• This is a test writing for an ambitious project I am trying to undertake. Originally, I had some ideas for a Monster girl or Mamono which takes inspirations from Chinese Magic fantasies. The original setting was suppose to be in Mist Continent but I discovered that the ideas I had conflicts with the Monster Girl lore so instead this fanfic will take place in another world named Aethrena. I will put up details about Aethrena in my personal blog.

    (应龙)Yinglong is a sacred beast and god of its own right. It is also considered a cousin to the famed Four Sacred Beasts: Azure Dragon. However, unlike Azure Dragon who left behind descendants called Ryu or Longs, Yinglong disappeared without leaving any direct descendants. Every subsequent Yinglongs are evolved from other lesser dragons, drakes and monsters with the slightest sliver of Dragon blood in them. Some Ryus are born powerful while some have poorer bloodlines, only those who succeeded in refining their bloodline to be true Ryus and have real experience in the world are the strongest. All Yinglongs are such dragons!

    Appearance wise, female Yinglongs share a lot of resemblance with Ryus with exception of the color of their scales being yellow or golden. A pair of large fluffy white feathery Wings extends from the back of her waist. Her feathers looks soft but they are in fact extremely light and tough. When sharpened, her feathers can be used as flying daggers! Yinglongs' body especially her human torso are rounder, softer and much more voluptuous than a Ryu. Yinglongs have more pronounced hourglass figure due to having more fats. Yinglongs on average have breasts 2-3 times bigger than Ryus and butt 1.5 to 2 times as big as Ryu. Making it very common for Yinglongs to have equal or greater chest measurements than her hips. It is also more likely to find a Yinglong with significantly larger bust and butt than normal. Like Ryu, Yinglongs can fly but she don't need her wings to fly, they are used more often to help the Yinglong balance herself when on the ground.

    Abilities and powers: Yinglongs have similar powers to Ryus however, due to the fact that all Yinglongs were once lower level monsters, they are more likely to have picked up a wider set of skills and have experience dealing with crisis. In addition to generally having more refined control over the weather, cause acid rain when there's a need and precise control of lightning bolts, normal and godly alike. It is also common to see monsters who became Yinglongs achieve terrain control, Earth, Plant and sometimes other Elements. 

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    • Yinlong is the subspecies of Yinglong for the protagonist in my ambitious project. Qin Xiu Li, a monster girl who obviously possess dragon blood but not recognized due to the political conflicts of the Dragons in the world I created for my fanfiction. (Will be in my blog too after I introduced the world: Aethrena)

      In their world, Dragons take their name very seriously and it is a heinous crime punishable by death if you pose as a Dragon without permission from one of the Dragon Kings.

      Yinlong is best describe as Chimera except it is primarily Dragon mixed with well-defined biological features or body parts of other monster species. They are generally looked down upon by dragons and the name Yinlong stands for 淫珑, they are not even allowed to use the character 龙 which stands for dragon. That is how insulting the Dragons see the Yinlongs. 

      While there are differences between Yinlongs depending on what kind of monsters they are mixed with..Protagonist Qin Xiu Li is a mix of Winged Serpent with very obvious Yinglong ancestry, a type of flower spirit similar to Alraune, Titania, Fox Spirit, Holstaur and Succubus. Although she has obvious dragon ancestry, having too many mix of monsters in her blood cancels out all the advantages she would've in magic cultivation as part of the mighty Dragon race.

      (Aethrena lore will be in my blog, not sure how did I end up becoming a Fandom user while posting the Yinglong)

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