• Family: Golem

    Type: Magic Material

    Habitat: Farmland, especially among crops molested by outsiders.

    Disposition: Simple, Violent, Lustful, Submissive.

    Diet: The fears of birds, Human Spirit energy.

    Description: Since times long past, Farmers would scare away birds and their ilk while wearing wide-brimmed hats and protective clothes such as thick gloves. So terrifying was the visage of such a farmer that birds would merely flee at the sight of them, and so farmers began to stuff bird spooking outfits with straw and stand them out in their fields.

    Occasionally, these human-shaped objects would gain their own soul, becoming an unintentional golem that would kill birds and devour any unrightful humans who entered the fields owned by their creators.

    In the age of the current demon lord, these golems have only been appearing more frequently, and rather than devour tresspassers, they will molest them instead, draining men dry to the point of pain and forcing women to become submissive holstaurs, weresheep, and alraunes.

    Eventually, their emergent nature as living guardians will be discovered by the farmers who built them, and they will tempt them into having sex, when joining with their beloved creator, it's as if their ferocios nature was all a lie, and they will gently embrace him, hoping to take firm hold of his heart as his greatest helper.

    Of course, in the case that they are accepted, they will learn many fieldhand skills, tending to crops to that their maker may live a life of ease.

    However, in the case of rejection, they will leave angry, searching for another farmer who will better appreciate their love.

    The stupid reason that I did this:


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