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    A Hazak without her cloak. A sight only her husband will ever look upon. That and pervey bastards peaking on her from behind the fourth wall.

    Family: Dragon

    Type: Reptile(Undead?)

    Habitat: Dragon Graveyards and the catacombs beneath(only in the Reptile Kingdom)

    Diet: Meat, Spirit Energy, (Rumored to drain the life from their victims)

    Disposition: Cold, Calm, Gloomy, Ominous, Ferocious, Diligent (Easily flustered, Gentle, Warm)

    An ominous elder dragon, Hazaks dwell within gloomy reaches of Dragon Graveyards, often making their homes within deepest bowels of the caverns and catacombs beneath. They are often shrouded in mystery and very few truly know what they look like. They always garb themselves in cloaks made from tattered leather obscuring most of their bodies. What little skin or scales that are seen are usually deathly pale color with some spots glowing ominously from beneath their cloak, their wings, while large are tattered and full of holes, apparently from birth. Their cloaks almost always hang over their face, concealing everything save their mouth and their eyes, shining out through the tatters. They often have a thinner more lithe body than most elder dragons, but little can be said beyond this. Like all dragons they are capable of transforming into their bestial primal form, though strangely their cloaks will transform with them so even in that form their body remains concealed, how and why this happens has never been properly explained by the Hazaks.

    Rarely seen Hazaks tend towards reclusive behavior and seclude themselves to very small territories within the Reptile Kingdoms lands of the dead. To those unfamiliar with them they are a terrifying sight and often they are said to be harbingers of death. Some even go so far as to say the are an embodiment or physical manifestation of the very force of death, just as other elder dragons reign over other natural forces. On some levels this may actually be true. The only time a Hazak ever leaves her territory within a Dragons Graveyard is to collect dragons or those who are deemed worthy of dragon kind to be given their final rights within a dragons final resting ground or to ensure that such a person is put to rest in the place of their choosing. How they know when and where these individuals are about to expire is a secret that neither the Hazaks nor those who have grown close to them are willing to divulge.

    In truth Hazaks prefer to act more as care taker to a Dragons Graveyard. To a Dragon, funerary rites are often different from that of other creatures. Often they wish for their bones to proudly lay in the open so that who look upon their resting spot can know of the might and majesty that the fallen dragon once had, often the things they had accomplished or that they proud of layed down with them.

    Hazaks seek to ensure that this happens and that these graves are treated with proper respect. They act as curators of the Graveyards, often knowing the names and locations off all of those who have been layed to rest within their territories by heart and viciously attack scavengers and grave robbers to keep them from being disturbed. Hazaks also assist those who come to mourn their dead and allow those who come study the fallen dragons entry so that the legend of each dragon may live on. Often they will personally pay respects and give the final rites to the dead who have no one left alive to mourn them. While it is known the Hazaks are a dragon who does not keep a hoard, some would say that the dignity and honor of their fallen kin is the true treasure they guard.

    A Hazaks greatest tool is a mysterious miasma that they can produce and control, commonly refered to as Effluvium. Effluvium is commonly seen drifting through the air as a grayish fog or coating the ground and corpses as a gray dust. It is actually a virulent and voracious flesh eater, reducing a corpse to bones in a matter of days. To living creatures it is far less effective as their immune system and living cells are able to defend themselves, however over exposure to can eventually infest a host with Effluvium causing it visibly trail from their body, and drain the life from them. In animals this invariably leads to death and consumption, however the effects are different in mamono and humans. Human women will be corrupted into wildly lustful undead mamono as their life is drained from them, often taking a form of undeath fitting for their personality and strength, Mamono will transform into undead iterations of themselves becoming more lustful and ferocious, and human men will instead be rendered unable to die completely and will instead enter a state partial undeath as an incubus, causing the mans spirit energy to take on a quality that undead mamono find irresistible. Should a creature or person afflicted with Effluvium leave the area of affected by it before permanent dffects set in for long enough or ingest certain medicinal herbs or berries, then they should be able to recover from it with little trouble and Effluvium can repelled easily with an open flame.

    The Hazaks are strongly connected to their Effluvium. Not only can produce and project it from their bodies, but also control the Effluvium around them. Should anything disturb the Effluvium within a Hazaks domain, she will know. A common tactic is for a Hazak cloak herself in concentrated Effluvium and force anyone getting too close to bear it's effects. A Hazak can accelerate the effects of her Effluvium exponentially and absorb it into herself to empower and rejuvenate herself. Hazaks are can also raise the corpses that are infected with their Effluvium as undead mamono or beasts and command undead created through their Effluvium be it from the dead or the living. It is rumored that Hazaks can even do this do themselves prolonging their existence beyond the bounds of death. Others rumors say that they are born in an undead state, being dragon zombies from they day they hatch. Most researchers doubt these claims. Regardless of what rumors are true and what are not, Hazaks are the nearly undisputed queens within the Reptile Kingdoms lands of the dead.

    Because of their lighter build and sickly looking scales, Hazaks often appear to be physically weaker than their compatriots, however despite appearances they are far from frail. While they often lack brute strength, they can withstand a seemingly unnatural amount of punishment and while they are notoriously poor fliers, they are surprisingly nimble on the ground. Hazaks tend to rely heavily on their Effluvium in battle, using it strike at distance and make their more conventional attacks far more deadly than they should be. A common tactic is for a Hazak to cover themselves in Effluvium and cloak themselves in a miasma to make even approaching a potential for infection. Hazaks also have morbid sense of humor and a tendency towards cruel irony. A favored method for dealing with graverobbers is to let the inhabitants of the grave itself deal with them. Some Hazaks have even been known to carry large scythes as weapons, though this is more for the psychological effect and as a form of gallows humor than as a primary means of attack. Regardless of their weaknesses, Hazaks are still elder dragons and when angered they can be more comparable to a natural disaster than a rampaging monster. Those who manage to escape a Hazaks wrath will forever find their nightmares haunted by the Effluvium mists, the cold grip of the grave, and the ghostly roar of the Hazak.

    Hazaks rarely seek out a mate, they see it as their duty and purpose to tend to the Dragon Graveyards and as such they cannot simply leave. Because of this, they dislike the idea of taking up a mate and effectively forcing him to live in such a dark and gloomy place. So they often resign themselves to a lonely existence. That is not to say that they do not yearn for love. In truth, the loneliness of their existence bears down in them heavily. Because of this, when a Hazak first senses a man entering her territory, she cannot help but to seek him out, even if only to see him from hiding. A man who repetitively visit her realm will steadily draw her interest. Her loneliness will grip her heart and eventually she will approach him, attempting to stave off her sense of isolation with his company. Though she will initially deny her feelings and simply wish go speak with him, the Hazak will only grow more infatuated with her man and more desperate to be near him. Despite her best efforts the Hazak will hide her feelings rather poorly, absentmindedly seeking to make physical contact with him, blushing as dirty and romantic thoughts run through her head in his presence, they find themselves stammering and unable to speak on certain topics. In the end her image as a queen of the dead will be utterly crushed by that of school girl with a crush, making it quite easy for the man to make a move. Still should the man continue to come back to her and never make a move, the Hazaks love and loneliness will overwhelm her and she will pounce on him, professing her love for him and begging his forgiveness as she claims him, flooding his body with her demon energy and Effluvium and ending his life as a human.

    Married Hazaks are incredibly warm and loving towards their husbands. Often doting over incessantly, earnestly trying to make living within a Dragons Graveyard as pleasant as possible. If a man were to leave the Dragons Graveyard, the Hazak will insist on creating a small harem of undead mamono to go with him, to make sure that he is safe and happy at all times, as well as to have them bring him back should he try to leave not come back. As can be expected for a man who spends so much time around the very wellspring of Effluvium, a man married to a Hazak will become a half undead incubus very quickly. In addition to this however, the constant exposure to her demonic energy will eventually grant the ability to manipulate and empower himself with the Effluvium even if he cannot produce it. Because of this, it is common for a Hazak will pour her Effluvium into her husband on a regular basis, claiming to help keep him safe and allow her to track him based off her Effluvium. Though many Hazaks also say that the mixing of their Effluvium with their husbands spirit energy produces a scent that can't get enough of.

    Hazaks hold a rivalry and a degree of disdain for the Nakarks who they view as a tolerable but intrusive presence within the Dragons Graveyards though the Nakarks don't seem to have an opinion one way or another. They are also quite enthusiastic in reuniting naturally occurring undead with their still living loved ones or helping them find someone to love if they died without a spouse, apparently eager to be part of the dawning of new love instead if the ending of someone's life.

    [The official Halloween mamono for this year and the first girl to come out Monster Hunter Worlds, we have the Hazak! Based off of the Vaal Hazak in the game. She's perhaps the spookiest of all dragons, but in the end she's really a big softy, even if she might have a little bit of a yandere streak... Information on the Reptile Kingdom and links to the other Reptile Kingdom mamono can be found here: ( You can also make suggestions there if you want, just follow the rules on that.

    As per my norm, feedback and criticism is welcome and encouraged, so long as your criticisim is more than mindlessly insulting me, I want something useful out of it. So tell me what you think of her]

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