• Family: Slime
    Type: Semiliquid
    Habitat: Demon realms, areas where chemical waste is disposed.
    Diet: Demon realm produce, chemical waste, poisionous plants and animals, venom of other mamonos, spirit energy
    Disposition: Cheery, placid, nonlustful (by monster standards), tendency towards dominance

    First spotted in the waste pools of an aphrodisiac factory in Royal Makai, this uncommon new species of upper rank slime is distinguishable by a translucent white color, with a pronounced iridescent sheen, like an oil slick or butterfly wings. Much like the dark slime, they are fairly intelligent, but unlike the dark slime, their "core" is more of a diffuse region in their body, they aren't aggressive or cruel, and they also have much lower spellcasting ability.

    The primary characteristic of these slimes is their ability to direct their body to create a very wide range of chemicals relevant for sex. They also bioconcentrate the aphrodisiacs out of whatever they eat, so a Bliss slime that has allied with a venom-producing mamono, or been feasting well on demon realm produce, is something to stay far away from. They are even capable of taking ordinary toxins, and repurposing them into extremely powerful drugs to use, although this requires a decent amount of time and energy from them. To make matters worse, they will almost always have an interest in chemistry and potion brewing, in order to refine their own personal venom mix to impressive new heights. Due to their ability to concentrate arbitrary compounds in their body, custom bliss slime jelly fetches a very high price, although standard bliss slime jelly has a sour-sweet taste and produces a random spectrum of weak effects.

    The venom of a bliss slime is specific to the individual, although they do share information on what works well. On the lower end, when they are trying to be subtle, some common effects are a mildly enhanced sense of touch, a feeling of contentment and affection, random giggling, and a desire to hug. However, on the high end, when a bliss slime gets serious, these monsters are unquestionably one of the most formidable at inflicting massive levels of pleasure on their target. Some effects that have been reported are: paralysis, substantially enhanced senses that persist for weeks, permanent nerve growth, heavy time dilation so what you think of as an hour may be only 10 minutes, stunningly high levels of bliss, hallucinations(?) of feeling what the slime does, which lead to a positive feedback loop, and "erotic personality reshaping", which we're unsure of what it is, but it sounds quite alarming. The high-end venom effects tend to have more variation than the low-end effects, and variants of the characteristic "bliss venom" being present in low concentrations through their body is possibly responsible for their persistently cheery mood.

    Admittedly, many of the entries in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia overstate the ability of a monster to capture an unwilling mate. Temptation isn't certain, it's just much more likely than we'd prefer. However, a bliss slime that is intent on capturing you absolutely is as dangerous as everyone says, and skin contact longer than five seconds means you won't be going back. The same doesn't apply to people that are more friendly to mamono. In their case, they'll just be subjected to lower-level effects as a form of flirting. From interviews with captured bliss slimes, going all out seems to be from a combination of feeling threatened, and:

    "ah, but it's extra~a nice to capture an order soldier. Taking a cute little someone who's scared of pleasure and denies it in themselves, and just immersing them in the highest level of pleasure their mind can take without blacking out, for hours~ And getting to nibble at their memories and wash their soul in happiness over the course of months until they're fully on the light side~ Well, it's pretty hot!"

    Possibly related to this, women who have been converted into bliss slimes appear to be even more determined to convert others than most other mamono.

    Fortunately, there are two mitigating factors, besides their previously-mentioned weak spellcasting abilities. The first is that, because their personal toxins are generated from ambient energy, and bioaccumulated from whatever they eat, a bliss slime outside of a demon realm will be less dangerous than one inside of one. A normal bliss slime that hasn't been stuffing itself with aphrodisiacs, and isn't in a demon realm will have powerful venom, but the intensity ranks comfortably below mamono such as the Raijuu, and the initial infestation of a Parasite Slime. 

    Finally, and most unusually for a monster, they have a relatively low sex drive. This is because, in the heat of the moment when having sex, they will often involuntarily discharge their venom into their target. Due to the fact that it takes 2 to 3 days to stockpile enough toxins to be as formidable as claimed above, being continually aroused would lead to them never being able to accumulate enough power to inflict massive pleasure, and they have a fairly strong "quality over quantity" mindset. Because of this, they tend to shy away from aphrodisiacs that induce strong desire, and take a shining towards ones that just make the target feel really good. In combination, because of the (relative) lack of aphrodisiacs, and the fact that a bliss slime outside of a demon realm has venom that is merely extremely strong instead of soul-melting, it is quite possible to walk away from a serious encounter unmarried, although many choose not to.

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    • Ah so they eat poison. Now I know what to do with my brothers cooking.

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    • And I'm now imagining a special order soldier, immunized against all love drugs the Order could concieve of, being stricken down by the heavily-processed and concentrated essence of food so terrible that nobody can concieve of it besides you, your brother, and the slime.

      The recipes are later shared and result in an unexpected new advance in debilitating aphrodisiac chemistry.

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    • 1: Set your oven to 400°. Prepare the pot by spreading the baking paper smoothly across the top.


      3: Gently remove the plums with a power tool of choice, and serve with

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    • Several bliss slimes arrives on the battlefield with a purplish sheen, smelling slightly of plums. Hardened soldiers panic and surrender to the nearest mamono to avoid being captured.

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    • The Reptile King wrote:
      Ah so they eat poison. Now I know what to do with my brothers cooking.


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    • TheJanadianKing wrote:
      1: Set your oven to 400°. Prepare the pot by spreading the baking paper smoothly across the top.


      3: Gently remove the plums with a power tool of choice, and serve with

      Is that the recipe for SCP-007-J?

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    • A FANDOM user
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