over his hands and nose. His eyes did look focused on the angelic-horror a good distance away from him.

      Her eyes became unfocused for a second. The gnoll can see her start to shake her head and whisper, “no” over and over again. She takes a singular step back and then…?

      In the distance, a man wielding a glaive in one hand and lantern in the other, clad in leather armor and with covered face is riding towards you both on a horse. But he and the horse looks… off. Though that could also have been told due to him just suddenly manifesting in the field from nothing. Both the centaurs and satyros looks shocked at this and stop in their tracks.

      The satyros looks at her bottle in confusion.

      Lone Rider

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    • The gnoll jumps back in surprise at the horseman's appearance. He jumps in front of Faida for no apparent reason as if to protect her.

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    • Having gained visual contact with what appeared to be the newcomer, I switched off the tracking software and sidled to a walk. <Warning. Another reality shift has been detected.> The fairly human computerised voice breaks off from its robotic readouts, saying <If you close the distance, I may be able to read brainwaves to see if they're hostile or not. Though I wouldn't have to do that if you had not of pursued this line of action...> I shrugged and kept walking. "Tact is a virtue..."

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    • Indeed, JPK does see the strange hyena-man and this... mamono... woman...? Definitely not natural looking by any case of the imagination. Out in the fields the other anomaly presents itself as a man riding a horse. To the device perhaps scanning the surroundings, it might want to correct a few things. As that's no teleportation or portal-bending, that's just a manifestation of magic, a magical construct formed from nothing but a spell that looks to be of flesh.

      Whatever the case it comes closer to the two, pointingly looking at this winged-woman clearly in a state of shock to someone so close. The other four nearby are backing away from this exchange, worried murmurs bursting forth from their lips but due to the distance they are but white noise.

      The rider's gallop slows to a trot, eyes lighting up as if smiling at the angel underneath the cover. To which the horse completely stops not 20ft away. A lengthy pause insues, and he begins to speak, a broad baritone his voice.

      "Thank Sigarda your here, we managed to fend them off as best we can, but Virsale has fallen, we need reinforcements immeadiately."

      To the gnoll and the other man, they both hear nothing, but this man has stopped exactly 20ft away from them and is just looking at her vacantly. Faida herself slumps to her knees but her mouth starts to open and speak, conversing with... someone.

      "Rest well in Heron's grace, rider, but... if Virsale has fallen? Than wouldn't evacuation would be of greater priority."

      The man chuckles to himself, "oh no, no evacuation is necessary, infact, if you could bring all of you to me that would be just fine~"


      Just as Faida was about to say something else, the Lone Rider's neck snaps abruptly into too himself and the horse neighs loudly as it's jaw starts to become distended and stretched apart it's flesh. It's inner half is suddenly throughly combined into a thick mass of purple-red tendrils that connect the horse and man each other. But the torso and head of the man seem to be missing, as they're transfigured into more of these tendrils.

      The lantern's light serves as a subsitiute for this thing's head, a glowing beacon. Elsewhere it's glaive is stuck midway between the... human half and through the entirety of the 'horse's body. As tail and mane fur start growing out of open pores and wounds on the beast, extra atrophied hooves also take shape.

      It lets out a scream, sounding like words but barely. "WKL ARN ALL 'RMAKUL!"

      To the outsider view, the man on the horse suddenly transforms into this hideous abomination that lets out an anguished sounding 'neigh' as it starts shambling towards the now sobbing angelic-horror. The centaurs and satyros letting out curses and swears as they see this happening.

      FEAT20160701 icon

      It That Rides As One

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    • The Gnoll looks at it, lavender energies gathering at the tip of his staff as the demented horse creature shambles forward.

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    • The thing promptly receives a light smattering of buckshot, fired from the Taurus Judge held in my outstretched arm as I step onto the scene. "Holy jesus...What is that? What the fuck is that?!" I pull the trigger twice, and a pair of .454 Casull rounds slice into the thing.

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    • And with that, the horrid vision dissipates, but the creature is still standing. Wounded but still standing, and as it rushes forward with impossible speed that one would think with it's deformities wouldn't be possible, towards the man entering the scene.

      But before it can get to swing down with a slam of it's body. A scream erupts from the angel...

      A very angry scream. Channelling white mana, a white outline takes the abomination. whilest it agonizing in unrecognizable noises towards it's assailant. The creature turns chalk white in mid-slam and than disintegrates into white flower petals that fly away in a non-existant wind.

      Faida's hand is outstretched... than it slumps... a couple seconds pass and she wipes away her tears and stands up with a shaky sigh. She looks towards the man with the strange weapon and gives a weary smile.

      "H-hail traveler... thank you for your h-help..."

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    • (Was Janadian actually surprised or was he just quoting?)

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    • The lavender magic dissipates as the Gnoll watches the petals float away. He learned one thing from this.... Strange encounter, that he was with dangerous beings and he should watch his metaphorical step.

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    • (Let's say both.)

      I looked down and around as the petals flew away on the wind, then holstered the revolver and bowed towards the angel. "On the contrary, madam, I'm pretty certain you just saved my okay?" I rushed forward. "That looked like it took a bit out of you need some help standing?" To myself, I thought, Thank glad I never got into arcane magic; I doubt wind magic could throw someone through dimensions like this...

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    • "I'm... I'm doing fine." Indeed, though she takes the man's hand... reluctantly to help herself up. She doesn't look that especially haggard... though perhaps she is more drained emotionally and mentally rather than physically.

      "Hey, are you guys alright over there?!" Calls out one of the centaur, Faida looks out to them. A brief loud screech of white noise causes her to wince a bit and than... everything's fine. Taking a better look, they do appear to be attached... 'naturally' and not deformed and hideous like she first believed.

      Something of a misunderstanding for sure. Though it wasn't exactly her fault. "Y-yes, just had a bit of a... scare? Yes, I'm doing absolutely okay!" Faida sure didn't sound tough, but it convinced them for now.

      Not you two however.

      On another note, since Janadian got so close to the horror, he would begin to note the similarites of color and shape the creature had to this woman's back and wings. Both look to be simply... out-of-place on her body. Like you were expecting feathers on her wings rather than... skin.

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    • The Gnoll looks at her, he had doubts but didn't voice them. However he realized he didn't know the angel's name. He would have to rectify this soon....

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    • I glanced back at where the rider nearly knocked me down, and back at the angelic woman. "My name's TheJanadianKing, but call me TJK. I've been in this world for five years, and been everywhere, more or less. My equipment picked up some sort of...temporal shift, or something. I assume you haven't been here long?" I made a silent note on perhaps analysing the strange tissue for contagiousness or composition.

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    • So this man wasn't originally here before either? "You say world, but I haven't heard anything in the ways of names and landmarks about this place... Hm, it would be hypocritical... my name is Faida, a pleasure to meet you Janadian."

      The whisperings and small voices had faded to the background, to nothingness, for now at least. That being said, she had yet to learn the beastman's name, much less what he was. All she knew was that he 'probably' wasn't a werewolf. Though know that she thought about it, perhaps now isn't exactly the bestest of times to be sure.

      The four others in the plains do a little wave and start wandering off, probably to forget what happened with drink... and newly made drink, because the satyros doesn't trust if something was put in her drink or not that wasn't supposed to be put in there.

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    • The hyena-kin sighed. Well, if the others were naming themselves he ought to do so as well. "Well, if we're going to say our names i should say mine. I am Valorad, Arch-Necromancer of the Howling Moors."

      He says that and looks about, wondering what to do now.

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    • "Valorad, eh? It seems familiar...something about a big tower. Well, I guess I should introduce Mrs. Faida here to our world. THIS," I exclaimed, throwing my arms wide, "is the world of Monster Girls! Monsters, yokai, and cryptids from a whole bunch of mythologies and legends live here. Don't be scared; they're all very against killing. In fact, they're all mostly humanoid, and all female. Creatures portrayed as girls. Giant spiders? Arachne, bondage enthusiasts and quite sadistic. Sentient slime? Yep, comes in..." I count on my fingers. "Ten varieties! Goblins? You bet! We've got it all, and then some!" Taking a breath, I bow curteously. "So, would you like a bit of a guide around this place? It can be awful confusing to newcomers, especially in Wonderland..."

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    • "That horrid place is to never be spoken of, lest we incur some terrible deity and they throw us there." He shudders at the mere thought.

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    • Faida's fists curl at the announcment that the newly named Valorad was a necromancer... of all things... However, she lets out a sigh and relaxes, with what recent news she had gathered. Everyone that wasn't an eldrazi was an ally of Innistrad... and what this man said next.

      "R-really?" Was honestly both very confusing and a breath of fresh air... no more wanton death, no more killing for the sake of savagery... but wait... what about the werewolves...?

      "Me and V-Valorad encountered an attacked wagon, it seemed like werewolves attacked it, if what you said was true why would they atta..." And than it comes to her, Valorad said that the werewolves needed mates and Janadian said they were all female... which means...

      Oh... oh

      The angel sat in silences as the pieces clicked into place, pink pupils widening slightly.

      Death and murder exchanged with sex and rape... of course. And yet...? It was infinitely better than what Innistrad was at both it's best and worst of times.

      And what is this 'Wonderland?' Valorad seems to have not to pleasant experiences about it. "I would l-love to be in a village or something like that. A g-guide can w-wait until I get my bearings please."

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    • Valorad looked around in his robes, searching for a map. However he quickly realized he didn't bring one with him. Sighing he picks his staff up and grabs the bucket he used to put out his fire earlier.

      "Well, we can only hope we find a monster friendly village as any Order village would drive me and you out. Unless TJK here has some bounty on his head, than all of us are to be driven out."

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    • Staring into space, I muttered, ", I don't remember hassling an Order fortress recently...or in this area, at least. There was a Sabbath fortress two countries ago, though." I shake my head. "No bounty on my head. At least, not placed by the Orderites, I think. The Sabbath might be a tad angry at me, but they've only seen the fuselage, not my visage. And then there's the Iron Wings, but at this stage, it's just an occupational hazard. So, monster-friendly towns..." I begin to punch some numbers into my PDA, and a holographic map appears of the region. "We're here, there are three towns registered in this region. You dropped in very close to the border, so we should head that way," I pointed, "towards monster-friendly territory."

        Loading editor
    • Which was still south... amazingly. Faida shuddered a sigh and had a small smile upon her features. "A-alright, I'm guessing you'll accompany us to this t-town... t-tell us whatever else might be of i-importance? I mean." The former angel looked at the gnoll with a shrug.

      "Tell m-me? Whatever else might of importance?"

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    • Valorad thinks for a moment before replying to her questions...

      "Nothing i can think of except always be weary around succubi. Nasty things they are." He hoped that would be satisfactory.

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    • And another term she had no idea of, but apparently they were nasty, whatever that meant in the context of this new world she was unsure. Something not to be around for, for sure. "Janadian, would you lead the way to the nearest town?" Thoughts turned to other activities however, like how would she be able to get back to Innistraid...

      Or would it even be a good idea to go back there, would she find it destroyed, filled with nightmares beyond imagining, ones such as herself. And even if it did survive the onslaught, it would be a shadow... as much of a shadow as it was previously, of it's former self. Only Sigarda was there to keep the humans safe now... if she was alive when it all ended she was unsure.

      Still, a small measure of hope remained, though it turned sour of how they'd probably try and attack her first sight, she wouldn't blame them. Though it still hurt to think about.

      Elsewhere the sun was starting to dip into dusk, the four mamono long gone at this point.

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    • I nodded, and looked around at the darkening sky. "May I suggest we make camp? There are a bunch of monster girls that come out at night, and seeing as you're an angel and you're...actually, I haven't seen anything like you before. But that makes me the only target, not a position I favour. On foot, at least."

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    • "He's right, it's unfavorable to be caught by mamono at night. I'll take watch while you two sleep." Valorad says, already gathering pieces of wood for a fire.

        Loading editor
    • "I don't need s-sleep, so both of you may rest as long as you l-like." It was true, Innistraid angels were made to relentlessly protect the living humans there, so they never slept, nor ever had they the need. So why waste precious sleeping hours when you could appoint the literal living guardian angel.

      Not that those two knew the specfics of course, but oh well, perhaps that time will tell. "Do you have c-camping supplies, or must we get some t-things from the forest?"

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    • "I only have a bucket of water to put out the flames. So I would start gathering wood." As he says this he picks up lots and brings them back to the group.

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    • I held up my wrist, displaying the watchlike object. "This takes molecules and breaks them down to create new molecules. Like Lego. Well, I doubt either of you would know Lego, so like breaking down a house, brick by brick, to build a wall or a foundation." Two bright-blue beams fire from the circumference, meeting in the air to fabricate a sleeping bag from the air. "I've got practically anything here."

        Loading editor
    • The angel blinks in surprise as a sleeping bag is made out of nothing. Than shrugs silently to herself, magic has created or done weirder things Faida is sure.

      "I do s-suppose this c-can create wood and a fire?" But the time management this device was doing was simply amazing she had to admit. The forest would go undisturbed and possibly no angry giests or dryads that would attack out of vindictiveness in the night.


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    • Valorad looked at the device and frowned. He had just gathered wood for nothing? Annoying but not worth complaining about he supposed. He did wonder if it could create an Arachne Silk blanket however.

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    • "These plains are as good as any to rest at, I suggest staying near the road unless there are m-monsters that hunt alongside these ones..." Of which she would be no doubt unaware of at this moment in time. Though a strange question came upon her to ask the man with stranger devices.

      "Were you related to that machine up in the sky, J-Janadian?"

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    • A smile slipped across my face as I stared up into the night sky, "Yes, like a rider and his horse, a knight and his sword. I am a pilot, an aviator. I fly on metal wings, you could say. The Rauser—truly, the greatest airborne fighting machine before sub-orbital flight—is my steed." I shook my head, breaking free of the self-imposed trance. "No plane, no pilot. It's my profession." I laid out my sleeping bag, getting inside. "But in this world, it's a lonely one, to be sure..." I murmured, more to myself than to Faida or Valorad.

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    • What a similar experience to what she is now facing. She alone... well.. techinally alone in a completely different plane than home. Though home was never much better than the current situation, and the situation at home is currently very much... shit. Faida could empathize for the man, even if she was only recently displaced the weight knowing her sisters could be dying or worse. While the people they've sworn to protect are gone, mutating into an another image...


      By Sigarda, just thinking about it made the angel feel noxious, and that she should shred it from her mind immediately and never think or speak of the titan again. But that was impossible, wasn't it? The eldrazi had left it's mark on her, and she had the scant feeling this was far from over. Even if the respite given would be long or short, it didn't matter did it?

      "I know the f-feeling Janadian... I was a protector, from my p-plane's darkest inhabitants... Innistraid... it was bleak, u-unyielding in it's cruelty... the only h-hope were brave men and women, and us a-angels sworn to safeguard their lives... and their d-deaths. The only m-mercy, the Blessed S-Sleep, life of constant fear and sometimes torture, and than n-nothingness." Faida sighed as she watched the sun slowly dip over the horizon and darkness started to set into what once was previously light.

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    • "A protector...I was a fighter pilot, back in the war. Back on Earth. Would go against hundreds, occasionally a thousand enemy units, everything their Navy and Air Force could throw against me. In any other aircraft, it was impossible to survive four on one. But in the Rauser, it was like some demented ballet dancer with a machine pistol, weaving through Battleship salvos and slicing apart the multi-squadrons. Now I have no-one to fight. No endless battle over the sea to while away the time." I turned over in my sleeping bag. "But I learned long ago to not dwell on that. Rest ye merry, as they say."

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    • "God is this depressing. And I sit alone in a tower surrounded by corpses. Well, considering this Demon Lord it isn't as lonely as it was before her time." He sits in the grass and stares into the sky. He had a feeling that things were going to escalate in the town and hoped very very much he was wrong.

      "Well, I'm going to sleep, mind magicking a Arachne Silk Blanket for me? Is not Arachne Silk than just a normal one."  He asks of Janadian.

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    • I nodded. "Can't quite replicate a magical material, but it can come close." I stick my arm rather comically out the sleeping bag, and the PDA fabricates a blanket. "Rest ye merry." I pull my arm back in, closing my eyes.

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    • (For a second few days, I was scared that I'd missed my turn, and everyone was waiting on me...)

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    • (Sorry, been checking out E3 and Fallout 76.)

      And so night comes fully upon them. True to her word, Faida never feels the urge or want to sleep and begins an able watch on her two companions and the surroundings. Now alone, Faida was able to contemplate a lot of things that had been either rushed or passed over.

      A sudden rush of resignation came over her, it would be nice to see Innistraid saved. Just a glimpse... to see the humans safe, her sisters unharmed, Sigarda still keeping the world alive. If only for a moment, just a brief sight of it would ease her worries. But... she had no way to get back there, not a way that she knew how anyways. But perhaps... others did? She wasn't the only one 'lost.' Janadian was also not from this world. It was a someone giddy thought, but maybe she could use that? Have him work with Faida via empathy.

      It was a bit... disconcerning that he thought the best way to pass time was battling 'across' the sea. With that flying device, it looked possible, but still, disconcerning.

      Across the plains, a figure approached, small at first, but was starting to get bigger. Faida didn't notice just yet, but when the figure's massive wings opened up from her back and took flight admist the pale half-moon. Faida's eyes trained onto the humanoid.

      It seemed to fly in unsure patterns, as if it was looking for something, but restraining themselves to a certain raidus. The silhouette of massive ears gave the impression of an humanoid bat from it's shape, and the wings when shined upon by the moon showed skin-like webbing and the outline of bones. Still, it didn't appear to notice them just yet as this being flew around the plains.

      Janadian is shooken awake due to his closeness, to which he might see Faida shushing you with a finger to her mouth. And than pointing to the large figure in the sky.

      (So of course I instantly put a beastie from that game into here.)

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    • My eyes strained to rouse themselves from sleep to glimpse the silhouette of the figure. "Webbed wings, additional ears, no horns-that's just a Werebat. They're quite aggressive in the dark, but shine a light at them and they'll turn into a big quivering ball," I whispered, and Faida's wings spurred me to add, "Not literally, of course, like the rider-beast. Have you got any light with you?"

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    • None of this woke Valorad up however and he remained asleep, it helped that he was the furthest away from the Werebat.

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    • (CLEAR!)

      I lightly tapped Faida on the shoulder. "Hey, you there? Everyone home? Ehh, I'll do it myself." I pull myself out of my sleeping bag a little to grab the revolver next to it. Using my left wrist to support the gun, I take perfect aim at the Werebat. Then I move the muzzle about two centimetres to the left, and fire.

        Loading editor
    • Faida looks wide-eyed as you begin to fire "W-wait what!?" And Janadian fires at the 'werebat.' And so he does...

      And the 'werebat' sensing the bullet with it's greater hearing and echolocation as well as being far-enough away along with it's speed dodges out of the way of impending harm. The 'werebat' looks over to where the camp is since it now has been alerted and quickly flies over. To which Janadian notes something peculiar about the mamono...

      Don't werebats only have 'four' limbs? This one has six, arms, legs, and wings. This isn't a werebat, it just looks like one, as well... the figure is much larger than the usual 'lolibats' that Janadian might have been more aware of.

      If Janadian aims to fire, the figure sensing this has it's mouth opens up and a blast of sonar waves comes crashing through the camp, causing the bullet to be pulled along and shot into the ground. If it hits any of the three, they feel as though their entire body has become almost weightless and than a shot of arousal through them as a heavy pressure forms immediately next and it's almost impossible to pull yourselves up without great strength.

      That is of course if it hits you.

      Faida manages to dodge a good deal out of the way though she suffers some of this 'pressure' damage and is panting a little bit. White mana forming along her palms as she makes use of the plains around her.

      If this mamono isn't stopped, she lands, revealing long wild brown hair and a fearsome almost rueful grin upon her features. Gentials covered by brown fur and there's this green mist following close behind her. Her hands and feet end in wicked claws and it looks as though her wings could definitely do some damage if she decides to use them as some sort of blunt weapon.

      "Now that wasn't very nice~" She purrs out to Janadian, but her eyes glance over to Faida and Valorad with some interest before focusing on him and what hand he was firing from. Probably noting the weapon he was using.

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    • I shrug, still keeping the weapon raised. "Well, excuse me for trying to fire off a warning shot, instead of outright shooting you. Tell you what, though, I'm willing to put the weapon away and toss aside my hostility. Although I doubt I'd be a match against you: you must have had very little predators, in the age of the former Demon Lord..." I reply, still in the sleeping bag despite being knocked away by the blast.

      Of course, this is when I discover that the wind shield I had created did not, in fact, have as much strength as I'd hoped, and the whole weightless+arousal+pressure crashes down upon my body, only fairly lessened by the shield. "Ah. This is a probl-ack! Fine, fine, you win...! Congrats, you've stopped a guy from standing up. Ow. I keep landing, keep walking around on the ground, and this happens...I'll learn some-" The weapon falls from my hands.

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    • Valorad finally some up and grumbled about how it was far to early for whatever was happening. His eyes shoot wide open when he sees the Mamono and he quickly cowers and hoped she doesn't decide to pick him as her victim. 

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    • (Not going to be here for a while, final exams.)

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    • (Yeah, same here...) (The exams, I mean. I'll still have time to be here.)

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    • (Good luck with them!)

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    • (Alright, all my exams are done. K'eth, how're yours going?)

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    • (K'eth? Tikkit? You guys there?)

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    • (I Am.)

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    • (Great. You proficient at taking down Deathclaws?)

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    • The mamono tilts her head playfully at the affected pilot. "I think I've heard of you." Mumbling more to herself she looks at Valorad with an almost appreciative look. "When my daughters want something 'more' I'll look for you than..." She turns her head to Faida who herself is struggling to stand.

      "Ah... oh? Oh, your different, quite different." Faida rights herself and glares at the beastial-woman, tentacles on her back raised for conflict. "And what's that supposed to mean?"

      "Well, you aren't mamono, but you've definitely got apperances set straight.. Ah, it'd be a waste of time with all this rabble." She gestures to Janadian and Valorad with teasing disdainfulness. To which she folds her arms up to her chin at the pilot. "No, I am not with the Iron Wings, I'm a more 'indepedant' organization..."

      Her eyes glance about. "Well, this has been 'enlightening' but I must be off, I'm trying to hunt for food you see, before I was rudely interrupted." And than without any warning, she takes lift off and flies away.

      Faida just... stunned, watches her go, before mumbling to herself. "Well that was... different..."

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    • "Indeed..." He says, Regardless of the fact he couldn't make out what Faida said, due to her mumbling.

        Loading editor
    • I slowly recover from the blast, pushing myself up onto one knee. "Huh. Next time I'll use a flash. Or just not preemptively act. Sorry about that, everyone. If you decide staying with me's more risk than gunning it alone, go ahead. After that, I wouldn't blame you." I sigh and grab my sleeping bag, pulling it a little away from the fire. "At this point, if anything comes and flies off with me, leave me be."

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    • (I'll be away for a week, starting tomorrow afternoon. I won't be able to respond, but given how active this RP is, that won't be a problem.)

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    • (As expected. If anyone's still alive, I've returned.)

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    • "O-oh okay...? I mean, that seems unnecessary, as an a-angel I am supposed to protect humanity. I couldn't let you get t-taken away in good conscience, please, stay." While the rest of her words were shaky, still recovering from her previous shocks or perhaps just permeantly unhinged. Those final two words to Janadian were clear and stern, almost desperate in a way. To Faida it meant that she could keep her old way alive even if everything else was or is going to crumble apart.

      However, the rest of the night would pass by peacefully, and morning would come with the former-angel sitting down eyes cast downward and thinking. The tentacles sprouting from her upper back still drifting effortlessly in the wind.

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    • Valorad had gotten a good sleep last night. Taking out a solo bag bag of what appeared to be his favorite color, lavender. If one looked inside it would have dozens of bones within, ready to be animated.

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    • TJK yawned, stretching his arms. "Sorry about last night...At the very least, we'll find someone a little less hostile than that in town." He got up, dematerialising the sleeping bag in much the same manner as he brought it forth. "Although, I don't think I've ever seen a monster girl like that before. Perhaps there might be more of her species...scary thought."

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    • Faida suddenly starts with an inhale of breath as she looks up to Janadian. "I-its not your f-fault..." Well it kinda was, but she didn't want to make him feel bad in anyway.

      She sits-up, there is this strange cracking sound and the angelic-horror gasps for a second as the tendrils on her back seemingly freeze in-place and than go back to moving about aimlessly. She moves her body, in a sort of weird stretch-like motion.

      She lets out another gasp as she bends down and blushes furiously before straightening herself out and the blush dying soon after. "I uh... did not e-expect that to happen." Faida lets out a chuckle and shakes her head, it is a weak chuckle, barely heard.

      "Hmm, s-scary indeed... but I've f-faced worse before." The former angel nodded to herself in confirmation, a thin smile appearing on her lips.

      "W-will you lead the way, Janadian? I of c-course will defend y-you with my life as I should if we g-go under threat by a-any means." The humanoid says it last to him and more to herself, a confirmation that after everything she went through, she would still save others even after her life.

      Who knows, that actually might be the truth now would that be just great.

      Whatever the case, she is able to continue on after that quick stretch-session and a bit of pep-talk from herself. Let's hope nothing crazy happens today like yesterday and go through trauma-city once again! That wouldn't be fun!

      (Ya miss me?)

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    • Valorad, who had glimpsed into eternity during the seconds of silence, puts the bag away. "Glad to see you're awake! Good thing to, i need to stretch my legs."

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    • (lol)

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    • (Say, is there a mountain nearby?)

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    • (Not exactly, forest is behind us, plains are all around us, and a town is apparently coming up.)

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    • (Ok.)

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    • (Back from the dead!)

      The pilot nods, uneased by the recent attack and more so by Faida's stammer. He puts on a casual face, though, and proclaims, "Alright. Town is...that way. Cargo's packed up, let's go!" He takes a few strides forward. 

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    • And nothing happens. Faida follows Janadian as he presumably leads the two down the well-beaten road. There appear to be no clouds in the sky, but as one looks back to the forest, one could see a massive towering formation of clouds slowly moving forward in their direction.

      Its not unnatural looking, but its definitely going to when it reaches the group. A fact that Faida notes as she looks around the area carefully. "That might h-hit us... in maybe an h-hour?" It looks that way at-least. Her steps become a slight tad faster and she looks over to the Gnoll.

      "V-Valorad" She starts up in a call to his attention, "can you tell me a-about yourself please?"

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    • "Is there anything in specific you would like me to tell you about?" Valorad asks, sparing a glance at the oncoming storm.

      Valorad then ignores his previous question, deciding if would be safe to tell them why exactly he was here. 

      "Well, I ought to tell you why I'm in the middle of nowhere, rather then in my Tower. It is because I have recently incurred the wrath of a rather powerful pack of Werewolves. While it certainly sounds foolish to run from a safe and secure tower, it is also rather close to my colleagues, and therefore people who would like me dead. Thus i decided it would be safer to run and hide."

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    • (Edited my previous reply.)

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    • TJK doesn't notice the storm, engaged as he is with the path. He looks around every now and then, but for the most part, there's a road, and he's going down it.

        Loading editor
    • Valorad can't help but feel disturbed by the sudden silence.

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    • (I will get back to this once I've finished my Heartless Profile-creator extravaganza)

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