• Family: Lizard
    Darker Vers.

    A smug Gila Mamono Art by Lion Runner

    Type: Reptile

    Habitat: Arid Woodlands, Deserts, Scrublands (within the Reptile Kingdom)

    Disposition: Lethargic, Strong Willed, Tenacious, Smug

    Diet: Eggs, Meat preferably easily caught prey

    Slow moving and strikingly colored, Gila Mamono are well known amongst the the desert dwelling people of the kingdom for their venomous bite. They are unique amongst Lizardmen, having a hefty body structure with their strong muscles covered in a layer of fat that makes them softer and slower than most lizardmen. Much of this fat collects on the glutes and tails leaving them with a very thick tail, wide hips, and a big ass. A Gila Mamonos scales thick and rounded, giving them an almost beaded texture. These scales are usually a dark grey or black with bright orange or red markings.

    Gila Mamono have adapted to the harsh conditions of the Reptile Kingdom deserts by developing an extreme ability to store nutrients over extremely long periods of time and thus they can go for very long periods without food or drink. Most Gila Mamono only eat five to ten times in a single year. Though when they do eat, they often gorge themselves on as much food as possible, eating enough to sustain themselves for exceedingly long periods of time. Because of this they see little point in exerting themselves or contending with the harsh desert son, thus they spend the vast majority of their time resting underground.

    They tend to be most active during the early morning, which they often spend training with their weapon of choice, however they also tend to come out during warm summer nights. They are fond of rain, especially thunderstorms, which will almost always draw them out from their dens. They are quite fond of submerging themselves and soaking in the pools formed by a powerful thunderstorm.

    Like most Lizardmen, Gila Mamono are a warrior people, though they have a preference for heavy, two handed weapons instead of one handed swords like the more common Lizardmen use. Among Lizardmen they have exceptional strength and stamina, allowing them to outlast and overpower many the peers even if the lack speed and agility. It is common amongst their kind to engage in ritualistic unarmed combat to resolve conflict, where the victor must pin the loser to the ground by laying on the losers back.

    Despite this, their strength is not their primary defense, but their venomous bite. Their bite delivers an extremely potent neurotoxin that causes extreme pain, swelling, and weakness in its victims however they do not produce very much of this venom thus their bite is not capableof killing. As can be expected of a mamono, their venom has a very different effect on humans, instead causing extreme pleasure and swelling of a different sort. However their venom is primarily used in self defense and and is rarly employed when hunting or attempting to claim a man. However when they do bite they do so with immense ferocity and tenacity, often making it impossible to force them off unless they are made unable to breath.

    Gila Mamono are well known for their large hips and buttocks which can leave many men quite enamored. It is said that no man who likes big buts can look upon a Gila Mamono and lie about it. Gila Mamono are fully aware of this and tend to be rather smug about it. Especially given that they follow the old Lizardman tradition of only wedding a man who can defeat them in battle. Gila Mamono will ruthlessly tease men in showing off their ass before smugly reminding them that they'll never be able to touch it unless the manage to beat her.

    When Gila Mamono does find a man who she sees as a suitable warrior, she will immediately challenge him to a duel. Even should she be refused she will continue to doggedly pursue him. While a Gila Mamono is quite slow, they have phenomenal stamina and are excellent trackers. She can chase him for extremely long periods of time and will be able to sniff her target out even if he hides underground. As per Lizardman tradition, men who can defeat a Gila Mamono are wed on the spot and even if the man refuses she will just continue to pursue him. Often creeping up on him while he's asleep in order to stake her claim while he can't run away. Though be warned, should a Gila Mamono find out that a man had intentionally lost a duel with her, the Gila Mamono will be furious at him.

    Once married, Gila Mamono prove to be surprisingly good at domestic life, though they will continue to live life at a more lethargic pace.

    [Pretty sure we had someone waiting for this one. Not sure, science was most helpful with making this one. Lots to work with for this one. Pity I can't find a pic. Information on the Reptile Kingdom and links to the other Reptile Kingdom mamono can be found here: ( You can also make suggestions there if you want, just follow the rules on that.

    As per my norm, feedback and criticism is welcome and encouraged, so long as your criticisim is more than mindlessly insulting me, I want something useful out of it. So tell me what you think of her]

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