• Years have passed from the End War. Many ships began to wander over the universe looking for other lifeforms. A Protoss explorer ship soon reached to an inhabited world they never saw, but when tried to land, they had an accident that caused the ship to fall to the surface. Weeks later, the Griffin, commanded by the Ghost Nova Terra, reached the planet in a request of the protoss Hierarch Artanis for seeking any survivor of the former expedition. The reason of said request was because of one of the disappeared protoss was the Khalai Phase-smith Karax, and just at that moment, the Griffin was the nearest to that planet.

    After of exploring and investigate said planet in seek of clues, Nova heard the rumors about a never seen 'male monster' that was taken by the local Nothgard Empire, soon taking him to a fortress inside their dominions. Taking that as a clue, Nova decided to investigate the localization.

    At the exterior area of the fortress, some soldiers were patrolling the territory seeking for possible intruders. A solitary soldier soon heard some noise behind some trees, going there to investigate. At first, he saw nobody there, but suddenly something 'invisible' hit him on the front, knocking him out, and soon was pulled for not be spot sooner by another patrol.

    (Well, for begin, the partner should know about the Starcraft Universe, and have no problems on control Nova. Also, this story takes years after the 'Defenders of the Man Insurgency', AKA 'Nova Covert Ops'. And don't worry, there are no Zergs there.)

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