• Type: Birdman

    Family: Ground Harpy

    Habitat: Savannahs

    Diet: Carnivorous, wild animals, etc.

    Disposition: Ferocious, strong-willed, devoted

    A race of harpies that is set apart from the rest because of their small wing feathers, carakillers are perhaps the most intelligent species of harpies in existence. They also have mostly red peafowl-like plumes The apex predators of the grasslands, carakillers can eat just about anything fleshy, but prefer to avoid eating humans and other mamono. Unless they have a husband, carakillers live and hunt in loose groups most of the time, stalking across the grassland in open formation, looking for the telltale movements of prey. When prey is spotted, every member of the group will come together and whisper to one another, negotiating tactics and deciding which direction they could come from. Then, once a decision is made that they all agree on, they use that tactic, close in, and have a feast. At times, carakillers employ a different hunting strategy, using bushfires to their advantage. As a fire races across the savannah, the animals of the grasslands run for their lives. Carakillers can do this easily, but other animals are not so swift. The harpies run ahead of the flames, snapping up small mammals, snakes and lizards as they are flushed from their hiding places. Other members of the group walk behind the line of fire, picking at the charred corpses left there. In this respect, carakillers are very similar to certain storks when it comes to hunting tactics.

    As with all harpes, carakillers have a breeding season. During said season, if they spot a man that catches their fancy, they will all run at him at blinding speeds without regard for tactics. A single carakiller can keep up the pace with even the fastest runners, so if a man tries to escape, he usually won't get very far. Once one catches up to the man, the group effectively loses a member as the carakiller becomes obsessed with the man. This short-lived obsession fades after they abduct the man, make their own nest, and rape him on the spot. Men who have a carakiller as a wife claim that the intercourse was so good that they decided not to leave the nest. As wives, they are very loving and devoted, never leaving the side of their husband. They are also very protective of their husbands, flaring their head feathers at monster girls that they don't recognize that look at their husband with lustful eyes.

    Inspiration: The Future is Wild

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