• Family: Angel

    Type: Angel

    Habitat: Heaven

    Disposition: Calm

    Diet: Men’s Spirit Energy

    Servants and messengers of the gods, Seraphs are the highest of all the angels. Being the first of the angelic creation, their appearance is far more bizarre then that of their lesser ranked relatives. Six wings cover their bodies completely, a pair for the upper half, a pair for the lower half, and a third are used for flight. Being completely concealed, only a light more radiant than the sun peaks out from the feathers of their wings, along with an intense heat.

    This light has the power to purify men and mamono of demonic energies, and that is in fact what the heat is. Men and most mamono feel a pleasant warmth in the presence of a Seraph as it purifies them, but those of a more demonic nature describe it as agonizing and desire to flee from the source.

    Due to their silence and lack of contact with others, Seraphs are very mysterious beings, even to their fellow angels, yet they will follow the orders of a Seraph as if it came from their own god. Of those that have managed to see the figure from beneath their wings, they describe them as a woman of peerless beauty, with soothing voice and a gaze that describes a love beyond comprehension. When Seraphs do come to the world, they serve a similar purpose to Valkyries and raise a hero, but unlike Valkyries, it is not exclusive to men.

    Men and mamono alike have sought out these beings due to their beauty with the desire to defile it, however, due to the purifying light of the Seraph, most will lose the desire to do so and either allow the Seraph to leave or they will flee from the agonizing heat. Only a handful of men, women, and mamono who have a pure love for their Seraph mentor have a chance to express it. What happens isn’t entirely known, as only one written account from a witness describes the event.

    “The Seraph opened her wings for my friend Ezekiel, and as she did it was as if the sun had come down from the sky. The once warming light of the Seraph I had come to know turned intense for me as a roaring wind over took my ears and I feared the bush I was hiding behind would burst into flames. I cracked open my eyes ever so slightly, and from great glare I saw my friend step to his companion, who looked to be a woman made of pure light. I heard her, her once occasional muttering of ‘Holy, holy, holy,’ seemed to have turned into ‘Horny, horny, horny,’ and suddenly her wing enclosed them both as she flew swiftly upwards to the heavens. This event took place decades ago, and my friend has never came down since.”

    There are rumors of a fallen Seraph, one whom came before even the Demon Lord, and was the being who introduced lust into the realm of man. She supposedly tempted man and women to taste of her “forbidden fruit” and sullied them with her lust. This was done in retaliation for the gods loving humanity over her. The gods punished her by stripping her of her wings and light, and casted her down into the depths of the earth where she and the other angels that fell with her reside. Supposedly it was they who created the first demons, and introduced mamono into the world, but in a twist, the gods love most of these creations as well, leaving her and her fellow fallen ones more unloved than ever.

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