• (This roleplay is pre-Truce Covenant, but basically is before the signature)

    On the ocean near Zipangu, a pirate ship was sailing, with the pirates inside padding hard.

    "Row, you tito, row! Put your backs into it, row faster, faster, or I'll throw you all in iron!" Called the captain while the crew was padding the rows.

    "Well, come on, Delmin! How do you like your first wave, let's hear it." He asked at one of them, the novice.

    "Oh, I really like the pirate's life, Captain!"

    "Well, with us you're going to seeadventures like you never saw.and we all going to dead free. We'll board Order 's ships and take their treasures!"


    "And Coast's ships!


    "And Emmerian's ships!"

    "Is it all!" 

    "And the Monster Girls's!" Said the novice.

    Suddenly all movement on the ship stopped, the novice being the only one visible, this one looking around confused about what happened. 

    "Never say Monster Girl, not on my ship!" Said the captain, getting out of their hideout in the ship's hold. "The Monster Girl is the evil eye, worse than hurricane, of all the perils, they are the worst."

    "A ship! A Ship!" Called the ship's watcher.

    "Where is she, look out, lets hear it!" Said the captain getting out.

    "On the po-, on the por-, on the port.-"

    "On the port side. They are Monster Girls, right?"

    "No, they are No-... No-... No-..."

    "Nothgardians!" Yelled the crew to the watcher,

    "There are to mu- mu-, to mu- mu-."

    "Nothgardians? It'll be a good booty!" The captain said going to look to port, but he jaw dropped in disbelief.

    "There are to mu- mu- much!"

    Evidently, there was a massive fleet of ships of Nothgard, surely counting as hundreds, all coming in the same direction.

    "Clear around, lads, and hurry!" Ordered suddenly the captain. "Let's just hoist the mainsail, turn around the ship! Row for all your worth!"

    That was useless, because all the ships just ran over the pirate ship without stop, sinking the pirate ship. After that, the pirates held themselves on the remains of the sunk ship still floating on the sea.

    "I guess we sure were lucky that it wasn't the Monster Girls." Commented the novice, while the captain just growled at his comment.

    In one of the ships, the Emperor Demian Magnus Agion itself was commanding the fleet, with his chosen commander Danjiro Tokunaga at his side, while the emperor was looking a map he had.

    "My lord, we're spotting the Zipangu's coast just there," Tokunaga informed the Emperor, where he could see the coast visibly.

    "Our invasion will start here." The Emperor signaled on a map the position. "We must submit Zipangu. They've mocked us from long ago."

    "Oh, it's sure thing, you can't miss, Emperor. You should go in and conquer this .little Zipangu."

    "This great Zipangu, remember that in all their history they were never conquered. For them as well as for us, history will record this as the longest day." The Emperor said, spreading his arms wide.

    "May the Gods sent a favorable wind." Said Tokunaga.

    Suddenly an opposed gust of wind flew the map, just hitting the Emperor and covering his frontal completely, even surprising Tokunaga.

    "We're off to a great start." Commented the Emperor at this, with the map on his face.

    "Uh-uh..." Just dropped Tokunaga.

    (If you wonder, this intro was made taking as base the movie Asterix in Britain)

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    • (May I join?)

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    • (Which is your knowledge about fanon?)

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    • (My only real experience with it is RK's Reptile Kingdom.)

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    • (Though I am willing to learn whatever is required for this rp.)

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    • (hmm, can you explain the plot a bit more?)

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    • (WELCOME BACK! RK said you banished! Well, the main thing is that Nothgard conquers 90% of Zipangu in an 'Asterix in Britain' style (You should look at it, is very good), and the only resistance remnant tries to call somebody from another world to help them to take down the strongholds that control the territory and take the country back. About the another world, can be from any fanon, like Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Pokemon, or Dragon Ball, just for name some.)

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    • (Forgot to add that, Emmeria would have forced some conditions that the Empire should maintain if they want to do it, as keeping the commerce with the country, or not send the special heavy force as Iron Golems or Clockworks soldiers until part of the territory is conquered, just for put some examples)

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    • (I'm guessing I can't join since Hakaishin Aro has returned from the dead.)

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    • (Don't worry Tikkit, I may be back, but i still have my reservations in joining, If you wish, go for it. To be honest and blunt, I'm not going OOC and let him basically conquer 95% of Zipangu. I'd enter with one of my many iterations of Andrej Horvat, but that would be against the MGE spirit so I'll reffrain of going for the edgelord part many had taken in MGE. Seriously people should take their edgy crap that they-think-is-masterpiece-but-i-horsedung and shove it up their ***. I had enough of crap in rl recently and I'd like to have FUN here.)

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    • (If you didn't understand it, this is the idea: invaders conquer nearly all Zipangu, resistance summon saviors, saviors kicks out invaders from Zipangu.)

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    • (That scenario is either to be totes silly, like Harold and Kumar with some Tropic Thunder silly or would have more piled corpses than MG Rising:Revengeance or same genre Slash em up games which I'd rather avoid.)

      (EDIT: Also, I'm not yet settled back home, since I still have to get my box of shit from my grand parents place and return home properly.)

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    • (If you get worried about the corpses, how like that all the weapons uses Demon Silver? no deads, just faints.)

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    • (As to not use RP responses space like this, I have to 'retransfer' back home. I'll need a day, two at the most. You guys can start and I'll trow in my two cents as my time allows since I also have my job to attend.)

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    • (I can only assume that I can join.)

      Myrrh Firefang, former grandmaster of the Blazefang Templars of the Emberlight Depths, could only describe Zipangu as a strange place. As a Blazefang Templar she had gone far and wide to hunt down corruption and it's sources, acquiring a mighty collection of Demon horns, Imp wings, and Youko tails. However, spending years hunting down and slaying sources of Demonic Energy tends to expose one to it. 

      Her most recent, and last, such quest had led her to a trio of Inari, each with seven tails. As the last one fell, years of accumulated Demonic Energy led to her monsterization. No longer a proud and pure Saurian. (Not to be confused with the tribal savages aligned with Nothgard.) She stayed in Zipangu, now a rather powerful Medusa.

      While there she had became a creature of local folklore after ending up in the mountains near a Pro-Monster town, who sent a man up to her cave every Six months. She had no qualms with this, as she had to satisfy her urges somehow, and sent the man back a month before a new one came.

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    • (Are you there?)

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    • (Yeah, just that... don't see your reply fitting on my post)

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    • This town just so happened to be near the coast, specifically, the coast which the Nothgard fleet was approaching.

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    • (You could just have added it before, no?)

      A pair of townspeople ran into the town.

      "Hey, hear this! There are a lot of ships coming from the sea to the country! Hundreds and hundreds of ships!"

      That alarm was enough for sent some people to the coast for look there too.

      The ships were approaching slowly to the coast, but they were still at distance.

      "We are about to begin our invasion, you'll maintain good order with strict...discipline for the greater glory of Nothgard." Commented the Emperor staring the coast. "We are going to bombard their positions."  He said and turned to a captain behind him. "Stand by, Captain! You will transmit my order to the catapults and magic cannons." 

      "At your order, My liege!" Said the Captain.

      "Don't move till I give the signal!"

      "Like a statue." Said the captain standing still with the arms with the flags at both sides of him.

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    • Myrrh started her day as she normally does, by heading into town. Of course, almost immediately upon entry she was met with news of these ships approaching. "What do you mean hundreds?! Such a claim is outrageous."

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    • "If you don't believe me, just go to the coast! They're going to the shore just in front of the Cliff!" One of the watchers warned her.

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    • "Fine. I think I will." She responded before slithering off towards the cliff he mentioned. 

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