• Remember: A hero does what is best, but a true hero does what is right, even if that gives him problems in the future.

    I guess you'll wonder what's special about this world, right? Well, here are basically humans, with their cities, their cultures, their religions, their empires ... And then there are the monsters. Yes, the monsters, creatures like lizardmen, harpies, minotaurs, ogres... All that kind of creature, but you're betting all these are just looking for human blood, right? Well, forget it, because here things are very different. Here we have what is called a Demon Lord, and he is the one who dictates the rules of how monsters are each time a new one rises when the previous one dies. Well, you see, up to today who holds that title is a succubus. And what does it mean? That now all the monsters have the shape of a woman, all of them, even the skeletons and the amoebas, including others that initially didn't have a female gender. Of course, everyone still has that appetite for humans, although now in another sense, and only men, changing death by rape and everything else. Yes, we are all now very different from what we were in the past. Yes me too. In case you had not noticed, I am also a monster girl, a Hellhound to be more precise, just as you hear it. Believe me, if I tell you this: who would think about everything that would happen to me when I got out of bed and left my cave?

    A child was running in the forest inside Emmeria's coastline frontier, totally scared as he looked back repeatedly, seeing how they were following him, until he finally stumbled and fell to the ground, moaning in pain from the fall. He turned and began to move backward, while five figures obscured by the forest approached him with sinister smiles where their faces will be. When these figures were very close, the boy closed his eyes, scared.

    "Can I know what you're doing?" Asked a voice behind the figures.

    The boy opened his eyes, trying to see who had spoken, but he couldn't because the five figures were blocking his view. The seven stared at who spoke, being a Hellhound.

    "Why are you just attacking that child? What do you think you are, Echidnas?" Asked the Hellhound.

    (I recently made a new character but needs some development before having things clear.)(Edit: trying luck with another one, if not, I will have open the rp to everyone and put the starting place as random)

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    • (Five echidnas at the same time??? And out of a dungeon trying to lure a hero???)

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    • (no, they're a pack of five random monsters with one of them as the leader, harassingĀ a kid. For what I remember, the children are the Echidna's target, by that the comparative)

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