• Family/Type: Dragon

    Habitat: Caves, Caverns

    Disposition: Aggressive, Ferocious

    Diet: Spirit Energy, The Dark

    These dragons are descendants of an age long passed. They stand taller than their cousins and have two pairs of wings instead of the normal two. They share the ability to transform into the form they had before the new demon lord. All Darkeaters are dark in complexion, with strong bodies built during the ages they have been in existence. The scales adorning their legs and arms seem crystalline in appearance. Their original purpose was to fight against a force simply known as “The Abyss”. From this force came the only food source they knew, “The Dark”. Consuming this has left them with deformities unseen in other dragon breeds, which vary from Darkeater to Darkeater. Some may lack eyes but have some adornment there to replace them. Some may have a third pair of wings smaller then the other two, but still there. All Darkeaters share the same relentlessness in all they do. After the new demon lord took control, this translated into husband hunting as well. When they spot a man, they charge after him with the intent to take him and make him their husband. They grab on with their claws and drag him to a place where they will not be disturbed. They have legendary stamina and will go until they are satisfied. After copulation, unlike some of their cousins, they do not become submissive to their new husband. Instead, he is seen as closer to an equal, but still below his new wife on the chain. She will feed him, take care of him, and guard him from any other who would try and take him from her, because she is the stronger one and it is her duty. They are fiercely protective and should another woman come knocking, or her husband find a spare moment and find himself in the company of another, the Darkeater will lash out, attacking the woman before taking her husband back for another long “session”.

    (Kinda what I wanted to do before I took a big step. City of blood is being remastered, but for now, have bosses as monster girls.)

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    • Shame, no mention of the super death laser that somehow didn't have me break my tv

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    • Is this dlc? I don't remember it.

      Edit: looked it up, dark souls 3 ringed city dlc.

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    • You know Smorstin, I wanted to add that, but I was fighting midir while thinking about this and said no. Not today. My midir is better without a trump card death laser.

      Edit: yes he is the only boss that is optional if you want to complete the dlc (the whole doc is optional but, you know, completion)

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