• Hypothesized methods of obstruction:

    - "Base 8" conversion.

    - Computer storage

    Being type:

    - 4731

    Hypothesized diet:

    - Biographical data (tests inconclusive)

    - Sexual fluids of those who utter biographical data (confirmed)

    - Spare change (tests ongoing)

    - Pens (tests ongoing)

    Hypothesized disposition(s):

    - Lustful

    - Aggressive

    - Needy

    - Voracious (confirmed)


    - Class 4 mobile entity, no fixed habitat, hyper adaptive


    - Grenades.

    •Forty seven personnel "consumed" do not attempt neutralization.

    - Further attempts made contrary to orders, headed by Doctor Heinkel.

    •An additional ten personnel consumed, Doctor Heinkel reassigned to Hellhound tear farm.


    - Entity appears as a mass of black strands which flutter about as if under strong winds.

    - Strands flutter regardless of atmospheric conditions.

    - Strands vaguely surround a woman-shaped space in the center.

    - Figure poses provocatively.

    - Any who describe the entity aloud are assaulted.

    - Any who write of it on paper are assaulted.

    - Entity does not understand euphemisms, figures of speech, etc.

    - Entity cannot understand computers.

    - Those assaulted are drained of all sexual fluids, and most knowledge of the Entity.

    - Remaining knowledge is vague, leading them to seek the entity to understand.

    - This leads to them describing it, repeating the cycle.

    - Entity is apparently highly skilled at fellatio, despite having "lips so juicy, they aren't there."

    - Entity is presumed conventionally unkillable, do not engage in combat.

    - Entity is presumed harmless, but interruptive, do not distribute this data.

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