• You are a young man in his early twenty's being sold off by your parents into a slave auction. They have nothing against you and do care for your well being but they're having a money problem with bills food and all that so they are desperate for cash. Sometime later your brought to the marketplace by your parents where the auction is happening and are grouped with the other men who are being sold off. Looking around curiously you tap the guy next to you to ask what going to happen he tells you that mamono are going to bid on each of us to claim us as their property and you're up after him. He also tells you that if you want to escape the exit is just to your left guarded by a minotaur standing by it if you can find a way to distract or blind her you can get past her but if you plan on escaping you better run fast and leave the city cause when word gets out that you escaped the police will come after you and maybe the mamono that were going to bid on you WWYD?

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    • I wait patiently, there's nothing to do but hope, almost anything would be okay, but a dark elf might make me a tongue biter.

      The other man is brought up, and I slowly lean out to see the crowd.

      No dark elves, thank god.

      Some giant ants, a few shirohebi, even some holstaurs and weresheep.

      A pair of identical Jourogumo, a single baphomet, and some cait sith and kobolds.

      A rather large line is behind me, and the auction opens at 10,000 Coronas.

      A few minutes later, the man is sold to the Baphomet for C 1,000,000

      She takes him and her rather large horde of men out of the area, leaving a large sticky puddle where they had all previously stood.

      I step up onto the plate, my parents got a mere 200 Coronas for me, but the auction begins at 12,000.

      It closes not a minute later at 12,200.

      The Kobold who won looks as shocked as I am, she'd been bidding low amounts extra and driving up prices since I got here 4 hours ago.

      Not once had she won.

      She tried to hand me back, but I heartily refused, and silenced her with a quick smooch to her cheek.

      She bushed and spluttered, and the next auction began.

      We were promptly escorted into a small shop nearby, and a large tattoo was placed on my chest, with two more on my wrists.

      She paid 400 Crescents for the tattoos, I'd seen their like before, a single touch from her and I'd be on my back, completely at her mercy.

      A few minutes later, and we're in a carriage, on our way to her home.

      We pass the city wall, and soon arrive in a country house.

      She grabs hold of my hand, gently leading me into the building.

      I feel her pawpads squish gently against by chest, and I'm lying on the floor.

      The heavy stepps of booted feet echo through the cabin, and a man speaks.

      "Emelia, why have you brought this naked man to our house? I gave you money to have fun, did you buy a slave?"

      "I-I was just forcing the people there to pay more, he only cost 12,200, a-and I thought-"

      "That you could keep him? That making him exclusively yours would make it right?"

      She whimpered.

      "I am ashamed of you, Emelia! My own daughter, buying into the slave trade!"

      He clunked over to me, kneeling before my face.

      He whispered to me.

      "I'm terribly sorry, I don't know enough of runes to remove this Tattoo without killing you. I'll make sure my Daughter treats you well, so long as I can. You poor thing."

      He stood.

      "Emelia! Unbind him. If you use those runes again, it'll be like when my hairpiece was stolen."

      She scurried over to release me, and as he strode out, I heard him mutter:

      "There'll be hell toupee."

      I sit up in bed, the little Kobold Emelia cuddled against my chest, her face over my shoulder, her legs wrapped around my waist.

      She's grown in more ways than up in the year since we met, on our shared eighteenth birthday.

      Her body is squished enticingly against mine, seems I've woken inside her for the third time this week, her muscles clench again, and a cascade of bliss sends me drifting back to dreamland.

      I hear the door open as me head hits the pillow, and Mr. Smith pulls the covers back over us, before returning to the closet.

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    • I try to maintain my optimism as I stare across the crowd of mamono who are about to bid on us. An escape attempt will surely end in failure and result in some of the more aggressive mamono bidding on me. The best I can do is pray to my lucky stars that I end up in the hands of a gentle mamono. The ratio of vicious to gentle appears to be tipped in the favor of the former, so those chances may be low. Real dick move on the part of my parents to sell me out to slavery like this. The bright side is that I get the chance to be married to a beautiful woman.

      Three other men go before me. The first is sold to a Medusa, the second winds up in the hands of a Dark Mage, and the third is won by a White Horn.

      Two Lizardmen march me up to the stand and the Danuki bangs her gavel against the podium saying, "Up next we have Xing Bau, a young man sold to us by his parents. Bidding starts at one hundred silver."

      "110," announces an Anubis.

      "Alright, up to 110, would anyone else like to bid up?" asks the Danuki.

      "120," says a grinning Manticore.

      "130," bids an Arachne.

      My chances are not looking good right now. Of the three bidding on me right now the Anubis is the most preferable despite her species' officious nature.

      "130, the bid is at 130. Would anyone else like to bid?" the Danuki announces as she looks across the audience.

      When there is no response I cringe as she begins, "Going once..."

      "140!" the Anubis interrupts, causing me to sigh with relief. Maybe there's still a chance and the last thing I want is to be a husband to a spider.

      The bidding war continues between the three mamono with close calls from the Manticore and Arachne and hopes dashed when the Anubis almost gets me.

      The amount rises until it reaches 460.

      "470!" says the Arachne.

      "480," says the Manticore.

      There is no response from either the Anubis or the Arachne, making me nervous as the Danuki begins the countdown, "Going once, going twice..."

      "490!" the Anubis shouts.

      The Manticore wears a large smirk and shakes her head. "530," she bids.

      The Anubis stares at her in stunned silence. The Arachne shakes her head and throws up her arms in defeat. I hope that the Anubis will continue the bidding war so that I still have a chance to go home with her, but no higher number leaves her mouth, leading the auctioneer to start the countdown.

      "Going once...going twice...sold to Manon for 530 silver!" the Danuki announces, and I can only sigh in defeat as I'm led down the stairs to my new Manticore wife.

      She props my chin up to look into her scarlet eyes and she says, "Awww...cheer up buddy, we'll have lots of fun soon."

      The auction lasts for several more hours and when it ends Manon leads me out to a horse-drawn carriage which has a surprisingly comfortable interior. As we pull away from the auction house, Manon leans back in her seat and lets out a soft moan. She then stares at me and asks, "So, Xing...tell me about why your parents sold you into slavery?"

      I lower my head and mumble, "Times were getting tough. They felt that selling me off to someone else would be a good way to alleviate some of the pressure."

      "Really?" Manon asks as she leans forward toward me, "Normally selling their own kid off to slavery would be the last thing on a parent's mind."

      "I thought that too," I mutter, "But they told me that it would be necessary and that they loved me every minute they handed me over to those Danukis."

      I begin to choke up and feel tears well in my eyes.

      "Oh, there there honey," Manon whispers as she moves over to my side and embraces me in a side hug. I tense up, considering that I'm being hugged by a monster with a reputation for being a cruel sadist, but I eventually let it slide and accept her affection. All I wanted right now was to feel loved again.

      Outside the carriage, it begins to storm.

      Manon pats me on the back and says, "Don't worry. Soon you'll be living the good life. I promise you that."

      I cast her a skeptical glare. The good life would have been expected from the Anubis had she won the bidding war. For the time being though, I decide to just give her the benefit of the doubt and wait to see what she has in store for me.

      Approximately ten minutes later we come upon a building that leaves me breathless. It's a large mansion. The entrance has a roof extending far enough out for the carriage to park under it and keep me and Manon out of the thunderstorm as we head inside.

      The interior is very fancy. Luscious seats, pristine dining hall, and even the bedrooms are of a divine quality.

      As Manon leads me down a hallway to what I presume is her bedroom I ask, "How did you get all this?"

      Manon chuckles at me and replies, "Surprised sweetie? Well to answer your question I'm a banker, a very powerful one in fact."

      Her devilish smirk returns and she says, "I could see that hopeful look in your eyes every time that Anubis bid for you, but the truth is that she didn't have a chance against me. She may have come from royalty, but when you're in charge of the economy, you own every single coin imaginable."

      I am just stunned. So I guess the banks really do run the country. Who would have guessed?

      We soon come to a circular purple room with a king-size bed in the center that was clearly crafted from a professional. Manon beckons for me to lie on it and I obey.

      "Wait here," she whispers, and soon returns in black lingerie. I can feel a tent forming in my pants and I sit up in an attempt to hide it, but Manon giggles and pulls my hands away from my crotch. "There's no point in trying to delay the inevitable sweetie. Tonight I'm going to make you feel loved. Tonight I'm going to make you understand why I picked you to be my husband," she declares softly.

      That night was spent in innumerable hours of pleasure.

      Being married to one of the most powerful bankers in the country definitely has its perks. For one we can vacation wherever we please, two is that we get access to high quality food. The third and most important thing though is my new wife Manon, sworn to be by my side til the day I die.

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    • All i can think about are worst case scenarios. Ending up a hellhound's property, spending hours at a time bound up by an arachne, being dominated by a dark elf, and having near all relations with the opposite sex end up with intercourse with a milk snake, or end up with a wurm because at least others i have some chance to escape. These are just some thoughts that pass my mind.

      But my one biggest fear, no longer being able to show devotion to my god, for surely any mamano would move mountains to convert me. ( You may ask, why am i so devoted to my god, well you would be too if you're their single follower, but anyways, back to the story )

      I was lost in thought with worst case scenarios, when i came back to reality, my auction is just starting, crap. I was too busy thinking of the what ifs and maybes, i forgot to act, now i lost my best chance at escape. The crowd has cleared up. Of the crowd, i notice a few dark elves, a red and blue oni, a wight, a chimera, an aphosis, and a succubus for good measure.

      An entire hour of hearing my price rise slowly up, less mamano willing to purchase me, i went back to imagining worst case scenarios for my new life as a slave, until i hear it "SOLD TO THE..." Hearing those very words, i'm jolted back to reality, and do the one thing i could do, i run. I bolt out the market's entrance like a bat out of hell, down the streets i go. Of course the market had to be deep in the city, why would it be easy escaping slavery? I have some time, to hide in the crowds and to get out the city. Thankfully my only defining noticable feature was a cloudy eye, not very easy to notice in a crowd. With a few close calls i've finally managed to escape the city. Now the hard part, making sure they don't catch me.

      Now i'm face to face with a law enforcer, i shove the enforcer out my way before they can call backup. I run into the wilderness, they may have horses, but if i can can deep enough, maybe the trees will be too dense for horses to remain viable. I just keep running, ingnoring the pain in my now bleeding feet, thanks a lot shoes.

      After i think running for about thirty minutes, i'm home free. At this point, i'm just not worth it. I celebrate by finally throwing up after running for so long. Nowadays i fight off mamano who think i would make an excellent husband, and live out a cabin. And of course, people being supersitious as usual, end up beliving i'm some huntsman spirt of the woods, maybe it's my marksmanship or tracking abilities, but that keeps most people out. And if it doesn't, then they learn why people are scared of the huntsman. At least now i can live in peace knowing no one anytime soon will convert me. And who knows, maybe one day i'll leave.

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    • The Great Indies Traders the best male slave Auction of all. Almost everybody knows about it, it didn't matter if you were high class or Low class, Dark elf or Valkyrie all mamonos come here to get the best of the best husbands.

      Now it was my turn to take the stand, I walk down the path so all mamono can see me. The Danuki bangs her gavel against the podium says "This is a special one. His name is Mark Antony, stands at 6 foot 9. He has blue eyes, black hair, and is somewhat thin. He has had a few years in magic school. The bidding will start at 1000."

      "1010!" calls out a Medusa.  "1020!" shouts a Jinko.  "1050!" says a Salamander  "2000!" says a Ogre.  "2500!" says a Succubus.  "2750!" shouts an Edchidna. Many others bet on me like a Sphinx, an Ushi Oni, 3 different Dark Elves, an Inari, a High Orc, a Hellhound, a Manticore, a Wight, and even a Dhampir. Now the monsters that are willing to buy are narrowed down.

      "100,001!" shouts a Demon.

      "100,100!" follows a Vampire.

      "105,000!" screams a Jabberwock. The Demon throws her hands in the air and growls in defeat.

      "150,000!" says a voice. We all see an Apophis staring at me with a smile, she winks at me. The Jabberwock gets angry and stomps out of the auction room. Then their was three an Anubis, an Apophis, and a Vampire. The price keeps rising higher and higher, eventually the Vampire drops out at 500,000. But the Anubis and Apophis are locked in a battle for me. "750,000!"  "800,000!" "999,000!" But then finally, "1,000,000 going once! 1,000,000 going twice! 1,000,000 going three times and sold!"

      I was sold for 1,000,000! 1,000,000! Sadly, I didn't get to see who bought me. When the price raised to 100,000 the guards were scared that the crowd might try to grab me for free. I was told that my new master wanted me to go to her home and I would see her there. I was also like most of the other sold men, was given a complementary collar and leash. I was forced to wear it right away.

      After a long ride on a sandworm I arrive at a massive pyramid. I walk inside to see it busy with many mummies running almost each and everyway. Mummy controlling and the pyramid isn't demonic, must've gotten chosen by the Anubis. I run into the Pharaoh, "You must be Mark, Diana wants to see you. Her room is down the hall, down the next left hall, and the third door on the left." Before I can say anything else she walks away quickly. I swear I could hear her mumble to herself "Oh god! He is so hot!" I follow her instructions and see the Anubis on the bed reading a book.

      "Oh! Your here!" she says in a surprised tone. She motions me to get in the bed, I obey her. "You know... I think your quite cute with that little leash on." she tells me causing my face to turn red.

      "I agree." says a familiar voice behind me. I turn around to see the Apophis from the auction, why is she here? The Anubis bought me, I thought to myself. "Surprised my little deary?" She says as she grabs my leash. I'm hopeless to her strength as she uses the leash to pull me in her grasp. I can hear the Anubis giggling to herself.

      "You see we both wanted you but really didn't have enough money to buy out eachother..." the Anubis starts to explain.

      "But then I proposed the idea that we share you." interupts the Apophis as she kisses my forehead. "God! Your expression is so cute, and with that collar on you... I don't think I can hold myself back." she says as her eyes fill with lust.

      "Don't drain him too much, I wanna fuck him after you do." says the Anubis. "Fine, but I'll give him a little bite." says the Apophis as she bites my top lip. You can guess what happens afterward.

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    • (I wrote a big response to this...then it didn’t send... darn it)

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    • (Type it in an e-mail and then copy and paste it here. It's how I do it.)

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    • I always type on mobile, the edit button is writer's best friend.

      Either hit the button every few lines and then click edit, or highlight the whole story and then cut & paste it back before posting.

      It'll save a lot of headaches, happy writing!


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    • I write it in here, copy it. Then I reload the page, paste and lastly hit reply.

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    • Or you could always type it in notepad copy it then paste it here. That’s how I reply to most WWYDs.

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