• Being a single dad to a five-year old son can be hard, the neighbors both human and Mamono look after him while you're busy with work and help give you time to be with him, you get home from a long day at work and decide to relax on the couch beer (or whatever) on the table next to a Hungryman TV dinner, your son is spending the night at your parents place so you got time to relax, flipping on the TV you see a show called Husband Hunters.

    "Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Husbands Hunters, I'm your host Mei the Danuki and we have a special show for you all tonight, today we've got ourselves several single fathers that need some women in their lives, we followed them around without them knowing and gather some data, where they live, work and what they do when they're not looking after their children, our three ladies are ready to go get their man and before we start let me show you a picture of them them."

    While sitting there wondering who the poor saps are going to be you see your face pop up on the screen along with several other men. "These are the men our ladies will be after today, now they've been told not cause to much damage but you know how we can get when it involves the man of our desires, in three minutes our ladies will make their move and claim their husbands and so there are no broken doors our special ladies have gone ahead and unlocked the front and back doors to their house, the fun start in one minute, I hope everyone enjoys themselves because I know these new lucky couples will."

    The camera shows your place and you in the living room stareing at yourself on live TV.


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    • I stand up with a liquor bottle in hand, unzip my pants, face the camera, flash my dangler, flip off the camera and then get tackled by a Manticore from behind.

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    • (files restraining order on everybody and sues the show)

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    • HoundTheDestroyer93 wrote:
      I stand up with a liquor bottle in hand, unzip my pants, face the camera, flash my dangler, flip off the camera and then get tackled by a Manticore from behind.

      A man with great taste I see. Would also call my parents and tell them i will be busy getting a present for my son.

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    • I look at the camera, too shaky to be fixed, sure enough, a devil bug in tech crew gear is sitting on my kitchen counter.

      I walk over to her, and shove my midle finger up her nose, and then point it at the camera.

      I pick up the camera, unscrew some casing, and dunk it into the dirty dishwater of my kitchen sink.

      I then hoist the devil bug by her armpits, and toss her nude indo my locked exterior control shower.

      I turn the water on, and walk away while she pounds on the glass.

      I get to the kitchen only to find my untouched TV dinner replaced with a bowl of beef stew. A pot of the stuff simmering on the stovetop.

      Next to the bowl of stew, on a plate no bigger than my palm, are thin slices of one of those long breads.

      I hear the scuff of something like a house shoe, and feel something sharp graze me, followed by a soft, warm, plush pressure on both of my aching shoulders.

      I relax into the gentle massage, my worries momentarily forgotten, and judging from the feeling, I've landed a mammalian.

      The aching pressure lifted from my shoulders, I turn to see her, but she darts back behind me.

      I feel myself being lifted up, and then she places me down in the chair with the stew.

      I sit still, and then, I see it.

      A long, tjich, red, bulbous tail, with large and small spikes around it's lip.

      She does not strike, however, instead using it to pull in another chair so she could sit down.

      "Well, dear, now you know what I am," she purrs, her voice deep and rumbling, and her paw draping over my chest, now tightened with terror,"and by the feel of your body, it's scared you witless. Have some soup, Marcus, It'll calm you down."

      I take a spoonful, I taste dry red wine, bay leaf, thyme, chicken broth, and the vegetables are plain as day, carrot, potato, peas.

      "It's just bland. Not bad, but bland."

      She rests her head on my shoulder, running the soft pads of her paws up and down my chest in rhythmic motions.

      "Yes, they did ssy you preferred your meals hotter, let me try-" she swoops her tail over the bowl, and a few drops of venom squeeze out. I feel her hot breath on my ear sh she pants in what I can only guess is arousal.

      It tickles my butt.

      She removes her tail, I grab the spoon and stir, taking a small bite, the soup is indeed hotter, as if it had been made with peppers in the first place.

      I feel myself growing hard, of course, but it's not as unbearable as I had expected. I finish the soup, and stand up. Before I can move, she's carrying me to the couch. We sit in the couch corner (L shape couch) and spoon, because of tail, she's big spoon.

      I fall asleep with her stroking my hair. And when I wake up, I see my son sitting in front of me, his head resting on his right arm as he leans forward onto the couch.

      His left arm is shoved uo her tail, and she's mumble-moaning about "like that? Want more?" something or other.

      My head is thoroughly sandwiched between her hulkung breasts, and hers is resting on my left arm, my hand stroking her ear gently, it's so soft and fluffy.

      I carefully extricate myself, careful to avoid bumping anyone with my now unfortunately raging hardon.

      I fail, falling atop Al-p. . .

      How I didn't notice those breasts, I will never know.

      But I guess my daughter didn't want me to worry with everything else going on?

      She's a good kid. Or rather, a good daughter, turned eighteen this febru-no, no, NO.

      NOT going there!

      Getting up, I fall over, my ankle grasped by human fingers.

      I bend my hips back in the nick of time, and then hear Alex's yawn.

      She pounces on me, a big smile on me as she goes for the embrace.

      "Good morning dad, how're y-"

      She looks down, her breasts jiggleng slightly as a look of surprise and embarassment fills her blushing face.

      She settles back, and as she sits on me, I only get harder against her.


      I swallow, hard.

      "Yes Alex?"

      "I'm hungry."

      I sigh in relief.

      "C'mon, I'll make baco-"

      "No, the damn food never fills me up-"

      "Then we'll find something that doe-"

      "You know what will," she slides my pants down and pulls open her boxers hole with her tail, "you waaant this Daddy."

      My breath grows shaky, and her innards coil so delicately, she shoves a nipple into my mouth, and begins to caress me, holding me against her.

      I suckle, and to my surprise, a small amount of milk comes out.

      She grins, pulling me in for a long kiss, her tongue greedy and invasive.

      I soon explode, and she quietly pants on top of me, her walls clenching tight.

      "Thank you, Daddy, I'm finally full again!"

      We sit there awhile longer, her combing delicately through my hair with the backs of her fingernails.

      I feel a tap on my shoulder.

      "Thank you Amanda, you were right. I feel much better now!"

      I turn to see Amanda, the Manticore.

      "See, I told you he was delicious!"

      She struck, her tail engulfing me daughter's arm faster than I could blink, venom jetting all over.

      She hoisted Alex off me by the arm, and thenpicked me up by the armpits.

      Soon we were standing next to the shower, a Khepri desperately trying to pick the lock.

      I handed her the key, and soon after, Amanda chucked her in, locking Alex in, too.

      She carried me to the bed, placing me in her lap, and as her tail descended, she purred.

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    • I shout to the camera: I only like Holstaurs, Kobolds, Kikimoras, Apsaras, Kejourous, Titanias, Yetis, Cursed Swords, Valkyries, Cupids, Houris, Inaris, Dhampires, Ryus, Gandharvas, Crow Tengus, Wererabbits, Weresheep, White Horns, Automatons, Nueronagos, Elves, Golems, Hakutakus, Hinezumis, Hobgoblins, Jinkos, Khepris, Mandragoras, Living Armors, Liliraunes, Mermaids, Merrows, Sea Bishops, Owl Mages, Ren Xiongmaos, Selkies, Raijus and Umi-Oshos, everybody else need not apply!!

      If any single Holstaur, Kobold, Kikimora, Apsara, Kejourou, Titania, Yeti, Cursed Sword.... etc. listen to this: COME RESCUE ME!!!

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    • Grab my keys to the garage get in the car drive off and shouted as loud as I can. "IT'S NO NUT NOVEMBER YOU SLUTS!"

      while still driving on the asphalt road I managed to see a helicopter with a spotlight and I said to my self. "Shit they have a helicopter too."

      During the helicopter is in the air I managed to see a few flying figures in the sky from what I see is that of a figure of a wyvern and black harpy.

      They tried to grab me through the windshield when they had landed on the car but I managed to get them off before one of them had lunged onto the windshield that made me skid of the road.

      I managed to escape unscaved and ran into through a forest until I accidentally had reached to a residential suburbs which many single and both married mamono lived and I said to my self. "Crap..."

      I saw several figures looming on their windows before I heard broken glass and I was frozen for a few seconds before looking to my right to see a minotaur and an orge running towards me and shouted. "HE'S OURS!!"

      They were a several meters away so i was able to get away from them and hide in an empty dumpster I heard multiple heavy footsteps until didn't heard them anymore I look out through the opening and they were gone.

      So I got up and jumped out of the dumpster I ran and felt sharp pain in my legs and back when I tried to touched what was causing the sharp pain I felt some kind of spike or barb when I had realised that a manticore hit me in the legs and back merely to prevent my escape which is a smart move.

      I got up a bit and started to limp with a boner I had no idea where the manticore had striked me but i somehow managed to escape from her after I hid in a bush and she left to get a different man named hound *wink* *wink*

      I got out of the bush and limp and i looked to my right to see a mamono with flaming eyes it was a hellhound and I said to my self. "I'm screwed." before she dashed to me And said. "You must be that guy from the show Id like to be your wife." she let out a big grin after that.

      I saw a bright light in the sky when I see the helicopter had found me and possibly will be recording when I will be raped and my half of my pants were torn including the zipper and the helicopter was still there.

      I was right and we fucked a pretty long time until I woke up and I saw the helicopter gone and the hellhound sleeping next to me i checked my watch to see its 5:30 am when I got up she knew that got up so she got up as well we took the bus to my home and once we're home I asked her name and her name was Clara a pretty cute name I had to say to myself.

      When I my got home from my parents house I told him about the good news now he has a mom and he was happy with it and within a few days of extremely rough sex she managed to get pregnant.

      Even though I failed No Nut November I managed to at least get a wife and a daughter in the next 9 months I can't wait for a new life to behold in the future.

      Note: I actually failed No Nut November.

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    • Ha :)

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    • I face palm. I then look at my back sliding glass to see the alone camera proped up. I just slowly walk over to it and pour my glass of water on it causing it to short circuit (can't let them see any footage).

      "It looks like are poor sap is a little irritated. Well, lets tell him the hunters." says the announcer. At least I haven't picked up David yet, I think to myself. "We got Hope Crawford the Wurm, Aimee Cutler the Wyvern, and Alice Rex the Medusa. These girls really want..." I turn off the TV and lie back on my couch.

      So not only am I being hunted by powerful mamonos, but two of them I know. Alice is a tricster and was ironically my highschool bully, and Aimee is my boss and had been recently been hitting on me the past week. Alright, lets start to plan. The roof is a solid no, Aimee would catch me quickly. The ground floor is a no, the wurm would just mow everything down. After a lot of more thinking I have a plan.

      I race upstairs and grab what I need for my plan quickly. Lets see pepper spray, a push pin, double sided tape, sunglasses, and a rubix cube. I quickly get to work setting my plan in to action. Before I finish my quick set up, CRASH! Stupid Wurm, thats my front door!

      "HUBBY, WHERE ARE YOU?" calls the wurm quickly looking for any hints to where I could be hiding. I hear the crash of doors and windows being broken. I step out from the closet into the wurm's view. "HUBBY!" she says before charging at me. I sidestep her and she smacks into the wall.

      "If you finish this puzzle and show it too me before I'm captured, I'm all yours and I won't resist," I say as I hold out the scrambled rubix cube. She snatches it out of my hand as she thinks it will be an easy win. I walk away as she is quickly puzzled on how to solve it, but is determined to complete it.

      One down, I think to myself. I put my sunglasses on and start to head upstairs. As soon as I get to the top I hear a familiar voice, "It's been a long time since I've seen you." Alice, crap you weren't suppose to show up first. I hear a slithering sound coming from my right, "Let me make up for all the terrible things I did to you," she says in a seductive matter. Come on get a little closer. "Now lets have some fun," she says now moving into my point of view.

      "Nope!" I yell as I pull out the pepper spray and spray her point blank.

      "AAAHHH! MY EYES!" screams Alice as she places her hands on her eyes. While shes distracted I run up to my room, slam the door and lock it shut. Two down, one to go.

      "Hey Mike. A little help here, please." says a voice. I turn around to see Aimee tangled in my makeshift double sided tape window trap. Damn, shes so cute when she begs. I sigh, grab some dull scissors and start cutting the tape. When both of her feet and one wing are free, she grabs me and holds me tight in her embrace. As her talons reach for pants I pull out the pushpin and point it to her. She shrieks, then drops me and tries to fly away. Her aichmophobia has finally some use. "No fair! put that dangerous pointed object away!" she says in a scared/angry voice.

      "This pointed object?" I say in a teasing matter as I hold the push pin closer to her. She shrieks again, before squirming in her now tape prison. I put the push pin down, she stops her squirming.

      "I just wanted to be with you, and help you raise David." she says with her face flushed. "I know I'm not like Sarah, but just give me a chance please." she says looks at me giving me the puppy eyes. I can't help myself and give her a kiss on the lips. Her eyes widen as I kiss her, but then she closes them and pulls me closer. We have a long rough makeout session, before having a threesome with Alice.

      David gets home to be embraced by his two mothers. He seems a lot happier now. Sometimes Alice and Aimee team up on me to get their way, besides that I'm happy with the outcome. I Still don't know where that wurm went.

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    • Wurm's still trying to figure out that damned Rubix cube. Hasn't noticed yet how you switched the stickers around so it's unsolvable.

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    • @SINSTRA: Well I have great taste, but not a lot of class.

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    • I can barely feel my eye twitching as I stare at myself on TV in disbelief. Haven't these people ever heard of privacy? I turn to my backyard and spot a camera staring at me, monitoring my every move so long as I stay in my living room.

      It doesn't matter. I've been conscripted onto this blasted show and now I need to hide. The basement is the only viable location that I can think of right now as it's the only room in my house without any windows. Oh Jeanette, I wish you were still by my side right now. Then the monsters out here would leave me alone.

      A trip down the flight of stairs and I grab my trusty e-tool out of the metal basket. I work as a landscaper during the day, so it makes sense for me to own one. Plus my son and I love to dig trenches with it after a snowstorm.

      With my means of defense in hand I dive into my washing machine which is barely large enough to fit someone of my size.

      There I wait, and wait, and wait. If I'm lucky this mamono will give up and leave, but knowing the powerful senses of such a supernatural being that hope is nothing more than a wet dream. Whoever's inside my house right now will track me down, open the hatch to my hiding spot, and likely overpower me. I probably wouldn't stand a chance against a Kobold if I'm being honest, and they're one of the most submissive mamono in existence.

      It felt like five minutes have passed when I finally hear the lid open to see multiple yellow eyes staring at me.

      My e-tool starts to rise out for a fight, but I'm stopped as the Gazer herself appears and stares at me with her main eye. Thoughts start running through my head about how badly I want to be raped by this Gazer. Thoughts pour in about how beautiful single-eyed monsters are. I climb out of the washing machine, ready to be taken to town by my future wife who is already trying to undo my belt buckle before my feet even touch the solid floor.

      I'm so lucky to run into a monster as drop dead gorgeous as this Gazer. What a night. What a damn good night.

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    • (...Probably one of my favorite concepts for one of these)

      It seems Mei has more to say when I hear, “After these commercial breaks”. Well this gives me time to prepare... FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE IM GLAD COMMERCIALS ARE A THING.

      So... I have watched this show before, it’s a interesting show actually every week they find 3 men, and rate then from best to worse before the show. Then they send out 3 girls onto the best man, leaving only 2 to fight for the medium and the last one ends up with the worse.

      It seems the contestants this time are, Lee Vee and Bee the Kamaitachi sisters (Seems Kamaitachi can let all 3 in and count as 1), Fluffy the Yeti, and Patrica the Dulla-. Wait a second, what is today.

      I run to the calander and when I see it I nearly faint. Last month a Dullahan walked up to me and said a date then walk away... that date is today. I have a feeling I know who’s winning round one.

      It might be nice to have some help around the house though, or atleast help with Charles. Well, then.

      I go back down to sit and I hear the tv speak, “And welcome back to Husbands Hunters, looks like its time to send the girls to House number 1, The house of Butter Maxwell.”

      Welp let’s get this over with. I sit down looking to see where each are coming from, when suddenly I see the Kama sisters crash through my door unconscious. I see Fluffy look through the door and let Patrica enter without bothering them.

      She grabs onto me and starts walking off as I hear the tv say “ Well that was ummm not expected but Patrica gains the first man,”.

      The dullahan starts carrying me off to grab Charles... I are not knock her head off, that’s the last thing I need right now.

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