• Family/Type: Mermaid

    Habitat: Deep underwater caves

    Disposition: Cunning, lustful, malicious, clingy

    Diet: Carnivorous, prefers seafood

    A tricky, elusive type of mermaid that was first documented on the planet 4546B, and changed into their current form upon exposure to Demonic Energy. A Mesmer usually has a rather petite body, with a colour pattern of a purple body, with teal markings on their face that are reminiscent of paint. However, they are easily spotted by the four large panels of skin that hang down from their upper chest. These are bluish-white in colour, and large enough to cover the Mesmer's body, but do not act as armor. Another smaller pair of similar fins are usually present on her head, though their purpose is not known.

    Mesmers appear to be quite unemotional, not recognising or acknowledging human contact. This behaviour often causes scuba divers and researchers to approach the Mesmer, thinking her unaware of them. This is when the Mesmer will act on the decision she has made: she will turn to face the victim and extend her "wings". The wings possess several hundred (if not thousands) of tiny lenses that are capable of tilting independently of each other. This is used to create a shimmering, rippling effect.

    Through an unknown means, the patterns of the Mesmer's "wings", when viewed directly have a hypnotising effect on most if not all lifeforms. This effect has a range of only a few meters, and can be escaped if enough distance is placed between the victim and the Mesmer. It is usually difficult to break free of the Mesmer, though. When a lifeform is hypnotised by the Mesmer's power, it will usually move towards her at a slow but steady pace. Mesmers have been observed to use their power on prey, but also on larger fish as self-defense. It has not been reported if they use this power for obtaining husbands, however.

    Mesmers with husbands have been observed. According to interviews made to their husbands, it seems that they do indeed use this power to gain husbands. The hypnotised approach is, in the condition of a human male, often followed wit[ERROR463] gentle love and not try to resist...swim closer...

    We Mesmers keep our husbands safe and close by...we must keep close, to ward off the threats we live else must take him away...we live in secrecy, known only by our own...we are truly quite not struggle...swim closer...

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