• Azulansiantula is a terrifying spider like creature with purple skin and dark blue hair. She lives off the coast of Bornero and feeds on human souls to survive.
    Blueberry Spider!

    Azulansiantula is an omnivore, which means her diet is either blueberries or human flesh. She spins a web on a very terrified human woman, bites her neck and watches her turn into a giant blueberry.

    Despite her predatory instincts to turn girls into blueberries, she can be quite lustful and lay eggs in the host's belly button. These eggs start off from the size of normal blueberries to the size of beach balls. How does she get "pregnant", you ask? Why of course, she puts her thumb in her mouth and blows. This sort of behavior makes Berri from KisekaeInsanity look like a baby in comparison! It also makes Aragog look like a cuddly toy. If you want to make pics of her, here's the code: 83**aa23.

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    • That's can't really be a mamono from Monster Girl Encyclopedia... like not at all...

      You seem to be new around here, maybe you should look around a bit more before posting your creation, the setting of MGE have some specificities, here the article wich talk about the basic about the monster girl in MGE, as you can see, monster don't kill nor harm human in this setting.

      (and here the mamono list, but you probably already see it, it's pretty easy to access)

      Monster girl generally can come in many form but this wiki is not about monster girl genreally, but more about Monster Gril Encyclopedia specifically.

      Also I have no idea what this code is supposed to mean...

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    • Probably the code for the image or something?

      My biggest non-rules critique is putting spanish blue in the name.

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    • This is NOT an mge monster. 

      1 VERY important detail is that mamono don't hurt humans

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    • Eh this happens sometimes. A newbie who thinks the "Monster Girl Encyclopedia" is just generic monster girls and throws setting breaking stuff out without actually understanding the MGE setting. Likely won't make anything else and will probably leave the community due to immediate negative responses.

      The Kisekea art is new. You don't see that very often. I don't think it's a good medium for use with monster girls to to the limitations of the program but meh,, too each their own.

      To those who are confused by the code, it's for a program colled Kisekea. It's a image creating program for making anime style characters. It's a simplistic program. Pretty limited, as it can only show the character facing directly towards the camera and any dynamic poses always look a bit janky because of that. Anyways, if you use the code you could recreate the image he made.

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    • Ah, okay

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    • Well, then. Sorry for the criticism

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    • Maybe he's showing us what His monster's species is like in other worlds. Then when his monster's species comes enters this world Of MGE they become the same way as the other monsters in this world

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    • I've seen something odd, and this profile is it. Expect it to get a lot of reads, because THIS is not your regular profile! Needs a little work, but in the end, with time and effort, it'll be a great profile. All you just need is info.

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    • A FANDOM user
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