• You're at the school, minding in your business when a Tanuki classmate of you just popped out from nowhere and asked you to go to her house and play Monopoly with her and her family when school finishes, then she dissapeared as suddenly as she came, you think about her proposal for a while and it doesn't look like a bad idea so you say why not?, i mean, you don't have anything important to do at home and it's not like something bad would happen just by playing a board game with a Tanuki right?... right??


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    • Fun fact, tanuki are often depicted as having large testicles because of some pun in japanese involving balls of gold or some other precious metal being a typical form for carrying. You can already guess how this'll symbolically translate to a woman. Hint: holstaur 2.0

      I had been sitting at a table in the hallway, community college being the usual snore.

      I had of course been massively startled when jessica popped into view from out of the corner of my eye, her massive breasts bouncing for several seconds until finally settling down as she took her seat across from me.

      "Nice chess set, Danny!"

      She runs her somehow smooth hands over the polished wooden board, and settles back into her seat, closing her eyes.

      More later, gotta run a game!

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    • After school I met up with the Gyoubu Danuki (Guessing that’s what you meant my tanuki) And started walking home with her to play a little game. We didn’t talk at all on our way to her house.

      Once we get to her home I see her mother and father. When I first saw her the mother she was talking in the phone about a business deal and the father was happily snuggled up to the mothers body.

      The Gyoubu Danuki (Named shara) spoke up,”This is my mother Barb and my father here is Sam”

      Sam smile and softly speaks to me,” So your Who is joining us for game night”. the mother then gets off the phone smiling and gets up to go into the kichen.

      Me, Shara and Sam just talk for a bit about whatever came to the top of our head. After a while of this the mom comes back in with a Monopoly board and four bowls of homemade Raman Noddles. They sit the bowls on the table and gesture everyone to take one.

      We each grab one bowl and the mother sets up the boards. Sam and Shara start eating immediately after they get their bowl, and I start a few seconds later seeing they already started.

      After the board is set up the mother starts eating, it by this time Shara and Sam are already done and ready to play. Neither me or the mother is done but Sam already grabs the dog peice and Shara grabs the wheelbarrow.

      They patiently wait for the two of us... well patiently is being generous seeing Shara trying to rush me but still, I finish next and grab the thimble peice, then the mom, grabbing the money bag.

      I decide to speak now “so are we rolling for first”. Barb nobs and rolls 2 dice, the first clunking down landing in a 2, the second a 5.

      Sam grabs it next rolling a 1 and a 2. Shara then jokingly tells Sam, “Don’t worry dad not everyone can be a lucky as me”. She then rolls by grabbing the dice in one hand and tossing the dice on the table landing on 3 and 4.

      I then grab the dice one at a time and toss them down, First was a 6, I grab the second one and toss it down and it goes to a 2

      Shara grumbles And sighs out “You got 8, you get to go first”

      I smile and say” ok let’s see”, I roll the dice again in the same thing rolling snake eyes. This causes me to land on the community chest, so I draw a card and have to laugh seeing this cards are customized for Monsters. I read the card out loud,”Your husband comes home stressed, Receive 100$

      The mother hands me the card, and everyone else smiles when I read it out, seems all on the verge of laughter. Shara barely holding herself back from bursting out in laughter then says” since you got doubles roll again”

      I nod my head as I roll gain, the dice landing on 5 together. This causes me to land on chance, I grab another card expecting another monster like card. I read out the card “Your husband is coming home from a trip, go to the next railroad and pay the owner twice as much as the value if it is owned, if it is not you may buy it,”

      I move my peice to the railroad as Shara starts actually laughing. I hand the 200 bucks for the railroad to barb and it becomes Sharas turn. They quickly just toss the dice then leave the room for a second to calm down

      The dice land on 5, so we move her peice to the reading railroad and wait for her to come back. When she does she hands barb 200 and pass the turn to Sam.

      Sam grabs the dice and rolls them both at once by shaking them in his fist then letting go, it ended up landing on 4 and 5 so he moves and buys to Connecticut Avenue for 120.So far this seems like a completely calm game of monopoly besides the community chest And chance cards.

      The turn is passed to Barb where she rolls a 6 with a 4 and a 2 and puts 100 away to buy central avenue. The turn being mine next... I get ready to roll and notice when they are not laughing barb and Shara are taking this incredibly seriously with their facial expressions.

      I roll 3 and 5 to get me to Indiana Avenue and I pay my 220 for it. I then hand the dice to Shara who quickly grab them and roll their double 6. They move the wheelbarrow all the way to the community chest and they draw their card. They start to read it out,” Your husband became sick, pay 50 to the bank.

      They then roll again for the doubles with a mix of anger and pride from the double 6, Landing one a double 4 and going to B.O railroad buying for another 200. This causes them to roll one more time for their turn getting a 1 and a 4 saying, saying nothing they move their piece to jail.

      (Part 1 of Probably way to many, here is the money of everyone so far Me:1180 Shara;1050 Sam;1380 Barb:1400)

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