• You've ended being the center of a harem involving all the different species of dragon. As can be expected this has made you quite prestigious and given you position as a local celebrity. Contrary to the commin belief however, living with a house full of dragons is far from easy.

    The Dragon is as prideful as can expected, declaring herself as the mightiest and most noble of the harem and demanding that the others submit to her as head wife.

    The Jabberwock is equally prideful, viewing herself as the sexiest, sluttiest, and most depraved of the harem and this obviously means that she is the ideal head wife. She is more than willing to challenge all the others to a sex battle to prove it!

    The Ryu has her pride as well but is much more quiet about it. Despite this however she sees herself as the obvious choice for leadership over the harem since she is the only one who behaves with the dignity of a lady and only one who treats her power with any degree of responsibility. She honestly has no idea what you see in that shameless harlot or that violent brute of woman.

    The Wyvern is angry most of the time has developed a bit inferiority being surrounded by mamono who are so much stronger than her. She doesn't care about who the boss is but is constantly trying to prove herself by showing off and challenging the others, particularly to flying competitions. She is especially annoyed with the Wurm due to the Wurm being stronger than her despite also being a "lesser dragon" and due to the Wurm constantly forgetting her own strength.

    The Wurm largely has no idea what's going on and thinks that she and everyone else in the harem are all super besties! Because they all have sex with husband and husband is awesome especially when he has sex with them so obviously they are all super besties! Especially the Wyvern since the nice dragon told her that she and the wyvern are both "lesser dragons" (whatever that means) then that means that she and the Wyvern should have just so much in common so they should be super duper ultra besties! The Wurm is also a ginormous cluts with a tendency to forget that not everyone is strong and tough enough to swim through boulders.

    The Otohime thinks that everyone just needs to chill out and quit stressing out all the time. Everday with a day worth celebrating so everyone should just enjoy themselves, you know? Of course her parties tend to be rather extravagant and even more expensive, why buy wine if you're not gonna get the good stuff? Though the fact that she blew most of your savings getting an Olympic sized pool for her saturday pool party is kind of a problem... the Dragon gets particularly angry whenever the Otohime starts planning out some sort of party or celebration

    Finally the Dragon Zombie, she doesn't care about much of any of this. All she wants is to drag you off to some quiet corner to cuddle, snooze, and sex. The rest of the harem is constantly getting angry with her for trying to monopolize your time.

    You are just an average dude with no powers out of the normal and thus you really can't make any of them do anything beyond asking nicely. How do you survive the love of these seven powerful ladies?

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    • I say "Fuck it." I like all of them And willing enough to have sex with all of them Even though my pelvis "might" be crushed more than one possibly.

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    • You say that like you have a choice on whether you accept all of them...

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    • My coping mechanism is just messing with the Thermostat whenever its gets antagonistic. Works every time.

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    • The Reptile King wrote: You say that like you have a choice on whether you accept all of them...

      Wait is your reaction to my post an angry, annoyed and irritated reaction or are you wondering about something.

      I'll make the full wwyd soon after since I didn't have time and I was busy and might need a couple hours to finish since I have tryouts and not risking my future on that crap.

      So if you are annoyed or irritated then i apologies.

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    • Mildly amused in a condescending manner.

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    • Boasting Benny, at the head of a powerful harem. 7 dragons from seven areas, all converged to his side. Fame, glory, riches, all of it, his.

      Of course, cohesion is a word foreign to the dragon ladies, perhaps save for the wurm and the zombie, to an extent. The rest, ever locked in a perpetual struggle for dibs as the main wife.

      "The hell makes you think you're the one reeling the reigns?!" screams the dragon, slamming her fist on the table, cracking it intensily.

      "Well, for first, I don't smash everything our husband has tiredlessly tolled to earn" counts the jabberwock on one claw, giving it company with a second claw "Two, our session together is one full of pleasure and fiery passion. Something you seem to miss everytime, somehow. Why pick a blind wife unable to bring such pleasure to her peer?"

      "You want to take this outside?!" bellows back the dragon, flame seeping from between her teeth, faced with sneer.

      "Tsh, what good would that bring? Brawling like mindless cro-magnons won't give us insight like a mating contest can, where the true prize lies".

      "You say that like you bring him anything, harlot! I see you using aphrodisiac like a slimy cheater!!" retort the dragon, prompting the jabberwock to a rather violent reply "I'll have you know those sort of things do nothing but good for 'us' time, darling! Of course, you're too proud to see that, as usual. It's a wonder you can wiggle anything out of our poor man..."

      "That's it! You. Me. Outside. Now!" the dragon flips the table, a mouth full of flame. The same table returns to its spot, gesture of the ryu "Oh my, the both of you are insufferably noisy, once more. I would appreciate if no kitchen tool, our table especially, were to be horribly maimed in collateral damage--

      "Who asked you, broom lady?!" spits the jabberwock.

      "Considering this house lacking in proper manner, I invited myself, of course. Seems like order is in need".

      "Ugh, first, get that broom out of your ass", interjects the dragon, rolling her eyes " Second, can't you see this is a matter of utmost importance? Or is your 'elegant' ass so high up the clouds right now?"

      "I find this statement ironic coming from you" drops the ryu, scoring a scorn point, reflcted in dagger stares "And I am aware of what you endlessly scream about. Honestly, I still wonder what he sees in you two. To make such a ruckus..."

      "Unsurprising, tense people such as yourself can't see much", comes the otohime, a half-open fan close to her chin "You need to relax a bit. Being so rigid can't possibly be good in bed, can it?"

      "Hmpf, I expected no less from you". The ryu settles down on a manifested chair, yet brimming with her bountiful aura "One has to apply discipline around this house, since no one else is willing to. And, I'll have you know our husband does appreciate my more gentle session with him. He sounds more willing with me than any of you".

      "Yea, don't try and pull a fast one on us, you spoiled little infant!" shouts the dragon, turned to the sea dragon.

      The otohime flaps her fan slowly, faking ignorance "Ohh? Whatever do you mean? I'm just trying to give life to our humble little doman. Obviously no one will do so since you're all busy bickering about trivial manners".

      "Really?" doubts the dragon "You mean like last time when you tried sneaking out with out husband during one of you little 'parties? Or was it the time before? You're so full of it!"

      The bickering onslaught continues, as again, powers start flickering around. Moods have soured and magic bounces back and forth, all with Benny at the center. His worry is non-existent, a contrast to many men at the center of a harem who would make efforts to have the ladies cease their ceaseless brawls. Or at least, dampen the violent mood. Benny didn't care much, mostly due to the fact that all of them had a degree of power. A brawl like this wouldn't lead to serious injuries, no matter the scorn.

      Away from the four main contestees, the wyvern scoffs by herself, ears full of volatile insults and brittle of magic "Hmpf, I'd bet none of them could fly right anyway. Agility and dexterity happens to be important in such delicate manners!"

      "But, I can't even fly" shouts the wurm to the wyvern's ear, giving her an earfull "But I can swim through earth. Everyone's got their talents, bestie!"

      She grapples the wyvern, the latter suffocating under the werebear hug "I'm--not---your---oofff---bestie!"

      "But we're both 'lesser' dragons! We should be besties! Just like me and green bestie!" jests the wurm, keeping the hug.

      "We're all--green you---dolt!!" struggles the wyvern, knowing she speaks of the zombie dragon. Speaking of which...

      The zombie dragon. Never bothered with whatever is happening here. She just sneaks down the table, pulling Benny's feet, slowly. Surprise comes to him, though he doesn't fight back, a lesson he learned a long time ago "Hehehe, husband time with me~

      Unfortunately, the moment he fades from the table, the verbal fight had stopped. It's end, heralded by the jabberwock flipping the table away, revealing the zombie working on Benny's pants "What do you think you're doing?"

      "Ohh, no one taking hubsand. I take him for cuddling, comfort, sex", replies the zombie dragon, receiving a chorus of groans.

      The ryu, especially seems unwelcoming of this tactic "Oh, this is just like your behavior, isn't it? An unruly move while the rest of us argue over a most important subject, which you are currently enjoying by yourself, as usual".

      "Yea, get the hell off of him, I'm the one who gets today's first!" orders the dragon, only to duck simply to avoid a 'flustered' ball of fire fromt he jabberwock "Oh no you don't! You can't even properly handle his enamoured rod! Every time after you has me wasting time tolling after your sloppy work!"

      And thus, the feud resumes, this time with Benny played as the chair in limbo, spending an utmost 5 seconds in each pair of arms before another comes ripping him off once more. This time, the wyvern measures her mettle in, wanting to test herself against the others. So does the wurm, and the zombie dragon. All of them, wanting a piece of Benny.

      "Ladies, please..." he speaks, his tone devoid of genuine conviction, a pitch left unheard by the scorned emotions over who gets first dibs. While torn in the middle, his smile is wide, almost laughing, when his eyes catch the sight of yet another dragon. One dressed in an ornate attire. Bright red and gold adorns her chinese-style clothing, a good fit with her white long hair falling on her chest. A yellow set of reptilian eyes decorates her bronzed skin "Huh? Who are you? I don't remember having a red dragon".

      The dragons stop, all watching the stranger watching them back. Her hands hold a set of dome wrapped in bags, with more attached to her wings folded near her. One of her eyebrows rise in questionement "Did...I interrupt something? If so, I bring my apologies".

      The ryu makes drops her hold on Benny to go hug the intruding attendant "You've arrived! And so soon too! I do hope you did not cut back on what you may have wanted to before coming".

      "No worries, dear friend. My own actually managed to have your request cooked up with help". The red dragon winks whilst passing a clawed finger through one of her cheeks, the contents now re-directed back at the ryu via telekinesis "My help of course".

      "Well, look at you, you've really flourished since that new year feast", compliments the ryu, to the red dragon's pride.

      "Hum, excuse me..." snaps the jabberwock, uninterested in whatever conversation they were getting into "What the hell is this?" Her hand gestures to the floating plates, covered in bags over a metallic dome "Weren't we having a conversation about something just a moment ago?"

      The ryu sighs, shaking her head in disbelief before turning back to her friend "Sorry, dear friend. It would seem you've come in a rather abrupt time. We are currently locked in a 'marital' issue and our pink member over here find it unfit to draft her thoughts to anything else than phallus for more than 30 seconds".

      The red dragon takes a look at the familial home, passing her eyes on everyone around, including the unnerved jabberwock chipped by the refined chinese dragon's comment. Then, her eyes turn and lock on Benny, who got a bit nervous under her glare "Really?"

      She walks closer to the center of this dilemma, standing mere centimeters before Benny, the nervousness only increased "I see...familial issues. I understand".

      "Good to see at least someone's got her head on right" speaks the jabberwock, turning away form the guest back to the dragon of the harem "Now, as I was saying..."

      And the ruckus resumes, all seven dragged into this ever unsolved issue plaguing them by their pride for a year. During which, the red dragon kept her yellow eyes on Benny, unable to decipher her intents. He spreads his hands outward "Crazy family, r-right?"

      Her eyes wince. They display the unconvinced glare of one finding a horrid secret. Her lips move slowly, making sure that everyone she says is crystal clear amidst the chaos of the 7 others "Tell long are you planning to keep this up?"

      "Keep what up? The harem? I'm sorry, but there is little I can--

      "You know what I'm talking about. We both know it".

      "I'm sorry..." Benny shrugs, his ignorance laced in a bewildered manner "...but I'm not even sure what subject you point to, except for ths disorder of this humble home".

      The red dragon once more raises an eyebrow, scrutinzing him "You know we don't take kindly on people trying to put a fas tone os us, right? Wonder what happens if I simply show them".

      Benny now is the one to raise and eyebrow "Show them wha--

      The red dragon drags a claw through Benny's head, splitting it in half. Pieces seep out in a chorus of noise, leaving the body with half a head missing. His tongue, lower lip, lower teeth manage to cling to the body for the most part. A rather unsatisfactory dragon then plants her crimson foot on the lumping body, kicking it across the room. It yield under the impact of the wall, breaking into further messy pieces, setting the room in silence.

      The ryu's eyes are as wide as possible, unable to bear the shock of her long friend's act "Dear friend...what..w-what have you--

      "WHAT THE HELL IS WITH YOU!!!!" roars the western dragon, rushing to one of her kind, still staring the remnants down, refusing to acknowledge the shouting reptile pratically spitting pure flame.

      The jabberwock lands on her left flank, a mix of shock and anger "You killed him--you killed him! Why would you do that?!"

      "Who the hell cares why she did! She killed him! Just like that!" rouses the dragon, closing her face to the murderer "She's not go now. In fact--

      Only now does she notices the crowd aurrounding her, a murderous intent. A genuine surprise comes to her, this outraged glare dissipated "Killed him? Why would I--right.You don't see it. I'm sorry for that".

      "Dear friend..." utters the ryu.

      "Trust me, I'm the last one that would try to take anyone from their tender halves. I ask you all: please look at him".

      "What is there to look at?" gesticulates the otohime, normally so relaxed. This snapped tone is unusual for her kind "The grizzly work you have commited on our darling? You want us to witness that arrogant strength of yours? You just thought 'Ohh, seven dragons huh? I'll insert my dominance by killing their mate right in front of them?' This is what you--

      "Ohh, husband shiny? Why is he shiny?" whispers the wurm, 'whisper' being used loosely here "Shiny. So shiny, hehe". Never the less, their eyes converge on her. Another stunned surprise.

      What is supposed to be blood, oil fills. The flesh tears, synthetic fiber, pulsing in a deep blue light, dying, no less. The brain, broken in pieces, pieces of a processor.

      The dragon, the wyvern and the jabberwock rush to the parts, picking them up in incomprehension "What is this? What is that? Why are these parts here? Where is our husband?"

      Their eyes converge on the guest, the ryu speaking their thoughts "Dear knew, did you not? Surely you can share what is occuring here..."

      "Of course!" speaks the red dragon, a set of claws on the ryu's shoulders "It's a fake!"

      "A what?!" all of them shout in unisson.

      "A false template? I'm afraid I don't quite follow you, dear friend".

      "Let me explain". The red dragon takes a seat, watching with expectation as the harem converges once again to her front, all sitting on the floor "I never fully disclosed the manner in which my husband and I came to be joined, did I?"

      "Was it not at the new year's herald?" asks the ryu, scratching her chin.

      "Yes...and no. See, my spouse had what many of his predicament had as a deterrent. An inferiority complex. This little obstacle place between us basically had him place s subterfuge on us at the time. I found out while accidentally shoving his body out the 12th floor straight on a car. Only, it wasn't him".

      She gestures her hand to the broken body, featuring nothing but fiber and metal "Just a machine, like the one one you see here. Of course, having confronted him about it, he told me, or rather, I saw it as a severe lack of confidence. So, smashing every surrogate body of his, I made him swear to cease this...'insult'. Flesh and bone can never be replaced by some machine. I also worked out this self-doubt he had. unsurprisingly, having one of us at his side is a fuelling motivation".

      Many of them nod their heads in approval, save for the zombie dragon, alien to the concept of pride "Hum, what about husband?"

      "Right, my apologies. What I lead to with this..." the red dragon takes a steps out of her chair, walking around the house "...the man you all covet traces on the same path my husband did. Basically..."

      She stops before a closet, fixing it under close scrutiny by the harem, each of them somehow managing to place a chin on her shoulder. Except the wurm and zombie, they rest on her head "...surrogate bodies to take his place. With the much sought-after product they carry: a husband's essence..."

      her ees wince in anger, flaring in their color "Only, unlike my Christopher, who simply needed a pat on his back, I ge the feeling this Benny of yours has a different goal in mind..."

      "What?" spouts the dragon.

      "I-I doubt that...really? I always thought my skills as a woman was what would make him like that..." utters the wonderland dragon in dismay

      "So he did need to relax a bit more". whispers the otohime.

      "Wait. My abrasiveness isn't what convinced him of this?" asks the wyvern, putting aside her inferiority complex for a moment.

      "None of you have noticed? This one didn't seem all too keen on keeping his wives from injuring each other. You know, like regular men surrounded by ladies would. And, hearing of his reputation around here, I'm thinking..."

      Her hand smashes through the closet door,pulling out a man identical to the one she split in half with a toss. Incredubility strikes him as he realizes he's no longer in his hidden compartment, surrounded by machines and computers but in the living room, surrounded by his seven wives. Try as he might, the red dragon's hold is unyielding "...bragging rights".








      Each spouts their surprise, their eyes turned to the flustered man "Ladies, ladies. Please, I can explain--

      "No, no, no you can't. You definitively can't", speaks the red dragon, her gaze unfaltering. Usually, a chorus of reactions like this would be cause for laughter. It was not, not to her. All she saw was several of her kind, cheated with a fake for a cause different than her own man's. Bragging rights, considering the fortunte sitting in his house, in this room, in their basement, everywhere. That, and the reputation. Seven reasons why what he sought was often got.

      "Well, unless this 'explanation' is reduced to an easy lane" she continues "I can see it from here. Heck, I could see it the moment my eyes stopped on you. A big man deluding those outside with his 'skills' while using a proxy to do anhything and everything his wives asked of him in bed and out...just to ask something else entirely. Leaning on a false surrogate to mesmerize them while having no effort put in to amount to anything. Bragging about wrangling literal dragons...with a robot".

      She drops the man to the harem's feet, clapping her hands while doing so "And to think one of them went as far as to ask me to ask my own to cook a venerable feast in an effort to make a cohesion of all of you. Ohh, how fun it'll be to tell him he's essentially wasted his time on a scumbag with no true consideration towars his wives. All the love he poured in each dishes, the thought that his cooking would contribute to simmer unrest hearts, all tossed to the garbage now. How wasteful".

      The ryu glides to her friend "Oh, dear friend. I'm very sorry for this unfortunate turn of event. Pray not, we shall still delect ourselves to the time devoted to out predicament. After making a few re-adjustments".

      "Well, at least it's not all wasted time. Send me your word after you've eaten. He'll wants a thorough review of his dishes".

      "Yeah, don't you worry about that, lady" nods the dragon, flashing a set of teeth, a sharpened gaze piercing Benny's very soul with what is to arrive next "The lot of us will be very hungry following our incoming debate".

      "Yes, pray no mind to us, good friend of our comrade" follows the otohime, her eyes shrouded by the shadow of her air, although the aura filtering through her conveys a different message "Nothing like a sublime set of dishes to help us...unwind".

      "B-but, you have unwinded, right?" dares Benny, felling a hefty claw on his shoulder, miasma of pink.

      "No...we are not. trust me, husand", retorts the jabberwock, flustered and pent-up in an increasing hunger.

      "Well, alright. I leave you all to attend to your scorned prides. I shall return to my dear, we have an event in a week and I wish to discuss furthe details. I bid you all a merry goodbye. Ohh, and Benny..."

      She walks by the door, looking back. Her eyes convey the same malevolent intent as the rest "Good luck..." With that, she shuts the door behind her.

      The man sweats, looking back to the closet door, not blotted by the eastern dragon "Bragging rights, huh? Playing on our fallacies to get your way, huh? All while hiding like a weasel behind some automaton, huh?"

      "P-please, let me explain--

      "To think I was wasting my efforts on a piece of scrap!" follows the wonderland dragon "My womanhood, brittled by one's act of vain cowardly nature".

      "No, seriously, I can--

      "I get the feeling he's thought we'd relax in a shell. I for one, somehow am not" spits the otohime, snapping her pipe in half with a press "But I'll be, soon. We all will, right, madam?"

      Benny looks to the ryu, his panicked jolt increased. The most noble of them all, he looks to her to calm the outraging harem. Surely she'll flock to his side. After all, she's the responsible.

      "What say you?" asks the otohime to the ryu, her arms crossed "He's humiliated you the most, after all. Seems fair to follow your lead, right ladies?"

      "Yea, I'm fine with that. Really spat on your kindness with that little stunt, in front of a friend, no less" concedes the dragon, taking a step back.

      "Go ahead, I'm curious to see what techniques you use in bed. I can hold myself until then..." agrees the jabberwock.

      "I don't understand what everyone is saying, but I'll with you" shouts the wurm.

      The ryu looks down on Benny, acting has his possible only mountain of salvation. She reaches for a cheek of is with a hand, diving in the hope is his eyes "You have been a very naughty man today, Benny dear".

      Those words spelt his doom, as the one capable of working in in machinations. Worse still, her other hand goes for the knit on her blouse, a finger pressing directly on a set of scales. Amidst all of thm, a singular red one, largely responsible for keepingher pent-up desire in control. The reverse scale. She presses on it. Hard.

      Seeing this makes the dragon grin all the more "And she just pressed down. Ouf, you better prepare yourself, husband. Looks like its going to be three days non-stop".

      "W-what do you mean?" dares Benny again, grabbed by the collar by a radically different ryu.

      "All the love I've...we've poured into you. Now...we have to do it again. Thoroughly..." her tongue slides across her lips "Very...thoroughly..."

      All Benny could do, is gulp at the prospect. Many men, if not all of them coupled with a monster learned endurance through their love-making session with their beastial wives. Christopher was no different, another account for his increased confidence. But poor ol' Benny ahad skipped out on classm at the dismay of his seven lovely wives. This was summer school for him. One he could not skip out on.

      People started wondering where he went the day he suddenly disappeared. Well, the men in town did. The women, judging by the intense and unending moans recurring in the man's domain knew better.

      So, how does a man manages seven dragons in one house? Who knows how one deals with them.

      How does Benny survive in the same situation? He doesn't. He might had have a year ago, but surviving this shall be a miracle. Poor ol' Benny, if only that random dragon hadn't come along. Much less one with a husband used to employ the same tactics.

      Poor ol' Benny. If only he had face the music back then, some could have found an anwer. Then again, they did collide together. So, question solved?

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    • Surgeries, lots and lots of expensive surgeries.

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    • Now that Jester, was funny.

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    • Ohh, that's good. Glad to know the intention I've writen this for was felt. For once, I got to do my job of being a total clown.

      On a serious note, ya gotta give props to Flame. He had a pretty good scenario a while ago about zodiac monsters. It help giving a call back to it.

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    • Quick question: anyone feeling for some true closure on that little fun set of letter and words?

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    • MockingJester wrote: Quick question: anyone feeling for some true closure on that little fun set of letter and words?

      Yes. I'm also interested in what you could do. . .

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    • So, both? Because I think I have an idea for that scenario of yours.

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    • MockingJester wrote: So, both? Because I think I have an idea for that scenario of yours.

      Yes, please!

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    • My response is this: Do my best to let them know how much it saddens me to see them arguing almost all the time and suggest a weekly rotation schedule for who gets to bed me on what day with one week off for some recovery time.

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    • First I start to rigorously train my body so can build up stamina and endurance.

      Second I eat a nutritious and balanced diet to maintain my body’s power.

      Thirdly I work on building bridges between my lovelies by getting them to spend time with each other. This includes sexy time. (If that’s possible.)

      Lastly after a long, long time of repeating steps one through three, I engage all of them in one night! With plenty of Holstaur milk in reserve, I let them pass me around like a bag of SKITTLES! That’ll teach them to share and stuff, I think.

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    • RIP Hound's Pelvis 2018.

      No Human Training Cycle Can Match 7 Dragons.

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    • That's assuming he survived trying to convince the dragon and jabberwock to share....

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    • Who said he was human?

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    • Batman.

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    • Understandable, have a a great day

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    • You too.

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    • I’m a quick healer.

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    • A FANDOM user
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