• Right, so I was planning to have this idea be presented Roleplay-style, but since the people who seemed interested haven't responded for a while, I figured, "screw it - I might as well out with it."

    Basically, it's a sort of "what-if" scenario that plays off of the "salvation or extinction" fanlore: what if there was a 'visitor' to the MGE world that didn't obey the rules of its reality (but on a more extreme level), and came from a world that has only ever known love's opposite side of the coin?

    Now, for anyone who knows what I'm talking about, lemme make it a bit more clear: no, I'm not talking about the dude from the video game, Hatred (though, that would make for an interesting horror story). The story I had in mind takes the concept hatred, and combines it with a cryptid that I'm surprised this world has never known: the Shadow People.

    The appearance/stories of the Shadow People are as chilling as they are ambiguous. Because peoples' ideas/thoughts on their nature is so mixed, I think it's fair to say that their society is likely a mirror reflection of our mundane world (albeit a society of anomalous creatures). But, what if they were led by a being that cannot abide life in any shape or form? The very being that roused them with his definition of "fun."

    Enter: the Eternal Shadow.

    When I was investigating the Shadow People, I remembered back when I was actively playing Secret World Legends, and I noted how closely the Filth monsters resembled the Shadow People. So, when I happened upon this site - and the MGE world - I knew it was time to get out there and mix things up a little.

    The Shadow People, led by the Eternal Shadow itself, cannot be influenced by spirit/demonic energy; they have only ever known the ways of war and bloodshed. As gruesome as they are, even they aren't completely invincible: they have one important weak point about them that must be found. But it's not easy...

    I'll make it simple. Their weakness is NOT any of the following: sunlight, darkness, magic, weapons (enchanted/otherwise), libido, love, music (though the Eternal Shadow hates Japanese music), hugs, table throws, memes, food, fear, or milk of ANY kind.

    A nightmare is coming. But, for the sake of hints on how these things are dealt with... "Match the ordinance to their defense."

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    • Being a huge fan of cryptozzoology, I've heard about the shadow people (even if they barely enter in the cryptid category), and there wasn't much to say.

      If I understand well, your Shadow people, are fundamentally bad? So will they have a change of mind when facing the loving nature of the mamono, or are they just purely full of hate and nothing else and are simply going to slaughter human and monster alike on their way?

      Also, you should be aware that, as stated in the rules , "anti-monster" content or too explicit violence against monster is prohibed, because the MGE setting is about loving the monster int the end, not about watching them getting killed. (even if you can mention it in your story for the sake of the scenario of course, but that's not the main purpose of the setting)

      With the little information we got, it look to me like an unecessary violent concept for the MGE universe.

      If it's easier for you you can create a serie of fan-fiction based on this concept instead of a roleplay if you feel like the format is more appropriate.

      Also, this forum section may not be really appropriate to talk about one of your project, but since there is not a lot of activities, I don't think people will really mind, but you should consider create a blog post.

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    • I didn't explicitly say that the Shadow People are bad; just that they're pretty much an anomalous reflection of humanity. The reason the Eternal Shadow views life so poorly is because he's seen the corrupt way humans treat other humans in other worlds he's been to, and vice versa. Also, probably should've mentioned this (guess I felt like it would've been a spoiler), but the Shadow People following the ES's orders in attacking the world aren't initially aware of its premise, and it isn't until the ones that didn't follow him "into battle" enter the world out of curiosity and learn the truth.

      I apologize for the little information that I gave; I just didn't feel like revealing too much for the sake of spoilers.

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    • Actually, as the RP format drags on, it also gives me time to reconsider ideas on the story's premise and how it plays out. I had the idea of including Important Choices (choices made by the viewers, or the people developing the story with me) which will determine what happens.

      If/when I go to write the story as a series, I'll be breaking it up into two aspects: the "canon" path, and the "alternate" paths that I'll only post if enough people agree to it. (Having "canon" in quotes because it's still fanfiction, after all. The "alternate" paths are meant to be 'what-if' scenarios of their own, leading to different endings like an actual game, or a visual novel.)

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    • Eh... Y'know what, since the RP format's been going so slowly, I haven't been very motivated to write out the actual full series. So, I've been thinking about writing a blog post on the overall story instead, focusing on all the important points/events.

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