• 1st draft

    Species: Bokoblin.

    Family: Orc

    Type: Beastman

    Diet: Almost exclusively meat, but have been known to eat any food prepared for them.

    Disposition: Aggressive, Violent, Short-tempered, Childish, Celibate, Gluttonous.


    Unlike other corporeal mamono, Bokoblins are summoned by a lesser god of darkness, who calls herself "ganon."

    Born from "malice" and granted a form of flesh, these girls spend their days hunting, eating, sleeping, and little else.

    In prior ages, Bokoblins were far more violent, but now they live fairly peaceful lives, playing "soccer," horseback riding, mountain climbing, and engaging in foot races.

    Being gluttons, rather than sex, the meal is the foundation of their culture, and to fail to sit and eat with others is a grievous sin in their eyes; moreover, giving away food to others is an act they consider so magnanimous, onlookers will swoon at the sight, and the recipient will often blush in a coquettish manner, eager at last to bear children.

    As time passes and the giving of food continues, an imprinted bond will form, they will think: "why is this person cooking, and then wasting food on me? They must care so much about me!"

    As they continue to eat larger and larger portions, fed by their greedy and gluttonous instincts, their body will begin to prepare for sex and children.

    Their breasts will come in, like overdue teeth, their hips will widen, their butts will grow, their muscles will bulk, they'll gain height, and their horns will itch and grow long and sharp, ready to challenge those who would steal their loyal, giving man.

    While they grow into their sensual bodies, their minds will warp, instinct calling out that it is time to mate, and then, as if their earlier celibate nature had been a lie, they will spend nights enticing and fucking their husbands, training, eating, and playing together in daytime.

    While it would seem that they are not productive, in fact, they have taken in orphaned children to their camps, raising them in the ways of Bokoblin, and some few have risen to the top, taking command of large armies of Bokoblins to build gentle, sloping pathways to mountaintops and high plateaus; so it can be said that the appearance of Bokoblins corresponds with the vanishing of food resources, and the sudden creation of improved roadways.

    Based on breath of the wild, feedback highly appreciated.

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    • I think it's a good concept in an interesting take on an enemy from a game. I'm just glad to see a monster girl made by you that doesn't involve some kind of NTR or cuckoldry.

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    • Shadowhunter Alerik wrote: I think it's a good concept in an interesting take on an enemy from a game. I'm just glad to see a monster girl made by you that doesn't involve some kind of NTR or cuckoldry.

      Wait, what the hell was that? Wait. . . was it the barinades, or something else?

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    • It was the Barinades,the Amber goddess and the bloodborne slime.

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    • As far as the amber goddess, that was based on something which was basically evil incarnate, so uh. Yeah.

      I'll look into her and ol' drippy, but I stand by the Barinades.

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    • Added clarification to ol' drippy, checking out the goddess now.

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    • Okay, so the goddess is more of a traumatic and sudden breakup than actual ntr.

      Ntr, correct me if I'm wrong, is when two people are in a romantic relationship, and instead of breaking up and than moving on, the one person abruptly cheats in front of the other intending to humiliate and degrade them, and then breaks up.

      Or maybe I dove too deep into internet freaky town?

      I dunno.

      But this is clearly more of a "sorry, that's it, bye," followed by looking again.

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    • Those things aside, I do like writing happy things, but it can be rather unwieldy to make sugar funfun rainbow town seem believable.

      But I don't want to delve into grungy grittyvile either, and sometimes the balance wobbles too far.

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    • Hmm, some may direct you to Monster Girl Quest, believing it to be more akin to your tastes.

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    • I responded in the other pages to your other replies, I'll reread the Amber goddess one and post the comment there.

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