• Family: Dragon

    Type: Reptile

    Habitat: Towns and Cities (primarily in the Reptile Kingdom)

    Disposition: Arrogant, Bold, Devoted, Diligent, Noble

    Diet: Delicious home cooked meals, Meat, Loves dairy products

    A strange dragon dwelling in towns and cities of the Reptile Kingdom, the Drak lives peacefully in human settlements. They appear quite similar to their more ferocious cousins but they have a few key differences. They tend towards a more slender body structure though more muscular or voluptuous individuals are not uncommon. They are also known for having a very long tail. Most easily recognizable though is that the Drak has an abnormally high amount of fire elemental mana in their bodies, not only giving them a more fearsome fire breath than most dragons but also causing the end of their tails to glow red hot at all times. The brightness of a Draks tail is a good indicator of her health and mood and it has a tendency to ignite when they are angered or in particularly high spirits where in the case of particularly strong Draks have their tails permanently set ablaze by their power. Because of this Draks are also referred to as "Gluschwanz" in some circles, which translates to "Glow-tail." Like any other of the more fiery mamono the flames of a Drak provide light and heat but do not damage anything unless she wishes it and like any other dragon a Drak can revert back into the form she had before the rise of the current demon lord. A Draks primal form is notably smaller and more slender than other dragons however allowing them to fit in a human dwelling even when in her bestial form. This is commonly assumed to be the reason for the Draks powerful flame, to make up for their smaller size when contending with their larger relatives.

    The pride that is so common amongst dragon kind has been twisted into a bizarre form amongst the Draks. In their eyes it is the duty of the strong to care for and protect the weak and they take this to an extreme that many dragons would be repulsed by. Draks often take it upon themselves to move into the homes of humans and take over the role of housekeeper and house hold guardian. They take a great deal of pride in how well they keep the household in order and how well they protect their host and his hosts home, often treating the human and home with the same diligent care jealous defensiveness that other dragons treat their hoard. It also common for Draks to provide for their human host, often bring home gifts of money and goods.

    This mentality and behavior has caused the species as a whole to become enamored with the concept of maids and the culture surrounding them. Most Draks have a strong preference for dressing and behaving in a manner suitable for a maid, often referring to the humans they live with as "Master" or "Mistress" and often adopting more submissive behavior towards this person. However it would be wise to not be fooled into believing that a Drak is a pushover. Draks are every bit as prideful as any other dragon. They loathe disrespect be directed towards themselves or their master and especially if it directed towards their lifestyle. Even other dragons, who may find a Draks lifestyle to be distasteful will avoid actually saying it in front of a Drak for fear of the Draks firey wrath. To a Drak being a maid is something to be proud of, and there are few things that a dragon hates more than an insult to her pride.

    They are very selective with whom they choose to live with and care for. Even then they fully expect to be compensated for their efforts. However they care very little for the station or wealth of a person, instead they are shrewd judges of a potential masters chatacter. Because of this, the payment they demand often varies depending on who they've chosen to live with, tailored specifically for what the person is able to provide. With a more affluent master, they demand the sort of gold and jewels that one would expect a dragon to request, however they may instead request other forms of payment from others, such as their preferred foods, better and more luxurious maid uniforms, magical knowledge, and other favors depending on what the person can provide. This is almost always negotiated and decided upon before she actually moves into the persons home. Should a person fail or refuse to give payment, a Drak is likely to grow angry and abandon that person outright and if the person is particularly rude she may even use her flame on his home to seek retribution.

    Draks also have a strong sense of justice and a keen eye for lies and deception, which they will not tolerate in their homes. This sense of justice extends out beyond their homes though and often leads to Draks taking up vigilante actions in their community, often they fly over towns at night, either on their own business or actively searching for criminals. Upon finding anyone engaged in criminal pursuits the Draks tail will light up in her rage drawing the attention of anyone nearby as she dives down to put a stop to it, protecting the victims of the crime and allowing the proper authorities to catch the criminal red handed. Their sense of justice extends beyond even what is legal and illegal however and any unscrupulous behavior can draw the ire of a Drak. While a Drak will not outright attack a person who isn't actually breaking the law, employers who refuse to pay their workers an honest wage, corrupt law enforcement, and anyone else who abuses their position may find that a Drak has decided that their windows or chimney is a more suitable location to dispose of her households waste than a dumpster.

    Draks prefer to avoid combat unless bringing down their righteous fury down upon an evil doer, however they are not to be underestimated in anycase they may be weaker than other dragons, they are still stronger than any wyvern and tend to be much more agile than other greater dragons. On top of this, the overflowing flame mana that a Drak possesses grants them not only a powerful fire breath, but also a strong aptitude for fire based magic. If all else fails their long tail makes for a deadly lashing weapon even if it weren't already burning hot.

    A Drak like most mamono Draks are always searching for a suitable mate when unmarried and they show a strong preference for selecting a man to work for over women or other mamono. However this is not always a sign of wanting to take him as a mate. However should a man prove to be of noble spirit and treat her with respect, the it is likely that the Drak will probably take a liking to him. When a Drak finds such a man she will often take her leave from whoever she is currently working for and seek to work for him, unless of course she is already working for him, however she will not ask for payment from him, saying that it is unnecessary because working for him is all that she wants. To a Drak this is the marriage proposal and should he accept it then he is also accepting her as his wife and when time comes for her payment, she will take him as her payment.

    Draks are extremely devoted wives, acting even more diligently for her master once he has become her husband and frequently doting over him. In the eyes of her draconic nature, this is not only a matter of her pride but also her caring for most valuable treasure. Draks, like most mamono in the Reptile Kingdom, do tolerate, and in many cases expect life in a harem, however they can quite particular about who they allow in to the harem. Any mamono would make a mess of her home, or worse would treat the Drak or her master in a manner that the Drak sees as disrespectful will quickly draw the ire of the Drak and are in for a nasty lashing. Amongst other mamono who take up a position as maid, Draks will often take a position of leadership, quickly becoming the head maid. Her pride and firey spirit can often prove to be inspirational and highly motivating to the more meek or timid maid mamono.

    Draks also have a strong affinity for magic users and fairy type mamono, showing a slight preference for magic users as husbands and masters and often acting as a role model for the child like fairy mamono. Often under a Draks guidance fairy type mamono end up developing both physically and mentally into mature and devoted mamono often following in the Draks footsteps as a maid.

    Draks also have a tendency to use chimneys as a primary entry and exit point to a house. How they do this without dirtying their clothes is unknown.

    [After years of searching, I have finally found it, a dragon that until recently, I had known only as the German House Dragon. Now I know as two seperate creatures of Germanic Folklore, the Drak and the Gluschwanz, which due to the immense similarities between the two, I had merged into a single mamono. Both being household guardians with glowing/flaming tails, both wanting to fed warm milk and cream cheese of all things. The Drak in the myth technically wasn't a dragon but a type if fae, hence the association with Fairies. The Gluschwanz's myth eventually evolved into them being super heroes in dark ages germany. I figured I'd include it all. I think it makes for a rather unique mamono even if it is falling under the age old minster girl maid trope. Oh and one more thing... FUCK YOU COOL-KYOU SHINJA MY DRAGON MAID IS ACTUALLY GROUNDED IN MYTH AND FOLKLORE!!! DRAK-CHAN SUPERIOR!!! TOHRU INFERIOR!!! Ok glad that's out of the way. Information on the Reptile Kingdom and links to the other Reptile Kingdom mamono can be found here: ( You can also make suggestions there if you want, just follow the rules on that. As per my norm, feedback and criticism is welcome and encouraged, so long as your criticisim is more than mindlessly insulting me, I want something useful out of it. So tell me what you think of her]

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